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Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Fran

As the clock strikes 12 midnight at the valley Inn and the New Year rings in, Krystal awakens comes out of a cake and she is naked except for a banner that reads, “Happy New Year.”  Nobody knows how that happened.  Janet is standing in the crowd dressed like a man and is laughing.  Right then, babe awakens and finds herself in Josh’s bed and has no clue how she got there.  JR enters and tells her that she’s nothing more than a skanky little tramp.  He’s really angry at her now.

Ryan kisses Julia on the cheek.  She looks disappointed.

Aidan kisses Erin.  She looks surprised and unsure how to react.

Krystal stands up, not knowing what to say or what has happened to her.  The crowd laughs and she assumes that Adam set her up.

Babe demands to know how she got to be naked and in Josh’s bed.    Josh has does not understand why JR is accusing him of sleeping with Babe.  JR tells her that he knows she is trash.  She tried it pretending to be in bed with Bianca once, then with Jamie, and this is the second time she’s done this with Josh.

Zach kisses Kendall.  She looks like she might be comfortable with him after all.  She then tells him she wants to ask him a question.

Julia tells Ryan that she may have a plan for the New Year.  He then believes he has to go but she tells him that although they are totally anti-New Year’s Eve, maybe they needn’t part company.  She tells him that although they agreed to no kissing; it doesn’t mean they cannot get naked.

After Krystal comes out of the cake, Adam assumes that she and Palmer set him up to humiliate him in front of his business associates.  She protests that all she had was one glass of champagne, and then she woke up where she did not choose to be.  She tells Adam that she believes that he set her up to look like a floozy.  She tells him that he had to stick it to her right after that trucker party.  He could not stand her having fun and had to get revenge.  Brooke and Opal and Dell all believe that this is the way that both Krystal and Adam have a party.

JR starts to leave Josh’s room after telling Babe what he thinks of her, and Babe tells him he is not to move.  He has to sit down and shut up and listen to her.

Tad goes to Dr. Madden’s office after hours.  As he is snooping around, he runs into Di.  She tells him he shouldn’t be there.  He asks her why she’s snooping around after dark.  She tells him it’s kind of hard to find any of the information that he needs her to find during a workday when Hazel is there to watch over her.  He expresses that he is angry that she split town.  He then informs her that her “grandson” was missing and assumes she does not care.  She expresses concern and says that she had no clue and wonders why he’s so upset.  He asks her where she’s been and just what is more important to her than the family she supposedly loves.  She then has a memory of her conversation with the real Dixie where she tells Dixie she has to return to her family, and Dixie protesting that Di has taken her place with her family.

Zach puts his arms around Kendall and asks her what she was going to ask him.  She tells him that she remembered after the fire, when she was in the hospital he told her he loved her.  And she tells him that she realizes that neither of them are simple people with any type of simple issues.  She smiles at him and asks him when he first knew that he loved her.

Babe asks JR if he really distrusts her and thinks she’d lie about being in love with him only to have a “secret thing” with Josh.  He tells her that he doesn’t have selective amnesia.  She has betrayed him too many times, and he tells her he was a jackass to have ever trusted her or believed that she had changed.  He leaves.  Knowing that she did not plan to wake up in Josh’s bed and that somebody drugged her, she assumes that Josh did it.  He asks her if she really believes that this is his idea of a good time.  Hearing that, she has to agree that Josh is not capable of doing something like that.  She then asks him whom he believes would.  He answers that it would be somebody who hates her guts.  Right then, she concludes it would have to be Amanda.  She believes she has no reason to suspect Janet, after their most recent “heartfelt conversation” where she concluded that Janet is a mother just like her and she has no reason to dislike her.

Ryan and Julia go to the beach and plan on swimming nude in the freezing cold water.  She tells him that one of the most important rules is no peeking.  He asks her if she really believes that he’d be peeking when he’s about to jump into ice cold water.  He decides that he is freezing and so he takes it all off and jumps in.

Tad asks Di why she did not consider telling anybody where she went.  She asks him if he expects her to spend New Years Eve all alone watching “It’s A Wonderful Life.”  He asks her if she expects him to feel sorry for her because she has to spend time alone because nobody in the town can stand her.  She reminds him that she’s helping him with his investigation.  He tells her that he got her the job at Madden’s office so that she could do that.  As he’s looking through the files, she asks him if little Adam is really ok and wonders who could have taken him.

Simone tells Ethan she has no idea what to conclude about what has happened.  He tells her it’s obvious that Mr. and Mrs. Chandler are going to be fighting for a long time, and he doesn’t want to be concerned about it.  It should be just the two of them but she tells him that she believes that he “planned everything.”  She tells him she promises not to scream.  He tells her there’s something he needs to discuss with her, and she assumes that he must be ready to dump her.  She encourages him to tell her whatever his excuse is for wanting to break it off with her.  He surprises her by asking her to marry him.  She asks him to repeat what he said.  He again asks her if she will marry him.  She says yes.

Babe comes down to the ballroom to find Amanda and is ready to kill her for what she believes Amanda has just done.  She tells Amanda that she woke up and found herself in Josh’s bed and knows that Amanda must have been behind that.  Hearing that, Amanda laughs and tells Babe she’s absurd to blame her for the fact that she’s a slut.  Krystal also realizes that she must have been drugged also and suspects Amanda.  Hearing that, Amanda tells Krystal that besides the fact that her daughter’s a skank and she’s Krystal with a K, she does not know and does not care.  Why do they think that she’d waste her time, while on a date, to make them so important to her?  She tells them they both need to get over themselves.  Janet stands right by her daughter, still unnoticed while disguised as a waiter.  Jamie is concerned about Babe and Krystal being drugged but doesn’t want to accuse Amanda.  Krystal asks Amanda if she would mind being searched.  Babe tells her that she knows where Amanda hid her drugs when she drugged Jamie.  She approaches her and attempts to pull the purse off of her.

While ice fishing, Erin admits to Aidan that she protected her brother for months from the police.  She admits that she was afraid for her brother, and she does not think of freedom in the same way any more.  He tells her welcome to being free.

While Ryan and Julia are warming themselves on the beach in their robes and building a fire, she asks him what he’s thinking.  He tells her that he’s thinking that diving buck naked into 45 degree water kind of puts his thoughts on overload.  He admits that he believes that his life currently sucks although being on the beach with a beautiful woman makes life seem more normal.  She laughs at him and tells him just so he knows, she peeked.  They both laugh.

Kendall admits to Zach that she knew she loved him when she was afraid that his attempts to save Julia would get him killed.  At that point she knew that they belonged together.

Krystal tells Amanda that her first mistake was messing with her baby doll.  Amanda tells Krystal she better leave her alone.  Jamie then tells them that he and Amanda are leaving.  Babe tries to go after them and she knocks the tray out of the “waiter’s hand.  Krystal and Babe attempt to help the “waiter” (Janet) pick up the items they’ve spilled, and are still clueless as to who this person is. 

Adam asks JR if he drugged Krystal.  JR says no but he should have.  Opal and Brooke discover that there will be new business opportunities for 2006.

Tad and Di look find a video tape of Erica from when she was a model.    Tad pulls out the video and they both realize that Dr. Madden has some sort of obsession with Erica.  He tells her that this probably means something for Erica and Kendall.  Then he kisses Di.

Zach and Kendall go to a romantic dinner.  Romantic music plays.  She asks him to do something with her, even if it is something that he considers “silly.”  They write resolutions on cards that they attach to balloons.  They hold balloons and then let go of them.

Erin and Aidan come to agree that it’s time for both of them to make a fresh start and that it can be whatever one makes of it.  It begins to appear that they like each other.  The go off together.

Tad and Di kiss for New Years but they agree that they have a lot of differences.  Suddenly, Tad discovers a snapshot of a little girl and wonder who she could be.  She tells him she knows he’s going to solve the case.

Julia admits to Ryan that it was her idea to swim in the cold water and it was pure genius.

Palmer tells Krystal that she may move in with him since it’s obvious that she and Adam are through.  Babe tells Amanda that the payback is going to bite her so hard that she will be sorry.  Amanda tells Jamie she needs him to take her home.  Josh tells Babe that she needs to forget about Amanda and get over JR and get on with her life.  She tells him that this is her life.  JR comes and tells Babe that she will be lucky if she sees little A before 2007.  Adam tells Krystal that her little “wanton display” had a large impact on his board of directors and it will also play in his favor in divorce court.  He assumes she’s going home with Palmer.  Janet is alone in her disguise and sees herself in the mirror.  The reflection tells her that her New Years Resolution was always to do whatever it takes to be the best mommy ever.  She won’t let those Carey women hurt her little girl ever again.

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