AMC Update Monday 1/9/06

All My Children Update Monday 1/9/06


Written By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Babe and JR are kissing and undressing each other in a small cabin. Babe tells him not to stop.

Di was pushed into a fishing hole at Miller’s Lake and is unable to crawl out. Janet is seen as the one who pushed her. Janet tells Di that she knew Dixie Martin and Di is no Dixie Martin. Janet walks out. Soon Jonathan opens the door to the cabin and sees a hand reaching out of the water. He jumps in to save her.

Tad is with Krystal at the boathouse. Tad tells her he’s probably the last person she wants to lecture him on her love life. Krystal says she doesn’t have a love life with Adam but she doesn’t want his interference. Krystal asks him what they should do now. Tad suggests they could have a drink together once and awhile. She asks him if he’s thirsty. They leave together but are stopped by Adam, who asks Tad where the hell he’s taking his wife. Krystal asks him why the hell he cares.

At New Beginnings, Erica glares at Greg as he tells her to relax and take deep breaths. Erica realizes how she knows him. She remembers his eyes staring down at her from his surgical mask all those years ago. Oh my God, she says. What about Kendall and her baby? Erica tells him he’s a danger to his parents. Greg tells her she’s overreacting. She says he misrepresented himself to her. Greg says he’s the physician she came to as a desperate young woman. Erica asks him why he didn’t tell her about their past connection. Josh is listening outside the door. Amanda hands him a glass and says it will help him here.

Ryan has just walked in on Zach and Kendall kissing at her place. Zach tells Ryan he shows up when he’s least wanted. Ryan asks Kendall if this is a bad time. Kendall says it’s not the best time. Ryan turns to leave but Kendall tells him to wait. She wants him to stay. She tells them that there is an elephant the room that she’d like to ignore but they have to deal with it. Zach makes a crack toward Ryan, who tells Zach to take his elephant back to the circus. Kendall tells Zach that she spent Christmas Eve with Ryan. She tells Ryan she spent New Year’s Eve with Zach. She can see a big explosion about to happen.

Janet returns to her hiding place where she sees her alter ego in the mirror. The Janet in the mirror tells her that Amanda is going to take the blame for what she did. Janet says Amanda was at work and has an alibi. Janet in the mirror says Di Henry was not on her list of things to do today. Why did she let go of her plan? Janet says nothing has changed. She still has a hell of a surprise for JR and Babe.

After making love, Babe asks JR if it really happened or is she hallucinating. JR says he should tell her he’s sorry more often.

Adam tells Krystal that he doesn’t care. He just came back to tell her that Winefred and the bodyguard took little Adam home. He tells Krystal that he won’t have her hanging around with a gigolo. They hear a commotion and run toward it. They arrive and find Jonathan in the fishing hole. Jonathan is pulled out and Krystal calls 911. Jonathan is frantic, saying that Di is in the water and he can’t get her out. He says they have to save her.

The Janet in the mirror tells the real Janet that Tad, Di and Dixie are not her concern. She needs to make things safe for Amanda. Janet says Di had no right to assume her sister’s identification. Janet in the mirror says Dixie left a vacancy and Di tried to fill it. Janet says Dixie was one of her closest friends and would be cheering her on by pushing Di in the hole. Janet in the mirror tells her she wasted time on Dixie’s sister.

Tad has pulled Di out of the water and covers her with a blanket. He does mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and pleads with her to pull through.

Babe asks JR how long it will be before he tears her to bits and calls her a slut again. JR says he will apologize here and now for his future offenses. He kisses Babe. His phone rings. It is Tad telling him that there was an accident with Di and it is bad. He tells him to go to the hospital now.

Di is wheeled into the hospital on a gurney. Jonathan is behind her in a wheel chair. He wants to know if Di’s going to be OK. Adam and Krystal walk into the lobby and Adam says he doesn’t care if she lives or dies. Joe and Anita are on hand to treat Di, who is unresponsive and has shallow breathing. Joe says she’s hanging on just barely. Tad asks if she’s going to be OK.

Erica tells Greg his intrusion into her life is so wrong. She asks if he often develops amorous feelings for his patients. Greg says absolutely not. Erica says he must have just had feelings for her that he has nurtured all these years. Greg says that is not what happened.

Kendall tells Zach that she and Ryan decided to support each other through the pregnancy. They’ll decide what they’re going to do when the child is born. She says Ryan is a part of her life. She tells Ryan that even though their marriage is dissolved they’re in love and she’s happier than she’s ever been. She tells Ryan she doesn’t expect him to be happy for her. Kendall looks at both men and tells them they’re both absolved of the promises they made to her. She says they can feel free to go. Both men don’t move. Kendall asks which one is walking out on her first as there’s no way this can work. They both hate each other.

Greg tells Erica he terminated her pregnancy to help her meet her needs at the time. Erica says he should have told her that’s how they met. Greg says that would have been unethical and embarrassing for him to remind her of her procedure. Erica says she doesn’t believe them meeting again was pure coincidence. She picks up the picture of her as a little girl and tells him Tad found it in his files. She realizes he got it from one of the hundreds of web pages devoted to her but she wants to know why.

Amanda asks Josh what has him so freaked out. Josh says his dad is about to destroy his life.

Janet tells the Janet in the mirror that Amanda has been misjudged and misunderstood. She admits that she snatched the Chandler baby but JR and Babe still haven’t learned their lesson. She’ll need to give them a harsher lesson.

JR and Babe are getting dressed. Babe says they have to hustle. JR asks why since Di is already dead to him. Why would he go and see someone he doesn’t care about? Babe tells him forgiveness is possible. She tells him that Bianca has let go of the hate she felt toward her. Could he give Di a fraction of that? She is his mother’s sister and he shouldn’t want her to die like this. JR tells her not to pull this on him. Babe tells him not to turn this on her. She says if he doesn’t go and Di doesn’t make it he’s going to hate himself.

Tad watches Di, who has a flashback to seeing Dixie.

Zach and Ryan continue to bicker and Kendall says they’re going to kill each other. Ryan’s phone rings and he needs to go the hospital to see Jonathan and he leaves. Kendall tells Zach that nothing was decided or solved. She says that she and Ryan are connected and he’s the only one who can relate to what she’s going through. Zach says if loving her means dealing with Ryan than he’ll do it. They hug. Kendall tells Zach that she doesn’t want to keep their relationship a secret anymore.

Babe and JR arrive at the hospital Adam asks JR why he is there. Tad says he called JR. Tad tells JR that Di has a severe case of hypothermia. Adam tells JR that no one should care about that lying con. Krystal tells Adam to stop telling his son how he should feel. Tad tells JR that he has no answer to why he’s there after Di lied to them all. But he thinks about the time she light up when JR came into a room. Tad says Di made them a family again. She loved them and gave them a home and he doesn’t want her to die.

Josh walks in on Erica and Greg with some dinner for Erica. Erica says his father was about to leave. She asks him to show him out. Greg and Josh leave the room and Greg orders his son to drop the smear campaign against Erica.

Ryan goes to the hospital to see Jonathan, who says that he saw a hand coming out of a hole in the ice and grabbed it but she slipped. He wants to know if she’s OK.

Joe tells Tad and JR that they can go see Di but she’s in critical condition. She’s in worse shape because she only has one kidney. Di has dreams about Dixie again and calls Dixie’s name when Tad walks in. Tad asks her what she’s trying to say about Dixie.

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