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All My Children Update Tuesday 12/27/05 


Written By Jenn
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Babe goes to find Jamie.  He doesn’t answer his door, but Amanda opens the door, asking her to keep it down.  She’s wearing a sexy nighty and indicating that she’s sleeping with Jamie.  Jamie comes up behind Amanda and Babe asks him if he’s lost his mind.

David Hayward goes to the Pine Cone and greets Jonathan asking him if he’d like to have a “holiday smoothie.”  Jonathan is ready to accept David’s “gift” but Ryan rushes to the door and tells his brother he cannot take any potion that David Hayward intends to give him.

Myrtle and Bianca are discussing their viewpoints on whether Kendall and Zach will divorce.  Myrtle says she does not believe that their divorce will last two weeks.

Kendall is at Fusion, and Zach comes by.  She asks him what he’s doing there.  He replies that he knows she needs him and he needs her.

Bianca tells Myrtle that she spent hours trying to get Zach to admit to his feelings for Kendall, and she spent hours trying to get Kendall to admit her feelings for Zach but they are both keep denying what they feel for each other.  She tells Myrtle that Zach says he must divorce Kendall because he needs to protect her, and Kendall believes that she needs to protect herself.  Myrtle tells Bianca that she believes that it won’t be long before there are fireworks between the two of them.  Right then, Erica comes in and tells them not while she’s still alive.  Myrtle attempts to “bluff” Erica, telling her that they were just discussing happy fireworks and true love.  Erica tells them that they cannot be serious about encouraging Kendall and Zach to hook up, and  asks Bianca how she could do this to her sister.

Zach asks Kendall if she remembers the trip they went on to get the divorce and what it really meant.  She is not ready to talk about that and tells him that she doesn’t need him.

Ryan tells David Hayward that he needs to leave Jonathan alone.  David reminds Ryan that “smoothies” don’t kill people.  People kill people.  He reminds Ryan that the people of Pine Valley want a psycho-free environment.  He tells Ryan that he knows Jonathon kidnapped his grandson, and he says he’s happy that the system failed in protecting society from Jonathan because the next person who takes matters into their own hands with him will get away scot free.  He tells Ryan he also believes that he is trash for what he did to Greenlee.  Jackson enters and informs them that he never thought he would say this but he wholeheartedly agrees with Hayward.

Jamie tells Babe that it is none of her business who he spends time with and who he sleeps with.  She tells him that she believes that Amanda might very well have taken Little Adam.  Babe tells Jamie that if she can have a few minutes alone with Amanda, she will know.  Jamie tells Babe she needs to leave Amanda alone and stop accusing her of doing things she did not do, and she needs to get out of “their” home.  Hearing that, Babe asks him if Amanda has managed to drug him and brainwash him.  Janet enters and asks Babe if somebody might have gotten some coal in her stocking for Christmas.  Amanda seems surprised to see her mother and tells her she thought she was home.  It looks like Janet has some secret plans that Amanda doesn’t even know about.  Janet tells Babe that she wonders why she’s concerned about Amanda staying with Jamie.  She tells them all they need to talk things out.  Jamie tells them that there is nothing to talk about.  Babe is on her way out.  He sounds to Amanda and to Janet as though he cares about Amanda and doesn’t care about Babe.  He goes outside with Babe.

Jackson tells Ryan that he and his brother have no reason to stay in town.  David agrees and reminds Ryan that he has no wife, no job and no respect from anybody.  Ryan protests that he and Jonathan are not going anywhere.  He reminds them that he is having a baby.  Jackson reminds him that when Greenlee was having his baby, he was ready to hurt her, he left town and staged his own death but now that Kendall is pregnant with his baby, he wants to stay.  He asks Ryan just what he wants with Kendall.

Kendall informs Zach that she’s made a decision to have Ryan’s baby.  She’s going to go through the whole process until she gives birth, and Ryan has promised to be there at least until the baby is born.  She tells him that she knows he’s going to tell her she’s a total idiot to make such a decision but Zach surprises her by telling her that he wants whatever is best for her and he will be there for her no matter what she decides.

Ryan tells Jackson that Greenlee made him a better man.  She changed him.  David tells Ryan that that’s amazing because he’s changed Greenlee and run her out of town.  Jack tells Ryan that he’s not going to sit by and let him and his brother stay in town.  They better both get out of here.  Ryan tells Jack and David that until anybody can prove to them that Jonathan has done something wrong, the discussion is over.  He gets inside and tells Jonathan that he must know that David Hayward is not his friend, and he warns Jonathan and Erin that many people believe that Jonathan kidnapped Little Adam Chandler.  Erin informs Ryan that Jonathon has an alibi.

Amanda tells her mother that everybody thinks that Babe is so great but she’s just a low-life baby stealer.  She also tells her (probably really believing it with good reason) that Jamie is devoted to her.  Jamie and Babe are talking privately, and she asks him if he’s serious about trusting Amanda.  He informs Babe that Amanda did have an injury and is not lying about the blackouts.  He also informs her that he’s not about to let Amanda off the hook.  He needs to make her think he trusts her.  She tells him that he’s very foolish to be scamming Amanda.  He reminds her that she is similarly foolish to be scamming JR.  She tells him if he gets in real trouble messing with Amanda, he better realize it’s his own choice.  He tells her that she must stay out of his business and she no longer has a say in the decisions he makes.

Erica tells Bianca that she was hoping that she was doing the “right thing” for her sister by getting her away from Zach Slater and back with Ryan.  Bianca tells her mother that Kendall and Ryan are no longer a possibility.  Erica tells Bianca that Kendall and Ryan have had this great history together.  She also tells Bianca that she believes that Kendall and Zach are worse than toxic together.  They are radioactive.  Bianca tells her mother that she’s just saying that because she doesn’t like Zach.

Kendall tells Zach that she’s only thinking about business at Fusion and she has nothing else.  He tells her it’s time to change that.  She asks him what he thinks she wants or needs that she does not have.  Simone and Danielle walk in, and Simone informs Kendall that she doesn’t just “work there.”  Kendall tells Simone that she’s doing a very foolish thing wanting to work with Babe.  Right then, Babe walks in, and Kendall tells Babe that she got her Fusion shares out of a Cracker Jack box.  She does not have full partnership around here.  How dare she go behind her back to get Simone to trust her?  Hearing that, Simone tells Kendall she has no right to be taking her bad mood out on her.  Kendall tells Simone that she needs to tell her whether she’s with her or with Babe.  Simone then informs Kendall that she is no longer just an employee at Fusion.  Ethan gave her his shares.  Kendall does not seem happy to know that and tells Simone that Ethan is just a sucker to give her that “gift.”  Simone tells Kendall that she better not disrespect her, and that Fusion will survive with or without her.

Zach goes to find Babe.  She tells him that Kendall hates her and she does not feel welcome or comfortable at Fusion.  He tells her that she’s a full partner there and Kendall has to put business on the back burner because she’s having a baby.  Hearing that, Babe asks Zach if he and Kendall are having a baby together.  He replies no that Kendall is having Lavery’s baby.  Babe tells him that he’s not going to sweet talk her into selling him her shares.  She also informs him that when she was in a terrible panic when her son was gone, Bianca was there to offer her support and forgive her for the past.  She tells him that if Bianca can manage to do that, maybe Kendall can take a lesson from her sister.

Erica tells Bianca that she must realize that Kendall does not love or trust Zach.  Kendall knows that he only wants to cause her harm.  Bianca reminds her mother that Kendall’s instinct is hit or miss.  Erica tells Bianca that’s very obvious, and it’s for that very reason that Kendall cannot be lead astray.  Bianca asks her mother if she believes that Kendall can live without real love.  Erica says the real love in Kendall’s life is with Ryan.  She also asks Bianca what it would be like if Kendall stays married and lives with a man who hates Ryan.  What kind of love would that be?

Jonathan informs Ryan that Victoria is his alibi that he was at the mall shopping for Lily at the time when Little Adam was taken and he met Victoria.  Ryan asks if she would be willing to vouch for him.  He tells them both about her and Aidan walks in.  Erin tells them that maybe they can let a professional do his job.

Jackson tells David that he wholeheartedly agrees with his concerns about Ryan Lavery but he does not care for David nor will he work with him.  David reminds Jackson what happened the last time when they were both ready to stop at nothing to protect somebody they loved.  They both put themselves at risk of murder charges when Michael Cambias was in their lives.  He tells Jack that now is the time when they must team up again to fight another demon that the system will not protect society from.

Amanda tells her mother that she really loves Jamie.  She wants a smart, rich doctor but she now knows that Jamie is so much more than that.  She tells her mother that it’s very much like her relationship with her father.  It’s a real fairy tale.  Janet then concludes that if Amanda really wants Jamie, then she will have him.  She tells her daughter that “we” will make certain that nothing stands in the way of her getting what she wants.  Hearing that, Amanda asks her mother who “we” is.  She seems to know that her mother is plotting some sort of plan against Babe, and she tells her that she doesn’t need to do that.  Amanda tells her she just needs to know that she (Amanda) and Jamie are going to make things work.  She asks her why doesn’t she go back and be with her dad.  It sounds like Janet has some sort of “secret” about Amanda’s dad.  Jamie walks in, and Amanda asks him if Babe still thinks that she took little Adam.  He tells her he doesn’t care what Babe thinks.  He informs her he told Babe never to come near Amanda again.  Janet then tells them that she has a plane to catch.  She hugs Jamie, thanks him for taking such good care of her daughter and tells them that she knows that all of their troubles are going to go poof and fly away.

Babe tells Zach that Fusion is more to her that just a dollar sign.  She wants it to be a career.  He tells her he can find her any career she wants.  Why does she want to work with a woman who hates her?  Why does she want to contend with Kendall?  Hasn’t she gotten enough of that already from the Chandler boys?  She tells him that she’s not afraid to face what she has to face.  He asks her if just because she got some kind words from Bianca she is ready to prove to that she is not an outcast.  She replies yes, it’s something like that.

Erica asks Bianca to tell her that Zach Slater is a good and wonderful man like Ryan Lavery is.  Bianca replies that they are both amazing and capable of doing great things and have both made some serious mistakes.  They are both human.  Erica asks her daughter whom she would call if she needed somebody to be there for her.  Would it be Ryan or Zach?  Bianca tells her mother that she has no ax to grind with Zach.  Erica is very adamant that if Bianca encourages Kendall to trust and open up her heart to Zach Slater, she will enable Kendall to be ruined.

Ryan asks Erin why she is trusting Aidan.  She reminds him that Aidan is a detective.  He reminds her that she protected their brother from his suspicions once.  She must realize that he is doing that for Jonathan now.  Aidan tells Ryan that Jonathan killed two of his friends, and he will never forgive him or be able to overlook that but if he has a witness that can give them some accurate answers about whether Jonathan has done the things he’s accused of, he will help to find her.  Ryan then tells Erin that if she wants to work with Aidan, that’s up to her but she cannot let him betray their brother.

David tells Jackson that they have a lot of resources and ways to team up as well as alibis for who killed Jonathan.  Jack reminds David that he is a member of the state bar and won’t hesitate to testify against him if David shares his ideas about planning murder.  David reminds Jack that he can also testify against Jack since Jack is right now choosing to discuss these “plans” with him.  Jack tells David that there’s no way he’s going to risk his future by trusting him.  David reminds Jack that that psycho kidnapped his grandson and left him to die in the snow.  He asks Jack when he’s going to be a man and step up and have courage.  He reminds Jack that he was not afraid to do that with Michael Cambias.  Jack tells David that Michael Cambias was pure evil.  David responds that so is Jonathan Lavery.  He tells Jack that injustice keeps happening when “good men” like Jack choose to be cowards.  He tells Jack that he, himself, has the courage not to pretend to be good.  He asks Jack when he’s going to wake up and summon up some courage.  He asks Jack what it’s going to take and what will have to happen before he wakes up.

Amanda tells Jamie that she just wants to make him happy.  He tells her that everything is all right.

Babe sits outside.  Not far away, Janet is watching her.

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