AMC Update Monday 12/19/05

All My Children Update Monday 12/19/05


Written By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

At New Beginnings, Josh is updating Erica on business matters. She says that’s not what she wants to know from him. She wants to know why his father has a grudge against her. Greg, who has just walked in, says if she wants to know the truth he’ll give it to her.

Krystal’s party continues at Chandler mansion and Palmer is thanking Krystal for inviting him and the Chandler Enterprises board members. Adam tells Krystal she’s trying to humiliate him in front of his colleagues. He says he’s not scared but she should be the one who is scared. He says he gives as good as he gets, especially when she least expects it. She says she does expect it as it keeps her on her toes. She tells him that Santa brought him a present today and she is going to give it to him tonight.

Upstairs, JR tells Babe that if she tries to steal his son she’ll be in prison before Christmas. Babe says she’s not talking about stealing Little Adam. She is going to hire a lawyer and go for joint custody. She says she lost JR; she won’t lose her son too. Babe tells JR he made it clear he wants nothing to do with her. She has accepted that, but the way he looks at her sometimes makes her wonder. She admits it’s in her head. She knows he won’t love her like that again. JR says her gazing at him with those lovesick puppy eyes isn’t going to change the way he feels about her. He says she knows where they stand so she needs to accept it. Babe says she’s so pathetic. She says when he showed her an engagement ring he made her think there was hope, but it was cruel to say it was for his future wife. She says she can’t stop him from marrying someone else but let his new wife take her place in their son’s life. Babe admits that she hurt him when she took their son and she never wants to hurt him like that again. She loves him too much to cause him any more pain.

Jamie goes to Tad’s office looking for some advice. He says Amanda may have inherited more than her mother’s smile.

An unknown person in a Santa suit is holding a candy cane in front of Little Adam, who is in his crib. The person winds up a musical ornament and plays it.

Aidan goes to the Pine Cone Motel and knocks on Erin’s door. He tells her someone spotted Jonathan posing as Santa at the mall. He says if Babe and JR hadn’t exposed him, who knows what he would have done. Erin insists Jonathan wouldn’t hurt innocent children. Aidan asks if she knows where he is. Erin says she doesn’t know where Jonathan is but she knows he’ll come back. She chooses to believe in her brother. She invites Aidan to wait inside for Jonathan. Just as he steps inside the room, Lily comes in behind him. She comments that Jonathan did it.

Tad laughs hysterically after being told by Jamie about David almost having open-heart surgery. Jamie is not laughing and Tad asks him if he doesn’t think it’s funny. Jamie says he would think so if it weren’t for all the other things that have happened to people, like Babe being pushed down the stairs and the soup being poisoned on Thanksgiving. Tad asks Jamie if he thinks Amanda is responsible. Jamie tells Tad about Amanda’s blackouts and wonders if she’s guilty. He says he told Amanda he believed her but he doesn’t trust her, especially after hearing Amanda saying she wanted to destroy Babe. Jamie says he thought he could force Amanda to admit what she’s done but he’s wrong. He doesn’t know how to get the truth out of Amanda.

Adam explains to the board members that Krystal set this whole party up using high-paid actors. Adam insults the Cooney family in front of Palmer, who challenges him to a fight. Adam takes off his suit jacket and raises his fists. Krystal intervenes and says she is going to bring out the big guns. She plans to share her favorite moment with their guests. That’s the night that Adam took him as his wife.

Greg tells Erica he wants to clear up her accusations that he’s going after her family. He says he doesn’t want an audience, and Josh reluctantly leaves the room. Greg tells Erica that the instant he laid eyes on her he fell madly in love with her. Erica says she wishes she had a dollar for every man who said that to her. Greg says he can’t get her out of his mind. Erica says he can’t confuse a crush with true love. Greg says when he saw Erica on her honeymoon those feelings came back. Greg says he loved his wife and when she died he was lost. He had kept tabs on Erica from a distance and decided to go to Pine Valley where she was. He says getting to know her the past few months made him see he’s still in love with her. Erica says he can’t love her. He doesn’t even know her. Greg says he felt an instant connection. Erica says she doesn’t even remember meeting him. Greg says he has contacted her over the years and she didn’t even know it. He says he’s the one who mysteriously sent her flowers every year. Josh is listening to the conversation through a bug in the room. Greg tells Erica that if she weren’t married he would do everything necessary to make her fall in love with him. Erica asks that if everything he’s done was out of love for her, why did he impregnate Kendall. She asks if that was out of love or to punish her for not loving him back. Or was he trying to cause trouble between her and Jack. Greg says his treatment of Kendall was completely unrelated to his feelings for her. Erica says she doesn’t believe it’s a coincidence. She refuses to listen to anymore and walks out of the room. Josh enters and asks if what he said was true or did he make it up to keep Erica off his back.

Babe tells JR it looked like he spent some time picking out that ring. He asks if he has someone in mind. JR says he’s in no hurry to get married. Babe says she knows he thought their marriage was a mistake. JR asks if they can talk about something else. Babe says she can’t help thinking what his next wife will be like. JR says he hasn’t even met her and she’s already jealous. Babe recites her memories with JR and says memories of them are all she thinks about. She tells him she wants to marry him. JR says David warned him she would pull this. Babe says she truly loves JR after everything he’s done to her. But she knows he will never take her back. That’s the cruelest joke of all. She leaves the room.

Tad tells Jamie that honesty is the last way to get the truth from Amanda. He says he needs to reel her in and make her think he trusts her. Tad says if Amanda is behind all these incidents she’ll be as crafty as her mother was. Jamie says he will get the truth from Amanda before Babe winds up dead. Tad questions Jamie about Babe but Jamie insists he and Babe are history. He gets a call from a girl named Michelle and makes a date. Tad asks about Gretchen. Jamie says Gretchen was last week. Michelle is a massage therapist. Tad calls Jamie a stud. Returning to the subject of Amanda, Tad tells Jamie to catch Amanda off guard. Jamie says Amanda is weird. She was dressed in a Santa suit at work. Tad thinks it odd that Amanda was in a Santa suit.

Krystal begins showing a video of the night she married Adam. The footage shows a drunk Adam asking a drunk Krystal to go to bed with him. She says she has standards and won’t do that. He asks her to marry him, then. He begs her to marry him. Reverend Willy approaches and begins reciting the ceremony. Adam asks him to skip the beginning stuff and go right into the vows. Adam tells Krystal he will make her his wife and will keep making her his wife as long as possible. They both say “I do.” Palmer announces that Adam has lost his mind. He tells the board they should back Krystal and unseat Adam from the board before he loses all his marbles. Adam loudly insists that he isnot insane.

Lily says Jonathan promised he would not use red ornaments or lights on the tree and he didn’t. Erin introduces herself. Lily doesn’t shake her hand but says Jonathan told her all about her. Aidan asks Lily how much time she is spending with Jonathan. Lily says she would have to calculate it, but she did see him at the mall today. Aidan asks if she knows where he went. Lily says if he was dressed as Santa maybe he is giving presents to children. Erin asks Aidan and Lily if they would help her while they wait for Jonathan. They set up a train set, which Erin says Jonathan has always wanted. As they watch the train move around the tree, Lily’s alarm goes off and she needs to leave. Aidan stays with Erin.

The unknown intruder has a snowsuit for Little Adam. He quickly hides in the tunnels when he hears JR and Babe returning to the room. They are surprised to see candy all over Little Adam’s face and wonder where it came from. JR suspects it came from one of the partygoers downstairs. The intruder watches from behind a door. Babe cleans Little Adam’s face. She tells JR she wishes they could be a real family. JR and Babe leave Little Adam in the room and walk out. The intruder returns with the snowsuit.

Greg tells Josh he had no right to spy on them. He asks whose side is he on? Josh says he’s on Josh’s side. Greg says he would never lie about love. He tells Josh he didn’t tell Erica how intensely Josh dislikes Erica because of family loyalty. He warns Josh not to betray him again.

Erica calls Tad and tells him about her encounter with Greg. She says Greg seemed sincere but she thinks there’s a bigger piece to the story. She thinks he is hiding something and she has to uncover what it is.

Krystal tells the partygoers the party is over. Board members tell her they had a wonderful time. They say they’ll consider what Palmer said and they’re on her side. Adam yells that he is sane. After everyone is gone, Adam grabs Krystal and kisses her.

JR tells Babe he threw the ring in her face to get her mad. He says he doesn’t trust her but he doesn’t hate her. Babe asks if there’s still hope for them. Little Adam is now wearing the snowsuit and the intruder starts to pick him up.

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