AMC Update Friday 12/30/05

All My Children Update Friday 12/30/05


Written By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Ryan goes to Wildwind with a bottle of champagne to see Julia. She answers the door, asks him if he knows CPR and pulls him inside. Ryan asks her where the patient is. She tells him she’s the patient. She’s up to her ears in nursing books preparing for the upcoming state nursing board. She says there are so many changes in the nine years she’s been away from nursing. Ryan offers her his help cramming. After he starts reading some of the long words in the books, he asks her if she’s ever thought about taking up dog walking. He tells her she’ll do great and suggests they crack the code together.

Aidan is in the park with Erin trying to convince her to go to the Valley Inn New Year’s party with him. She isn’t interested, but has another idea. She shows him a pail of worms. They go into a cabin she says is owned by Mike, the owner of the Pine Cone Motel. She says Mike swears the fishing in this cabin can’t be beat. There is a hole in the floor to fish through and fishing rods on the walls. Erin asks Aidan to bait the hooks while she fires up the stove. He asks if he could use bread instead because he hates killing the worms. He shows her a container of gumdrops and suggests they use them as bait. Maybe the fish have a sweet tooth, he says.

At the Valley Inn party, JR and Babe almost take a drink from Janet, who is dressed as a waiter. But they decline. Janet looks into the reflection on her tray and sees the crazy dark-haired Janet talking back. The dark-haired Janet tells her that if she wants Babe to pay for what she’s done to Amanda she has to drink the special water.

Krystal and Palmer are at the party when Adam interrupts them. Krystal suggests Adam go huff and puff someplace else. She grabs the drink from the tray that Janet meant for Babe. Janet again looks into the tray and the dark-haired Janet says “oops.”

Kendall and Zach are at the casino, where he has set up a romantic setting. Candles are lit, the lights are twinkling and music is playing. She asks what this is all about. He says it’s about whatever they make it. Kendall is still skeptical and asks him what he’s trying to pull. He shows her a lobster dinner and they sit down and eat. They stare silently at each other and at one point their hands meet at the table. They briefly hold hands.

At the Valley Inn party, Amanda thanks Jamie for sticking by her. He tells her if she wants to unload anything now is the time. She says she is resolving in 2006 to no longer hold grudges. Jamie gets some champagne and proposes a toast to the new and improved Amanda. Brooke has just walked into the party with a date and is not happy to see Jamie with Amanda. When her date asks her if she wants some champagne, she tells him to make it a double.

JR asks Babe if she is bothered seeing Jamie with Amanda. Babe says she knows Jamie is just pretending to be close to Amanda to get the truth out of her. She says she knows JR knew that but didn’t tell her. She thinks he was testing her to see how she would react seeing Jamie with Amanda. JR admits that he still doesn’t totally trust her.

Palmer asks Krystal to dance. Krystal says she is feeling a little flushed and goes outside to get some fresh air. After she leaves, Palmer comments “what a woman.” Opal approaches Palmer and asks if he’s panting over Adam’s leftover. Palmer suggests she leave and go watch the ball drop on TV. Opal tells him she has a date. Del comes into the picture and tells Palmer “she is beautiful, isn’t she?” Outside, Krystal passes out. Janet is right there and comments that the Carey women are trouble with a capital “T.” She says her daughter would be marrying Jamie if Krystal’s “baby doll” didn’t interfere. She says she has to take care of her own any way she can.

Babe asks JR to get her a snack. When JR walks away Josh approaches Babe and tells her she is his New Year’s resolution. And he always keeps his resolutions. Babe says he won’t keep this one. Josh notices JR and tells Babe she’s making a huge mistake. Babe tells him she’s not. Babe grabs a glass from Janet and says she didn’t realize she was so thirsty.

Amanda asks JR why he’s ringing in the new year with Babe. She urges him to dump her before she takes his son.

Brooke finds Jamie and tells him that she knows he is stringing Amanda along. She’s concerned, saying Amanda is potentially dangerous. Jamie isn’t worried. Adam approaches Brooke and grabs her. She asks him where his wife is. He says he hasn’t noticed with her here. Brooke says she’s not interested in being played. Adam says he misses what they had. Brooke reminds him he’s married. He says that hasn’t stopped them in the past. Brooke walks away but Adam grabs her arm and pulls her into a dance.

Janet is shown hiding something at the party.

Zach takes Kendall’s hand and they dance close.

Erin and Aidan are not catching any fish. Erin says Mike swore that they would catch more than they could eat. Aidan says fishermen are known to stretch the truth. Erin suggests going to BJ’s and bringing some food back. Aidan says they’re not leaving there without a fish. Suddenly something pulls hard on Aidan’s rod and he falls to the floor.

JR is showing jealousy after Babe speaks to Josh. Babe tells him if she wanted to be with Josh or Jamie she would be. She asks if he’s ready to have fun. Janet is seen whispering to another waiter, who goes to Babe and tells her that her mother wants to see her outside.

Brooke and Adam complete their dance and she asks if this is where she says thanks for the dance. Adam is looking around for Krystal, telling Brooke he wants to make sure she’s not socializing with the Chandler board members.

Babe goes outside and promptly passes out. Janet is right there, saying to herself “if at first you don’t succeed try, try again.”

Ryan quizzes Julia by asking her some medical questions. She answers them all perfectly. She is thrilled and grabs his champagne. He tells her she first has to pass the most important part – the bedside manner quiz. He asks her to tell him a joke. She asks why was 6 afraid of 7. The answer is because 7 ate (8) 9. She says that joke went over well with kids when she was a nurse before. Ryan tells her she’ll have a great career with patients under 10. He opens his champagne and tells Julia that Kendall decided to have their baby.

Kendall tells Zach that this has to be the best divorce ever. Zach tells her he loves her and is going to love her until he dies. Kendall asks him why he’s doing this again. They’re divorced. Zach says that should not have happened. Kendall says they agreed their marriage was a business arrangement. He says somewhere along the line he fell in love with her. He says he walked away because he thought that’s what she wanted, but that was a mistake. He says he thought she loved him too. He asks if she’s afraid of him. Is she afraid to trust him? Kendall asks if Bianca put him up to this. Zach says Bianca thinks they’re perfect for each other. Kendall comments that Bianca has been in France too long and she’s going to have to kill her sister. Zach asks her to tell him how she feels. He asks her to tell him how to make her happy and he’ll do it.

Ryan tells Julia he doesn’t have the best track record for making major decisions. He doesn’t have a clue what the right thing is. Julia says she killed a man, but nursing is her way to live with herself and save lives. Julia tells him he has to do the best he can. He asks what if it isn’t good enough. Julia says he just has to do it.

Aidan still hasn’t caught a fish, and suggests that maybe what got his line was a giant squid. Erin says if they leave there without a fish they’ll have to come up with a story. She starts laughing and tells Aidan she’s having fun. He tells her not to sound so surprised. Erin says her New Year’s resolution is to have as much fun as possible. Aidan says if she wants fun he’ll make it happen. She tells him he’s on.

Simone and Ethan are at the party. She tells him she wins the luckiest lady contest tonight for having the best man. Ethan says now that they’ve established he won’t turn into a cad, he wonders if there’s anything about her he needs to know. She says every year at this time she turns into a raging she-devil. They kiss.

Janet rolls in a large tray on wheels covered with a cloth. A hand is sticking out and she hides it.

JR asks Jamie if he has seen Babe at the party. Jamie says he hasn’t seen Amanda either. JR goes off looking for Babe while Jamie finds Amanda. He asks her where she was and says he missed her. He asks if she’s seen Babe but she says she hasn’t. Jamie tells her he wants to have an amazing night with her.

Janet hands JR a room key. JR smirks, commenting that Babe is a wench. Josh has been given the same key and is headed to the room. He opens the door and says “what the hell?”

Ryan asks Julia why she decided to be a nurse. She says doctors spend too much time with charts while nurses hold the patient’s hand and helps them get through bad times. Ryan tells her she makes him believe he has everything he needs to get through. Julia thanks him for helping her get ready for her nursing exam.

Zach tells Kendall he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. Kendall tears up. He says he loves her for who she is and who she is going to be. Whatever she decides is OK as he will honor her. If she doesn’t want him he’ll walk away. Kendall says she can’t do this.

The midnight bell is nearing and Pine Valley residents are welcoming in 2006. Ryan toasts to friendship and kisses Julia on the cheek. Aidan kisses Erin. People are shooting off noisemakers at the Valley Inn. Janet rolls in a large cake with someone obviously inside ready to jump out of.

Josh goes into the room and JR is just moments behind. JR opens the door and finds Babe lying in bed with Josh at her side.

Krystal pops out of the cake looking like she just woke up. She is shown from behind as being topless.

Zach wishes Kendall a happy New Year and walks away. Kendall asks him to wait. She tells him she loves him. He grabs her and kisses her as fireworks shoot into the sky.

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