AMC Update Friday 1/6/06

All My Children Update Friday 1/6/06


Written By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Babe is sitting alone at the beach when JR enters the picture. He looks at Babe but turns to leave. Babe notices him and calls to him. He approaches her and tells her he’s sorry. He says he just reacted when he saw her naked in bed with Josh in the room. He says he couldn’t handle her with some other guy. He thought if he caused her pain he would feel better, but that doesn’t make him happy. He asks her why she would even want him back.

At the fishing cabin, Di is angry at Tad for calling her Dixie. Tad apologizes and says he mis-spoke. Di says she’s not hanging around to be Dixie’s stand-in. She asks him what he was feeling when he called her Dixie. He says it meant nothing. It was a slip of the lip. He suggests if working together on this case is too personal maybe they shouldn’t do it. Di asks who he was kissing on New Year’s Eve, Dixie or her. Tad says people kiss who they’re with on New Year’s Eve. Di says he was thinking of Dixie and let her stand in. Tad says that would be a big compliment to her. Di sarcastically refers to Dixie as a saint and tells Tad that Dixie told plenty of lies. Tad asks her how she would know and what the hell is she talking about?

Janet, dressed as a nun, watches as Adam and Krystal arrive at an outdoor ice skating rink with little Adam. Adam and Krystal get nervous when Jonathan approaches them. Ryan arrives and tells Jonathan to go someplace else. Jonathan tells Adam and Krystal that he would never hurt little Adam. Janet continues to watch. Ryan tells Adam and Krystal that an old woman has cleared Jonathan from taking little Adam. Winefred and a security officer named Bruno arrive and Winefred takes the baby. Janet follows them. Jonathan sees Janet and calls to her, calling her Sister. She is not happy to be stopped by Jonathan and quickly offers him a blessing. He tells her that God answered his prayer and he wants to donate to the church. Janet comments that “she lost him” and runs off.

Zach goes to Kendall’s residence with a basket of goodies and a kiss. Kendall is distracted. She tells Zach she’s waiting for him to take everything back. Zach is confused and asks her what’s going on. She says she knows he doesn’t want to hurt her but she can take it. Zach asks who got to her. Kendall takes his hand and puts it on her tummy and says this is what got to her. She tosses her pants across the room and says she can’t get the zipper up. Zach says that’s supposed to happen. Kendall says she did not picture him making love to a sumo wrestler. She asks if he thinks three is a crowd. Zach says he knows she loves him and nothing else matters. Zach says he loves her as she is. Kendall says this won’t be easy. Zach says he likes a challenge. Kendall says he can’t be happy with this. Zach says he’s happy with her with or without the baby. Kendall asks how he can handle this baby when he hates his father.

Erica fires Josh. When Josh doesn’t argue, she asks him if he’s not going to make excuses and if he doesn’t mind being fired. Josh says he does mind but he wishes he would have just quit. Greg is listening to the confrontation. Josh tells Erica how he stepped in to save an interview with Geraldo Rivera when she was no place to be found. He tells her not to expect her to beg or cry as that’s not his style. He turns to leave and Erica tells him to wait. Josh slyly smiles.

Ryan leaves Adam and Krystal. Krystal asks Adam why he won’t believe anyone about anything. Adam says Ryan is a con man and his brother snatched his grandson. Krystal says Amanda Dillon has tried twice to hurt her daughter and she is the one who took little Adam. She says she also slipped her and Babe those drugs at the New Year’s Eve party. She asks Adam if he loved seeing all those people watch her naked. Adam says he hated every second of it.

Erica tells Josh she was angry. Josh tells her Geraldo wants to do another spot with her. Erica asks Josh to schedule it. Josh says he doesn’t work here. Erica takes back her firing of him but says not to let it happen again. Josh says if it does he’ll fire himself. Erica walks out and Josh removes a bug from her desk. Greg walks in and is appalled to see Josh is bugging Erica’s office.

Ryan tells Jonathan to keep a low profile and say away from people he doesn’t know. Jonathan says he’ll only see people he knows, including Kendall. Ryan tells him not to go near Kendall. Jonathan tells Ryan he’ll be a good father. Ryan admits neither he or Kendall are comfortable with being parents. Jonathan asks Ryan if it’s because of their father and tells him he’s nothing like their dad. Ryan says he needs time to figure things out so he wants Jonathan to keep his distance from Kendall. Ryan leaves but Jonathan stays behind to skate.

Tad asks Di if there’s something he should know about. Di reminds Tad that Dixie left him. Tad says Dixie wrote him a letter and they were going to hook up in Europe. Di asks what if Dixie changed. What if it wasn’t fate that kept them apart but it was Dixie? Tad walks out without saying a word.

Krystal asks Adam why he wasn’t enjoying her being naked at the party. Adam says it’s because they are married. Krystal asks if he had no concern for her but was rather outraged at how it looked. He was embarrassed? She tells him he can end his humiliation and give her what she wants. Adam asks if this was a ploy to shame him into divorcing her. How low has she sunk? Krystal tells him he’ll have to wait and see for himself. Adam says he gives up. He’ll give her half of Chandler Enterprises in their divorce. He wants her gone. Krystal says something is not right here. He’s not even putting up a fight? Adam tells her to believe him as he has. Tad enters the scene and tells Krystal she’s never going to have a better offer so she should take it.

JR tells Babe he came here to tell her to stay away from him. He can’t promise her that he’ll change. Babe asks if he would try. When he says nothing she tells him of course he won’t because she’s not worth the effort. JR says they were like a plane spiraling to the ground before their divorce. There’s too much pain. He thinks they should forget attempts to reconcile. Babe tells him this is the first time he said something that made sense. She leaves and goes into a cabin. JR follows her.

Greg asks Josh what he is doing. Josh says it’s covert eavesdropping. Greg wonders why he’s trying to harm Erica. Josh asks if he saw the interview he did. He says he was amazing. He has finally found where he belongs – on TV. Josh says Erica will be remembered for giving him his start. Greg asks why of all the women in the world... Josh asks if he’s really in love with Erica. If so, then he’s lost it. Greg steps on the microphone and says he will not allow this. Erica re-enters the room and Greg asks to talk to her.

Kendall asks Zach how Ryan will fit into their plans. She had forgotten about the complications but now she’s back on earth. She asks him if he wants to take it all back. Zach says he does not and has faith in her decisions. Kendall tells him he’s crazier than she is. Zach says between the two of them they can figure it out. Kendall opens her door and tells him this is his last chance to run. Zach stands up and kisses Kendall instead. Just then Ryan walks in.

Josh leaves so Erica can talk to Greg. She sits on her couch and asks him to have a seat. Greg says he wants to lessen her stress. He urges her to relax and breathe. Erica closes her eyes and remembers the dream with Greg. “Oh My God,”she said. “I remember.”

JR goes into the cabin with Babe and says he can’t get her out of his head. Babe says he drives her crazy but she can’t help herself. They grab each other and kiss.

Krystal tells Adam that half of his business is chump change. She wants half of everything. Adam tells Tad to seduce Krystal and get her off his back. He walks away. Tad asks Krystal why she rejected his generous offer. Krystal says it’s a long story. Tad asks if she enjoys being Mrs. Adam Chandler. Krystal says no. Tad tells her not to let herself even fall in like with Adam. He’s dangerous and she can’t trust him. Krystal asks if he’s like a particular woman who claimed to be his wife back from the dead.

Di is alone in the fishing cabin when someone grabs her from behind and pushes her into the fishing hole.

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