AMC Update Tuesday 12/20/05

All My Children Update Tuesday 12/20/05 


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Fran

Erica goes inside a place looking for Jack.  When he appears, she asks what this place is where they’ve met and where they are.  He tells her that this is their new house.  It’s his gift to her.

Kendall enters her home and gets a surprise that lifts her spirits.  Bianca and Miranda are there.  Miranda is getting bigger, talking and learning French.  Kendall asks Bianca if she can teach her daughter to say: “Auntie Kendall’s life is in shambles.” Hearing that, Bianca tells her sister that she knows as much about shambles as Kendall does, and she tells Kendall that she remembers what Kendall did for her the previous Christmas so she is there to return the favor.

Aidan and Erin are at the Pine Cone waiting for Jonathan and playing with his train set.  She tells him that if Jonathan is wearing a bright red Santa suit, it mustn’t be hard to find him.  He tells her that there are too many people out there dressed like Santa.  Suddenly, there is a mysterious person spying on Little Adam.

Krystal and Adam are talking about their mutual grandson and all the presents they have for him.  Upstairs, JR tells Babe that they must go and check on their son.  She asks if there is ever a chance that they can get back together and the three of them can be a family but she notices that they have not heard their son.  Unknown to them, little A’s crib is empty.

Ryan returns to the Pine Cone and notices the train set.  Erin tells Ryan that they have the holiday express.  He asks her if Aidan was invited.  She tells Ryan that Jonathan told them he wanted a real Christmas, and Aidan helped her assemble the train.  Ryan thanks Aidan for helping Erin assemble the train set but dismisses him assuming that there is somewhere Aidan needs to be.  Aidan explains to Ryan that Jonathan has “slipped from the radar.”  Ryan asks Aidan what he means by that.  Aidan informs Ryan that there was a “nasty scene” at the mall.  Jonathan was dressed as Santa and JR and Babe caught him.

Babe asks JR if he still does not trust her enough to take a second chance on them.  If he doesn’t, then that must mean he does not love her.  She concludes that in that case, they can both get on with their own lives.  Hearing that, JR urges her not to go to extremes.  She asks him where the pictures are of all of their holiday and family activities.  She tells him she knows that she has not been invited to be a part of that.  He then reminds her that he was very concerned about her the night she got poisoned.  She tells him that she saw a man that night that might have been partly human.  She tells him she cannot deal with his inconsistency of being nice at one moment and then being a nasty jerk.  She tells him she wants a simple answer once and for all.  He asks her when anything was ever simple for them.  She tells him the first time they met on the docks; she fell in love with him when he first kissed her.  She asks him if he ever really loved her or if she was merely a way for him to mess with his father.

Adam and Krystal talk about whether to give Little Adam gumdrops.  She tells him that she knows all about Chandler men and their hunger to have certain things in their lives.  He admits that he had insatiable cravings, and that is what set him up for what happened the previous night with the wild party.  He informs her that his board of directors thinks he’s crazy.  He tells her that he already thinks he’s found a real contender.  He’s found somebody sassy, audacious and shrewd; somebody who is a real woman.  He implies that it’s her.

Erica looks around the house and tells Jack that it’s everything she’s always wanted.  He reminds her that it would have been perfect for them before Kendall pulled her little stunt.  She reminds him it might have been better before he stopped refusing to return her phone calls.  He tells her that this is a house for the whole family.  Hearing that, she asks him if he plans to include Kendall in the family.

At Kendall’s, she talks with Bianca and Miranda about going shopping and having a girl’s night out.  Kendall admits to her sister that whenever she sees a woman with a stroller, she doesn’t know how to react.  She concludes that she is not cut out to be a mother, and that’s all there is to it.  Hearing that, Bianca sounds puzzled.  She tells her that she knows that Bianca made this choice, but she didn’t have an accidental pregnancy or get raped.  She tells her that she sent a message to the universe asking God to send a perfect little soul, and look what happened.  Bianca reminds her that she had no way of knowing how this whole thing would play out.  Kendall concludes that she made a big mistake in having faith in Greenlee.  Bianca tells her sister that she will always have a family with her and Miranda and everybody.  Kendall reminds Bianca that this child was supposed to be Greenlee’s.  She didn’t believe she’d ever see Ryan again.  Ryan would rather die than be a father and wants nothing to do with this baby, especially now.  Bianca tells Kendall that maybe she should give Ryan a chance to come around and love the baby.

Erin asks Aidan if he is suggesting that they should lock Jonathan up in a room like they once did.  Hearing that, Ryan asks his sister why she is explaining herself to this guy.  Aidan indicates that he’s not going to let Jonathan run loose and endanger society.  He gets up and looks like he’s going to find Jonathan but Ryan grabs him to prevent him from leaving.  It looks like a struggle.  Aidan then falls and knocks the tree over.  Right then, Jonathan walks in and notices his perfect tree is ruined.  He looks like a little boy who’s ready to cry after having his Christmas ruined.  Jonathan tells his brother and sister that he’s afraid he’s done something wrong.  Erin assures him that it was not his fault but he tells them that whenever something goes wrong it’s all his fault.  Jonathan asks Aidan if he’s “mad” at him.  Aidan tells Jonathan he’s not “mad.”  He’s just a little curious about his whereabouts.  Ryan tells Jonathan he doesn’t have to explain anything to Aidan.  He tells Aidan where Jonathan goes is none of his business and he better get out.  Alone with Jonathan, Erin asks him where he went.  He tells her he was busy shopping for something without red lights for Lily.

Lily tells Sam that she has her reservations about him and wonders why he is so untrusting of Jonathan.  She tells him that she cannot be around him if he drinks and calls her stupid.

Erica tells Jack that she has a problem with the contempt that he has for his daughter.  He tells her he does not want to talk about it.  She tells him if he cannot have the same compassion and love for Kendall that he has for Reggie, Lily, Greenlee and Bianca, it’s not ok.  He tells her he will do his very best.  He then gives her a key and she smiles.

Kendall tells Bianca that they did not have a fun “family event” for Thanksgiving.  Greenlee invited many people so that they could hear her secret.  Nobody understood…least of all Greenlee.  Bianca tells her sister that it’s absurd that Greenlee could not appreciate the incredible sacrifice Kendall made for her.  She tells Kendall she did the same thing for her not long ago.  Kendall tells Bianca that for the longest time she felt misjudged and was seen with contempt by all of those people.  She was hoping that maybe they would have changed their opinions of her knowing that she made a noble sacrifice.  Bianca protests that anybody should see what a loving and compassionate person Kendall is but Kendall tells her that even cold-blooded reptiles are able to love the children they give birth to.  Yet she cannot do that.

Krystal and Adam talk about what their “relationship” means.

Babe reminisces with JR about how they met and what they first felt for each other.  He admits that he had real feelings for her then but he leaves, indicating that it may be too complicated for him.  Krystal enters and tells her daughter that she noticed that JR looked all hot and bothered.  Babe asks her mother what is going on with her and Adam.  Krystal tells babe that Adam does not fool her for one second but the man sure does know how to pucker up.

JR goes downstairs, and Adam notices his son’s depressed expression and asks him what his problem is.  JR reveals to his father that Babe really knows how to press his buttons.  Adam admits that both of them have been manipulated by the Carey women.

Babe and Krystal go to check on little A and discover he is gone.

Adam tells his son that they can handle Krystal and Babe.  Babe enters and asks JR if he brought Little Adam down.  JR admits he has not seen him.  Adam doesn’t seem worried.  They assume that somebody took him down to stuff him with sugar.  The nanny admits she has not seen him either.  JR immediately assumes that either Hayward or Jamie has kidnapped his son.  Krystal tells them that maybe he just crawled out of his crib but everybody knows they had better go and find little A.

Jonathan, Erin and Ryan are sitting by their tree and looking at the moving train.  Jonathan tells his brother and sister that JR Chandler is a very mean man.  He’s not nice and he doesn’t deserve to have such a sweet little boy.  Ryan and Erin tell Jonathan he mustn’t let a jerk like JR Chandler intimidate him.  Ryan tells his brother that what they all need to do is split town.  However, Jonathan expresses interest in staying in Pine Valley.  He tells them he doesn’t want to disappoint all the children, and he doesn’t want to disappoint Lily.

Right then, Lily tells Sam she doesn’t want to see him any more.  Sam protests that she cannot tell him that or mean it.  Reggie shows up and Lily informs him that she wants Sam to go away and leave her alone because he drank booze, called her stupid, yelled at her and insulted her “friend.”  Reggie asks Sam if that is true.

Erica asks Jack how he brought their “dream house” to life.  He tells her he can show her some of the things he’s learned and he kisses her.

Bianca tells Kendall that it’s perfectly natural to have reservations about having a child when she did not intend to have it for herself but wanted him or her for Greenlee.  Kendall tells Bianca she knows it’s a boy... snips and snails and all, but he still does not feel like part of her.  Bianca tells her sister that she knows that that will all change.  Kendall tells Bianca that whenever somebody has a life growing in them, they have should have some sort of maternal instincts.  Bianca says not always.  She remembers being afraid of Miranda because of how she was conceived.  She even went to the clinic to abort her but Kendall was there and encouraged her to love her baby.  She tells Kendall that she knows that those feelings will come to her also.  Kendall asks her sister what she should do if they do not connect.  What if she feels his heart beat and feels all of those milestones right up until delivery?  What if they put her son in her arms and she still feels nothing? 

Ryan asks Erin how they are going to “do this.”  How are they going to convince Jonathan to leave Pine Valley?  She asks him if he can leave town knowing that Kendall is having his baby.  He tells Erin that he attempted to reconcile with Kendall but she did not listen.  Erin asks her brother if he really plans on abandoning his own child.  He tells her he is leaving Pine Valley but that does not mean he’s going to abandon his baby.

Kendall tells Bianca that she is not ok with the adoption option.  She asks what will happen when her son starts to get “curious” and wonders why he does not belong.  She tells her once he finds out that his birth mother gave him up, it will devastate him.  She admits that she knows all too well what it’s like to feel unwanted and discarded by your mother.

Erica and Jack are together by the fireplace of their new home and everything feels right to them.

Lily tells Sam he must leave.  He tells her that he’s apologized for being a jerk.  Reggie tells Sam he must leave.  Sam tells them that he’s going to L.A. to visit his mom and sister.  He tells Lily he will email her and hopes they can work things out when he gets back.  When he gets to the door he tells her that Jonathan is not “better.”  He tells her that he hates that she cannot see through his “nice act.”  He reminds Lily and Reggie that Jonathan killed his dad and should not get away with that.  Hearing that, Reggie goes to the door and tells Sam he wholeheartedly agrees with him about Jonathan, and he must not lose hope that Jonathan will pay for what he did.

JR and Babe go looking for little A.

Bianca tells Kendall whatever choice she makes will be the right one for her.  She tells her that she will support her with whatever that is but she tells her that right now, what they need to do is de-stress.  They need to have some popcorn and watch a chick flick and relax.

Lily tells Reggie that Sam told her she was stupid and asks him if he believes that also.  Reggie replies he believes Lily is one of the smartest people he knows.  She tells him she knows he believes that Jonathan is a bad man just like Sam does.  Reggie admits that he doesn’t buy for a minute that Jonathan has changed.  She asks him if that means he thinks she’s stupid because she believes that Jonathan has changed.

While, everyone is panicking and blaming each other for the disappearance of little A at the Chandler estate, Jonathan, Erin and Ryan are planning their future about where to live.  Somebody is pounding on the door, and it’s JR.  He barges in the door, pulls Jonathan up by his collar and demands to know what he’s done to his son.

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