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All My Children Update Thursday 1/5/06


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

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Kendall happily returns home, after being with Zach.  JR shows up and asks her if she’s dressed for him.  She tells him that not even he can ruin this glorious day for her.  He asks her if she’s willing to forgive him for their most recent fight.  She replies why not and gives him a New Years hug, like a platonic friend but he kisses her and indicates he wants more.

Babe sees Bianca on the beach and tells her that they used to be so close that she knew what was going on with her by just looking into Babe’s eyes.  She tells Babe she knows there is something going on between her and JR.  She asks Babe what is going on.

Amanda is able to overhear that Josh is trying to hurt Erica.  She tells him that she knows that he’s up to no good and must have something to do with the story that Erica is drinking.  Amanda says she knows it’s false because Erica is sober, and she also knows he must have intentionally erased the tapes.  She asks him if he’s out to hurt Erica.

Erica then finds herself in an abandoned warehouse when she intended to have her important meeting with Gerald.  She asks if there is anybody there.  Janet is outside.

Josh tells Amanda that it was she who erased Erica’s tape and did not make a backup.  She tells him she did not do that.  He tells her he knows that she arranged for Erica to go to the wrong place that other time for her other very important lunch meeting.  He tells her that his job could go up in flames because of her, and yet she is blaming him.  He tells her maybe Babe is right.  Ever since she started having blackouts, she’s been using that as an excuse for many things.  He asks her if she’s trying to mess him up.  He asks her if her blackouts are real or if they are made up.

Erica runs into Janet.  They greet each other in a friendly manner.  Janet then tells Erica that she did not understand why she would get stranded in this place.  She appears friendly to Erica but Erica wonders if Janet is feeling better.  Janet tells her that she was released a while back from the mental hospital and the only planet this Janet is from is earth.  Erica tells her she’d like to stay and chat but she has an important meeting.  She asks Janet if she has a car.  Janet tells Erica she lost her license and babbles about her car accident and her court hearing and Trevor.  Erica interrupts her, grabs her, and tells her she does not have time.  She has a very important meeting to get to and has to get out of there.

Dr. Madden tells Tad that he got some ideas and theories when he met Tad’s father.  He tells Tad he knows that Dr. Joe Martin is a successful physician, and so are his family members, Jeff and Jamie.  Tad asks Dr. Madden why he’s concerned about his family’s medical careers.  Dr. Madden tells Tad about the similar pattern of the Santos family and their medical careers.  He tells Tad he wonders if it’s nature or nurture that causes family members to choose the same field.  He also tells Tad that his own son, Josh, went into medical school but dropped out.  He’s concerned about how any son of his could do such a thing.  Tad asks Dr. Madden if he’s giving him a line of BS.

Bianca asks Babe what happened between her and Jamie.  She knows that when she left, Babe and Jamie were very serious and she cannot believe that they’ve broken up.  Babe tells Bianca that Jamie got an ultimatum from his aunt Phoebe to choose between her and his medical career.  Bianca tells Babe that she cannot believe that Jamie would put his medical career above her.  Babe tells Bianca that she and Jamie have gone their separate ways, and she confesses to Bianca that she has another scheme, another trick up her sleeve, involving JR.

JR comes into Kendall’s home and asks her what is going on with her.  He tells her that all this sunshine and light is so unlike her.  She tells him that she’s happy, and nothing he can say to her, even if he defends that worthless Babe to her, can ruin her good mood.  He tells her he’s not about to talk to her about Babe.  He tells her that he wants to have a future with Kendall that means something and that they should put their previous differences aside.  He tells her he knows who she is and what she wants.  She tells him he doesn’t have a clue what she wants.  He kisses her again.

Janet tells Erica she’s seen her show and would not miss it for all the fudge in the world.  Erica tells her she appreciates that and if Janet values the show, she must know how important it is for her to get to her meeting.  Janet tells Erica that she really needs to help her daughter.  She wants Erica to give Amanda a chance.  When her daughter first came into town, she had nothing, and then this worthless Babe Carey had to ruin things for Amanda.  Hearing that, Erica tells Janet she mustn’t even get her started with Babe Carey.

Babe tells Bianca that she’s the same scheming, unethical person she always was.  She was determined to stop at nothing in order to get her son back.  She tells her that this whole “plan” is now toast.  Bianca asks Babe if she tried to get JR to fall in love with her in order for her to have her son.  Babe tells Bianca that the crazy part about all of it was that she was so close and JR almost fell for it.  Bianca warns her that she mustn’t mess with JR because he is dangerous.  Babe tells Bianca that she may go ahead and say what she believes that Bianca is about to say to her; that she deserves every bit of heartache she has coming to her.

Dr. Madden tells Tad that he knows Tad was adopted and is not a real Martin.  He also tells Tad he might want to think twice about breaking and entering.  Tad tells Dr. Madden that he will take his chances with the consequences of doing whatever he needs to do in order to protect the people he loves.  He asks Dr. Madden why he has this childhood picture of Erica.  Dr. Madden tells Tad that he has a broken heart but he is not a stalker, and right now he is taking care of Erica’s daughter.

Kendall informs JR that she is having the baby.  He seems happy for her, and tells her that it’s ok to have sex when she’s pregnant.  She tells him he must stop because she is in love.  He tells her she cannot tell him that it’s Zach.  She confirms that it is Zach.  Right then, he takes her by the hand and tells her she needs a cold shower until she starts making sense.

Tad meets Di after his conversation with Dr. Madden, in the cold boathouse.  He tells her maybe they can go fishing.  She tells him no fishing.  It’s too cold.  He tells her he can build a fire.  She thanks him for saving her at Madden’s office.  He tells her that he didn’t get very far with Madden.  Madden told him he was not stalking Erica or the Martin family.  He just has some research plan about finding out if it’s nature or nurture for why people choose medical careers.

Janet tells Erica that it’s terrible what Babe Carey did to Bianca.  Erica tells her that the main thing is that Bianca is now happily living in Paris with Miranda and is a great mother.  She tells Janet she needs to get back to her office.  It looks like Janet is trying to prevent her from leaving.

Josh tells Amanda that many times he’s put his job on the line for her.  He’s covered for her and fixed enough of her mistakes, and now she wants to rat him out to Erica.  He convinces her that she is ungrateful.  She then apologizes, tells him he’s been good to her and she knows he would not do anything to sabotage Erica.  He tells her that her main responsibility right now is to find out where Erica’s limousine went.  He asks her if she can handle that without a blackout.  He successfully makes her feel like she is a basket case and casts away her suspicions of him.

JR tells Kendall she cannot be serious about being with Zach.  She tells him that he’s way crazier to care about Babe than she is to care about Zach.  He asks her if she will never forgive Babe.  Kendall tells him he’s right.  She never will.

Bianca admits to Babe that a part of her still hates her.  She kept Miranda away from her, and that time can never be given back to her but because of that, she realizes that she never wants anybody to be alone again.  Babe tells Bianca that she’s had a chance to have equal partnership in Fusion, and she’s not going to sell out her shares like Zach and Kendall want her to do.  She has better ambitions than just being a bartender.  Bianca can sense that Babe does have some doubts about her ambition to be a Fusion owner, however.  Babe tells Bianca that she knows that Greenlee only gave her the Fusion shares so that she could hurt Kendall.  Babe does not want to hurt Bianca’s sister, and she tells Bianca if she says the word, she will sell out her shares and go quietly.  She admits to Bianca she has a real dilemma.  Does she throw away the opportunity of a life time?  Is it worth it if it’s just going to cause more damage?  She tells Bianca she wants to make the right decision this time.  Bianca tells her that she cannot make the decision for her.  Babe has to do that on her own.  Bianca asks Babe if she thinks she can handle Kendall.  Babe says she does not know.  She’s amazed that Bianca is standing there talking to her and not kicking sand in her face.  Bianca admits that up until recently that’s what she would have done but she realizes she must get rid of this hate.  She knows she will never understand how her best friend could have taken her child but it’s done enough damage and she will not let that darkness touch the precious time she has with Miranda.  She doesn’t want to hate anymore.  Babe tells her if somebody did to her what she did to Bianca; she’d hate them to the grave and would want to make them suffer a million times over.  Bianca admits that it still hurts, and that will always be there, and so is the anger, but she will not wear that around her neck or throw that in Babe’s face anymore.  She does not want Babe to suffer.

Kendall asks JR how he could even consider getting back with Babe.  He asks her what will happen if Zach hurts and betrays her again.  She tells him that she’s not going back to the old Kendall who suspects and distrusts everybody.  He asks her why she doesn’t go back to that way of life and protect herself.  She tells him that she’s not going to let his negativity screw things up for her and ruin her happiness.

After hearing about Madden’s crush on Erica, Di tells Tad that she remembers having obsessive crushes in her younger days.  He tells her that he thinks Madden’s obsession about Erica is creepy.  She tells him that maybe it’s really sad that this man has this desperate, unrequited love for a woman who’s unavailable to him.  He tells her that what Madden is doing is called stalking and it’s illegal in most states, and he’s determined to get to the bottom of it.

Janet tells Erica that she’s found a way for them to get a ride.  She tells Erica she hopes she doesn’t mind riding with a bunch of onions.  She tells her there’s just a tiny little condition.  The driver of the vehicle needs an autograph.  Erica says fine.  Janet tells Erica that the guy also wants a kiss from Erica.  Janet then tells Erica that there is one final condition.  Erica cannot tell Amanda about their meeting.  She’s afraid her daughter will take this as “mommy interfering” and not simply two old friends catching up.  Erica tells Janet whatever she wants but she has to leave.  Alone, Janet looks at her reflection who tells her that Erica knows what she is up to.  Janet tells the reflection that she was just being “friendly.”  The reflection asks her when she will stop being so naïve.  Janet has always been God’s little joke, and now the joke is on “them.”

Kendall tells JR that they’ve been though a lot together.  They’ve shared secrets and long nights.  They’ve been as close as any friends could be but it was foolish to think that they could get by with just sex.  He tells her that it’s more than that.  She tells him that it’s foolish for them both to hide out in their little clubhouse because they are afraid to love.  He tells her it’s not like that for him.  He’s not afraid to love.  He loves his son and doesn’t need anything else but the two of them always have each other.  She tells him that she has to give this thing a chance with Zach.  He tells her that she cannot count on it working with Zach.  She tells him she realizes there are no guarantees with anything but she has to try and must believe that it can work with Zach.  He still doubts that she knows what she’s doing.  She tells him that he needs to go away.  Maybe he needs to fall in love with the perfect woman, and hopefully, she won’t be able to talk him out of it.

Bianca and Babe talk about how things might be easier for Babe if she was gay.  Babe admits to Bianca that she has never found a real friend since Bianca left.  Bianca admits to Babe that she still has that picture of the two of them on the park bench with their babies, and she still takes it out and looks at it from time to time and remembers their friendship.  She then tells Babe that Miranda will wonder where her mommy is.  She tells Babe good luck with everything and she departs.

Tad tells Di that it drives him crazy.  He could find out anything and everything about Dr. Madden; his favorite food, his favorite childhood game, where he went to school but when it comes to Erica, he just draws a blank.  He asks her if she can help him.

Erica returns to her office and tells Josh she demands and explanation as to what happened.  She tells him that the limo dropped her off at some abandoned warehouse and just left.  He tells her he can call the limo service.  She tells him that is not good enough.  She asks how he could let this happen.  There have been hours of empty airtime.  She then turns on the television to see him on her show introducing himself as the guest host who is filling in for Erica Kane.  She tells him he must choose his words very carefully and asks her how the hell this could happen.  His father is standing outside in the hall listening to their conversation.

Kendall attempts to get her skinny jeans on and realizes she is really pregnant.

JR is still outside not knowing what to do.

Janet is up to no good dressing like a nun and singing a crazy song.

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