AMC Update Thursday 12/15/05

All My Children Update Thursday 12/15/05


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Fran

Kendall is sleeping in her private room in her clothes and dreaming about her encounter with Zach when he helped her get over her fear of hammocks.  She then relives Zach getting the thing in he eye and removing it for him after he told her that she wouldn’t be able to divorce him and would have to be his “seeing eye wife” if he let her take it out.  She then remembers asking him why he once told her he loves her and his refusing to answer, and then he tells her she’d be better off being the ex Mrs. Zach Slater.

Right then, Lily is in the mall with her shades attempting to remember all the Christmas gifts for her family.  She covers her ears and looks stressed.  Jonathan is not far away, and he sees her.

JR comes to Jamie’s home.  Amanda answers the door and announces to Jamie that his loser brother is there.  Jamie tells JR that whatever it is, JR should “save it.”  JR asks Jamie to please tell him that this lunatic is not in his home.

Josh goes into work and looks at the picture of Erica and in his mind, imagines himself instead of Erica.  Babe then gets off the elevator to see him.  She tells him that the success of Erica’s show would not be what it is, were it not for the supervising producer.  She tells him that she might need him for something.  She grins at him and asks him if he is up for the challenge.

Ryan is looking for Kendall at Fusion.  Erica is also there looking for Kendall.  Neither knows where she might be.  Simone enters.  Ryan asks her where Kendall is.  She does not answer.  Erica tells her that she better know where Kendall is or she will be eating those files for breakfast.

Meanwhile, Zach is standing over Kendall as she is sleeping.  She awakens to see him, smiles but then realizes she cannot reveal her true feelings to him.

Amanda is ready to go to work and leave JR alone with Jamie but tells JR that he better know that Jamie wants her there.  He tells her he knows she must work slinging slop somewhere.  She tells him she has a real and prestigious job, and reminds him that not everybody has daddy’s wealth to prop them up like he does.  He tells her that she’s a whack job just like her mother.  Jamie says goodbye to her cordially and she leaves.  Alone with Jamie, JR tells him that maybe he’s crazy but he really feels for Jamie and cannot let him go through with this.  Jamie ignores JR and changes the subject.  JR reminds him that this is the girl who pushed Babe down a flight of stairs, who poisoned the soup.  He tells Jamie he must listen.  Jamie seems engrossed in crossword puzzles and tells him that a three-letter word for idiot is “you”.

Jonathan goes to see Lily at the mall.  He tells her he knows she’s upset by the crowds.  He shows her a map with all of the department stores.  He explains that they are listed by type.  They have clothes stores, pet stores, coffee shops, etc.  He asks her if she likes the map.  She says yes but she’s still freaked out.  He tells her if she wants he can walk her to the stores so that she does not get lost.  Lily notices a man staring at them and asks who he is.  Jonathan explains that he is there to make sure that he (Jonathan) doesn’t kill anybody.  She says she does not like it.  Jonathan explains to her that the guy does not know that he’s better now.  He encourages her to have the Christmas spirit.  She tells him that she’s not good at the Christmas spirit.  She doesn’t like being herself.

At Josh’s office, Babe tells him about her new job at Fusion.  She tells him that she does not care what her coworker’s think of her, personally, but they are right that she knows nothing about business and is in way over her head.  He tells her that he has some ideas for ways to help her with his experience and expertise.  He agrees to be her tutor.  Amanda walks in and reveals to Babe that she works for Josh.  Babe tells him she does not believe he could he have done something as crazy as hiring that nut case.

Erica tells Simone that she likes her but she better not refuse to tell her where Kendall is.  Ryan tells Simone that she does not have to protect Kendall form him.  He explains to Simone that he realized that he was wrong to have suspected Kendall’s motives for having the baby.  He talked to Dr. Madden and found out that Kendall had completely unselfish intent for having the baby with her own eggs.  Erica then urges Simone to find out where Kendall is.  She tells her that her daughter must be assured that people care about her.  Erica insists that Simone tell her where Kendall is.  Simone reveals to Erica that Kendall is getting her divorce.  Hearing that, Erica is elated and tells Simone she is very grateful to know that.

Right then, Kendall and Zach are getting all cozy.

Simone reveals to Erica and Ryan that Greenlee gave Babe Carey equal partnership of Fusion.  She tells Ryan that since he’s been gone, there’s been a lot of chaos.  Hearing that, Erica is outraged.  She cannot believe that anybody in their right mind would give Babe Carey any opportunity like this after what she’s done.  She tells them that Greenlee is pure evil to have done this.  Hearing that, Ryan tells Erica that she cannot talk that way about Greenlee in his presence.  Erica tells Ryan that Greenlee had no excuse to have done that and should be kissing Kendall’s feet after all the sacrifices Kendall has made for her.  She tells Ryan that he may want her to say she’s sorry but she cannot keep quiet after what has happened because Kendall deserves much better than this after all she’s done.

Kendall opens a gift that Zach gave her.  It looks like a dragon fly.  He tells her that a dragon brings out the old and brings in the new.  He asks her what she considers to be evil.  He tells her that things are not always what they seem.  She tells him that it is really weird, and most husbands do not give their wives gifts to commemorate their divorce.  He reminds her that he is not most husbands.  There is a knock on the door.  It is the divorce lawyer.  He’s ready to handle all the divorce papers when he sees the lovely jewelry Kendall is holding in her hand.  He tells her that it looks very expensive and asks her how much it set her back.  She admits she did not pay for it but that it was a gift from her husband.  He tells her that the only gift he usually sees exchanged by divorcing people is voodoo dolls.  Zach tells him that he and Kendall are going to divorce is a civil and respectful manner.  He then looks at the two of them and tells them they must get real and not play games with him.  They ask him what kinds of games he believes they are playing with him.  He tells them the gifts and the looks and touchy-feely way they are behaving are too obvious.  He tells them if they do that in front of a judge, they will be accused of fraud and deported.  He then tells them that there is something they are not telling him and he asks them to come out with it.

JR tells Jamie that he’s not going to leave until he tells him why he’s got that whack job in his home.  Jamie tells JR that he and Adam are a two-man lynch mob.  They love to judge and incriminate everybody before getting the facts.  He assures JR that he does not intend to defend Amanda if he finds out she is guilty of what she’s accused of, however, he wants to give her a fair shake before condemning her.

Amanda and Babe insult each other at Josh’s office.  Josh then asks Amanda to go and check his voice mail.  Alone with Josh, Babe asks him to please tell her that he had nothing to do with hiring that girl.  Babe reminds him that Amanda pushed her down a flight of stairs.  She went after Babe with a hacksaw.  She even set the roadside bar on fire thinking Babe was there.  Josh tells her he realizes that Amanda is crazy.  She asks him if he trusts her not to poison his coffee and asks him to give her one reason why that whack job deserves a new beginning.

Erica tells Ryan that she knows he’s loves Greenlee but she cannot forgive her.  She tells him that one thing she has to be happy about is that Kendall is getting rid of Zach Slater.  Ryan seems to agree with that.  She happily tells him that now that Kendall is single, there is a new chance for the two of them.  He turns away and doesn’t want to discuss his “future” with Kendall.  She asks him if he’s never thought about a future with his son.  Ryan then leaves and tells Erica he will see her later.  Alone, Erica tells God that she so appreciates his answering one of her prayers in getting Kendall to divorce Zach but she needs to ask Him for one more thing.  Could He just give Ryan and Kendall a little “push” in the right direction?

Kendall and Zach ask the lawyer why they cannot get a divorce even though they do not hate each other’s guts.  He tells them that it’s more than that.  The judge hates rich Americans and will not let his court be turned into a “divorce mill.”  Zach then tells him fine and gathers his stuff and departs.  The guy tells them they must go to another island because this is the only judge they will have.  Hearing that, Kendall agrees to “cooperate” and tells Zach he’s a dirty pig.  He never puts down the toilet seat.  She attempts to yell at him and verbally abuse him about not bringing her flowers but it does not sound convincing.  He attempts to verbally abuse her about never being around to enjoy anything with him and he does not sound convincing either.  The guy leaves.  She then tells him that they mustn’t “give up” in getting somebody to divorce them.  Then he tells her flat out that he does not want the divorce.  He tells her he loves her and wants her to know where he stands.  She tells him that she does not know where he stands.  He says he loves her and doesn’t want to divorce but he hasn’t lifted a finger for her.  He tells her that he’s not going to decide for her what she wants.  The whole world is trying to tell Kendall what is right for her right now and he won’t do that.  She tells him that he is the only one who he trusts that she can make the right decision without anybody’s help.

Lily is with Jonathan and she tells him that she is freaked out by the loud noises and bright lights and tells him that maybe she’s too weird to shop for Christmas.  He protests to her that she is not weird and she mustn’t call herself names.  She tells him that she cannot go in and shop for Christmas presents like tons of other people are doing right now.  He tells her that doesn’t make her weird and that there is nothing wrong with being different.  He is different.  He tells her that not everybody is comfortable with Christmas.  There are many people who don’t even celebrate Christmas.  He tells her if she wants to leave, he can do the shopping for her.  He first tells her he wants to make sure that she does not get lost on her way out.  She leaves.  He seems very considerate to her needs in regard to crowds, loud noises and bright lights.  She leaves and Jonathan privately tells his “guard” that he must see how nice Lily is, and he shares with him that not long ago, he was ready to blow her up.  As Lily leaves, the mall Santa leaves his throne and is holding his stomach and appears ill.  Jonathan looks upset that he is leaving and there are still children there to see him.

Erica walks into the office and sees Babe.  She tells Josh that this is the last straw.  Amanda tells Erica that she tried to get Babe to leave but Babe completely disrespected Erica’s office.  Erica tells Babe that she knows about the despicable thing that Greenlee did and she thinks it’s a disgrace.  She asks Josh to step into her office to talk privately.  Right outside, Babe and Amanda are alone.  Babe tells Amanda that she is skating on thin ice, and if she thinks she’s won this round, she is wrong.  Her bad deeds will catch up with her some day.

In the mall, JR wheels Little A and introduces him to Santa.  He shows him all the decorations and asks if he’s going to tell Santa what he wants for Christmas.  Then he notices his son is staring at somebody.  It’s Babe.  She smiles and greets her son.  JR rushes to tell her to take a hike because it isn’t her visiting time.  She tells him it’s Christmas time and their son should be with both of his parents.  He asks her if Winifred helped her find him and if she did, he will fire her.  She tells him Winifred had nothing to do with it.  He tells her if she does not leave, he will call security.  She tells him he may do that and asks him why he’s making such a fuss just because she would not go to bed with him.

Kendall comes back into the room, dressed and ready to go to court.  He tells her if he didn’t know what he was losing before, it has now been made very obvious.  She asks him if he can put the dragon fly on her.  He puts it on her but looks like he wants to kiss her.  She asks him if she looks like a woman who wants to get rid of her mean old husband.  He tells her if she does than she is.  She then tells him that he has been the nicest and most supportive husband recently.  Hearing that, he tells her she’s just losing his name but she’s not losing him.  He will still be there for her if she needs him.  He walks away but she asks him to wait.  She tells him she doesn’t want it to end this way.  He asks her how she wants it to end. 

Amanda tells Josh she needs his help.  She admits that it’s not about work.  She needs him to help her totally destroy Babe Carey.  Right then, Jamie walks in and hears that.

Babe is interacting with her son.  JR tells her she better back off.  He tries to get his son away from her and give him to “Santa Claus.”  Babe seems to know who that Santa is, and she demands that “Santa” not touch her son.  She yells that he is not a Santa.  He is a murderer.  She then removes his beard to reveal Jonathan Lavery dressed as Santa.

Kendall tells Zach that she never thought she’d hear herself saying the words she’s about to say to him.  Just as she is about to tell him, she looks behind her at the door and sees Ryan standing in the doorway.

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