AMC Update Monday 12/12/05

All My Children Update Monday 12/12/05


Written By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Krystal goes to Fusion to meet Babe. She asks her daughter why she called her there. Babe informs her mother she is now a full legal partner in Fusion. She’ll now have everything she’s wanted.

JR appears glum as he arrives home and finds Adam. JR pours himself a drink and thinks back to his romantic encounter at the Pine Cone Motel. He realizes what he’s doing and comments that Babe is driving him to drink again. He tells Adam this is his fault.

Zach and Kendall board a plane. Zach tells her he thought it would be fun to celebrate their escape from the bonds of love. A flight attendant approaches them and guesses they are newlyweds. She offers them orange juice and the couple toast to the best divorce ever. Kendall suddenly feels like she has to get off the plane. She doesn’t get this. Zach tells her if she gets off the plane she shouldn’t go back to Pine Valley as people will question her about the baby and she’ll have to deal with Babe at Fusion. Kendall decides to stay on the plane. Zach says he’ll talk to Babe about Fusion.

Krystal hands it to Greenlee, calling this a lesson in revenge. She comments that they are in charge of two of the most profitable companies in town. Babe asks how did they get so lucky. Krystal asks what the catch is. Babe says Greenlee wanted her to torture Kendall, but she may not go that route. But she says this will put her on the fast track to getting her son back as now she’ll be viewed as a responsible citizen. Krystal says she hopes Babe now drops her plan to get JR back. Babe says getting JR back is still the best way to get her son back, but it may be too late.

JR tells Adam that ever since he married Krystal Babe is here all the time. Adam says Babe is throwing herself at JR. JR should tell her he doesn’t associate with Jezebels. JR says he wants Babe off his back. He tells Adam to pay off Krystal and send them on their way. Adam says he won’t give in to Krystal’s demands.

David is on a surgery table being readied for open heart surgery. His eyes open. The doctor tells him to count backwards from 99. He’ll have his heart fixed in no time.

Jamie finds Amanda at the hospital and wants to know what the neurologist said. Amanda says she has to go. Jamie asks her what the rush is.

Ryan asks Joe at the hospital if he has seen Hayward. Suddenly screams are heard in the hospital lobby. David rushes into the lobby wearing a hospital gown. He demands to know who did this to him. He says someone knocked him out, put on a false hospital bracelet and put him in a position of having someone cut out a piece of his heart. He wants that person found. Ryan says that sounds like what happened to Kendall. Ryan accuses David of being the culprit. David asks who would believe he knocked himself out and rolled himself into the emergency room. He asks Ryan why he’s so hot to pin this on him. Ryan says he wanted to get a rise out of him. Ryan steps aside and gets on his phone to find out where Jonathan is. Meanwhile, David confronts Amanda.

Zach is asleep on the plane when he has a dream. In the dream he sees Myrtle, who says she plans to get him and Kendall together. Zach tells her they’re happily divorcing. Myrtle tells him he should fly his relationship in the right direction and tell Kendall he loves her. Zach says Kendall doesn’t love him and he’s not going to fight her. He wants to leave her alone. Myrtle pledges to get the two together. Zach wakes up and Kendall, who is standing, stumbles and falls into his lap.

At the hospital, Ryan tells Julia that Jonathan was with Erin and could not be responsible for knocking out David. He asks who keeps knocking people out and putting them in death traps.

David asks Amanda if this is how she gets back at him. Amanda says she didn’t do anything. Jamie approaches and tells David to leave Amanda alone. He says Amanda was with him and the doctor the whole time. Amanda leaves and Jamie tells David he’ll get the truth out of Amanda. Joe tells David that maybe one of his friends at the hospital felt like doing the rest of the world a favor.

JR tells Adam that everything Babe does throws him. Adam asks if he’s encouraging her. JR has a flashback to kissing Babe. Adam realizes JR is encouraging her and asks how did this happen. He thinks it started when JR decided to be courteous to Babe. JR says Babe did save Little Adam’s life. Adam suggests JR is being taken by those saucy eyes and visions of her in a silky pajama top. JR asks Adam who they are talking about. He realizes that Krystal has got to Adam too.

Babe tells Krystal that JR wanted her but she turned him down. Krystal tells Babe she doesn’t have to marry Babe to get her son. Babe says that’s the fastest way to get her boy back. Krystal says she thinks his plan is working too well. She tells Babe not to get so into JR that she doesn’t see him for the creep he is. Simone and Dani arrive at Fusion and they’re not happy to see Babe and Krystal. Simone comments that while the cat is away the rats will play.

Kendall starts to ask Zach if he has ever ... then she stops and tells him never mind. Krystal daydreams about being with Zach at Fusion and they are declaring their love for each other. She comes back to reality and Zach asks her what she wanted to say. She asks if he really wants this divorce. He asks if she does. She says yes, she does.

Krystal leaves Fusion, wishing Babe good luck in dealing with her new co-workers. Babe is visibly nervous. She asks Simone and Dani if they can start over from scratch. Simone says that’s hard considering everything she knows about Babe. Babe asks Dani how much she knows. Dani says she knows every low-down detail. Simone tells Babe that Ethan gave her a chunk of Fusion and now she is an equal partner. Babe tells her that’s awesome. Babe asks the two of them for advice on the company and grabs a notepad to take notes. The phone rings and Simone gets some bad news. There has been a massive shipment of violet eye shadow and the color has darkened. She finds a sample of the shadow at Fusion, looks at it and frets that the color is totally wrong.

Jamie finds Amanda at the boathouse. He has learned that Amanda did not go see the neurologist and asks her where she was. Amanda says she doesn’t know. She had a blackout. Jamie asks her if she remembers going after Hayward. Amanda says there is no reason she would do that. Jamie asks her where she was the night the soup was poisoned. Amanda says she was found wandering on the road. She says maybe she did everything.

David tells Joe that the hospital is guilty of incompetence. Joe says he looks forward to the day when David is done with his community service work and he’ll be rid of him. Joe walks away. David shouts at him that this isn’t over. He wants an investigation.

Ryan, who has witnessed the confrontation, tells Julia this is why he doesn’t want Jonathan at the hospital exposed to this. He also doesn’t want Jonathan near Kendall. Julia tells Ryan she is worried about Kendall. She tells Ryan about finding Kendall at the casino just as Kendall was ready to drink a cosmopolitan.

Amanda tells Jamie she had a blackout. She doesn’t know where she was when Kendall and David were attacked. She wonders if she could be going crazy. She knows loony is in her genes.

Janet is shown alone in a room making a toast to Amanda and Jamie on their wedding day.

Adam tells JR that Krystal has his name and the keys to his house but not to his heart. Krystal arrives home undetected and listens to the father and son talking. JR tells Adam that he wants Krystal in his bed. Adam admits it is fun having a sparring partner. Adam suggests JR kiss and make up with Babe. He might as well put out an email so people know he has taken back the woman who kidnapped his son and slept with his brother. Beiing a laughingstock isn’t so bad. Adam says just when JR softens he’ll find Babe has taken their son to Florida. JR tells Adam to shut up and not tell him h ow to live his life. JR leaves the room and Krystal walks in. She calls him a mean old sack for denying his son happiness. Adam says he is denying Babe happiness with his son.

Simone frets about the problem with the shipment and says Greenlee was so good at handling problems. They wonder where Kendall is. Dani asks Simone to tell her what to do, but Simone says she’s not used to being in charge. Babe suggests that the new color remain in the stores with a new name and new labels. Even though Dani says the new color looks like a bruise, Babe says it could be marketed as the latest color. Simone asks how the marketing can be done. Babe asks Simone what her gut tells her. Simone gets on the phone and then tells Babe and Dani that the new labels will arrive tomorrow. Simone is gleeful that she helped solve this problem.

Amanda asks Jamie what she should do. Jamie says someone needs to keep an eye on her. Amanda begs to stay with Jamie but he acts hesitant. Amanda tells him to forget it and starts to leave, but he tells her not to go anywhere. He says she can move in, but it’s by his rules. He will help her deal with any problem she has. She hugs him and says she knew she could count on him.

Julia tells Ryan that someone has to save Kendall from destructive behavior. She has to listen to someone. Julia asks if he could put his anger toward Kendall aside to help her. Ryan says there might be. He thanks Julia and says he’s going to go.

Kendall is dreaming now. She and Zach are alone on the plane. He tells her he won’t let her go. He kisses her neck. She wakes up and finds him covering her with a blanket. He says he’s sorry. She’s sorry too.

Krystal tells Adam that JR needs Babe more than Babe needs JR. Adam says Babe won’t snag his son. He’ll see to that personally. Krystal tells him he’ll be too busy dealing with her. Adam sarcastically tells her that he’s shaking. He leaves the room. Krystal gets on her phone and says Adam will be very, very sorry.

Zach and Kendall arrive at their hotel. Kendall tells Zach this doesn’t feel like a divorce. It feels like a honeymoon.

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