AMC Update Friday 12/23/05

All My Children Update Friday 12/23/05


Written By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

JR and Babe joyfully welcome the Christmas celebration at Chandler mansion with Little Adam in their arms. Opal arrives and is thrilled to hear the baby is safe. David walks in to also make sure Little Adam is back. Adam senior is not happy to see all the guests and asks them to leave. JR says he and Babe want to celebrate their son’s return, so everyone who cares about Little Adam need to be here.

Jonathan, still dressed in a Santa suit, arrives at the police station with Erin and Aidan. Jonathan tells Derek that babies don’t lie and since Little Adam said Santa took him, that’s who took him. Derek asks if he’s making a confession. Jonathan says he didn’t take Little Adam, he found him. Derek says he knew right where to look. Jonathan says he prayed to find him. Erin tells Jonathan not to talk. Jonathan asks if he’s going to be here awhile and Derek says he will be. Jonathan says he needs to do shopping for Lily. He asks Erin if she’ll do it for him. Erin says she can’t leave him. Derek tells Erin that since she’s not Jonathan’s attorney, she can’t stay there anyway. Erin reluctantly leaves after Jonathan tells her to buy a wallet for Jackson and a figurine for Erica, nothing red. He tells her to take the gifts to Lily’s house.

Bianca and Zach are at Kendall’s condo. Bianca tells him that since he loves Kendall, it was foolish to divorce her. Zach says it’s what she wanted. Bianca asks if he divorced her because she’s carrying Ryan’s baby. Zach says that wasn’t the reason. She just didn’t want him and he took her at her word. Bianca says Kendall’s word to her is that she loves him. Zach says Kendall’s had a hard time and doesn’t know how she feels. Bianca says Kendall is hiding it because she doesn’t want to be hurt again, but she is in love with him. Zach says maybe she does feel some love, but he gave her the divorce papers and she didn’t object. Bianca says she was hurt and afraid. She tells him to go after Kendall and make her believe he loves her. She’s afraid to open herself up to love and only he can change that.

Kendall is at a chapel in the woods with Father Clarence and Ryan. Ryan asks Kendall if she’s OK since her car went off the road. Kendall remembers Clarence from last year but is confused as to why she’s here with Clarence. She wonders if she’s even conscious. Clarence tells her she is and that she and Ryan have some business to tend to. Kendall says this chapel doesn’t belong here and neither does Clarence. She says his parish is from the twilight zone. Clarence tells Ryan that he and Kendall are friends. Kendall just wants to leave and goes for the door but finds it locked. She turns around and Clarence is gone. Kendall bangs on the door demanding to be let out. Ryan says Clarence must have slipped out when they weren’t looking. She says he wouldn’t leave them locked in this chapel. Kendall notices a baby Jesus doll on the floor and says it wasn’t there before. She and Ryan put the doll in the manger. Ryan asks her if she spent last Christmas with Clarence. She explains that she came to Clarence’s chapel last year when Bianca was in a coma and she didn’t know if she was going to make it. Clarence told her to have faith and then Bianca woke up. She says it was a real Christmas miracle, but since then she has not had much use for faith. Ryan says she’s had a lot going on. Kendall asks how she got here with all this stuff piled on her. She doesn’t know what to do. Ryan asks if he can help her. Kendall says no one can help. Ryan says maybe it will be easier for her once he moves away. Kendall asks him if he’s leaving Pine Valley. Ryan says that he plans to since she doesn’t want him around. Ryan notices something on the floor, picks it up and says “oh, my God.”

Babe hands a gift to JR and says it’s from Di. JR tells her to pick another one. He puts the gift from Di in the fireplace.

Tad is outside looking up at a star. Father Clarence approaches and tells him it’s a perfect night for a wish. Tad asks if he knows him. Clarence says no, but he knows Dixie.

Ryan picks up a chain and medallion. It’s his St. Christopher metal. Ryan says his mother gave him this when he was 13 and told him to wear it and everything would be OK. He says he lost it years ago, rather his father ripped it off of him and threw it away. Kendall doubts whether it’s the same one, but Ryan says he knows it is the same one since the chain is still broken. Ryan says he hated his mother because she didn’t protect them, until she gave him this. He loved his mother because of this. Kendall takes his hand and says she’s glad he found it, if he believes it is the same. He says he knows it is. Kendall says this is a Christmas miracle and she’s happy for him. But she still wants to get out of the chapel. She looks in the pew and sees a child’s drawing of a princess with her name above it. She says she drew this because she always knew she was a princess. She asked her adoptive mom Alice to put up all her artwork, but she never included Alice or Bob in her work. She says her mother kept this on the refrigerator until she was 12. She reads the back, which says “my princess always.” She says Alice wrote that. Kendall starts to cry, telling Ryan that Alice told her she chose her out of all the little girls in the world. She always loved her.

Babe tells JR that he should let Di know about Little Adam, as she’s probably worried. JR says she never gave a damn. He says Di is as dead to him as his mother.

Tad asks Clarence how he knew Dixie. Clarence says she was a remarkable young woman. He starts talking in confusing phrases, which Tad does not understand. Tad does understand when Clarence says he might be surprised what comes to him. Clarence points out a Christmas star and tells Tad to make a wish. Tad looks up, then turns to Clarence and finds him gone.

Bianca and Zach start putting up an artificial Christmas tree. She tells Zach that he needs Kendall as much as she needs him. They’re perfect for each other. Zach says he’s not perfect for anyone. Bianca tells him Kendall won’t risk her heart and sabotages her own chance at love. She says her heart is breaking now because she doesn’t believe Zach loves her. She says he needs to tell her he loves her and make her believe it. Zach says he’s afraid he would not just break Kendall’s heart, he’s afraid he would destroy it.

Kendall feels her tummy and says this baby isn’t just any child. He’s half Ryan and half her. He was conceived in love and was wanted by Greenlee. He was created for her. She says she could never imagine herself as a mother but that could change. She asks Ryan if he sees himself as a father. Ryan says he doesn’t know. Kendall says if they don’t want the child there has to be someone else, someone special like her adoptive mom and dad who will treat him like a prince.

Erin is jogging in the park and is breathless. Aidan follows her and suggests she take a break. She tells him she did Lily’s shopping and dropped the gifts off at Jack’s. She attempts to start jogging again but Aidan wars her she’s going to drop if she continues. He gets her to sit down and rest. Erin laments that this was supposed to make up for all the past Christmases.

Babe tells JR that he gave Little Adam the best gift he could with having all those people there showing him love. David approaches Krystal and says if there were another union between Babe and JR it would be a mistake. Krystal brushes him off. Palmer approaches Krystal and tells her she has Adam firmly in her hand. She says she just wants to focus now on Little Adam. Palmer says if she goes soft Adam will destroy her. Krystal says her number one new year’s resolution is to take Adam down so far he’ll never get back up. Opal thanks JR for having her over. She knows they haven’t agreed on much but they loved her mother. She says she misses her too. They hug. Opal leaves. Palmer starts to leave and Krystal tells him they’ll finalize their plans after the holidays. Babe tells David he behaved himself so far so he shouldn’t blow it. He hugs her and wishes her the best. Babe wishes him merry Christmas. Krystal decides to stay in the nursery with Little Adam and she and Adam go upstairs, leaving Babe and JR alone.

Bianca tells Zach all relationships are a risk. She says she and Maggie are together now and they’re happy, but it might not last forever.

Ryan tells Kendall he’s with her whatever she decides. Kendall asks if he would be disappointed if she had the baby. He says no and everything would work out. Kendall says it will as long as he gets lots of love and doesn’t lose his way. Ryan says if she has their son he’ll be here for her and him. Kendall reminds him he’s leaving town. He says he won’t if she’s having their child and wants him to stay. Kendall says she wants to have their baby. They go to the manger and Kendall says she will be terrified. Ryan says they’ll be terrified together. The chimes ring midnight and they wish each other merry Christmas. Kendall rubs her tummy and wishes their son merry Christmas too.

They find the doors are now unlocked.

Bianca and Zach have the tree decorated and she realizes it’s time to go home. She gives Zach a star for the top of the tree. He puts it on the tree. The star reads “joy.”

Babe is on the patio looking out at Chandler mansion when JR approaches. He tells her he’s falling in love with her. He doesn’t know what else to say and turns and walks away. Babe is stunned, but smiles.

Tad wishes upon a star and talks to Dixie. He says they’ll always be a part of each other. But he wonders if his feelings for Di are a betrayal of Dixie. He says his feelings for both of them are muddled in his head and he doesn’t know what to wish for.

Di walks into an unknown building and tells someone she promised she would be here if she could. The person she is talking to is Dixie.

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