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All My Children Update Friday 12/9/05


Written By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Josh introduces Amanda to Erica as a new employee at New Beginnings. Amanda, thanks to Josh, made a mistake on the location of Erica’s meeting and Erica promptly fires her. Amanda identifies herself as Amanda Dillon, and Erica realizes she is Janet’s daughter and softens toward her. Nevertheless, she tells Amanda that she needs some TV experience and to come back in a couple years. Josh vouches for Amanda and Erica says she trusts his judgment. She agrees to let Amanda stay.

Janet is shown sitting by herself in front of a television. She thinks she’s talking to Trevor, telling him that their little girl’s show is on TV.

Amanda tells Josh she doesn’t know how she messed up the meeting location. Josh blames himself, saying he should have known Amanda has been having memory problems. Amanda says she’s going to go to Pine Valley Hospital to find out what’s going on in her head. Josh tries to stop her by saying Erica would fire anyone on her staff being treated for such a problem. Amanda goes anyway.

At the casino, Kendall yells at Julia for knocking a cosmopolitan out of her hand. Julia asks Kendall if she’s crazy for drinking alcohol while pregnant. Is she already trying to terminate her pregnancy? Kendallt ells her it’s none of her business. She asks how she knew she was considering terminating the pregnancy. Julia says she talked to Ryan. Julia asks if she knows how dangerous drinking is for her child. Kendall says it’s not a child yet. She’s a person who ordered a drink, that’s all. Julia tells Kendall she’s not her enemy. Julia says she doesn’t want to judge Kendall. She terminated a pregnancy once after she was raped. She says she and Noah didn’t feel they could bring a child into their world, and she regrets it. Kendall says she has no desire to be a mother, rather she got the need to shop gene. She says she doesn’t love Ryan and doesn’t know what she’s going to do.

Zach is with Ryan watching Jonathan ice skate. They continue their sniping at each other about Jonathan and Kendall. Ryan is blaming Zach for hitting Jonathan in the lip. Zach accuses Jonathan of trying to harm Kendall. Ryan says he wants Zach to back off Jonathan. Zach says he will as soon as Jonathan stops harming his wife. Jonathan approaches them and talks about how he injured his lip in a fall. After Jonathan leaves, Ryan says Jonathan lied to his own brother to protect Zach. Can’t Zach see he’s changed? Zach says Jonathan hasn’t changed. He’s a liar. Zach tells him his brother has been conning him for years. Why can’t he see that? Ryan says he has looked for danger signs in his brother but hasn’t found any. Zach brings up the fire at the Roadside Bar and Kendall hanging in the hammock, but Ryan says Jonathan wasn’t responsible for those. Zach tells Ryan he chose Jonathan over his wife and that’s why he lost Greenlee. Ryan says Greenlee is none of his business. Zach says Kendall and her baby are his business, but he knows he doesn’t care about her. Zach says if Jonathan so much as looks at Kendall, Ryan knows the rest.

David goes to Krystal’s room and tells her their daughter is courting the Son of Satan. Krystal reminds him that he vowed to stay out of Babe’s life. David tells Krystal that she needs to intervene and get Babe to listen to her. Krystal says she can’t stop Babe when it comes to her little boy. She says she warned her that JR is the worst kind of trouble she could have. Krystal suggests David go after someone who is really hurting Babe – Amanda. David is appalled to learn that Amanda has tried to harm Babe. He starts to leave and Krystal asks what he’s going to do. He says he’ll do whatever it takes.

At the Pine Cone Motel, JR tells Babe he’s not playing games. They kiss. Babe tells him he kissed her like he used to. JR says he didn’t want this, but he’s raising the white flag and giving in to her. She asks him how can she love him when he thinks that loving her is a fight he lost. JR says it was a kiss. How did they get to the “L” word? Babe asks him why is he here if he doesn’t love her. He says this is where he wants to be. Babe asks how he feels about her. She wants to understand why it felt like love when he kissed her just now. JR says he cares about her and he’s not playing games.

Amanda is at the hospital, where Jamie finds her. They insult each other, but Amanda cools down and tells him she doesn’t know if she’s OK. Jamie says he’ll check with neurology to make sure they know she’s a friend and gets in soon. David is waiting to talk to Amanda. He approaches her but she doesn’t know him. He asks her how she pulled off the poison soup and identifies himself as Babe’s father. He threatens her with harm if she continues to hurt Babe. Amanda tells him he’s wrong about her. She has a career now and doesn’t even think about Babe. Jamie approaches and tells David to stay away from her. He tells Amanda neurology is ready for her and she leaves. David tells Jamie he’s playing the hero to the one who wants Babe dead. Jamie says he’s onto Amanda and he’s keeping an eye on her.

Janet continues to think she’s talking to Trevor. She takes what appears to be a carton of ice cream and puts it into a cooler.

Julia continues to press Kendall about the baby. Kendall tells her to stop. Zach walks in and asks Julia why Kendall is so upset. He thinks she’s upset because of Julia. Julia says she came here to speak to Zach. Kendall tells them to go ahead but Zach tells Kendall to stay as he wants to talk to her. After Julia leaves, Kendall tells Zach she signed the divorce papers and hands them to him. Kendall gets a call from Erica and gripes about how many times she’s called her today. She doesn’t answer. Erica leaves a message, telling Kendall they can work this out together.

Josh tells Erica that she’s incredible. He says no one knows what Erica is really going through. Erica says she’ll be fine. Josh says he’ll do anything he can to help her. He tells her that he’ll find out what scandals his father is hiding. Erica says Greg is going after her family. Josh says his father didn’t set out to give Greenlee a baby, but rather is trying to stick it to Erica. He says his father is out to hurt Erica and Erica deserves to know why. Erica tells Josh he’s turning into a wonderful friend. Erica leaves the room. Zach makes a call and tells someone Erica’s revisions are on their way. He tosses some papers into the waste basket.

Ryan asks Jonathan what he did the night of the bar fire. Jonathan insists he didn’t start the fire and he thought Ryan believed him. Ryan insists he needs to tell him what happened that night. Jonathan asks him not to make him say it. Ryan says he can trust him. Jonathan says he’s ashamed. Jonathan says he was going to see Lily and stopped at a gas station to use the men’s room. He had a metal stick in his hand but he didn’t know what it was for. He got to the bathroom door and it was locked. He didn’t realize he was holding the key. He says it made him cry and he didn’t want anyone to know. Jonathan decides he wants to leave and walks away. Erin tells Ryan that he’s treating Jonathan like everyone else is and is taking Zach’s word over Jonathan’s.

JR and Babe are making out on the Babe until Babe tells him she can’t do this. JR says he knows she wants him. Babe says she does want him but doesn’t want to give herself today only to be rejected tomorrow.

Kendall is obviously stressed. Zach makes a call and gets a second first-class ticket to the islands for Kendall. They’re leaving together. Kendall says he’s giving her the divorce of her dreams.

Jamie sees Amanda and asks how she is. She says everything is fine but she hates hospitals and has to get out of here. Ryan walks in and asks Jamie where David is. Amanda watches. David is shown unconscious on a stretcher ready to go into double bypass surgery.

Babe tells JR that things matter more to her now. JR says he knows she wants it all, so he guesses he’ll get nothing. He walks out of the motel room.

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