AMC Update Friday 12/16/05

All My Children Update Friday 12/16/05


Written By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Kendall is stunned by the arrival of Ryan at the resort. She asks what the hell he’s doing there. She tells him this is none of his business so he needs to get out. Ryan says he hopes he isn’t too late. Kendall tells Ryan she doesn’t want him here. Ryan asks her what lies Zach has fed her. He is here to help her. He tries to get her to leave but she won’t go. Ryan says he knows Kendall was there to get a divorce but he thinks Zach had something else in mind. Zach informs Ryan they are still married. Ryan says he thinks Zach followed her and has filled her head with doubts about the divorce. Kendall says she does exactly what she wants. Ryan hopes Zach hasn’t talked her out of the divorce. Zach asks since when does Kendall have to answer to Ryan. Ryan says he didn’t come to harass Kendall, he came to apologize about the baby. He tells her what she did for Greenlee was selfless and he is sorry. Kendall accepts his apology and tells him to leave. Ryan says he won’t leave Kendall with Zach. He says Zach breaks everything he touches. Look at Ethan and Maria. Ryan says Zach takes long-range shots at people if things don’t go his way. He says Zach threatened his life.

Amanda tells Jamie he heard wrong. She didn’t say she wanted to destroy Babe. Jamie asks if she knows where she is at and she says she’s at New Beginnings. He tells her she can’t blame a blackout, so she must be the biggest liar in town. Amanda says her blackouts are real. Josh tells Jamie that he was with Amanda during one of her blackouts and he knows they weren’t faked. Josh says what Amanda said about Babe doesn’t mean she wants to hurt Babe. Amanda tells Jamie that Babe tried to get her fired. Jamie says he heard her say she wanted to destroy Babe. He recites the attempts to hurt Babe and says she sounds as guilty as hell. Josh tells Jamie that people aren’t perfect, even him. Amanda tells Josh that Jamie is trying to help her. Jonathan tells her not to fall for it. Josh leaves the room.

Janet is shown calling out to Trevor. She has a large gift that she says she wants to open early. The tag says “To Janet From Janet.”

Babe takes Little Adam away from Jonathan, who is in a Santa suit at the mall. JR demands security be called. A woman standing in line with her child to see Santa tells JR that if he doesn’t believe in Santa he shouldn’t wreck it for her kid. JR tells everyone that Jonathan is a serial killer. He announces to all around all of Jonathan’s crimes and asks if he’s packing heat in his Santa suit. Jonathan says he’s not the same person. Alfred arrives and tells JR to take his hands off his Santa. Alfred is head of the chamber of commerce’s Santa selection committee. JR asks if he hired Jonathan. Alfred says this isn’t the man he hired. Jonathan identifies himself and says the other Santa got sick and had to leave. Alfred says he had no idea. Jonathan apologizes and says he’ll go. JR insists Jonathan won’t get away with murder. JR says he wants this pervert arrested. They could get him on child molestation. Jonathan says he would never do that. JR calls him a lying, butchering slime ball. Jonathan tells JR he is ruining Christmas just like his father ruined Christmas when he tore down the tree and stomped on the gifts. Jonathan says JR is just like his father. He’s a very bad man, says Jonathan, who admits to getting very angry. He tells him he scared his little boy and doesn’t deserve to be a father. A security guard escorts Jonathan out but Jonathan escapes his grip and runs away.

At Chandler mansion, Krystal’s wild Christmas party is continuing. Adam brings in security officers and says this holiday truck stop is officially closed. Adam insists that the trash get out of his house. Krystal asks him where his sense of fun is. He’ll have to go through her to bust up her good time. She says since she is his wife she’ll invite whoever she pleases. Adam says as wife she is to love, honor and obey. She says she never said she would obey. Adam tells her to get these people out of here as he can’t be held accountable for what he does. He starts counting to 10 and says they have to be out by the time he gets there or he’ll let loose the dogs of war. Suddenly a physical fight breaks out. Pillows are ripped and feathers fly. Glass breaks. People start punching each other. People are lying on the floor and Adam tells them to get out. Krystal tends to a man with a cut face and he tries to kiss her. She reminds him she’s married, at least for the moment. Winefred, dressed in a red Christmas suit, tells a man he was so brave. Adam tells her to stop giving comfort to the enemy. Winefred and the man kiss. Adam threatens to fire everyone on his payroll. Krystal tells Adam’s security that they are on her payroll so they should eat up. Adam warns Krystal that he will get his life back if he has to kick her to kingdom come. Krystal says she’ll do whatever she wants as long as he spits venom about Babe to JR.

At the mall, Babe comforts Little Adam and says she will make sure no bad man touches him again. JR threatens legal action to Alfred if Jonathan isn’t caught. Babe says Jonathan is too dangerous to be left on the street. JR says Jonathan should be arrested for fraud. Alfred says if everyone who dresses like Santa is arrested for fraud the jails would be full every December. Alfred apologizes to Babe on behalf of the chamber. Babe tells JR she knows exactly what Jonathan is capable of doing. JR tries to take Little Adam but Babe won’t give him up. She tells him he put their son in Jonathan Lavery’s hands and put him in danger. This isn’t the first time. She says she’s going home with him and little A.

Jamie asks Amanda if she wants to go to the hospital or the cops. Amanda says she’s not crazy and doesn’t need to go to a psych ward. Jamie says she needs help and her problem could be a physical one. Amanda says she’s staying with him so he can watch her. Jamie asks if she has any idea why she’s having blackouts but she does not. Jamie says they have to find out. That’s why they need to go to a hospital so she can have some tests. Josh walks back into the room and asks Jamie if he wants Amanda to have shock therapy. He tells Amanda if she goes with Jamie she’ll be fried chicken and won’t remember who she is. Josh says Jamie is playing her. He’s only interested in saving Babe. Amanda says she should have known. She walks out. Jamie asks Josh if he has any idea what he just did. Josh tells him that he’s a hypocrite. He’s leading Amanda on while all he cares about is Babe. Josh says he helped Amanda find a job. Jamie says if Amanda wises up she’ll get out of here.

Janet places a call to Amanda’s voice mail and says she hates she won’t be here for Christmas. She says her gift is too special to ship.

Ryan asks Kendall how she could be with someone with so little regard for human life. She should get out while she can. Zach asks Ryan what he plans to offer Kendall. Does he want to marry the mother of his child? Ryan says what he has to say to Kendall is between him and her. Kendall asks Zach to leave and he steps out. Ryan tells Kendall she was wrong. He knows she conceived this child because she loves Greenlee. He says he won’t pressure Kendall but he is behind her 100 percent. She asks him to leave but he asks for two more minutes before she ruins her life. He says he cares about her too much to let her ruin her life. She agrees to give him two minutes. Outside the room, Zach has flashbacks to Kendall telling him she didn’t want their marriage to end like this.

Krystal’s party continues. She tells Adam that they shouldn’t be at war with each other at Christmas because he hates her. Adam tells her he doesn’t hate her. He loathes her. He detests her. He says she will come down. He walks out. Krystal says to herself is she’s going down it will be one heck of a ride.

Little Adam is in his crib and Babe is comforting him and talking to him. JR is in the room and is expressing dismay about the party going on downstairs. Babe continues talking to Little Adam, saying that his daddy does not have a good record of keeping him safe and has been a very distracted boy. She says there’s going to be some changes around here. She walks out and JR follows her. He asks her what that was about. Babe asks how he can be right there with their son yet not be 100 percent there. JR admits he screwed up. He should have known it was Jonathan Lavery. Babe starts crying about the thought of Jonathan Lavery’s hands on her son. JR hugs her.

Kendall tells Ryan she can handle Zach. Ryan asks when Zach started getting warm and fuzzy. Was it about the time he learned about the baby? He says maybe Zach is using her to get back at him and everyone else he hates. Ryan says Zach is all about power and control and he won’t let him walk over Kendall. Zach returns and says Kendall doesn’t need rescuing.

Myrtle is home when the doorbell rings. She answers the door and is thrilled to see Bianca with Miranda. She invites them in and Bianca says her mother doesn’t know she’s there yet. She asks Myrtle what is going on with Kendall.

Zach tells Ryan Kendall doesn’t need him to help make up her mind. Kendall tells them she doesn’t need either of them. She says she wants both of them to leave her alone. She walks out. Ryan walks out after her.

At the Chandler party, the doorbell rings. Adam isn’t happy to see Palmer at the door. Palmer says Krystal invited him to the party along with the Chandler Enterprises board of trustees. Several men in suits walk in and Palmer tells them to experience what a Chandler Christmas party is like.

Babe tells JR this isn’t going to change anything. She is taking their son away. In the baby’s room, Little Adam is alone in his crib when another door opens. On the other side of the door is someone in a red Christmas outfit. A hand in a white glove reaches inside the room.

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