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All My Children Update Wednesday 12/28/05 


Written By Jenn
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Kendall tells Zach that she’s lost everything she cares about.  Why did she have to lose him, too?  Hearing that, he asks her to repeat what she just said.  Realizing she “put her foot in her mouth,” she changes the subject and forgets what she said.  He tells her that she doesn’t have to lose him.

Erica goes to see Dr. Madden.  She tells him she has to talk to him.  He asks her if there is a problem with Kendall.  She tells him that she could not get it out of her mind that he told her he is still in love with her.

Amanda goes to see JR and tells him that she’s already told Babe to leave her alone and the same goes for him.  He then asks her how much money it will take for her to leave town.  He sounds like he might want to get revenge upon her for his son getting kidnapped.

Babe is by herself outside.  Janet comes up behind her and looks dangerous.

Kendall tells Zach that she realizes that they are through.  He has agreed to divorce her and they are done.  He reminds her that they had a great dinner and conversation.  She tells him that when they were having this lovely dinner, that baby-stealing tramp, Babe Carey was ready to take Fusion from her without her knowing.  He informs her that he’s asked Babe to sell out her shares to him, and he will keep working on her and will get back to Kendall about what Babe has decided.  He goes out the door and Ryan enters.  Kendall asks Ryan not to say a word.  He tells her that he did not say a word to Zach.  She tells him that everybody in this town is so concerned about her business with Zach and wants her to divorce him.  She has done so and they need to realize that.  She tells Ryan that she is busy.  He reminds her that he promised to help her get through the pregnancy, and he is a man of his word.  So there he is.

JR wields a crow bar at Amanda and tells her that he knows about her violent tendencies and her mother murdering his uncle Will.  She tells him to take the crow bar and stick it.  He tells her that it must have sucked for her when all the other children were telling the teacher about the occupations of mommy and daddy.  She got to tell everybody that her mother is a homicidal psychopath.  She tells him to shut up.  He reminds her that there is suspicion that Jonathan Lavery kidnapped his son but it cannot be proven.  He believes that she is as likely to have done it as Jonathan is, and he’s about ready to let the entire town know that there is another crazy, dangerous Dillon woman wandering the streets on the loose.

Janet talks to Babe.  She acts phony nice to her telling her that she knows how upsetting it must be that somebody may have kidnapped her child.  She realizes how it might make Babe want to do crazy things.  She “shares” with Babe that if somebody had taken her child from her, she might want to throw them from a building, and she motions that she might do that very thing to Babe.

Erica admits to Dr. Madden that she’s having problems talking to Jack about Kendall’s pregnancy, as Jack is still very angry at her daughter for what she “did” to Greenlee.  Hearing that, Dr. Madden tells Erica that he’s not certain he can help her or that he could motivate Jack to realize that Kendall had good and honorable motives for doing what she did.  He tells her if Jack is willing to listen to him, he will do his best.  Hearing that, Erica appears friendly and reveals to him that she just had a “dream” about him.  She’s been trying to figure our where she met him from, and she recalls now that he was her doctor.

Amanda tells JR that he’s going to be a pitiful mess when Babe gets through with him.  Hearing that, he gets angry.  She tells him that he is gullible if he falls for babe not knowing what she’s done to him until it’s too late.  She tells JR that she’s excited to sit back and watch what will happen to him.  He makes threatening comments to her, and Josh, who has been listening in on their conversation, comes out and tells JR he needs to leave.

Bianca goes to find Zach and tells him that she made a big mistake to encourage him to go after Kendall.  She tells him that from now on, she wants him to forget about her sister.  She tells him she had no right to meddle in her sister’s business or in his.  She tells him that she should not have played match-maker.  He tells her that he went to see Kendall and he believes that she is afraid to have faith.  Bianca asks him if he told her anything about their conversation.  He tells her that actions are louder than words.  She tells him that actions are a big mistake.  Kendall is very vulnerable and fragile right now.

Kendall tells Ryan that if he’s there to “save” her from Zach, he needs to get that idea out of his head.  She does not need saving.  He tells her that is not his intent.  He just wants to be there for her and for their mutual baby.  Hearing that, she tells him she doesn’t know what type of role he could play if he was going to be a part of her pregnancy.  He tells her that he is open to many ideas.  She reminds him that they are not exactly a traditional type of “parents” to a child.  She tells him that Greenlee was much better prepared to be her “partner” in having the baby.  He tells her he realizes that they both miss Greenlee but he tells her that she has him.  He realizes that he cannot replace what she and Greenlee had.  He knows he cannot do the “girl thing” with her but he tells her she must need somebody to cheer her on and help her get through this.  She tells him he must know her well enough to know how well that works.  Ryan seems to want to have hope and to believe that there has to be something he can do for her.  Hearing that, she admits that maybe it’s not such a bad idea for her to let him help her.

Josh tells JR he needs to leave Amanda alone.  She is working.  They both work for Erica and JR needs to get out of there and let them do their jobs.  He tells Josh he’s going but tells him he’s not the “man” he thinks he is.  He leaves.  Alone with Amanda, Josh tells her he really hopes that she did not kidnap the Chandler baby.

Janet tells Babe all about being a mother.  She tells her that she has a special Amanda phone and knows that she needs to stay in her child’s life.  Babe tries to be courteous to Janet and tells her that maybe she needs to talk to her daughter about all the things she’s done.  Janet cries and talks about her daughter when she was a little girl and the whole history.  Babe tells Janet that she’s concerned about Amanda, knows she has a serious problem and she wants to help her.  Janet then tells Babe she must do her best to make sure there is no more “trouble” between the two of them.

Ryan asks Kendall if she’s having a craving for something.  He can go with her and get her some sugar cookies or whatever she wants.  She tells him she has an appointment to get a sonogram.  She tells him she will be in a flimsy gown and everything will be hanging out, and it might be a bit awkward for him to accompany her.  He tells her he can be there if she wants, in any capacity she wants.  He can go in with her or wait for her in the waiting room or do whatever she wants.

Bianca tells Zach that she only made things worse and should have stayed in Paris.  He tells her she helped him understand her sister.  Bianca tells him that he must realize that nobody can understand her sister.  Kendall is crazy and very complicated and unpredictable.  He tells her he understands all of that.  She tells him that she’s worried that she might enable Kendall to get her heart broken by encouraging them to hook up.  Hearing that, Zach tells Bianca that her mom must have gotten to her.

Erica tells Dr. Madden that it’s amazing and beyond coincidental that he is the doctor who is treating her daughter while in her dream, he was her doctor.  She informs him that he was not a fertility doctor but a psychiatrist, and he kept asking her what she thinks and feels.  She tells him that she wonders what that might mean.  He tells her he cannot help her understand her dream or see himself as a shrink.  The only dream he has about himself helping people is in regard to their need to have children.  Right then, Jack enters.  Erica tells him that she is hoping that he can have a conversation with Dr. Madden.  Jack sounds calm and not angry.  He assures Dr. Madden that it’s unlikely that his daughter, Greenlee will bring charges against him for what he did.  Although, he tells him, she should.  Erica then asks Jack not to get into this right now.

Josh is talking to a reporter about his job as Erica’s producer.  Amanda listens to their conversation from the top of the stairs.  She also hears him speaking negatively about Erica and her previous drinking problem.  She asks him why he’s bringing up Erica’s drinking history as she believes it’s in the past.  He tells her that he needs her to “keep an eye” on Erica.

Janet tells Babe that the last time she “lost” Amanda was the last time they moved.  Amanda was older than Little Adam but she was equally worried about her child.  She looked all over but could not find her, and she wondered if some crazy might have taken her.  JR comes in and tells Janet that she needs to stop bothering Babe or he will have her right back in the loony bin.  Babe asks him to calm down but he tells Janet that he knows her daughter is a psycho who has done many terrible things.  She’s threatened to kill Babe, drugged Jamie, lied and stole from him and his family.  He also informs Janet all about the “pity party” Amanda inflicted upon him and Babe and Jamie when she told them she needed them to “help” her because she could not go home and live with her psycho mommy.  Hearing that, Janet tells JR that he is a hateful man.  Babe tells JR that Mrs. Dillon has a plane to catch.  Janet asks JR how he dares speak that way about her daughter.  She leaves.  Babe asks JR how he can say such terrible things about her daughter to her.  He tells her that Amanda is sick and her mother needs to realize that and she’s a psycho herself.  Babe tells him that Janet is Amanda’s mother and loves her daughter and regardless of Amanda’s problems, they should cut her mother a little bit of slack.  JR tells Babe that her problem is that she’s too nice.  Hearing that, she tells him she does not know if that’s a compliment or an insult but he may be right.

Josh notices that an important paper he needs is missing.  He asks Amanda about it and hopes that she made a back-up copy.  She admits she did not.  He tells her that he knows she had a black-out right after she attempted to prepare the paper for him.  He tells her she must realize that this is an important job, not a college paper, and Erica counts on them.

Erica asks Jack why he went to talk to Dr. Madden.  She admits she seriously doubts he was there to discuss Kendall’s care with him.  He asks her what her intent was to talk to Dr. Madden.  She tells him that she would love more than anything to tell him but she’s worried that he would “lay down the law” to her, and he knows that that doesn’t work.  Hearing that, Jack tells her that he will listen to whatever she has to say.  She then tells him that she’s discovered that Dr.  Madden’s “agenda” in all of this is beyond Kendall or Greenlee or the pregnancy rather it is all about her.

Ryan and Kendall arrive at Dr. Madden’s office.  He’s surprised to see Ryan but when Kendall goes to change, he tells Ryan that he’s glad that he’s decided to support Kendall and make peace with the situation.  Ryan tells Dr. Madden that he’s not about to bail on Kendall now.

Zach tells Bianca that he and Kendall need a “new beginning” but he realizes, just like she does, that their mother, Erica, does not much care for him.  She tells him she does not want him to hurt her sister.  He tells her he doesn’t want that to happen either.  He wants to give Kendall the life she deserves.

Zach tells Bianca that he has some ideas he’s working on, and hopefully, it will encourage Kendall to open up to him.  She reminds him that the last time he “planned an evening,” somebody ended up getting shot.  He tells her that he will do the best for Kendall but if she doesn’t want him in her life or if he fails to benefit her, then he will go away and stay out of her life.

When Dr. Madden is examining Kendall, he asks her what she plans to do in regard to Ryan.  She tells him she’s not entirely certain at this point but knows she will figure it out.  She asks him to let Ryan come in and witness the sonogram of his baby.

Erica informs Jack that Greg Madden confessed to her that he still loves her and she knows that he still has some sort of secret.  Jack tells her that he could sense that Greg loved her, when they saw him at the restaurant after their honeymoon.  She informs him that she’s determined to get to the bottom of the mystery of Dr. Madden.  She has Tad on the case and she tells her husband that he needs to back off and let her do things her way.  He tells her he knows he cannot control her but he’s concerned.  Knowing that Dr. Madden has some sort of secret, she could be in danger.

Zach tells Bianca that maybe they should celebrate.  She is courteous to him throughout the conversation but asks him why Kendall should trust him.  He promises to do everything in his power to make certain that Kendall never gets hurt by him.

Ryan goes in and hears the baby’s heart beating.  He is amazed and seems to bond with Kendall and holds her hand as they watch their son moving.  Dr. Madden can sense that something very profound has happened between the two of them.

Jack tells Erica that he’s concerned about what Dr. Madden has done to his daughter.  He realizes Erica can make her own decisions but he’s concerned about what Dr. Madden can do to her.  He tells her she must let Tad handle the case for her but she tells him there is something beyond what Tad can do that only she can uncover.

Josh privately tells Amanda that he has a plan, and in the end, Erica will not know what hit her.

Babe informs JR that Zach offered to buy her out of Fusion and she’s tempted to take his offer because he can give her a lot of money.  JR tells her she mustn’t let any of them scare her off.  He then tells her that maybe they can “celebrate” New Years a bit early.  He kisses her and she tells him that she’d like to go with him to hit those Fusion spreadsheets.

Janet looks in the mirror and sees herself with different hair (possibly her alter) asking her if she’s going to let that bitch, Babe and that jerk JR hurt her daughter.  Janet tells the woman in the mirror that she knows what she’s doing.  The woman in the mirror tells Janet that she will only screw the whole thing up but Janet looks happy and confident as she tells her that she has a really good plan.

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