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Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Fran

At the Fusion office, Simone reminds Kendall that she has equal partnership of the company so Kendall must listen to her.  She and Ethan invite Kendall to join them for New Years.  She reminds them that she’s pregnant and not interested.  Simone asks her why she is not interested in having fun.  She tells them they may go and have fun without her.  Ethan tells her there will be festivities until dawn and she’ll have plenty of time to change her mind by then.

Jonathan and Lily meet at the skating rink to go skating together.  He brings her Erin’s skates to wear.  She admits to him that she almost didn’t come because she’s heard many people talking about him and believing that he kidnapped the Chandler baby.  He gives her the skates, and she notices the blades are sharp and appears afraid she will cut herself.  He explains to her that that is the way the skates are supposed to be so that you do not fall.  She asks him where his brother and sister are.

Ryan, Erin and Aidan are out looking for a witness named Victoria whom Jonathan tells them can provide an alibi for him.  Erin admits that she’s considering the possibility that Jonathan might be lying about this witness.

Janet is looking in her mirror talking to her reflection and hoping that the Chandlers having a “special New Year.”

At the Chandler Estate, Adam and Krystal are arguing about whether Palmer should come.  Babe enters, and Adam has a problem with that.  JR rushes down the stairs in a tux, telling them that Babe is going to stay there as long as Jonathan Lavery is loose on the streets.  He does not want her at the Pine Cone because it’s not safe there.

Zach admits to Kendall that he needs her.  She asks him what that’s supposed to mean.  What specifically does he “need” from her?  She tells him he must get over himself and ask someone who cares because she’s not interested in attempting to decipher what he’s trying to tell her.  He tells her that he wants and needs her to come to the casino tonight.  She tells him no.  They are not married anymore and she doesn’t have to do what he asks.  He reminds her that her name is still on the gaming license, and if she does not show up, there may be trouble.  He tells her to wear something nice.

Adam asks JR to talk to him privately.  Alone with her mother, Babe tells Krystal that she must see her gown.  She’s never before in her life been able to afford anything like it.  Krystal admits that she will be alone tonight but will have fun without Adam.

Adam asks JR why he’d consider inviting Babe.  He also reminds his son that he needed him to join him in the boardroom today.  He asks JR why he is siding with Krystal and Palmer and going out in public with Babe the baby snatcher.  He urges his son to tell him that he’s just pretending to be this spineless loser.  Hearing that, JR tells his father he needs to take a seat and listen to him.

While looking for the witness who can clear Jonathan, Erin tells Ryan and Aidan that she doubts that this Victoria woman really exists.  She blames herself for letting Jonathan go off alone that night.  Aidan tells Erin there was nothing wrong with her trusting Jonathan.  She suggests that maybe she trusted him too much.  They leave and some strange woman enters.  She puts on a knit hat.  Erin comes back and asks her if she’s seen this man and shows her a picture of Jonathan.  The woman tells her she has not seen anybody, has been on her feet all day and needs some rest.  Aidan calls to Victoria.  She turns around to reveal that that is her name and she runs off.  Erin asks them to come after her and make her stop before running off.

Right then, Janet puts on a disguise to look like a man with a moustache.

Lily tells Jonathan that her family’s new house is much bigger and better than the small apartment they used to live in.  She asks him if they are ready to go on the ice.  He tells her that he knows how to keep balance.  He tells her he thinks down.  He tells her that you can put all your weight around your bellybutton.  She tells him that the weight is distributed equally throughout somebody’s body and cannot be all one place.  He asks her about the elephant with big ears.  She tells him that all elephants have big ears.  He tells her he knows what helped Dumbo learn to fly.  She tells him she realizes she will have to fall on the ice before she can learn to skate.  Hearing that, he tells her that he will let her fall and not touch her.  She puts on the skates and tells him she’s ready, and asks him if he’s coming. 

Ryan tells the strange woman that he just has some questions he has to ask her.  Aidan admits that there is something very important they need to know.  Erin asks her if the name Jonathan Lavery means anything to her.  She indicates that she has something secretive in regard to her hat and her wig.  Erin then asks her if she can please take one more look at the photo.  Aidan informs her that Jonathan was wearing a red Santa suit.  She then admits that she knows of a “Santa Jonathan” and reveals that she spent an entire evening talking to him.

Aidan returns to Ryan and Erin after talking to the woman.  He reveals to them that she corroborated every detail of Jonathan’s story.  They are both very happy and relieved to believe that their brother has an alibi to prove he did not kidnap the Chandler baby.  Both Ryan and Erin blame themselves for not handling the situation as well as they could have.  Aidan tells them that what is more important is that they were both there for him and did not give up on their brother.  Hearing that, Erin asks him if it hurt him to say that.  Ryan then tells Aidan that he is very grateful for what Aidan has done for his family.  Erin goes to the bench and sits alone like she’s crying or praying.  Aidan then comes over and puts his arms around her.

JR tells his father that he need not lecture him.  He knows what he’s doing with Babe.  Adam tells his son that he is very foolish to trust that girl again and believe she will not make a fool of him the way she did before.  JR tells his Adam that when his marriage is no longer a public joke he can give his son advice.  Babe then enters in an evening dress.  JR is happy to see her but Adam is bummed out.  JR informs his ex-wife that his dad had a disappointing board meeting today.  He then goes off with Babe and tells him that they will see him next year.

Ryan goes to find Jonathan while he’s with Lily.  Jonathan tells his brother that he realizes he has justification for suspecting him after what has happened in the past although he assures him he did not kidnap the Chandler baby.  Lily then invites Ryan to skate with them.  Jonathan tells Ryan that Lily is a really good skater and has not fallen down once.  Alone, Lily and Jonathan agree that JR Chandler is a jerk and so is his father.

Krystal enters Adam’s study wearing an evening dress.  He tells her that nothing could motivate him to go to that loser’s soiree.  She then looks at him with puppy eyes and tells him that it would have been kind of nice to have him by her side when the clock strikes twelve.  He tells her that he cannot mix with those people but perhaps the two of them could get together somewhere, later before midnight.  She then laughs and tells him he’s too easy.  She tells him that she never needed him to have fun.  In fact when he’s around, she rarely ever does.  She also informs him that Palmer has invited her to spend the evening with him, and they intend to talk about the corporate takeover.  She tells him that all the board members plan to be together and talk about company business.  

Kendall goes to Zach’s casino, unable to see him and assumes he’s not there.  He then meets her.  She asks him why they are all alone in the place and there are no customers.  He tells her that tonight is just the two of them.  Hearing that, she tells him, divorced or not, she has equal shares in this casino, and he has no right to shut it down and lose them their profits.  He asks her if that’s all that matters to her.  She asks him if she looks like somebody who cares.

Adam looks like he’s hot for Krystal but then he turns away and laughs.  She asks him if he’s really not “hot and bothered.”  He tells her no way is he hot but he’s bothered.  He can only wonder where she’s been messing around.  He sends her out the door and tells her she may give his regard to Palmer and entire “board of defectors.”  He then stands behind the door and admits he must be out of his mind and that he needs a cold shower.

JR and Babe are at the party together.  They notice Jamie and Amanda coming in the door together.  They both talk about what a piece of trash Amanda is.  She insults them back.  Jamie asks them both to shut up and tells them they better get used to the fact that Amanda is with him tonight.  Alone with Jamie, JR asks him if he’s found out if the head case took his son.  Jamie tells JR he needs to give him some room in order to get the truth from Amanda.  He tells JR that he could blow the whole thing if he doesn’t back off.  Right then, Babe tells Amanda what a loser she is and that she knows she took her son.  Amanda protests that she did not take her son and Babe better not accuse her of that.  Jamie then tells JR that he needs to get Babe out of there.  JR tells Jamie he better keep that psycho on a short leash.  Jamie defends Amanda and she thanks him, looking adoringly at him and believing he is her man.

Palmer meets Krystal and tells her how attractive she is and how he’d like to rub Opal’s nose in how much better she is.  She humors him and tells him she might have to change her name to Cortlandt.  Simone takes Ethan aside and tells him that they’ve been dating for a while and things have to move forward somehow.  She tells him that every guy she’s with turns from dreamy to dreary.  She tells him that he is different and she wants him to just tell her what his plans are.  Not far away, JR and Babe are dancing together.

After Aidan comes to comfort Erin, she tells him that there are a million reasons why he should not be sitting there with her.  He asks her to name one.  She replies that she’s been horrible to him.  She also tells him that he’s been really good to her and to Jonathan even though he had his doubts about him.  He confesses that he has one ulterior motive for all of this, one of which is to ask her out for New Years Eve.  She reminds him that tonight is New Years Eve.  He asks her if she will be his date.  She then looks at him not knowing what to say or how to react.

Kendall finds out that Zach has locked the door and will not let her out.  She demands he let her go.  He reminds her that when they had their divorce celebration in the islands, he felt cheated, and he’d like a second chance.  He then tells her that the door is unlocked and she may leave if she wants to.

Erin does not know how to react to Aidan’s invitation.  He tells her it’s nothing special.  Just a bunch of guys hoping the New Year will be better than the pervious one.  He tells her that he wants her to come with him and have fun.

Ethan and Simone talk about what would happen if either dumps the other for New Years.  He admits to her that he knows he has not been a perfect prince and he does appreciate her after all and they kiss.

Adam surprises Krystal by joining the party wearing his tux.  He pulls her away from Palmer and tells her if she thought that 2005 was rough, welcome to 2006.  Janet, dressed as the other waiters walks in.  Nobody notices this strange person nor knows that it’s Janet from another planet.

Jonathan tells Ryan and Lily that he wants better things to happen for the New Year.  Lily tells them that her new year’s resolution is to stop getting angry at Reggie when he forgets to pour the milk out of the cereal after breakfast.  Jonathan says he resolves to help Lily learn to skate.  They ask Ryan what about him.  He tells them he resolves to stand by Kendall the best way he can.

Meanwhile, Kendall and Zach are together making plans.

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