AMC Update Tuesday 1/10/06

All My Children Update Tuesday 1/10/06 


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Fran

Bianca and Miranda are ready to leave.  Bianca tells her family she’d like very much to stay but she has to return to Paris.  Lily tells Bianca she knows she misses Maggie.  Jack tells them that he’s considered renting a villa in Paris.  Erica comes in and reveals that she is upset.  She tells him that her two precious girls are leaving.  Bianca and Miranda are living too far away from her, she tells them.  Kendall and Zach enter, and Erica asks them what this is about.

David goes to the bar.  Julia Santos enters.  She orders a drink.

Di awakens in her hospital room and says Dixie.  Tad and JR are there.  Tad tells her everything is ok.  They are there.

Krystal tells Babe and Adam that she wants to know how Di got so close to the freezing water to have fallen in and almost drowned.  Adam tells her perhaps a Good Samaritan pushed her in.  He also reminds them that Jonathan Lavery was nearby.  Babe and Krystal know, by the way he was talking that he had a motive also.  He tells them that he was with Winifred when it happened and she is his alibi.

Jonathan is also in the hospital.  He explains to Ryan and to Erin that he jumped in to save Di so that he could prove he was a good guy.  They leave.  Janet enters dressed as a nurse, and she tells him she knows his “secret” but promises not to reveal it.  He asks her what secret she’s talking about.  He also asks if he knows her from somewhere.

After hearing Di saying Dixie, JR reminds Tad that she’s scammed them and is probably capable of doing it after she nearly drowned and froze.  She tells them she wants them to go somewhere.  Tad asks her to tell him what is on her mind.  JR asks her why she’s talking about Dixie.  His mom is dead.  Tad tells JR that perhaps Di wants to go to Dixie because she’s dying.  She looks like she might be delirious.  She tells them they must forgive her.  Tad tells her that it’s ok.  She is right then having a flashback about talking to the real Dixie and promising her she will not tell a living soul she is still alive.  Di then tells Tad and JR that she needs to tell them something.

Janet tells Jonathan that she doubts they’ve met before unless he’s spent a lot of time in a hospital.  She tells him perhaps his mind is playing tricks on him to think he’s seen her before.  He informs her that he’s spent time in hospitals recently.  He tells her that they thought he was insane but then they took the bad things out.  She tells him that when it comes to kidnapped babies and damsels in distress, he needs to be “careful.”  Jonathan protests that he did not cause Di to drown.  He came by and found her.  She tells him that that is a good story to give to a judge and one that nobody will buy.

Ryan tells Erin that if Jonathan has to go some place safe, he cannot go with him.  He’d be making the same mistake he made with Greenlee.

Bianca tells Kendall that she thought that Kendall was going to keep her agreement with Zach a secret.  Kendall admits to her sister that their mother would much rather she was a lesbian than for her to be with Zach.  Erica then comes out and tells Kendall this really tops it all.  She asks her what she is doing.  Why is she making this alarming display?  Kendall tells her mother that there is no “display.”  She and Zach are really together.  Erica tells her if this is some sort of joke or way to stick it to her, it’s not amusing.  Kendall tells her other this is no joke.  This is reality.

Outside Di’s room, Babe and Krystal ask JR what Di just said.  He tells them that he believes that she’s just scamming him.  Krystal tells him that that is very harsh and uncaring to say when Di almost drowned and froze and is now fighting for her life.  Babe asks JR why he is so angry.  Krystal then notices that Adam is upset.  He tells her he’s very worried about what Di Henry, the great imposter, is going to do to his son.  Tad is then in the room with Di and asks her what she is trying to say.

In the bar, Julia informs the bartender that her brother, Mateo Santos used to own this place.  He reveals that that was before his time.  She tells him that she’s been gone for a long time.  He tells her that what people do around here is dance the salsa.  They go and dance.  They seem to look like professional dancers.  The crowd claps.  David approaches Julia and tells her she could do a hell of a lot better.

In the hospital, Krystal tells Tad he must know that Di will get the best care possible.  Adam then comes into her room and tells her the reason she will get the best care possible is because these doctors are clueless.  He tells her he will let her take her last gasp and die or else she can leave town and never come back again because he will not let her come back anywhere near his or his son’s life.  He angrily tells her he will not have it.  So she should just die.  Krystal comes in and hears his hateful words to Di.

Zach tells Kendall’s family that they must realize that life is full of surprises.  Erica tells him that if she thinks there’s any good surprise that she will accept for this, he’s got another think coming.  Bianca and Myrtle protest to Erica that Kendall chooses to be with Zach and she must accept that and want Kendall’s happiness.  Jack tells them that he will exercise his right to not offer them his blessing.  Reggie says he will also exercise that right.  Erica tells them that this is very inconsiderate to Ryan since Kendall is carrying his baby.

Ryan tells Erin that he promised Kendall that he would not split town and go after his brother.  Erin tells her brother that she understands that, but his life cannot be all about Kendall, regardless of how he feels about Zach Slater.  She asks him if he is falling in love with his baby.  He tells her that he knows he cannot leave his son unprotected.

Kendall tells Erica that she refuses to apologize for falling madly in love.  Myrtle encourages her to go on.  Erica asks Zach why he is using and manipulating her daughter.  Bianca tells her mother she mustn’t talk like that and must give them a chance.  Erica then turns to Bianca and asks her if this is the reason she came back.  Is she responsible for this?

Janet asks Jonathan if he put that woman (Kendall) in the hammock.  Having spied upon him, she seems to know that he might not feel bad about hurting Kendall.  She tells him that she’s very proud of him for    having done that.  He then asks her who she is and why she is saying all these things to him.  She tells him that some people are poor lost souls.  They are not responsible for their actions.  They kill and do not know what they do.  Hearing that, Jonathan admits that he did kill his brother Braden.  Janet tells him she knows and she also knows that he pushed that woman in the freezing water.

Brooke comes to the hospital to see Tad.  He tells her that he’s worried about Di giving up.  She tells him she doubts that Di is capable of giving up.  He tells her that the last conversation they had was in anger.  He hurt her and feels responsible for what has happened to her.  She’s now fighting for her life, and everybody has made it very clear that they do not want her to have anything to come back to.  Brooke reminds Tad that Di has survived many things throughout her life, and he cannot lose hope that she will fight through this.

After hearing Adam’s threats to Di, Krystal grabs hold of him and asks him what his problem is.  He tells her she better let go of him and leave him alone.  He walks away and she goes to see Di.  She encourages her to hang on and promises to protect her from that nasty son of a b.

Babe and JR return to his home.  He then tells her that he’s going to leave.  He tells her she can have this room if she wants.  She tells him that’s fine with her because she will be closer to little A.  Hearing that, he then tells her that she must have a misconception.  He is taking his son with him.  She tells him like hell he will.

Bianca tells Erica if she wants to give her credit for Kendall’s happiness, then she accepts.  Myrtle tells her that she should do that.  Erica tells them that she sees nothing good about this.  Jack then takes Erica aside and tells her perhaps they should not discuss this now and instead spend this time saying goodbye to Bianca and Miranda.  Erica then reaches out to hug her daughter and granddaughter goodbye.  Zach then notices Lily’s confused expression.  She tells him she does not understand how it is that he and Kendall got married because they were not in love and are now divorcing because they are in love.  He tells her that everything will be ok.  Erica tries to look happy but tells Jack that something must be done to prevent Kendall from ruining her life.  He tells her that nothing Kendall does, right now, surprises him and maybe they should just leave it alone.  Hearing that, Erica asks her husband how he can just dismiss Kendall and have no feelings for her.  He was so concerned about Greenlee with Ryan but he will never forgive Kendall for helping Greenlee.  He could care less about what Zach Slater could do to her daughter.  Jack tells Erica that he’s no fan of Zach Slater but believes he has a lot more impulse control than Ryan Lavery.

Ryan and Erin talk about how his leaving the Pine Cone could mean that he’s accepting that his marriage with Greenlee has ended and he can have closure.

Babe tells JR that if he wants to jet little A away from Pine Valley, he will have to take her with him.

Krystal assumes that Adam will disguise himself as a doctor and attempt to murder Di.  She warns the doctors about how dangerous this man is. 

Jonathan protests to Janet that he is not dangerous any more.  He found an abandoned baby, and he saved that woman’s life in the pond.  She tells him that she will “go along” with his story.  His secret is safe with her.  He must go on practicing his speech that he did not do it. 

David finds Julia and tells her he knows her.  He tells her that he knows she’s the ninja who put down the dragon and almost got Di Henry killed.  She tells him she knows he’s the guy who got prepped for hospital surgery and almost got killed.  She tells him she knows he was not exactly greeted by fans.  He tells her he knows he’s not a popular man but he used to be the chief of cardiology.  She asks his name.  He tells her he is Dr. David Hayward, the guy who saved Di Henry’s life.  She tells him she also knows that he’s the guy who erased her sister Maria’s memory.  She tells him that she wouldn’t mind if he’d erase out her memory.  He tells her that they could “make a night” of this.  He tells her that maybe they could make some new memories, and then he can make her breakfast.

The doctor whom Krystal has been talking to asks Adam is he’s had trouble controlling his temper and if he’s threatened a patient.  Adam asks him who he is.  The doctor tells Adam that he is a resident in psychiatry.  He asks Adam if he has violent tendencies toward small animals and asks him to have a chat with him in the other room.

Tad tells Brooke that he does not know if he feels this way because he actually has feelings for Di or if it’s just because of Dixie.  He admits to her that he does not know how he’s supposed to feel.  He should have known that she would not leave.  She would want to stick it out for him and for JR and for little Adam.  Brooke then tells Tad that she’s always had a bad feeling that that woman would shred his heart.  She walks away and Janet is nearby wearing another disguise.

Babe tells JR that they are always connected.  He tells her that that does not mean she’s going to be in his face.  She tells him that little A is her son too.  They made him together.  She remembers every kiss and every touch.  He remembers it too.  She attempts to seduce him telling him that he must take her along.  He’ll have free childcare and all the time in bed with her he wants.  He then agrees to take her with him.

Adam tells the shrink that he better not try to control him.  He’s a very powerful man in this town and has been on the board for a long time.  Two doctors physically restrain him and take him away.

Brooke and Tad depart.  As Brooke is waiting for the elevator, Janet is lurking and spying on her nearby.

Tad goes into Di’s room.  She stirs and looks like she’s having a nightmare.  He then holds her in his arms and tells her she will be ok.

Right then, in the elevator, there is only a pair of lady’s boots.  The elevator then closes and nobody is nearby.

Kendall asks Zach what they should do.  She can play poker with him and let him watch his favorite movie.  Listening to her, he tells her that she sounds nervous.  She obviously doesn’t know what they’re going to do together with their “new relationship.”  He tells her that he knows they’ve always done things backwards and asks if she would like a little “post-divorce honeymoon.”

Ryan tells Jonathan that the three of them are going to move into the penthouse to live.  Jonathan sounds really happy that he can stay with Ryan and Erin and the baby.

Kendall has been in the other room.  She rushes in and tells Zach that they have to go to the hospital because something has happened to the baby.

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