AMC Update Wednesday 12/14/05

All My Children Update Wednesday 12/14/05 


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Fran

Jonathan finds Lily in her favorite tree.  She is upset that Sam left and is mad at her.  He seems sensitive to her.  She tells him that “he” thinks she’s stupid.  He tells her that he does not think she’s stupid, but that he thinks she’s one of the smartest people he knows.  She tells Jonathan that she believes people change.  Jonathan tells her that people do change as he knows he has changed.

Erin and Aidan are trying to find Jonathan at the tree lot.  They cannot find him but get themselves locked in after it’s closed.

JR comes to meet Babe at Fusion.  He tells her that he wanted to see her in person to tell her that he was wrong to get mad and walk out on her.  He tells her that he understands that she doesn’t want to jump into bed with him and wants to take it slow in order to find out who he is.  He asks her how he can help her at her new job.  She tells him that she is overwhelmed with all the stuff that Greenlee has faxed her.  She tells him her partners won’t help her, and Kendall wants to run her out of there.  He tells her that he does not give a damn about helping Fusion.  He cares about her and wants to help her.

Kendall is with Zach on the beach.  He reminds her that the last time they were on the beach together, he proposed to her.  She asks him if he is sorry they got married.  He tells her no way is he sorry.  She tells him of course he’s happy they got married because she got his gaming license back for him and he’s been able to make a huge profit.  He tells her that he’s happy to marry her because he was able to call Erica mom.  She tells him that they had some moments of their own because of his “stellar communication skills.”  She admits that she is tired.  He notices a hammock.  She tells him that she’s a little afraid of going near a hammock.  He asks her if one bad experience with a hammock will make her afraid for the rest of her life.  He tells her what they say about riding horses is you have to get back up and realize you will be ok.  He then sits on the hammock and holds out his hand to her.  She sits in it with him and he holds her.

JR shows Babe some information about profit margins on a grid.  He is ready to kiss her but then gets distracted.  She tells him that he’s a really good teacher but she wishes she was a better student.

Adam and Krystal are ready to have a party.  She introduces him to her friend Floyd and calls Adam Frosty.  Adam goes inside his living room to find a pool table and what looks to be a big party with Krystal’s friends.  She welcomes him to Krystal’s holiday truck stop.  He tells her that this cannot happen in the Chandler Mansion.  She tells him that since she owns half of it, she can have her party.  She gives him a western Christmas hat and tells him he must loosen up.  Perhaps they can play a little game of pin the tail on the rich white guy.  Adam freaks at the party.  He looks up and sees a big moose head with its tongue darting in and out.

While Erin and Aidan find themselves trapped inside the tree lot, she tells him that she believes that he only wants to get on the phone in order to get Jonathan in trouble.  He tells her he just wants to get out of there and is presently angry at her and not at Jonathan.  He tells her he knows she has a phone on her and is hiding something so he frisks her.  She tells him that he must know that Jonathan is full of Christmas cheer and wishes he was also.  She tells him if he promises not to go after Jonathon, she will help him get out of there.  He asks her if she has magical powers.  He then finds a hacksaw.  And he tells her that if she hates Christmas so much, she must prove it.

Lily is not certain how to react to Jonathan.  She goes inside her tree and rocks back and forth and acts like she is afraid of him.  He tells her that he is not bad anymore and asks her to talk to him.  She tells him that Sam does not believe that he is better.  He got mad and they fought and Sam threw his beer bottle.  Hearing that, Jonathan tells her if Sam threw something at her that’s not ok.  She clarifies that Sam did not throw anything at her.  Sam is her boyfriend.  He yelled at her and said things that hurt her.  Jonathan tells her that people fight when they love each other, and it doesn’t make the love go away.  He tells her that he will go and find Sam and help them make up but she tells him he cannot.  There is something wrong with her.  She is not like other girls.  She cannot have a normal life or a boyfriend, and that is what hurts her.  He tells her that she is different because of her disorder, she is special.  She tells him not special in a good way.  He tells her that Sam didn’t care about her disorder before.  She tells him that at first Sam was ok with her the way she was but he now behaves like he wants to have sex and she’s not ready.  Jonathan tells her it’s ok not to have sex until she’s ready.  She asks him if he’s had sex and if he was ready.  He tells her that he has had sex but had not considered whether he was ready or not.  He tells her that he remembered seeing red with his girlfriend.  He felt so unhappy with himself that he wanted to make his girlfriends unhappy and get mean with them.  He explains that his father would get mean in a similar way to his mother and his brothers.  She asks if he father had a tumor.  He tells her no.  His father just chose to be mean.  She tells him that things are different now.  The tumor is gone, and she asks him if he got a new girlfriend, would things be different and would he be ready.  

Zach falls out of the hammock, and he gets something in his eye.  She attempts to take it out.  He tells her he cannot let her blind him and divorce him because he would need a “seeing eye wife.”  She then gets it out successfully without hurting him.  She then asks him why he told her that he loved her.

In response to Kendall’s inquiry about his telling her he loves her, Zach tells Kendall it doesn’t really matter.  All that matters is that they are there.  He tells her that they cannot overanalyze that and tells her she should forget about it.  She tells him that she cannot forget about it.

Jonathan tells Lily that he cannot have a girlfriend again until he knows he’s ready.  He tells her that he wants to meet somebody he can love and be loved by and experience the good life.  She asks him if the good life is enough.  He tells her that when you find the right person, it will be the best life.  She tells him she wishes she could find a boyfriend who would not care if she had autism spectrum disorder.  He tells her that he wishes he had a girlfriend that he would not want to hurt.  She tells him she wishes she had a boyfriend with whom she could enjoy life.  He asks her if she thinks that either of them is ready to find the right person.

Erin and Aidan are attempting to find their way out of the fenced in tree lot.  They build a fire.  He tells her that he knows she’s always been the protective sister.  He asks her if she ever laughs or has fun.  She tells him she does when something is funny but she cannot find anything funny about being trapped inside an outdoor tree lot.  She then attempts to pick up a tree but it falls on her.  Right then, she laughs.  He picks her up and gets her back on her feet, and they look like they are ready to kiss.

At Adam’s house, there are many wild people.  A guy with multiple tattoos comes out of Adam’s Jacuzzi.  They all tell Adam that they are just there to have some fun.  Krystal tells him that hot showers and baths are part of the truck stop package.  He then grabs Krystal and leads her to the door telling her she’s already had her fun.  She tells him the fun has just begun.  He asks her what she wants.  Does she plan to do more extortion?

JR pulls out some wine to share with Babe.  She tells him she cannot drink on the job.  He tells her that he meant what he said that he’s off the sauce but he wants to celebrate.  He tells her that he was wrong to count marriage out.  He admits that he was a little afraid of getting hurt but he knows it’s not fair to leave it out of the question as Little Adam deserves both a mother and a father.  He tells her that he won’t prevent giving Little Adam the family he deserves.  At that point, he tells her he has something to show her.  He pulls out a little box with a shining diamond ring.  She looks at it speechless.  He asks her if she likes it.  She stares at the ring and tells him it’s amazing.  Suddenly, he gets angry, telling her he remembered how last Christmas ended for him when he found out that Miranda was not his and he had to give her up.  She asks him what is up.  He asks her if she and Jamie had fun taking his son and having him believe his son was dead.

Krystal tells Adam that she will have the Krystal truck stop going on for as long as she wants unless he does what she wants.  Winifred enters wearing a Santa Claus teddy and serves them the oldest and best Scotch Adam has.

Right when Erin and Aidan are in their “moment” and he’s suddenly been able to see her laugh, he asks if she is ok.  He tells her he’s sorry.  She changes the subject about the fire dying down and how they need to burn some more logs.

Kendall and Zach acknowledge that they only got married, in the first place as a business arrangement, and that divorce is the only sensible plan now.  He tells her that all he knows is how to hurt her and he doesn’t want to keep doing that.  He tells her he knows she’s better off being the ex Mrs. Zach Slater.  He puts his coat over her and tells her she can stay outside or go inside if she wants.  She tells him they might as well go back.

Lily asks Jonathan if he’d marry the girl who was not worried that he’d hurt her.  He tells her that he remembers how his dad treated his family, and he thought about how he’d be a good husband and father and not make the same mistakes his dad did.  He tells her that he still wants to have the biggest house with the best Christmas decorations.  She tells him that he might also have the highest electric bills that way.  He asks her if she’s ever wanted to be a mother.  She tells him she might not be able to be a mother with her disability.  He tells her that he likes her and thinks she might be a good mother.  She might be able to teach children many of her life skills.  He shows her the wreath he took out of the tree store.  She likes it and they hang it on the tree.  He tells her she wants to see the house he will have with all the lights.  He tells her that he will make sure there are not red lights but only blue and white so she won’t have to wear her shades to look at them.

Babe asks JR why he is reliving the past and still angry.  He tells her that she has to remember what she did to him last Christmas.  He went through hell.  It was a gut-wrenching experience, and she was wrong to think he’d just forgive and forget.  She asks him about the ring.  He tells her that he’s going to give this to his future wife.  Somebody whom he can trust who will not do to him what she did and who is not trash like she is.

When Kendall and Zach get inside, they wonder what they are going to do next.  Should they have a meal together?  Is he ok after he got that thing in his eye?  He tells her that he is waiting for something.  He takes her outside to see fireworks.  He tells her, “Happy Independence Day,” and it looks very much like they want to stay married and have a real marriage.

Aidan laughs and tells Erin that it was very symbolic that a defenseless tree fought back with her.  She tells him she believes perhaps the tree had the right to fight back.  Jonathan comes and finds them and discovers they are locked inside.  He tells them that he will go and get some help.  He will call Stuart and have him unlock the gates for them.

At Krystal’s party, Adam tells Winifred she must get out of her ridiculous costume but the party-goers all tell Adam he must loosen up.  Krystal gets on the microphone and tells them it’s time for karaoke and they all sing “Jingle Bells.”

JR tells Babe that that was all the information he had to share about business.  She tells him she should have known he’d find a way to get even with her for not going to bed with him.  She tells him that she knows that he loves her and loves Di.  He tells her they are both trash and he was foolish to have ever cared about either of them.  She tells him when somebody hurts him all he can do is smack them down and prevent ever getting close to them.  He tells her he does not give a damn about her.  She tells him that he is scared to death to admit that he wants her and he loves her.  He tells her that she will never get him or his son.  He tells her good luck with Fusion because that is all she’s ever going to have.

Kendall and Zach watch the fire works.  They go in and he tells her sweet dreams.  She is alone wondering what to do next.

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