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Simone tells the Fusion people that she plans to have a new aura of peace and harmony after there’s been all the bad feelings between Kendall and Greenlee in the atmosphere. 

Right then, Kendall is in her home, upset and ready to throw up from morning sickness.  JR appears outside and tells her she better let him in or he will bust the door down.

Jamie is in the student union with people gathered around him, seeing him as the hero future doctor.  He seems happy.   A bitter Amanda watches him and is ready to seek revenge.

JR tells Kendall that she should care about their friendship.  She reminds him that she is the only friend he has.  He tells her she must get over herself and help him to prevent falling in love with Babe.

Right then, Babe reveals to her mother that “somebody” is singing; “here comes the bride.”

JR tells Kendall that Babe “passed the test” that he put her to with Del.  She tells him she doesn’t want to discuss that with him.  She is grieving and she would like to throw up in peace.  He tells her that she is not the first woman to get sick while pregnant.  She’s not that special.  She tells him she is “special”; she is the first woman to carry her best friend’s child with her own egg and to be abandoned by her best friend.  Now she has people coming from all around harassing her and demanding to know what she’s going to do with that baby.  She asks him just how “special” that is for him.  He hears that and is really surprised.  She then tells him that he will never fall in love with Babe Carey…not ever.

Babe tells her mother that she “played” JR.  She made him think that she’s desperately in love with him and that he broke her heart.  Krystal tells her daughter she’s crazy to be doing that.  Babe tells her mother that she has succeeded in manipulating JR.  Not unlike what Krystal has done in marrying Adam.  Krystal asks her if one of them doing something crazy isn’t already enough.

Adam is on the phone telling his contact that he must find a way to divorce Krystal and make sure she will never see a cent of his money.  He tells his contact that he knows of a way to scare Krystal to death.  He will tell her he’s in love with her.

After seeing Babe’s ideas of her wedding.  Krystal tells her that she needs to do it “right” like she and Adam did in Crow Hollow.

JR asks Kendall just how Greenlee abandoned her.  She tells him that Greenlee felt betrayed by her and Ryan and everybody else.  He tells her that she must not believe that there is a problem in having Ryan’s baby by herself without Greenlee.  Hearing that, Kendall demands that JR gets out of her house.

Brooke comes to see Julia.  She tells her that she’s concerned about Sam.  He’s drinking and isolating himself and his grades are going down the drain since he’s been staying with Julia.  Julia tells Brooke that she’s lost too many people she loves and she’s not about to lose Sam.  She then goes to talk to him and he admits that he knows he has not been the model nephew or friend to her but she must know that he is a teenager.  He tells her that one day this will pass and they will all kick back and laugh about it but she tells him that this is not about any “phase.”  This is about Jonathan Lavery.  He doesn’t want to talk about it but Julia and Brooke demand that he talk.

Jamie tells his friends at the union that he has all the answers about how to be the model student.  Amanda then interrupts his conversation.  He asks her what is up.  She makes a scene where people hear her talking like he is in love with her and has to let her go.  He is only ignoring her but when he confronts her about her behavior, it might appear to the observers as though he is “obsessed” with her.

Right then, Janet is looking at all of the scrapbooks of her daughter.  She’s plotting a plan.

Babe is in the Pine Cone looking through her bridal magazines.  Livia Frey knocks on the door and demands that Babe lets her in.  Babe asks Livia what she wants.  Is she there to sue her on behalf of Amanda?  Babe knows that Livia and Amanda are real close because Livia was good friends with Amanda’s father.  Livia tells Babe she is not there because of Amanda.  She is there because of her (Babe).  Babe asks her why and tells her she does not need a lawyer.

Krystal appears in Adam’s room, informing him that he just served him with a summons.  She wonders what is up.  He asks her if she wants to “celebrate.”  He asks her to read something.  She then reads and tells him somebody cannot spell and he should get them fired.  He tells her that this is French writing about stocks skyrocketing.  She sounds content but she asks him to repeat what he just said.  She then figures out that he is trying to buy her off for a lousy amount of money.  She tells him that she knows exactly what she has coming to her and she’s not going to settle for a dime less.  He asks her if she does not feel the thrill of success.  He tells her he’s followed and researched this stuff for a long time and never backed off.  He managed to master this stock, and now he’s getting his just reward.  Hearing that, she tells him that that sounds dirty.  He tells her that it’s very much like sex.  This first page, he tells her, is the foreplay.  He tells her that stock trading is very much like relationship conquests.

Sam tells Brooke that he is devastated that Jonathan Lavery got away with killing his father.  Julia tells him that she knows what it’s like to lose somebody and want to kill somebody.  He tells her that he doesn’t want to talk about how somebody may “know how he feels.”  His father was murdered.  Brooke tells him that he must deal with what is going on and pull himself together but he tells them that Jonathan is going to pay for what he did.

Simone is telling the Fusion office about ways to get their sales up for the holidays.  Danielle and Ethan wonder what is up.  Right then, it looks like their business partners are ready to meet them.

At Kendall’s home, she tells JR that he really crossed the line by telling her that having a baby by herself is a “no-brainer.”  He tells her that he loves his son and knows very well what it’s like to have his child taken from him.  He tells her he did not plan to have Little A any more than she planned to have Ryan’s baby.  And he encourages her to have the baby, since she planned to have it.  He tells her to love it and keep it.  She tells him that he knows nothing about loving a child.  All he and his family know about is owning and trading stocks and bonds.  She reminds him how he “gave up” the baby whom he believed was Bess.  She tells him he’s a loser and a real sucker to be falling for Babe Carey, and an even bigger moron to trust Di Henry.  She tells him that when Babe throws him away and betrays him, he better not come crying to her.

Livia tells Babe that she has some things for her to read.  Babe tells her she has other plans and assumes there’s no way Livia can help her.  Babe is shocked to notice that she has a big surprise.  Livia tells her it’s God’s honest truth that she is in this up to her eyeballs.

There is a big celebration and Fusion, Kendall walks in and appears happy.  Alone with her, Simone, Ethan and Danielle tell her she needs to stop her phony happy act.  Kendall tells Simone that she knows that Greenlee is gone but they still have Fusion.  Now they will be more motivated, more powerful and more driven than ever before.  Ethan tells her he’s a little concerned about her but she tells him she’s completely in control.  Nobody needs to worry about her.

Livia tells Babe that she must sign this thing.  She tells her that she has real reason to be “happy.”  Suddenly, there’s a knock on the door, and it is JR.  He asks Babe why she is so happy around Livia.  She tells him that now she has a real reason to be.  She presents the document to him.  He is very surprised and asks Livia if it’s for real.  Livia tells him that she does not work for $300 an hour to make bad jokes. 

Amanda tells Jamie that she got to him when nobody else could, right in front of all the students who are watching them.  He asks her to wake up and think about whether he’s ever told her that she’s anything more to him than somebody to have fun with.  He tells her she needs help, and he’ll get it for her but she must be honest with him.  He asks her if she poisoned the Chandler’s food.  He tells her if she tells him truthfully, he will help her.  She refuses to answer and asks him if he’s seen his “pet bunny” recently.  She tells him he’s never going to pass his “psych test”.  She tells him she’s not crazy, just really ticked off, and now he has real reason to be afraid.

Meanwhile, Janet is looking at the newspaper article about Jamie Martin inheriting Phoebe Wallingford’s millions.

Adam shows Krystal a pear and tells her that right now it may not be worth much but not long from now, it will be worth big bucks.  He tells her that very soon somebody is going to have to pay him more than what he’s paid for it.  She tells him it almost doesn’t seem fair.  He tells her that fair has nothing to do with it.  He tells her he knows what he wants and he knows what she’s worth.  Then, he kisses her and she does not stop him.

Sam asks Julia and Brooke what is up with Ryan Lavery for protecting his psycho brother.  Julia tells him that this is not a video game.  If he shoots Jonathan, it won’t be just like a murder movie.  It will change the rest of his life.  He tells her that she did what she had to do with the “dragon man” and now he has to do what he has to do with Jonathan.  He tells Julia and Brooke that if he gets in trouble for murdering Jonathan, he will not ask either of them to post his bail.  Julia tells him that maybe he needs to go back to California and be with his mother.  He asks her if she would send him back to his mommy in order to protect that scum, Jonathan Lavery.  She tells him no, that she’s doing it in order to protect him.  He then goes out the door.

Adam pulls away from Krystal.  He tells her that he cannot make love to her.  He tells her that he feels it in his heart.  This is not Crow Hollow.  They cannot just sleep together and not care about the consequences.  He cannot have sex without it meaning something.  He tells her that he knows she needs the real truth.  He tells her that he’s going to make their marriage real.

Kendall notices JR has attended the Fusion party and Babe is his “date.”  She tells him she’s already thrown him out of her house, and now she is ready to throw him out of Fusion.  JR and Babe tell her that they are not about to leave.

Amanda tells Jamie that the crazy girl got a real job at New Beginnings where there is money and power.  She tells him that he’s never understood her, ad she’s going to get out of this place where there are nothing but losers.  He tells her he gets her.  He knows her all too well.

Adam tells Krystal that he wants to make love to her but he needs her to want him as much as he wants her.  She tells him she’s not ready to “feel his need.”  He then appears like he is emotionally attached to her, and he blurts out that he loves her.  He will not give up on her until she feels what he feels for her.  She tells him that he can take her now. 

Kendall tells JR he must get that little bimbo out of her office now.  He laughs and tells her that she has the mistaken idea that this is her office.  Ethan tells JR that he heard the lady ask him to leave.  JR and Babe do not seem intimidated.  Babe then informs Kendall that Greenlee gave her all her shares of Fusion.  She is Kendall’s new partner.

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