AMC Update Tuesday 12/6/05

All My Children Update Tuesday 12/6/05 


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

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Del tells Babe that he knows of a way to help her “take down” JR so that she can get full custody of her son.  She seems interested after believing that JR has hurt her.

Tad goes to ask his father how to find out confidential medical information about something.  Joe asks Tad what specifically he wants.  Tad tells him that he’d like all the dirt he might be able to uncover on the new star doctor, Greg Madden.

Right then, Di is applying for the receptionist position in Madden’s office.  He goes over her resume and notices she has very limited work experience and no references.  She tells him he can call Tad Martin for a reference.  He then tells her he will not hire her. 

Amanda goes to see Josh at his work at New Beginnings.  He asks her what she wants.  She tells him that she’s had blackouts and is tired of being falsely accused of so many things by so many people.  He asks her why she needs his help and asks why she doesn’t consult with a doctor or go to a hospital if she has medical problems.  She tells him that she does not get the “services” she needs in hospitals.

Kendall confronts Ryan for Jonathan’s attempt to kill her and asks whom she has to credit for what happened; his psycho brother or his bitter, soon-to be ex-wife?

Meanwhile, Zach takes Jonathan out to the parking garage of the hospital and is ready to hurt him for what he just did to Kendall.

Ryan tells Kendall he’s concerned about what happened to her as is Ethan.  She asks him if maybe Greenlee is behind what has happened to her.  He tells her that there is no way Greenlee could physically carry her up to the top of the roof.  Kendall tells him that the roof is where she saved Greenlee’s life.  Ethan asks why she would assume it was Greenlee.  She tells him she knows Greenlee has a ton of cash to pay to anybody who could do the job.  Ryan tells her it couldn’t be Greenlee.  She tells Ryan that she believes it was Jonathan.  He tells her she cannot accuse Jonathan.  She then says that maybe Ryan is the one who did it.  She knows he’s very angry at her for having this baby without his knowing and blames her for running Greenlee out of town.  They both ask how she got off of the hammock on the roof.  She informs them that she’d have fallen to her death if Zach had not saved her.  Hearing that, Ryan tells her it’s all too convenient for Zach to “play the hero” at a time like this.

Right then, Zach and Aidan are ready to hurt Jonathan for what he did to Kendall, but Julia and Lily appear.  Lily covers her ears and demands they stop yelling.

Joe tells Tad that he might be running into a lot of brick walls with Greg Madden.  Tad tells his father that if he’s taught him one thing, it’s integrity.  He needs to protect people from what could be unethical practice from Dr. Greg Madden.  Hearing that, Joe tells him his son he is not recommending this, but perhaps the only way to “get the goods” on Madden is to find a way to get into his private files.

Greg tells Di that he cannot hire her and, after he’s heard that she is a “friend” of Tad Martin’s, he says that is one more strike against her.  She’s not about to take no for an answer and she tells him that she’s had “experience” and can vouch for her integrity since her loyalty got her thrown in jail.  He tells her he cannot hire an ex-con.  She tells him that her past has shown how strongly she believes in privacy.  She asks him to give her a temporary probation period and just “try” her.  She tells him that he will not regret it.  He then agrees.

After hearing about Amanda’s memory lapses, Josh asks her what she has forgotten.  She tells him she had a fight with Babe a while back before she blacked out, and she’s lost entire days and hours of what has happened in many events.  Hearing about her altercation with Babe, he appears to not believe what she is alleging.  She asks him if he really believes that she would poison the Chandler’s food intentionally.  He asks her if she really does know what she is doing half the time.  She tells him she really truly does not remember what she does.  She tells her she’s come to the right place and perhaps he could help her.

Del reveals to Babe that he does not have much of a social life.  She tells him perhaps he needs to get out more.  He tells her about the time he spends in the library doing research so he can write his book.  He tells her that he knows of ways to help her in her present situation with how the Chandlers treat her.  She asks him what is in this for him.  He tells her that he will get to see a pretty girl smile.  She tells him he must tell her what he really wants out of this.  He tells her that he does not care for JR.  He wonders what JR’s problem is with her, given that they’ve been divorced for so long.  He tells her that he believes JR is a mean SOB and he does not want her to live in fear of JR anymore.  Outside, JR is listening to their conversation with grim satisfaction.

Kendall tells Ryan if he does not believe that somebody tried to kill her he can get out.  He tells her he does believe her but he also believes that perhaps Zach is the culprit.  Ethan asks Ryan why he suspects Zach.  Ryan tells Ethan that his father has had many schemes and many motives to frame Jonathan.  Kendall tells him that nobody framed anybody.  She knows that Jonathan came by the Fusion office very angry with her for what she did to Ryan and Greenlee.  Ryan asks her if Zach knows about her confrontation with Jonathan.  She admits he does.  He asks where Zach is right now.

After noticing he’s upset Lily, Jonathan apologizes and sounds sensitive.  He gets a call on his cell phone from Ryan.  Ryan informs his brother that Zach Slater might be “looking for him.”  He asks Jonathan if he is ok.

Josh tells Amanda that a major problem for her is that she spends too much time alone.  She tells him in case he hasn’t noticed; she’s not exactly the most popular person in town.  He tells her she needs a job.  She needs to be independent and stop leaching off of other people.  She tells him that he’s made it very obvious that he does not trust her.  He tells her that he has something special in mind for her.  He asks her if she knows how to answer phones and has basic skills.  It sounds like he has a plan.  She asks him why he is being so nice to her knowing how she feels about Babe on whom he has a crush.

Del tells Babe that he discovered that JR had a lot of money stashed in off-shore accounts that Adam knows nothing about.  Del tells Babe that maybe this information can help her get her baby back.  She tells him that maybe she can handle this on her own but tells him she will be in touch and thanks him.  She leaves and JR comes out form hiding.  Del then informs JR that it’s plain to see that Babe is really hosing him and he must watch his back.  JR tells him that when he meets with Babe later on, he will know what to do.

Di goes to Tad’s and informs him that she got the job with Madden.  He tells her he is impressed.  She admits that it was not easy, and that Madden was not happy when she mentioned Tad’s name.  She asks Tad what Madden might have against him.  Tad sounds like he does not know but wants to find out information about Greg Madden.  He informs Di that he believes she might have the right to know the reason why he wants her to work for Greg Madden.  He tells her that it is something personal.

Ryan tells Jonathan, on the phone that Kendall and Zach have accused him of doing something to hurt Kendall.  Jonathan tells his brother he did not do it.  Ryan tells his brother he believes him but he tells Jonathan if he runs into Kendall or Zach again, he must stay away from them.  He tells Jonathan he does not have to fight Ryan’s battles for him.  Jonathan then hangs up.  Julia asks Jonathan why he did not tell his brother what Zach has already done to him, noticing that Zach has punched Jonathan in the face and made him bloody.

Ryan gets off the phone and confirms to Kendall that he cares more about his psycho brother than he cares about her.  She reminds him that she is a victim.  Ethan then leaves but tells Ryan that he believes that he and Kendall have some problems, and they both need to deal with the fact that they are going to be the parents of a child.  Ethan leaves.  Ryan tells Kendall perhaps Ethan is right.  They are both hurt and angry, but that’s no reason to trash each other.  He acknowledges that she is carrying his child and he asks what they are going to do about that.  She tells him that the “we” she’d planned on, in regard to this baby, was not she and he.  It was she and Greenlee.  She tells him that Greenlee has abandoned her.  She’s now pregnant and all alone.  He tells her that if she expected Greenlee to be there for her, she should have called her from the clinic.  He tells her if she’d done that, Greenlee would be there for her, and he would be there for both of them.  Hearing that, she tells him she’s not entirely certain she even wants this child.

After Julia asks Jonathan why he did not inform Ryan that Zach was ready to hurt him, he tells her that although he did not hurt Kendall, Zach was just looking out for Kendall the same way he knows that Ryan is looking out for him.  Julia tells Jonathan she will go with him to take care of the cut on his face that Zach gave him.  Zach apologizes to Lily for scaring her.  She says nothing.

JR comes to meet Babe and asks her what is “so important.”  What does she need to tell him?   It sounds like she believes she has to warn him that Del wants to get him in trouble.

Josh tells Amanda that although he cares about Babe, he doesn’t have to hate her because of that especially since he hates JR, too.  He tells her that he would consider her for a receptionist position but he warns her that Ms.  Kane is very meticulous about attendance, hard-work and professional dress.  Everything everybody in that place does represents her.

Tad informs Di that Erica asked him to investigate Greg Madden.  Erica told him she thought that Greg had some secret agenda in regard to her and her family.  At first, he thought she was just being Erica but he overheard Greg’s private conversation with his son and he was able to uncover all kinds of things that look suspicious about him in regard to Greg’s connection to Tad’s family as well as Erica’s.  She asks him exactly what types of records and secrets she needs to find on Greg.  Right then, he notices that she has pulled the crocheted throw over her lap.  He seems upset and she starts to remove the throw, but he tells her she mustn’t feel bad.  Her sister probably intended for her to have it.  He reminisces about Dixie crocheting on their porch.  She asks him if now that he’s “working” for Erica, why this all seems so personal to him.  He tells her that while he was investigating for Erica, he discovered a file in the doctor’s hotel room that contained personal information about the Martin family.  She asks if he would prefer that somebody else get the job but he tells her that he would like her help.  She tells him that she really does want to investigate Dr. Madden after she’s found out what he’s done.

JR asks Babe what kind of game she is playing with him.  Why is she trying to protect him from trouble after he has insulted her and since she has been so angry with him?  She tells him that she’s no longer a little girl who lashes out at people who hurt her feelings.  She can see beyond their differences.  He is her son’s father.  She wants him to be happy and she cares about him.

Kendall tells Ryan that in the hospital, she and Greenlee talked about many things.  Greenlee talked all about her plans to be a mom.  She tells him that she never intended to be the mom.  She did not sign up for that.  He tells her that now she has months to figure it out.  She tells him that what she’s figured out is that no good deed goes unpunished.  She asks him how he feels.  Does he want this baby?   He admits that he’s not certain what he thinks or feels.  She tells him that she might not even go through with having the child.  He tells her it’s her choice and her body and he will respect any decision she makes.  She tells him she’s very surprised that he doesn’t have a problem with the thought of having his baby terminated.  He tells her that he did not sign up for this and so it’s not his call but that he will be there for her and treat her with civility.

After Julia has taken Jonathan and Lily inside the hospital, Zach and Aidan decide that they are going to team up to prevent Jonathan from hurting someone else if the law will not protect society from him.

In the hospital, Julia bandages Jonathan’s wound.  Lily helps him relearn his skills with clicking a pen.  He sounds impressed and tells her she knows a lot of stuff.  She tells him she can teach him some more.

Josh is on the phone with Erica and confirms that she has a meeting at the Starlight Lounge.  He hangs up and Amanda that she may make a call for the “network chief” to meet Ms. Kane at the Moonglow café.  She gets on the phone, eager to make the phone call. 

Di tells Tad that she will do some checking around the clinic and she believes she will find something on Dr. Greg Madden.  It sounds like she really wants to help Tad and cares about this issue.

JR tells Babe that he does not understand anything.  He does not understand his home or his life.  He does not understand anything about her.  Hearing that, she tells him if he cannot appreciate her for trying to save his butt, then he can get out.  She looks outwardly upset but after he leaves, she smiles in satisfaction and believes that she’s “gotten” JR.

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