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Written By Jenn
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Di awakens in her hospital room.  Tad is with her.  She asks him how she got there.  He tells her that he’ll give her a hint...she’d make a really lousy polar bear.  He tells her somehow she ended up under the ice.  He asks her if she remembers anything.  She replies no.  He tells her he wishes she did because he’d like to know what happened.  He asks her if she fell in.

Outside, Dr. Joe, Jamie and Amanda are discussing this situation.  Amanda knows that they are suspecting her of trying to kill Di.  Joe and Jamie admit to Amanda that Jonathan Lavery was there to “save” Di.  Hearing that, Amanda tells them that that is their answer.  Jonathan Lavery must have pushed her in.

David goes to the hospital and finds Julia.  It looks like they’ve spent the night together or he’s wanted it to happen.  He tries to kiss her.  He asks her when he can see her again.  She tells him when she feels like it.

Adam is in the hospital strapped to a bed after Krystal has convinced the shrinks that he is dangerous.  She comes in and asks him how he’s feeling.  He tells her he’d feel a lot better with her windpipes between his thumbs.  She gloats and tells him he’s a bit testy today.

Kendall is in the hospital with Zach by her side, afraid she might lose the baby.  She admits to him that she never thought that this “decision” would be taken out of her hands but now she’s scared to death that that is what will happen.  She tells him she did not expect to feel this.  She was just flipping out about her jeans not fitting and how it would be such a drag to have to worry about a baby.  She then sounds like she’s going to cry and is afraid that her baby will die.  She tells him that she does not know what to do if he is actually born.  She wonders if she did something, consciously or unconsciously to cause this.  He tells her she cannot blame herself.  She admits that she has not exactly been singing the kid lullabies nor welcoming the pregnancy like a normal expectant mother.

Outside in the hallway, David tells Julia that he will “refresh her memory” any time she wants about what they did last night.  She tells him he is working and she has a class to teach so she needs to go.

Di tells Tad that the last thing she remembers is them arguing about Dixie.  She doesn’t remember all the words but she remembers regretting it. After that, all she remembers is that it was cold and dark.  He tells her he’s so sorry for everything; the fight and everything he said.  Dr. Madden is outside the door listening in on the conversation and watching Di and Tad hold hands as they talk.  He backs away from the door and mutters “liar.”

Jonathan, Erin and Ryan go to see Aidan.  Jonathan explains to Aidan that many people believe that he pushed Di into the ice.  Ryan assures him that nobody is accusing him of doing that.  Aidan tells Jonathon he does not know what to think.  Erin tells Jonathan he mustn’t care what people think.  He’s a hero because he saved Di’s life.

Dr. Madden is not far away and asks a nurse to please page him when Kendall’s test results are complete.

In Adam’s room, Krystal asks him what kind of a man would want a poor innocent woman dead.  He tells her he knows she pulled a nice trick to push all those buttons to make him look psychotic.  He tells her the doctors will have to let him go when they see how calm and rational he is.  She sarcastically tells him that she’s sure they will.  She then informs him that Babe and JR have decided to go off to the island together with the baby.  She asks him how that affects her calm and cool husband.  Adam angrily tells her there’s no way his son would remarry her worthless daughter.  Palmer comes in and gloats about what has happened to Adam.  He tells Krystal that once they’ve dispensed with the details of Adam’s mental illness, then he will find her the perfect lawyer to get her the divorce and they can take over Chandler Enterprises together and overthrow him.  She tells him that maybe they should call it KWAK Enterprises, meaning “Krystal with a K.”

Zach tells Kendall that she mustn’t cry.  Right then, Ryan walks in and asks them what happened.  He asks what they “did.”

Di asks Tad if he heard her talking about Dixie when she was unconscious.  She right away assumes that she “divulged” to him that Dixie is still alive.  She tells Tad she is so sorry and that “she” made her promise not to tell anybody the secret.  Tad doesn’t exactly catch on to what she is saying and asks her who made her keep a secret and what the secret was.  Realizing that Tad still doesn’t know that Dixie is alive, she knows she can still bluff about what she tried to tell him.  She asks him what she was saying when she was drifting in and out of consciousness.  Jonathon then walks in to say hi to Di and asks her if she is ok.  Not recognizing him, she asks him if she knows him.  Tad replies that she should.  That he is the young man who dove into the freezing cold water and saved her life.  She is very grateful to Jonathan and invites him to come in.  He then tells her that he’s afraid to talk to people because of the reputation he has and the things people think of him.  He explains to her that he was afraid that she and others would accuse him of pushing her into the ice but he protests that he did not do that.  She then asks Jonathan if he is ok after endangering himself to save her.  He tells her he feels fine and thanks her for asking.  Tad asks Jonathan if when he was on the lake, he saw anybody or anything unusual.  Jonathan replies he saw nothing and he must go because his sister is waiting for him.  Di thanks Jonathan and tells him it was nice to meet him.  When he leaves, she tells Tad that Jonathan does not seem at all dangerous.  He’s a little lost but seems really sweet.  Tad tells her he seriously wants to inquire and find out if it’s possible that Jonathan could have tried to kill her. 

Jonathan goes out into the hallway to see David Hayward mopping the floor.  Jonathan identifies him and tells him he knows him.  He came by the Pine Cone and attempted to feed Jonathan a “smoothie.”  David admits that he only wishes that Jonathan’s nosey brother had not prevented him from swallowing poison.  He wishes Jonathan would get out of town and reap the consequences of what he did.  Jonathan tells David that his brother told him he cannot trust him and he is not his friend.  David tells Jonathan he has no friends.  Nobody likes him.  They all want him dead.  He explains to Jonathan that the people in Pine valley are pretty forgiving but people who hold women hostage, who commit murder, who set up bombs at funerals are the kind whom nobody ever forgives.  Jonathan tells David he doesn’t want to talk to him.  David tells Jonathan that he needs to get out of this town.  He must take his brother and sister and get out, and that’s the best advice he can give Jonathan.

Ryan asks Kendall why she is there.  He suspects that she and Zach have some sort of secret involving the pregnancy.  She asks Zach to let her talk to Ryan alone.  She admits to Ryan that she’s had some spotting and is afraid she might lose the baby.

In Adam’s hospital room, Krystal informs Dr. Joe that Adam has threatened patients and doctors in this hospital and asks if that sounds like a rational man to him.  Joe replies to Adam that he cannot threaten patients or doctors in this hospital.  Adam tells Joe that Krystal belongs in this place not him.  She taunts Adam.  Joe tells them that they cannot use his hospital as their little forum but he reminds Adam of all the little stunts he’s pulled with him.  Adam tells Joe if he keeps him incarcerated, he will sue the hospital board.  Joe tells him that he cannot do that.  He can prevent Adam from making good on any threat he makes when he reminds people of all the things Adam has done in the hospital.

Jonathan protests to David Hayward that he is a good person.  He is no longer bad.  He helps people, and if David doesn’t like him, that’s his problem.

Aidan finds Tad and asks what he’s found out about Di’s accident.  Tad informs Aidan that Jonathan Lavery came in and “charmed” Di.  He believes it’s possible that Jonathan pushed her in.  Aidan reminds Tad that there is no evidence that Jonathan tried to hurt Di.  He was nowhere around when it happened.  He asks Tad what motive he would have and reminds Tad that Jonathan didn’t even know her.  If anything, he saved her life.  Tad realizes that he has no evidence against Jonathan.

Amanda walks into Di’s room and gloats that somebody tried to “off” her.  She tells her too bad she did not die.  She gloats that she has Jamie now.  Di tells her congratulations and asks her to get out and leave her alone.  Amanda tells Di that she remembers all the little stunts she and JR played against her.  She laughs and tells Di she is now the one whom everybody hates.  She thinks it’s really cool that “somebody” (although she does not know it’s her own mother) tried to kill Di.  Nobody knows who did it nor will anything ever happen to them.  From outside the door, Jamie overhears Amanda taunting Di.

After Kendall has told him about her fears, Ryan tells her he never thought she’d be this scared.  Dr. Madden walks in and informs them that he had the test results.  He tells them that the blood tests have revealed that the baby is completely healthy.  Nothing to indicate anything is wrong with her or the pregnancy.  She asks why there is spotting.  He tells her that she has nothing to worry about.  She just needs to de-stress when she gets out of the hospital

Adam tells Joe that he must realize that he (nobody else) is the victim.  Palmer tells him it’s obvious that Adam is a menace to society.  Joe then tells them that in five minutes he wants all three of them out of his hospital.  They may take their little charade elsewhere.  He’s tired of all of them and their little games.

Outside Kendall’s room, Dr. Madden tells Zach that he and Kendall cannot have sexual intercourse throughout the pregnancy.  Zach does not seem happy with that.  Madden tells him it’s just a precaution and assures him that Kendall will be fine.

Jamie tells his father and Aidan that he knows that when Di fell under the ice, Amanda had plenty of time to get there and do the deed.  He also knows that Amanda intensely hates Di.  He heard her threatening her in her hospital room.  He tells them that he thinks he can get the truth out of Amanda if anybody can, because she trusts him.

Right then, a nurse finds the mysterious pair of lady’s boots that were found on the elevator when Brooke was last seen.  She asks another nurse where they could have come from and then asks her to take them to lost and found.  It seems an unsolved mystery.

Julia goes to see Di.  She tells her she heard what happened and it scared the heck out of her.  Di tells Julia that she knows Julia has a secret.  She knows Julia slept with somebody last night.  Julia reveals that she enjoyed it.  She tells her that although she doesn’t know what kind of future she will have in this relationship, the New Year beats previous years.  Di then asks who the “big sex machine” is.  Julia does not yet reveal him.

David is mopping the floor when Joe comes up to him.  David tells Joe that he is the chief of the hospital that attempted to cut his chest open.  Joe tells David that he will do a thorough investigation of what has happened to Di as well as what happened to him and tells him that whoever did it will be punished.  Someone is lurking outside the door listening in on this conversation.

Dr. Madden comes to see Di.  He asks her how she’s feeling.  He tells her he knows that not long ago, she was with Tad Martin.  They were holding hands and he notices that they were really friendly for two people who despise each other.  He tells her that she may be assured that she is fine.  Tad enters, and Dr. Madden leaves and tells Tad she’s “all his,” revealing that he knows they were both scamming him to have him believe they hate each other.

Julia finds Jonathan, knows he’s depressed and asks him what is wrong.  He tells her that everybody hates him.  She tells him he should feel proud and good about himself because he just saved Di Henry’s life.  He tells her that it doesn’t matter because no matter how hard he tries or what he does; all people see is a murderer.  She tells him that she knows exactly how he feels.  She tells him that she killed somebody once also.  He asks her if she had a tumor too.  She replies she did not have a tumor but it’s with her and she wakes up every day.  She tells him that neither of them can change what has already happened in the past but they can do their best to be good people.  He tells her he’s tried to do that and it doesn’t do any good.  She tells him she believes he’s made great progress in his life skills class and she’s so proud of him.  She tells him he cannot let anybody discourage him.  He must keep up the good work and not let anything get him down.  She tells him that maybe they can help each other.

Adam is ready to leave the hospital room and tells Krystal that she better not mess with him.

After Di has “blown her cover” with Dr. Madden, she tells Tad that she screwed up.  He tells her she mustn’t believe that, and he knows if he ever needs an assistant, she will be at the top of the list.

Kendall asks Ryan how they got there.  Not long ago, this baby was just a problem they both had to live with.  Now they are all freaking out hoping he will be all right.  He admits that it’s been a hell of a ride for him.  He does not know what kind of a father he’d be with anybody but he knows that what is going on inside of her beats everything.  She relives their history together.  He took her on her first picnic.  He remembers all of the times they’ve had in the past.  They talk and laugh and appear happy.  From outside the window, Zach observes them and does not look happy.

David tells Joe that he could sue the entire hospital for what happened to him.  Joe tells David that he does not personally care for him but believes that not even he deserves what could have happened to him.  Joe leaves and David pushes his cart and moves along. 

Not far away, there are men’s shoes on the floor, abandoned with nobody nearby.

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