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Zach goes to greet Bianca and Miranda.  Bianca tells him that Kendall has something to tell him, but it looks like Kendall doesn’t want to tell Zach what Bianca wants her to be able to tell him.

Babe goes to confront Amanda with her suspicion that she took Little Adam.  Jamie tells her he does not believe that Amanda did it.  She said she did not but JR comes in and tells them he wants to hear that for himself.

Krystal and Adam are distraught looking for Little Adam.  He apologizes to her for what he said to her.

Ryan runs into Tad while looking for Little Adam.  Tad reminds Ryan that that little boy is his grandson and he needs to find him also.

Aidan, Erin and Jonathan are in the car when Jonathan tells them they must stop at a church.  Jonathan seems to know something.

In a church, Little Adam is alone in a Nativity scene manger.

Zach says hi to Miranda.  She seems to like him.  Kendall notices that and Bianca tells him he looks like he “has a way” with the ladies.  Bianca then tells them she needs to take her daughter to visit more people and give the two of them a chance to talk.  She leaves, and when Zach is alone with Kendall, he tells her that she should be happy for her sister.  She tells him that she is happy that her sister is home, but she also realizes that every time Bianca is there, she knows how much she needs her.  Bianca gives her clarity.  She knows how to make sense with everything.  She tells him especially about “this.”  Hearing that, Zach asks her what “this” she is talking about.  She admits to Zach that she was not prepared for this and never expected this to happen.  She admits to him that she let her guard down with Ryan and Greenlee and him and the whole situation.  She tells him whenever you feel trust and love, you get hurt.  That’s just how it works in her world.  He tells her that it does not have to be that way, and he tells her that maybe he can make it easier for her.

Jonathan tells Erin and Aidan that he did nothing wrong at the mall.  He wanted to dress up as Santa Claus to make all the good children happy.  JR yelled at him and not only offended him but scared his son.  He admits that it reminded him of his dad.  He admits that when he was a child, his daddy abused him every Christmas.  He wanted to run away and have somebody save him from his dad but nobody came.  Hearing that, Aidan concludes that Jonathan needed someone to save him when he was a child, and he asks Jonathan if he went to “save” Little Adam from the Chandler house.  Jonathan tells him he did not but Erin tells Aidan she needs to talk to her brother alone.

Tad asks Ryan if he really believes his brother is innocent of kidnapping.  Does Ryan really know what Jonathan did at the mall and everywhere else he’s gone and everything he’s done all day long?  He tells Ryan that maybe the road to redemption is through his brother.

Krystal tells Adam that if her grandson is dead or hurt or missing, then it’s her fault.  She admits that it is her fault and that of Babe.  He tells her that everybody is very worried about little A.  She tells him if she ever sees Little Adam again, she will make sure that he never has anything to do with his “grandfather” again.  She tells Adam that all he does it hurt people and cause pain and misery, and she’s not going to let her grandson near that.  He tells her he doesn’t want her to do that and doesn’t want her to think that about him.  She asks him what he plans to do with her and Babe and little A.  Does he want to give them a false sense of security that they are part of the Chandler clan, only so he can hurt them again?

At the New Beginnings office, Jamie tells JR and Babe that Amanda did not kidnap their son.  Babe asks him if he just wants to say that in order to be right and put her in her place.  Does he believe the word of a woman who would drug him in order to get him to marry her?  JR tells Jamie the same thing and that he must realize what Amanda is capable of.  Bianca comes by the office with Miranda and is shocked to find out that Little Adam is missing.

Zach tells Kendall that she needs to tell him what is on her mind.  She talks to him in a way that sounds like she’s smoothing things over.  She tells him she knows he’s “recovered” from whatever his feelings are for her.  She tells him she knows that neither of them wants any complications in their lives or to discuss the “L” word.

Babe and JR tell Bianca that they are very upset about their son being gone but they act as though they don’t want to ask for her help, remembering what she went through.  Bianca assures Babe that she needs to have hope that her son will be ok.  Babe cries and tells Bianca she wishes she would not “act nice” to her after all they’ve been through and what Babe has done to her.  Bianca tells Babe that she would never wish that on anybody.  She wants to help and Babe must tell her what she can do in order to help find her son.

Jamie is alone with Amanda and tells her that she can trust him.  It’s just the two of them.  No Babe.  No JR.  She can tell him whatever she wants and he will not rat her out to them.  He won’t get her in trouble, and he urges her to tell him whatever she might know.

Babe cries and tells Bianca she must forgive her for being so emotional.  She just didn’t expect to see her today with Miranda.  She says hi to Miranda.  Bianca tells Babe she doesn’t need to feel uncomfortable around her.  She assures Babe she knows what she’s going through.  Babe acknowledges that she is the reason Bianca knows what it’s like to have a baby taken from her.  Bianca tells Babe that she is her friend and she is there for her.

Erin privately tells Jonathan that she knows if he took that baby, he did it for the right reasons.  She tells him that he must know he can trust her and tell her what he did.  She cries and Jonathan still protests that he did not kidnap little A, but she also tells Aidan that she doesn’t know what to think or whether to trust her brother.

Tad tells Ryan that he could match Ray Gardner against Patrick Lavery any day.  He now knows that what his father did was his problem.  He tells Ryan he understands what Ryan lives with.  Joseph Martin may be the best father he could ever have but he knows that Ray Gardner’s blood runs through his veins.  That’s what causes him to wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat and live in horror and fear that he could abuse Jamie or turn into his father.  He understands Ryan’s doubts about being a father but it’s no reason to abandon Kendall.  Ryan seems to listen and suggests that they split up and look for Little Adam in different places.

Krystal goes out alone telling Little Adam that she has some chicken noodle soup just for him.  She asks him to please come to nana.  She cries and asks God if this is all her fault and if this is why he is doing this to them.  Tad finds her and puts his arms around her.

Amanda admits to Jamie that she does not know whether she took the baby.  He asks her how she would not know.  She admits that she had a blackout but she is sure that she’d know if she took a baby.  She asks him if he really believes that she would hurt a child, JR and Babe’s or any other.  She tells him she knows she could never do that.  No matter what is wrong with her.  He then asks her where she went.  She remembers walking in a park.  She names a place called Eagle Heights.

At Eagle Heights Church, Little Adam is alone in the manger in a Christmas scene.  Jonathan finds him.  Erin and Aidan come by and Jonathan informs them that God has listened.  He found the baby.

Kendall is driving in the snowstorm and notices that somebody won’t get out of the way.  It looks like she’s run off the road, and gets stuck all alone.  She gets out of the car assuming that no passers by would want to help her.  Then, she sees light, and she asks if this means she’s walking into “the light.”  She walks toward the light.

Aidan and Erin come to see little Adam.  Aidan asks if they should take him to the ER.  Erin admits that she doesn’t know what to do.  Only Jonathan seems to know that Little Adam is ok.  He’s just as happy and healthy as he was in the mall before all the chaos happened.  He tells them that he knows now that he’s accomplished just what he always wanted to do.  He saved the baby.

Aidan calls JR to let him know that his son has been found.  Bianca hugs Babe and assures her that her baby will be ok.  Babe and JR then get into the elevator.  Josh enters and, not knowing Bianca asks if he can “help her.”  She introduces herself.  He tells her that he feels as though he already knows her after all her mother has told him about her.  He tells her that he’d love to hang but is on police scanner duty to find a baby.  She then informs Josh that he need not worry because the Chandler baby has been found and is ok.  He tells her that two great things have happened.  The baby was found and she is back.  She tells him she doubts that her coming back could be compared to a baby being found.  He tells her that he must tell that to her mother.  He’s heard so much about how awesome she is.  She gets on the elevator with Miranda and is ready to visit more people

Adam comes to inform Krystal and sees her in Tad’s arms.  He tells them that their grandson is found.

Jamie informs Amanda that they found little A, and he’s ok.  She hugs him and says thank God that he’s ok.  She asks where they found him, and Jamie is not happy to have to inform her that they found him at an Eagle Heights church.  Hearing that, she is horrified and tries to justify herself to Jamie that she would never intentionally hurt or abandon a child.  He tells her he will be there for her.

Babe takes her son to the ER and is very happy that he is ok.  JR notices that “somebody” dressed his son in a blue suit that is not his.  He knows Little Adam cannot dress himself.  He sees Jonathan right outside the door.

Kendall finds herself stranded in the snowstorm.

Bianca and Zach are outside Kendall’s door looking for her.  Bianca asks Zach what kinds of “important” things he and Kendall might have talked about.  Zach does not sound as happy as Bianca hopes and assumes he’d be.  He tells her that nothing happened except that he and Kendall agreed to finalize their divorce.

Kendall goes into the chapel and sees the same priest that everybody sees every Christmas.  He seems to remember her.  She realizes that she had her car accident because he was in the road.

Bianca asks Zach if he’s crazy.  Why did he tell Kendall he was going to divorce her?  He tells her that Kendall wanted a divorce and he gave it to her.  She tells him that she knows that Kendall wants him to reassure her that he loves her and he is not going away.

Kendall tells Father Clarence that she’s very worried that she could have smashed into him and asks if he’s all right.  He assures her that he is fine.  He tells her that the “sheep” are never where you last left them.  Father Clarence tells Kendall that “he” is there.  She asks if he means God.  Father Clarence tells her no, but rather somebody who is her destiny.  She turns and sees Ryan enter.

After Jonathan is assured that Little Adam is ok, he asks Erin and Aidan if they can go home but they tell him not yet.  It’s not over yet.  JR tells his toddler son that he wants to know who gave him that snowsuit.  He wants to know who went with him to the Church.  Little Adam says, “Santa Claus.”

Amanda tells Jamie that she remembers going to Eagle Heights but she cannot believe that she would have taken little A.  He tells her he knows she would not intentionally do that and he will be there for her.  She tells him that he’s the only person she can count on and she holds him.  Josh comes by and sees them together.

Erin and Aidan look like they’re ready to warn Jonathan of something although he wants to go home.  Derek Fry comes in and arrests Jonathan for kidnapping.

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