AMC Update Monday 12/26/05

All My Children Update Monday 12/26/05


Written By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Jack and Erica are celebrating Christmas at their new home with their family. Kendall arrives and Jack welcomes her.

Ryan arrives back at the Pine Cone Motel and is looking at his medallion when he sees Jamie, who is asking about Jonathan. Ryan decides to go to the police station and bail Jonathan out. Jamie says he needs to find out who took Little Adam. Ryan is surprised to find someone in town who doesn’t believe Jonathan took Little Adam.

Jonathan is at the police station talking to Erin. He is complaining about being asked the same questions over and over. He asks Erin if she’ll write down his answers so he won’t have to keep saying the same thing.

Someone is shown reading a newspaper headline stating that Jonathan Lavery is in trouble again. The person laughs. It sounds like Janet.

Babe tells JR he has given her one of the best Christmas gifts she’s received. She asks if he really told her he’s falling in love with her or was she dreaming. JR says it’s not a dream. He is falling in love with her, but he’s doing everything he can to talk himself out of it. JR says most of him is screaming at him to jump, but he knows this is not the sanest thing he’s ever done, considering their history. He says he would be an idiot to trust her again, which he doesn’t. He tells Babe he’s not promising her a future. They hear a commotion and go to the door. Amanda is at the door arguing with a security guard. She tells JR that he owes her and is not getting rid of her until he pays up.

Tad goes to Wildwind to talk to Di, but Julia says Di left town. Tad complains that Di played him again. Why did he fall for it? She claims to be so concerned about the family then blows town. He says she doesn’t give a damn. Julia says Di left town before Little Adam’s disappearance and has no idea.

Di is with Dixie at a unknown location. They embrace. Dixie asks how JR and Little Adam are. Di says the last time she spoke to JR he was fine. She urges Dixie to go see for herself. She asks if she’s decided if she’s going home. Dixie asks Di why she decided to stay in Pine Valley. Di says she grew to love Dixie’s family. Dixie says she’s glad she touched base with her before she went there. Di says Dixie’s family is so easy to love. JR has his mother’s heart. While he and Jamie fight, nothing can break their bond. Di says so much of Dixie lives inside them. She says JR, Jamie and Tad love her so much.

Lily presents her father and Erica with her gifts. Jack gets a wallet and Erica has a glass ornament for the tree. Lily mentions that she gave him her list and told him what to buy. She says Jonathan Lavery has good life skills. Erica drops the ornament and breaks it.

Jonathan tells Erin he was happy to find the baby and didn’t expect he would get in trouble. Livia tells Derek that he doesn’t have enough evidence to even hold Jonathan for a preliminary hearing. Derek claims he has enough. Ryan has just entered the police station and orders Derek not to hold Jonathan for one more minute.

A sign that says “Naughty Pine Valley” is shown above a series of small doll-house-like scenes. The scenes show a home, a church, a stairway and other places.

Lily laments that the ornament is broken. Erica says it slipped out of her hand. Lily says she startled Erica by something she said. Jack says Lily’s mention of Jonathan was startling because he was just arrested for kidnapping. Lily is upset to hear the news, claiming that Jonathan is different now. Jack says the evidence states the contrary. Jack, Lily and Reggie leave the room, leaving Erica alone with Kendall and Bianca. Erica says she’s so lucky to have her family here. This is a Christmas she will treasure. She gives her daughters Italian charm bracelets. The charms represent the Kane women. Bianca and Kendall are grateful for the gift, but Kendall says she didn’t’ come here to get presents. She wants to tell them about her decision. She decided she is giving birth to this baby. Erica hugs her and says she will be a wonderful mother.

Amanda lays into Babe for accusing her in front of her boss of kidnapping. JR tells Amanda she collected the nutty gene from her mother. Babe tells her she’s as nutty as a sleigh ride. Jamie, who has just walked in, tells them to leave Amanda alone. Amanda says Jamie is right to defend her. JR tells Jamie to get this nut job out of his house. Jamie tells Amanda to wait in the car for him. After Amanda leaves, Jamie tells JR not to get bent out of shape. He’s not Amanda’s best friend. He says there’s no evidence that Jonathan took JR and he is keeping an eye on Amanda to see if she did it. JR tells Jamie to watch his back.

Tad and Julia lament that their loves are no longer here, but Tad tells Julia it does get better.

Dixie asks Di how Tad is and asks if he’s in love with anyone. Di says there is no one who could replace her. She says the miss her and would welcome her home with open arms. She urges Dixie to tell her family she’s alive.

Ryan and Erin are back at the Pine Cone with Jonathan, who is sleeping. Erin tells Ryan that Jonathan knew exactly where the baby was. She wonders if he put Little Adam there. Ryan says Jonathan would not do that. Erin says Jonathan told JR he didn’t deserve to be a father.

The unknown person is shown playing with a small doll in a hammock. She rocks the hammock until the doll falls to the ground.

Kendall tells Erica she hasn’t decided that she’s going to raise the baby. Erica tells her she and Ryan would be great parents. Kendall says they might decide they’re not the best parents. Erica says she’ll throw Kendall the best baby shower and will call a prenatal nutritionist so Kendall’s diet improves. Bianca tells her mother she is micromanaging. Kendallt ells Erica not to get too excited about the baby because another family may be raising him.

Tad tells Julia that he keeps flashing back to Christmas with JR and Jamie when they were boys. He says Dixie and he loved every moment. Julia says she and Noah wanted kids but their lifestyle wouldn’t allow them to do it. Tad says Noah would want her not to give up on her dreams. Julia says she can hear Noah telling her to get out there and love. She asks Tad about his dreams. Tad says every Christmas he and Dixie would wish on a star. After she died he kept it up, but last night was the first time he didn’t know what to wish for.

Dixie tells Di it’s not that simple and she doesn’t understand. She can’t just waltz in and have them forgive her. Dixie says she doesn’t like being out of touch with her son and not being able to hold her grandson. She tells Di that she would now know their reactions. She thinks she would hurt them more and doesn’t see a happy ending. Di says it’s a miracle she is even alive. She says she loves Dixie’s family and hates keeping this secret. She wants to tell them where she is. Dixie tells Di she promised she would not tell a soul she is alive. Di says she’ll keep her word since she’s come this far. But the more she sees Dixie’s family the harder it is. She shows Dixie a photo of Tad, JR, Jamie and Little Adam.

Babe gives JR a gift. JR says he didn’t get her anything. Babe says he gave her everything she wanted. JR asks how he can know that she’s not playing him to get Little Adam. Babe tells him he doesn’t know. JR opens the present. It is a framed picture of him as a baby being held by Dixie. Babe says Dixie’s love will last forever and she is smiling at him from heaven.

Del walks in and talks to Tad and Julia. He has some ice skates and asks them if they want to go join him for some Christmas fun. Both turn him down. Del says they won’t step on his holiday mood. He wishes them merry Christmas and walks out.

Ryan tells Erin that he told Kendall he would stay in town to support her as she has the baby. He says if Jonathan took Little Adam and dangled Kendall from the hammock … Erin says he could be a danger to Kendall and the baby.

Bianca tells Erica she needs to ease up on Kendall where the baby is concerned. Erica says Kendall has endured too much stress and it has to stop. Kendall walks in and asks Erica what has to stop. Erica covers, saying she was talking about the destruction of wetlands.

Tad tells Julia that Del isn’t his idea of a good role model. He calls him a selfish jerk. Julia says, though, that he’s having more fun than they are. She says Noah and Dixie are gone but they are still alive. She says existing and taking up space isn’t living. Tad says they’ve got to embrace the future.

Dixie tells Di she appreciates her staying in touch. Di says she knows Dixie has her reasons for staying in hiding but she can’t imagine what they are. Dixie says JR at least has his aunt Di around. She says he must adore her. Di says she tries but she’s not her, not even close. She asks Dixie to think about what she said. Dixie wishes Di a merry Christmas and Di leaves. Dixie looks again at the photo.

Jamie tells Amanda that she has to cut herself a break. Amanda tells him that no one stands up for her like he does. Jamie says he’s taking her to a neurologist and he’s going with her to make sure everything is OK. They hug.

The unknown person is playing with bride and groom dolls and humming the wedding march.

JR tells Babe he’s not going to turn into mush with her. He’s going to stay on his guard. Babe asks where do they go from here, but JR doesn’t know. Babe suggests they go on a date. JR asks if she has plans New Year’s Eve. She says she thought he would never ask.

The unknown person is blowing a noisemaker and hitting two dolls together. The person is shown to be Janet. She yells sarcastically “Happy New Year, Babe and JR.”

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