AMC Update Wednesday 1/4/06

All My Children Update Wednesday 1/4/06 


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Fran

Babe stands over JR when he awakens.  He is startled and asks her what is going on.  She tells him that he should know that she’s a whore and that’s what she’s all about; she does terrible things.  She tells him she’s tired of fighting and messing around with Josh, and she wants only JR.

Jamie is going through Amanda’s purse when he believes she is sleeping.  She awakens and asks him why he’s going through her purse.

Kendall and Zach are on the beach.  They look happy together.  He asks her what it is she wants.  She tells him he’s going to be so sorry he asked.

Erica is having a dream that she is in surgery.  She notices Dr. Madden standing over her wearing his surgical mask.  She sees his eyes.  And he tells her that he loves her and has always loved her.  She screams and awakens, and discovers she is in her office taking a nap.  Tad is there with her.  She tells him that she came in really early to start the show, and she and Jack were up until really late the previous night.  She reveals to Tad that she’s having reoccurring dreams about Dr. Madden, and admits to Tad that the last time she saw Greg Madden, she informed him about the dream she is having about him as her shrink.  She tells Tad that she remembers seeing Greg in the surgical scrubs when Kendall was in the hospital, and she could sense something in his eyes.  She had a flash about some memory in her past in regard to him.  Tad then shows her a picture of a little girl that he found in Greg’s office.  She looks at it and is startled. She is the little girl in the picture.

Di enters Dr. Madden’s office.  He knows that somebody has been snooping around in his office.  He knows it’s not Hazel.  There’s only one other person who could have been in his office going through his things.

Kendall tells Zach that she wants him to build a sand castle for her.  He builds the sand castle.  He tells her that he can buy her a castle but he’s not meant to build sand castles.  Right then, Bianca enters and tells them she’s discovered that they hate each other and she’s made a big mistake wanting to get them together.

After Amanda has caught Jamie going through her purse, she asks him why he cannot trust her and why babe is so important to everybody.  He protests that Babe is not important to him.

Babe tells JR that she knows he cannot trust her because he walked into Josh’s bedroom and assumed the worst.  It did not matter that she was shocked and scared and did not even know what had happened.  So, she tells him, if this is the only way she can “have” him, then so be it.  If she has to be a dirty, little whore then she will do it but she tells JR he cannot make her beg.  She kisses him and then pulls away from him.  He appears disappointed but she tells him that if he only knows her as a tease, then what’s the point of showing him anything different,  She tells him that she’s been on the receiving end of being teased, having her hopes up, only to be rejected.  He protests to her that he has good reason not to trust her when she told him she loved him but then he found her in the sack with another guy.  She insists that she has never slept with Josh.  All she wanted was to be the best mom in the world and to give them another chance.  She tells him if he does not believe that she was drugged, she can give him proof otherwise.  She shows him medical papers that confirm that drugs were in her system.

Jamie kisses Amanda but she tells him that this kiss will not make her forget the fact that he’s accusing her of doing something she didn’t do or forgive him for going through her purse.  He tells her that she is jumping to conclusions in assuming that is what he is doing.  He tells her that what he was doing was putting something in her purse, and she didn’t give him a chance to explain.  He asks her to reach in her purse and see what he put in it.  She reaches in and pulls out what looks like jewelry.  She tells him that she feels like the biggest loser right now to suspect him of doing something he didn’t do.

Erica tells Tad she remembers when that childhood picture was taken.  He tells her that maybe she needs to look through some medical history so that she can find out just when she might have been in surgery when Dr. Madden was there.  He can then match that up with his fact-finding investigation of Dr. Madden’s history.  She tells him she will do that but what she’s really worried about right now is Kendall.  She is in a very vulnerable position and she wonders what he is up to in regard to her daughter.  He assures her that he’s very close to finding out what is going on with Dr. Madden and tells her that Madden won’t be able to cover up his secret much longer.

Bianca tells Kendall and Zach that she’s afraid she made a big mistake to assume that they were meant for each other.  They start arguing, and that confirms all the more to her that they are completely incompatible.  She tells them that she just had a conversation with Myrtle and mistakenly thought that they should be together.  She tells them that she made a tragic mistake and will never again butt into their business.  Kendall surprises her sister by telling her that she could not have butted into her business in a way that would make her happier.  She reveals to Bianca that she and Zach have confirmed that they love each other.

JR looks over the papers that babe shows him and tells her he still does not believe that she was drugged without her knowing but that he thinks she probably got the papers falsified.

Amanda goes to New Beginnings and tells Josh that he is a jerk to be falsely accusing her of drugging Babe.  Erica comes down discovers that a very important tape was erased.  Of course, Josh can convince Amanda she might have done it during a blackout. 

Dr. Madden confronts Di about going through his personal, confidential, private files.  He tells her he knows she did it.  When she attempts to provide an alibi, Tad walks in and informs them that Di did not do it.  He did.  It was all his idea to go through Dr. Madden’s files and if anybody is going to get in trouble for it, he will accept the consequences.

JR and Babe get into a struggle when Jamie walks in on them.  She tells him if he does not believe her, he can confirm it with the hospital.  He tells her that he cannot trust anything she tells him.  She tells him if he cannot believe the truth when it’s right in his face, then she doesn’t even care anymore.  She tears up the medical records, tells him Happy New Year and he may go to hell.  She walks out.  JR tells Jamie it’s amazing that Babe slept with Josh Madden and she thinks he will go to hell.  Jamie asks JR why he cannot realize that it’s very possible that Amanda drugged Babe.  Why does he refuse to trust her just because she has a “track record?”  Does he want to be betrayed?  JR tells Jamie that he just doesn’t understand.

Zach goes to meet Myrtle.  She asks him what is going on with him and Kendall.  He tells her it’s just like she says.  The woman loves him.  Myrtle is happy to hear that.  He tells her that Kendall has made him fight for it.  She then tells him that this calls for a toast for him and for Kendall.  She shares a bloody Mary with him.

Kendall tells Bianca that she does not remember the words exactly.  She just knows how she felt and how he looked at her.  She was so scared to tell him that he was everything she ever wanted and more but when she said the words out loud and Zach did not tell her to kiss off; she knew that she wanted to tell him that over and over again.  She just wanted to kiss him and hold him and be with him.  Bianca tells Kendall that she can tell that sparks are all around.  Kendall is glowing and looks beautiful.  Kendall tells her sister that she feels different.  There is no more negativity.  She knows that this is pure and real and right, and she finally believes in heaven.  She’s seen it and she’s in it, and she never wants to come back to earth.  Bianca tells her that in that case, she might want to hold off on telling their mom.

Erica asks Josh just how the tape got erased.  It doesn’t just happen by itself.  He tells her that he has no clue exactly who erased the tape but he will look into it.  She tells him that she appreciates this but it’s completely embarrassing.  She has a meeting with Geraldo.  He tells her he knows but he will find a way to shoot it without the tape.  He apologizes and tells her this will not happen again.  He leaves.  She looks at The Exposer and sees her face on the front cover and a story about Erica Kane having a “new beginning with the bottle.”  She is shocked.

After informing Dr. Madden that he put Di up to snooping through his office, Tad tells Dr. Madden that he likes to think that he’s in the business to expose frauds and cons, not to collaborate them.  He informs Dr. Madden that this woman was a fraud who passed herself off as his deceased ex wife, and the last thing he’d ever do is be in cahoots with the likes of her.  Hearing that, she tells Dr. Madden that she doesn’t trust Tad nor would she work with him.  Dr. Madden asks Tad to talk in private and asks whom he’s working for.  Tad tells Dr. Madden that Erica Kane has asked him to investigate him.  He knows that Dr. Madden has some sort of obsession about Erica.  He’s obviously in love with her.  It’s a little too coincidental that, with all the places throughout the country and throughout the world to set up practice, he suddenly sets up shop in Pine Valley and just happens to be treating Erica’s daughter.  Dr. Madden tells Tad that his “involvement” with Erica does not concern Tad nor does it mean he has any type of unethical medical secrets.  Tad then asks Dr. Madden just what that picture of Erica as a little girl was doing in his office.

Bianca tells Kendall that what she needs to do is spend a little time alone with the man she loves; no interference, no distractions, and, especially, no mom.  Kendall agrees that her sister is right.

Seeing the headline about somebody accusing her of drinking, Erica tells Josh that she must do something to get to the bottom of this.  Who would accuse her of drinking?  She’s stayed sober for a long time.  He tells her she should not worry about the rumor.  She should just ignore it.  She gets on the elevator.  He tells her to “knock them dead” but it’s obvious he has a little trick up his sleeve.  Amanda is nearby, witnessing what is going on.

Tad tells Dr. Madden that his good friend and ex-wife, Brooke English is the editor and publisher of Tempo.  And he wonders what Brooke will say and do when she finds out about Dr. Madden’s little secret with Erica.  Dr. Madden tells Tad he does not scare him.  Tad asks Dr. Madden if he is not afraid of losing his medical license and being part of a public scandal.  He reminds him that people will be very interested in knowing that there is a stalker MD setting up a private practice and violating peoples’ privacy in Pine Valley.

After confirming that Bianca encouraged Kendall with Zach and that Myrtle encouraged him with her, Kendall concludes, to Bianca, that those are the only two people who they will have knowing about it for now.  He asks her if she wants them to be a secret.  She tells him she just doesn’t want to lose what they have.  He tells her she will not lose him.

Jamie stays at JR’s, carefully reviewing the medical records.  He tells JR he must realize that Babe is not lying about being drugged.  He also confirms that he went though Amanda’s purse and found out she did not have any drugs.  He tells JR that he knows he’s in love with babe and he’s lying to tell anybody otherwise.

Babe is on the beach wondering what she’s going to do, and Bianca finds her and tells her that maybe she can help her.

Amanda is watching Josh on the phone, listing to his conversation about Erica and asks him if he’s trying to sabotage their boss.

Erica goes to the place where Josh has set her up to go.  She’s in an abandoned warehouse.  She notices that a cab is going away without her.  Geraldo is not there.  She knows that she’s in the wrong place.

Dr. Madden tells Tad that he would never do anything to hurt Erica but Tad tells him that he believes there is far more than Erica that he’s concerned about.  He knows that Dr. Madden has a big, long history with the Martin family, and Tad tells him he’d like some answers.

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