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Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Fran

Jonathan and Erin are out shopping for Christmas trees.  Jonathan insists on getting a tree for Ryan.  She tells him that maybe Ryan doesn’t need a tree this Christmas but he tells her that Aidan must help them find a tree, knowing that Aidan is spying on them not far away.  Aidan tells them he doesn’t want to get involved in finding a tree for Ryan but Erin reminds him that since he’s chosen to tail her brother, that means he must go along and “play” with him when he wants.  Stuart Chandler comes to happily greet them and find a tree for them but he notices Jonathan and remembers that he killed Edmund Gray and he is not happy to see him.

Sam goes to find Lily.  She tells him she’s been avoiding him because she’s been told by her life skills coach not to be around anybody who drinks who is not an adult.

Ryan goes to find Dr. Madden to ask why he did what he did with Kendall.

Kendall and Zach are ready to plan their “long overdue” honeymoon.  They arrive at their vacation spot.  He reminds her that they have an appointment to meet with the lawyer who was going to do their divorce.  He tells her that he plans to go through with it all tomorrow and she will be free of him.  She tells him that it all sounds so simple.  He tells her that getting her was the hard part.  She goes outside and tells him about all the memories she has of her relationship with Greenlee.  She reminds him that he could have signed the divorce papers back in Pine Valley, and that he didn’t have to come all this way and accompany her.  She asks him why he did.

Dr. Madden informs Ryan that he was within his legal rights to make the choice he did, and if Ryan intends to file a lawsuit against him, it won’t go very far.  He remembers that Ryan signed a waiver when he gave away his donations all those years ago.  Ryan tells Dr. Madden that he does not intend to sue him.  He just wants some answers about what went on that night in regard to Kendall and Greenlee.

Sam tells Lily that she needs to understand that “they” don’t know what they are talking about in regard to the rules they make for her.  She asks what “they” he is talking about in making rules such as she cannot be with a minor who drinks.  He replies his aunt, his uncle, her dad and her step mother.  They make it up as they go along for themselves and they force their rules upon their kids.  She tells him that there needs to be rules.  He tells her that there is one very important rule that was broken; thou shall not kill.  They break it.  They tell them that they should get over it and overlook it but then they expect their kids to follow their rules.

Stuart acts friendly after discovering who Jonathan was.  Erin goes to talk to Aidan and tells him if only everyone could understand Jonathan like that man can.

Di goes to meet Tad and tells him that she found some code that he might be able to crack.  She then shows him that she’s said Tad Martin is a jerk in pig Latin.  She tells him that she did hear Madden talking to nurse Hazel about Kendall.  He says he’s determined to see her though the pregnancy, and there was something in his voice that sounded like Kendall and her baby are the most important things in his life.

Dr. Madden tells Ryan that he can see that Ryan wants to find out about the conception of his child.  Ryan asks who might have manipulated whom.  Dr. Madden tells Ryan that there was no manipulation.  There was a power outage the night before and Kendall was afraid that Greenlee’s frozen eggs might have thawed and not be good any longer.  Kendall told him that they cannot wait even a day because Ryan’s baby is all Greenlee is living for.  She told Madden that he must tell her whether Greenlee’s eggs have survived.  He told her that Greenlee’s embryos were all gone.  She then asked him what they could do.  Do they start over with hormone shots or implants?   She tells him that she will do whatever it takes to help Greenlee.  Madden explains to Ryan that Kendall was determined to save Greenlee.  She was not thinking about herself.  All she cared about was putting his and Greenlee’s baby into his arms.  Ryan listens speechless.

Di tells Tad that she heard something in Madden’s conversation with Hazel about his “reasons” for inseminating Kendall and that it must be “obvious.”  Hearing that, Tad tells her he wonders what that means.

Kendall tells Zach that the place they are is lovely; with the moon the warm ocean breeze.  It’s so far away from Pine Valley.  He tells her that’s why he came with her.  She asks him if he believes she cannot take care of herself.  He tells her no but he believes it’s about time for her to get away from people who do not understand her.  He tells her he wants to have a drink.  She has a dilemma about whether to drink with him.  She also wonders if she should join him for dinner or if he even wants her to.  He asks her if she would like some lobster.

Di tells Tad that there was something “more” in the words and tone of Madden when he talked to Hazel about Kendall’s insemination, and it was something that only Hazel seemed to know about.  Noticing Tad’s blank expression, she asks if he thinks she’s imagining things.  He tells her no.  He believes she’s done really well.  Right then, she gets a call from Del.  Tad overhears the warm conversation where she tells him she loves him.  When she hangs up, Tad asks her if Del called because he wanted her other kidney.  She tells him no.  Del is determined to write his book.  She tells him that she did meet the real Dixie and knows some things about her.

Sam tells Lily that he knows that he’s happy when he’s around her.  She admits that she’s happy also.  He asks her if he can kiss her.  She says yes.  He does and she notices that he’s never kissed her like that before.  He kisses her again and she doesn’t seem to mind it.

Erin talks to Aidan about how trees that have never done anything to anybody are chopped down and abused just so people can throw tinsel over them and throw them away after Christmas.  He tells her that she doesn’t exactly sound like she has Christmas cheer.  She admits that she is reliving a dysfunctional Christmas growing up with the Laverys.

Madden informs Ryan about the night when Kendall got inseminated.  She was determined to stop at nothing to help Greenlee have her baby.  He kept telling her that he’s sorry and nothing can be done but she would not give up.  She told him that this would kill Greenlee.  Greenlee would die if she gave up.  He tells Ryan that Kendall was right.  He saw Greenlee and knew she’d be devastated if she could not have her baby, and Kendall was not about to let that happen.

Kendall and Zach eat together and she tells him that it’s amazing that this is the first time in a long time since she’s been able to eat without feeling queasy.  They put on their bibs and crack the lobster.  She looks like she’s fighting with the lobster.  He tells her maybe she should beat up on the lobster.  She tells him he may show her how to do it and do his “macho thing.”  He comes over to show her how to crack a lobster and tells her it’s not a macho thing.  You crack it ever so gently, and they seem to be having fun together.  He cracks her lobster for her and she laughs.  He then stares at her and she asks him what is up.  He remarks that he hasn’t seen her smile in such a long time.  She asks him why he hasn’t yet asked her what she plans to do with the baby.  He tells her he knows she’s come there to escape questions.  So why don’t they do that?   She tells him it’s so peaceful there she could stay there forever.  He tells her she may stay as long as she wants and take all the time she needs.  She tells him that time is something she does not have.  She has a little baby ticking away in there and a decision to make.  She’s not exactly known for making the best choices.  She married a man she did not love.  She had this baby and it blew up in her face.  He tells her he knows whatever decision she makes will be the right one.  She asks him how he can be so sure of that, and he tells her he has complete faith in her.

After hearing Madden’s startling revelation, Ryan asks if he really believes that Greenlee would have died if Kendall had not had the baby.  Dr. Madden says he believes that.  He then tells Ryan about how after hearing that there were no more ways for Greenlee to have her own embryos to make the baby, Kendall offered to be both a surrogate and donor.  He told her that that is a remote decision but Kendall told him that by doing that, they will be saving two lives.  She was completely sincere, he tells Ryan.  She intended to do that for Greenlee.  Ryan asks if Madden tried to talk Kendall down.  Ryan asks if Kendall’s insistence in this caused him to throw his ethics out the window.  He reminds Madden that he was the doctor.  Madden tells Ryan that he would have never gone through with this if it was unethical.  He knew what Kendall intended to do.

Lily tells Sam that she’s not ready for unbuttoning clothes yet.  She explains that it makes her head spin and it’s too much for her.  He looks disappointed.  She asks him if he’s mad at her.  He tells her he’s not.  He should not have pushed her.  She tells him he did not push.  He unbuttoned.  She asks if he’s mad because she’s not ready.  He tells her he’s not mad at her.  He’s mad at Jonathan Lavery.  She tells him that she’s talked to Jonathan and believes that maybe they took out all the “bad things” in Jonathan like he said.  Hearing that, Sam asks her if she ever considered that Jonathan is faking it.  She tells him that Jonathan showed her his scar and you cannot fake that.  He tells her that he’s so tired of everybody making excuses for Jonathan and wanting him to get another chance.  His dad didn’t get another chance.  He’s dead.  Jonathan is a liar and a murderer and she needs to realize that.  He gets angry and Lily covers her ears and backs into a corner.

Stuart looks friendly with Jonathan and tells him that maybe it’s a “Christmas-y” thing to give a free tree to somebody he does not know.  He tells Jonathan that he’s heard bad things about him but is ok with knowing that the doctors took out the bad things.  Jonathan is very surprised to hear somebody who knows of him forgiving him.

Di tells Tad that he knew that Dixie was beautiful inside and out.  She knew her from the start.  It was not just blood.  They bonded.  He asks her why-- if she connected with Dixie all those years ago--she’s finally telling him about that for the first time now.  He asks her what is wrong with her.  She wants to be forgiven and trusted and she’s still playing around with secrets.  He asks her what other types of secrets are out there.  He tells her he demands to know, and if she does not tell him then that they are finished.

Lily gets upset and cries and tells Sam that he’s told her she’s stupid because she has autism spectrum disorder.  He protests that he does not think she’s stupid and he apologizes for upsetting her but she runs off.  He calls for her to come back.

Erin tells Aidan what she remembers about Christmas time at the Lavery house.  He tells her that he knows she has some sort of secret.

Kendall tells Zach that she only did this in order to make Greenlee happy but it all went so wrong.  He tells her that he knows she did the right thing.  He then departs telling her that he has to get up early the next day.  She then thanks him for the dinner and for his company.  He departs and she appears disappointed that he is gone.

Erin notices all the happy children and their families at the Christmas tree store.  She relives, with Aidan, that there were always Christmas presents under the tree when she was a child but none were for her brothers.  There were plenty of dolls and toys for her.  Daddy was nice to her, and the brothers would just sit and watch and only get a fist from daddy.  Before she can finish the story, Stuart comes and tells them he will put the tree in their car for them.  They ask where Jonathan went.  He informs then that Jonathan told him he had to go and deliver a “Christmas present” to somebody.  Stuart is not suspicious and tells them that you should love Christmas.

Jonathan is walking through the woods and notices Lily in her “safe place” in the tree, freaked out after her argument with Sam.

Madden again tell Ryan that he saw that Kendall did a totally selfless act, and knowing what she intended to do, he agreed to do what she asked.  He then asks Ryan if he’s answered all his questions.  Ryan replies yes and goes out the door.

Kendall walks by herself along the beach.  She turns to see Zach.

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