AMC Update Thursday 12/8/05

All My Children Update Thursday 12/8/05


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Fran

Krystal and Adam are ready to get it on.

Julia notices Ryan at her door.  He informs her that “somebody” attacked his brother, and tells her they both know exactly who that was, don’t they?

Jonathan is ready to go skating with Erin.  He is a bit wobbly on his feet.  They wonder where Ryan is.  Erin goes to find him.  When Jonathan is alone, awkward and vulnerable, Sam and his friends spot him.  Sam informs the other boys that this is the psycho who murdered his dad and got away with it.  He confronts Jonathan.

Babe reveals to Kendall that Greenlee left her share of the company to her.  JR gloats about that.  Babe tells Kendall that she must realize that Greenlee chose her to take her place, so Kendall needs to be able to work things out with her.  Kendall tells her no way is she going to work with her.  She better get out or Kendall will rip her eyes out of her puny little skull.  JR tells Kendall that she might like to “retract her claws” because her baby wouldn’t want to see mommy being so violent.  Simone tells Ethan that Greenlee cannot do this.  She cannot sign everything over to Babe.  He tells her the reality is that Greenlee can do whatever she chooses with her stock holdings.  Simone reads the letter where Greenlee tells Kendall that there is a surprise for her just when she thought she was ready to get rid of Greenlee.  Greenlee tells Kendall she’s going to let Babe ruin her company.  She tells her the reason she chose Babe is “because one low-life baby-stealing bitch deserves another.”

Adam tells Krystal that for the longest time she hated him and didn’t want to be anywhere near him and suddenly she’s all over him.  She sounds like she is really hot for him.  She’s ready to take it all off and have a hot time with him, but he tells here has an important phone call to make.  She acts lie it’s a joke but he tells her it’s serious.  An important business call, he tells her.  Hearing that, she acts emotional and ready to cry and tells him that he played with her heart.  Hearing that, he seems to buy her manipulation ploy.

Sam introduces Jonathan to his friends.  He tells Jonathan that he hopes he’s not offended but he just wanted his buddies to see a murderer up close.  He taunts Jonathan and is ready to assault him with a hockey stick.  Jonathan protests that he got the “bad things” out of his head with surgery.  Sam tells Jonathan he doesn’t buy his “innocent child abuse victim act.”  Erin appears and demands that Sam and his friends get away from Jonathan.  Aidan come and tells Sam he must leave Jonathan alone.

Ryan tells Julia that Jonathan told him about his “life skills” class with his really nice teacher, Julia Santos.  He asks her why, if she wants to help Jonathan, she lets her nephew go after him and threaten his life.

Sam tells Aidan that his dad did not have any “back up” to help him when he was murdered so why should Aidan defend Jonathan?  Aidan tells them they better go away.  They leave.  Erin asks Aidan if he was just there to follow Jonathan.  He tells her that maybe she should thank him for saving her brother.  He seems to know how Jonathan got hit the other day but won’t tell her or implicate the person who did it.  He reminds her that Jonathan has not told her who hit him so maybe he’s just manipulating her.  She tells him that he is arrogant, and she informs him that Jonathan got hit very day of his life by their dad.  They don’t know who hit Jonathan and split his lip the other day because he does not tell them.  That’s what he did with their dad.

Zach tells Julia that she cannot let Zach get away with assaulting Jonathan.  She tells him that Zach only acted to save his wife from Jonathan, and she tells Ryan that he has to forget about Zach.  Getting even with Zach will only get more conflicts stirred up with more people.  She tells him that she’s dealt with vengeance many times before, and he needs to let the whole situation with Zach go.

Adam sounds emotionally affected by what looks like Krystal being hurt.  He protests that he did not mean to act in an insensitive way.  She tells him that she thought the sex that they had on their wedding night was special.  She tells him that maybe she does not hate him with as much gusto as she once did.  He tells her she must be joking if she says she has feelings for him.  She then tells him he can laugh and maybe she will go away and not make any more of an idiot of herself than she already has.

Babe tells Kendall that she needs to understand what has happened.  Kendall tells her she will never go into partnership with garbage like her.  Simone then makes an announcement that Fusion is now undergoing some “transition” but it should not affect the wonderful products they have.  Ethan tells her that she ought to go on Broadway.  Kendall tells Babe she needs to get out.  JR needs to go with her.  Babe tells Kendall that she did not ask for this opportunity but she is there, and Kendall will not scare her off.  She is not going to throw away this opportunity so Kendall better get used to it.

Adam tells Krystal that he knows her feelings about him have not changed.  She wants nothing more than to see him die.  She tells him that she knows that he also put on an act, and asks him if he was that desperate to get rid of her.  She then tells him that she is not made of steel.  She sits all alone in that bed every night without anybody to touch her.  She asks him if he knows how many times she’s relived the night they had in Crow Hollow.  She asks if he has such a low opinion of himself that he believes that he would mean so little to her.  She tells him he must know how much she desires him.  He is very confused not knowing if she means it or not.  He kisses her and they get it on.

Ryan tells Julia that everything she’s said makes perfect sense—for her.  He knows that she is against revenge but he cannot let people hurt his brother because he is defenseless to fight back.  She tells Ryan that she is a nurse.  She understands the whole medical side of it.  She knows that Jonathan had a sickness that he could not help but when he was in the “class” with her, she saw how he could not work his hands and noticed that those where the same hands that killed her brother-in-law.  She tells him if he wants people to forget Jonathan’s crimes, he will need help.  He will need friends, and picking fights with anybody who hurts him will not help the situation.  He tells her that she is right, and what she’s saying just convinces him all the more that he and his brother and sister need to leave town.

Erin tells Aidan that he must know that he is stalking Jonathan.  He asks her why it matters.  She tells Aidan that she’s tired of people seeing Jonathan like he’s some sort of mutant freak.  Jonathan tells Erin it’s ok if Aidan wants to follow him because maybe that way, he can show Aidan that he is no longer bad.  He asks them if they want to come skating.

Kendall tells JR and Babe that she will never accept what has happened.  She asks JR what is wrong with him.  He tells her she must watch it.  She tells him that she cannot believe that he is pathetic enough to fall in love with Babe.  Knowing that neither of them is going away, she informs babe about JR’s private conversation with her and tells her that he is having feelings for her.  He’s desperately in love with Babe.  She tells JR if he wants to be a sap, if he wants to be tied to this piece of trash, he may do that, but she refuses to be a part of it.  Hearing that, Babe tells Kendall that she’d do anything to freak her out.  She tells Kendall that she knows that JR hates her guts.  He’s not in love with her.  She tells Kendall she’s going to be a partner of this company, and then she leaves.  Kendall tells JR he must go after Babe since he’s obviously in love with her.  He asks Kendall if she has any friends any more after what she’s done to Ryan and Greenlee.  Is there anybody left who cares about her anymore?  She admits there probably is not.  He tells her that he was once her friend.  She looks at him smugly.  He tells her that she will be very lonely pregnant and all alone.  She gets up and walks off.

Ryan tells Julia that she knows that nobody in this town forgives or accepts Jonathan.  So she knows that he and Jonathon and Erin need to pack up their bags and get out.  She asks him what about his baby.  She tells him that she believes she can help Jonathan.  She says she could tell from that first life skills class, how Jonathan trips over his words and has to search his memory in order to put simple ideas together that she believes that Jonathan can benefit form her.  He asks her what he’s going to do when the next guy decides that Jonathan should not be walking the streets in public and one day he gets a call from a coroner informing him that Jonathan has been murdered.  Hearing that, Julia tells Ryan that only time will tell, and they must just sit back and see how things go.  She tells him that maybe he should leave Pine Valley if he feels as though that is best.

Jonathan invites Aidan to join them skating.  He thanks him for the invitation but tells him he must leave.  Erin is wary of Aidan telling Jonathan that she’s sure that they will see Aidan again, and he will see them again from his binoculars.  Aidan leaves and Jonathan tells her that Aidan is nice and maybe she should trust him.  She tells him she does not entirely.  She then offers to race him on the skating rink.

Adam is all over Krystal.  And she tells him that he better get his hands off her backside or she will crush every one of his fingers and shove them down his throat.  Right then, he knows that she was bluffing when she acted like she had feelings for him.  She tells him that she knows all about that merger going down with Chandler Enterprises, and she knows what his motives are to pretend he’s falling in love with her.

Babe returns to the Pine Cone, and JR enters.  She tells him he should leave.  He tells her not until they talk about what Kendall said.  He tries to talk but she throws a lamp at him and demands he gets out.  She tells him she knows that he hates her and will never care about her and wants to use her.  She tells him she knows that he asked Del to “test” her.  He protests that after what she did to him, he had to “test her out.”  He could not have blind faith.  She tells him she wants him gone.

Kendall goes to the casino and tells an employee that if he wants his job, he must do as she says.  She goes into Zach’s office and tries to hide her feelings.  She is getting ready to enjoy a drink thinking she’s all alone in Zach’s office, Julia enters and asks her how stupid can she be, and  knocks the drink out of Kendall’s hands.

Simone and Danielle talk to the guests about how great Fusion is.  Ethan tells them both that they did a good job pretending that all is well after what has just happened.  Danielle takes off.  Alone with Ethan, Simone tells him that “this” is so unfair.  He asks her if she means what Kendall did to Greenlee or what Greenlee did to Kendall.  She tells them all of this.  She tells him that Kendall does not deserve to own this place, nor does Greenlee, nor does little miss baby-stealing bimbo.  She tells him that she should have authority around here.  She has worked her butt off, and if he was not the senior partner in that place, she would take her talent somewhere else.  He then surprises her with a Christmas present.  She opens it assuming it’s just something common but she finds out that he’s made her an equal partner of Fusion.  He tells her that he’s known for a long time that she deserves to have this opportunity.  She has saved this company and if anybody has earned it, it is she.

Meanwhile, Kendall is alone in Zach’s office.

Ryan comes to join Jonathan and Erin.  Ryan asks if anything has happened.  Erin tells him no.  Everything is fine now that he is there.

Krystal informs Adam that Palmer tipped her off on what he was going to do.  He tells her that if she and Palmer get along so well, why doesn’t she marry him?  He has money and will probably die before he (Adam) does.  She smiles and tells him that she might just invest in one of those online brokerage firms.

JR asks Babe how somebody can trust somebody else when there has been so much bad blood.  She tells him that maybe she has pushed too hard.  She thought that they’d jumped a major hurdle.  She thought he cared about her but now she needs to know what has really happened.  She tells him she feels really embarrassed.  He tells her there is nothing for her to be embarrassed about.  She tells him that she hopes he can forgive her and not prevent her form having her three hours a week with her son.  At least it will give him a little time to get out of the house without having to see her, and it will help her get over the “fantasy” about them.  She tells him she realizes that things are not going to change but he tells her that things have changed.  He cares about her a lot more than she thinks, and he kisses her.

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