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Erica goes to Kendall’s and rejoices to see Bianca and Miranda back.  She asks her daughter, however, why she didn’t contact her when she first came.  Bianca admits that she and Kendall have a lot of things they needed to talk about.  Hearing that, Erica tells Bianca that they are both going to be there for her sister.

Adam and Krystal are frantically trying to find their grandson after he’s been abducted.  Krystal tells Adam that his house is too big.  It’s a very easy place for a little boy to get lost in.  He tells her that it’s the fault of her and her truck stop buddies.  He talks to her like Little Adam is an investment.  She blasts him for that and tells him he’s an insensitive pig but later apologizes and admits that she’s upset and taking it out on him.  He’s still ready to blame her for it, though.

After JR is ready to hurt Jonathan for suspicion of taking his son, Babe comes in and tries to calm him down.  JR tells Ryan, Erin and Babe that after Jonathan told him he doesn’t deserve to have his son he is ready to kill Jonathan.  JR still believes that Jonathan has his son and demands to know where he is.  Babe tells JR that he must know that little Adam is not there.  Jonathan doesn’t have him nor know where he is.  JR tells them that they are all accessories for protecting Jonathan.  Ryan offers to call the cops and 911.  JR asks Jonathan why he was out for a long time and cannot account for his whereabouts.  Jonathan then tells them that he remember that his dad kept him outside in the cold frequently.  JR demands to know what Jonathan has done to his son.  He asks him if Jonathan put him outside where he’s ready to freeze to death.  JR sounds like he’s ready to cry when he thinks of his son being out in the cold.

Amanda returns to work and Josh wonders where she was and why she was gone so long.  Amanda cannot answer the question any better than Jonathan can account for his whereabouts.  He tells her that he knows she must have had another blackout.

Adam reminds Krystal that it was a year ago today when they had Miranda taken from them.  They were told that their little boy drowned.  He reminds her that when she switched the DNA test, she caused them all immeasurable suffering.  She tells him that she’s paid for what she did.  She protests that this is not her fault.  He tells her that this is karma for her.  He asks her if she thought he’d ever forgive her for what she did.  Did she think that he’d offer her emotional support any more than JR would forgive and offer Babe emotional support?  He tells her that after what she and her daughter did to him and JR last Christmas, he hopes she suffers just like he did.  He tells her she must get used to it because she will never forget it.  He tells her he hasn’t.

Erica goes to tuck Miranda in and tells her daughters that she is a little angel.  She talks to Bianca about what a perfect mother she is and how she has that perfect glow about her.  Hearing this just alienates Kendall.  Erica tells Bianca she has that beautiful aura about her and it’s all because of motherhood.  It’s from loving unconditionally and holding that little bundle of joy in her arms. At that point, Kendall asks her mother to ease up.  Erica asks Kendall what she is upset about.  She then agrees to talk about Kendall.  She asks her to fill them in on her “trip” and if it was everything she hoped it would be.  Obviously Erica assumes that Kendall’s sole intent was to finalize her divorce.  She also reveals that she knows that Ryan went all the way to the island to find Kendall.  Kendall asks her mother if she asked Ryan to go down there and spy on her.  Bianca hears that and admits that her mother crossed the line by asking Ryan to go after Kendall.  Kendall then reveals to her mother that sending Ryan down there ruined the most pivotal moment of her life.  Hearing that, Erica asks her daughter what she is talking about and what “went on” down there.  Outside, Zach is standing wanting to go inside but knows he is not wanted.

Erica is surprised and disappointed to find out that Zach was there when Ryan went to talk to Kendall.  She demands to know why he was there.  Kendall reveals to her mother that she does not think Zach is so terrible.  Erica then tells Bianca that she’s so glad that she lives in Paris, so far away from that man.  She again asks Kendall what went on between her and Zach and tells her she hopes that Ryan showed up to “save the day.”  Erica then asks Kendall if she can do anything to help.  Kendall tells her mother that the best thing she can do is to butt out of her life.  Erica agrees to do that.  She then asks her two daughters if they can just do something festive.  If nothing else, they can at least celebrate the fact that Kendall is no longer Mrs. Zach Slater.  Hearing that, Kendall walks out of the room and tells her mother she just wants to run her life.  Alone with Bianca, Erica asks her what she said.  Bianca doesn’t know exactly what to tell her.

Amanda admits to Josh that she completely lost track of time when she was gone.  He indicates that if he cannot trust her to do the simple things, then he cannot have her working there.  He asks her if she really remembers what she did the last four hours.

JR tells Jonathan that he needs to account for everything he did and everywhere he went the whole while he was gone and be able to verify it.  Ryan asks them if they had any contact with anybody who might have seen their son.  Was there a ransom note?  Just who might have had access to their son?  JR admits that there was a big hillbilly party in his house.  Hearing that, Ryan tells JR that there are many other suspects besides Jonathan.  He tells JR that he neglected his own son and cannot blame his brother for everything.  Babe tells JR that Amanda is as much of a suspect as Jonathan or maybe even more.  He doesn’t argue with that.  JR then tries to be sensitive to Jonathan, knowing he’s sick, and asks him to just tell him where his son is.  He promises not to get him in trouble but Ryan urges JR not to waste valuable time assuming that Jonathan has his son.  Little A has been kidnapped.  He could be outside and they need to find him and every moment they spend arguing is precious time wasted.  He then goes out the door with Babe and JR.  Alone with Erin, Jonathan sounds sensitive telling his sister that he’s really worried about a little boy outside in the cold all alone.  Erin gets on the phone and makes a call to Aidan

When Erica is talking to Bianca, trying to pump information from her about Kendall, Bianca indicates that she and Kendall might have a secret going on that they don’t want to tell her about.  Erica tells Bianca that she must know about the “bigger picture” involving Ryan in Kendall’s life.  Bianca seems to realize that Erica has a misconception about Ryan and Kendall.  Erica reveals that she believes that Kendall and Ryan can fall in love again.  Erica gets a phone call and tells her contact that she is very busy right now.  Bianca tells her mother she should go.  Erica goes out the door and Bianca tells Kendall the coast is clear and she may come out of hiding.  But Erica has difficulty leaving.  She then knocks on Zach’s door.  He answers and asks her to come in because it’s cold outside.  She tells him he can warm it up by telling her that he’s divorced her daughter and gotten out of her life.

Ryan and JR go through the woods with flashlights looking for little A.  JR still tells Ryan that believes they are wasting their time looking for him out there.  He tells Ryan he needs to go home and protect his baby brother from what will happen to him when he’s caught.  Ryan tells JR that he is out there with him freezing his butt off, and he wouldn’t be doing that if he didn’t care about his son.  JR tells Ryan he doesn’t believe that he cares about Little Adam since he doesn’t even care about his own child.

Kendall reveals to Bianca that she did not appreciate Ryan coming down to see her and interfering in her business.  Bianca realizes that Kendall did not want the divorce with Zach and that she must be in love with him.  Hearing that, Kendall tells her sister she must never say that.  She cannot be in love with Zach because she knows he does not love her back.  Bianca asks her sister if she really knows that he does not love her.  Kendall admits that Zach told her just the opposite.  Bianca tells Kendall that she should consider that maybe Zach was sincere in telling her he loves her.  Kendall tells Bianca that she believes that Zach is just saying that to manipulate her and catch her off guard.  Bianca asks Kendall if she might be wrong in her suspicions.  What if Zach really does love her?

Erica demands that Zach tells her what he did to manipulate her daughter.  She tells him that her daughter deserves a better husband than he.  He tells her he knows that.  She tells him he needs to leave her daughter alone.

Babe goes to find Amanda and demands to know what she did to Little Adam.  Josh asks Babe what is going on and she tells him that her son is missing and she knows that Amanda took him.  She tells Amanda that she knows that she hates both her and JR and the perfect payback for them is for Amanda to take their son.

Aidan goes to help Erin and Jonathan find Little Adam.  Aidan admits that he’s surprised that Erin would call him.  She tells him she’s tired of everybody blaming her brother for everything.  Jonathan tells Aidan that he wishes he’d seen him at the mall.  JR and Babe falsely accused him of taking their son.  Jonathan explains to Aidan that when they started yelling, Little Adam got really scared and started to cry.  JR and Babe had no consideration for all the other children who just wanted to see Santa Claus.  Aidan indicates that he believes that Jonathan might know where Little Adam is.  Erin tells Aidan that Jonathan does not know where the baby is because he did not take him.

Krystal goes out by herself calling to her grandson.  She cannot find him and she breaks down crying.  Adam comes up to her and admits that he was wrong and cruel to say those things to her.  And he apologizes and puts his arms around her.

Babe demands that Amanda gives her minute-by-minute information about where she was all day.  She tells her that she needs to be ready to confess it all to Derek Frey.  Amanda asks Babe why she accuses her of everything.  Babe tells Amanda that she stayed at the Chandler house and had easy access it and knows the tunnel system in the house.  Amanda reminds her that tons of other people do also and Babe is not suspecting them.  Babe tells Amanda that she has motives to take her son.  Amanda asks Babe why she believes she’d take a lousy kid.  Babe tells her that’s what she wants to know.

Erin and Aidan are arguing.  Jonathan tells them that it’s his fault for going away without telling anybody where he went.  Erin tells him it’s not his fault.  She should have called Aidan sooner so he could tail Jonathan and be able to prove that Jonathan did not kidnap Little Adam.

While JR and Ryan are looking for little Adam, JR tells Ryan that when you have a child, you do not just abandon them the way Ryan just picks up and runs and abandons people his whole lie.  Ryan tells JR he has no business judging him.  He tells JR he has no clue what he (Ryan) went through growing up with his father.  JR tells Ryan that his own life growing up with Adam Chandler was not all that different.  He tells Ryan he must realize that when you have a child, it’s a new chance to reform your life.  He tells Ryan that this baby is his chance to break the cycle that was started with his father.  JR gets very emotional and sounds like he’s near to tears.  Ryan seems to almost want to listen to JR.

Erica is lecturing Zach while Kendall is confiding in Bianca.  Bianca tells Kendall that she “trusted” Zach when she married him.  Kendall tells her sister what she trusted that they would never fall in love or have anything more than a business marriage.  Bianca asks Kendall if she’s ever told Zach about her feelings for him.  When Kendall says no,   Bianca tells Kendall that she needs to tell him and hear his reaction.  Kendall tells her sister that that is insane and reminds her of her track record.  Remember Ryan?  Ethan?  Not to mention her loving Greenlee like a sister in vain.  Bianca suggests that maybe Zach told Kendall he loved her when Kendall needed it most.  Kendall tells her sister that she must realize that love does not work for her.  She tells her that she accepted that long ago.  Bianca tells her that maybe the reason love does not work for her is because she is the one who screws it up.  Kendall asks Bianca how she can say that.  Bianca tells Kendall that love is worth the pain, the tears, the heartache and the complications.  She tells her that Zach is a complicated man.  But maybe Kendall needs to realize that he’s the man she loves and he loves her back.  Hearing that, Kendall tells Bianca that she’s worse than their mom.  Bianca tells Kendall she will forgive her for saying that if she promises to go to talk to Zach.  There is a knock on the door.  Kendall answers it and sees Zach.

Babe is no longer angry and starts to plead with Amanda.  She appears ready to cry and tells Amanda that she can hate her and JR if she wants but she must please leave Little Adam out of this and not hurt an innocent child.   Josh demands that Babe backs off from Amanda.

Krystal and Adam are out together very worried about what it would mean to their respective kids if they lost little Adam.

JR tells Ryan that kids cannot be left alone.  If they are lost, somebody needs to find them.  He tells Ryan that since he just doesn’t understand that and doesn’t realize his commitment to Kendall, it might be better if Ryan’s kid is not born.  He goes to look for Little Adam.  Ryan stands alone speechless.

While Aidan is driving with Erin and Jonathan in the car and they are all clueless as to how to find Little Adam, Jonathan tells them it’s obvious they do not have any answers.  They pass by a chapel, and Jonathan tells them they need to go and ask God for His help.

Little Adam is alone in a manger of a nativity scene at a church.

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