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All My Children Update Monday 12/5/05


Written By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

At the Pine Cone Motel, Del tells Babe that he has writers block, was driving by the Pine Cone Motel and thought about Babe. He stopped by to see if she’d like to go out and have some fun. Suddenly JR shows up, telling Del that he and his sister have caused enough trouble and stay away from Babe. Del tells Babe they can go out another time and leaves.

Ryan and Zach are at the Pine Cone sniping about Kendall, with Zach telling Ryan to not hurt Kendall. Ryan tells Zach that he doesn’t care about Kendall. He’s hiding behind his wife and is a coward. Ryan warns him that if he fires another round at his brother he’ll bring him down. Zach comments that he’s the same old Lavery. He asks where does Kendall stand. Is he going to mow her down too? Ryan tells him to get out. Zach tells him to stay away from Kendall and the baby. Erica, who has just walked into Ryan’s room and tells Zach she wants him to stay away from Kendall and the baby. They are not his concern.

Jonathan goes to the boathouse and finds Lily, who is watching the sunset. She tells Jonathan he’s too late for the sunset as the days are getting shorter. She looks at Jonathan and tells him his face is down. Jonathan says he thought everything was going to be happy but it’s not. He says he’s trying to be a good person now but it’s hard. He thinks he did something real bad today. He says Ryan and Greenlee were going to be happy but Kendall ruined it. He tells Lily that he went to Fusion to tell Kendall off but Simone and Dani yelled at him and he left. He didn’t get to say what he wanted to say. He says his got madder and his face got hotter. He asks Lily to feel his face but she will not. She talks about learning strategies to deal with anger in her life skills class. Jonathan says he needs some strategies.

At the hospital, Joe is talking to Julia about a position at the hospital. She wants to volunteer but he asks her to take over the life skills class after the previous teacher left. He tells her she is uniquely qualified to teach the class.

Kendall wakes up and finds herself in a hammock. She sees the hammock is tied to Fusion’s roof and she is suspended high up in the air. She looks down and sees the street many stories below. She tries to convince herself she is dreaming. She screams for help but no one is around.

Babe tells JR she is going to Chandler mansion. JR warns her that Amanda is not the only danger she has. He is also a danger. He notes that he’ll be right down the hall from her. Babe asks if he plans to try to hurt her. JR says he has been waiting for her to blow her cover because he hasn’t been able to trust her. But he can’t trust himself. He says he has been so focused on revenge toward her that he couldn’t believe she was on the level. But as he watched her sleep he realized she was for real. He knows she is falling back in love with him. Babe asks how he feels about that. JR says he feels uncomfortable and weird. He realizes she has shown him her heart and she needs to know how he feels.

Erica tells Zach that if he cares about Kendall he would give her a divorce and leave. Zach says Kendall should not have to listen to the likes of her, then leaves. Erica tells Ryan that they should find a way to help him and Kendall. She says everything Kendall did was for Greenlee. She wanted to save Greenlee’s life. Ryan says he can’t forgive Kendall for the pain she caused Greenlee. Erica says Kendall has pain too. She was ready to give Greenlee her child. Ryan says the child is a mistake. He says it was not his choice to be a father, but he accepted it because Greenlee was excited. Erica says now that Greenlee is gone he has to deal with Kendall and the baby. He needs to hold onto someone so why not Kendall. She says they are in the perfect place to start over. She says he should turn this into something positive.

As Kendall moves around in the hammock, the ropes loosen and she slips, sending her into more of a panic. She is begging for someone to come and find her and save her. Zach walks into the empty Fusion office and places an envelope with Kendall’s name on her desk. He starts to leave but turns and looks around. Meanwhile, the rope on the hammock loosens some more.

JR tells Babe he can see she’s very strong. He says he wants her, but he doesn’t want to break her heart. He says she needs to use her strength against him as he doesn’t have the same feelings for her. Babe says she didn’t ask him to love her. JR says this is not what she wants or deserves. He’s not falling in love with her. He walks out and Del approaches him. JR tells him he’s glad he reconsidered his offer. He asks Del if he’s ready to get Babe between the sheets as she’s ripe. Del says Babe may not be ready to fall into bed with him. JR says she will with the ground he laid. Inside the room, Babe is visibly angry, throwing her clothes around. Del knocks on her door again and says he thought she could use a friend. She says she’d rather be alone. He gives her his phone number and turns to leave. She tells him to wait.

Julia is addressing the life skills class when Lily runs in looking for Miss Crane. Julie tells her that Miss Crane isn’t here anymore. Lily says she found someone who needs some strategies and she brought him here, but he can’t come in. Jonathan comes to the doorway and asks Lily if the teacher said it was OK for him to come.

Kendall continues to panic but Zach is now there. He tells her to keep quiet and not move. Soon he has her in his arms and has saved her from the dangling hammock. A thankful Kendall begs him to stay with her. He asks her what happened, but she doesn’t know. She was in her office then woke up and found herself in the hammock. He asks her who was there. She says it was just Simone, Dani and some co-workers. Then she remembers Jonathan was there and he was furious with her. She asks why he is there. He tells her he came to leave an envelope for her. Kendall says this is a miracle. She thinks he knew she needed him. Zach says it was just an accident. Zach begins to say something but Ethan walks in. Zach tells Ethan to look after her and walks out. Kendall calls out to Zach, asking where he’s going.

Jonathan says he’ll go as he doesn’t want to cause any trouble. Julia tells him they were talking about the surprises in life and invites him to join the group.

Del and Babe are at the boathouse. He comments that she and JR have been divorced for awhile but he’s still trying to control her. Babe is distracted and not listening, clearly thinking about something else. Del comments that it’s harder to make a clean break when there is a kid involved. Babe says that JR has full custody and now has taken away her visitation rights. He asks her how she would stick it to him if she could. She doesn’t know what to say. Del says he has some ideas. Babe says JR has all the power and there’s nothing she can do. He says he has some juicy ammunition that can be used against JR.

Ryan tells Erica that he, Jonathan and Erin are getting out of this town. Erica tells him not to race off another cliff. Ryan says there’s no reason to stay here. Erica says he has plenty of reason. He owes it to his family to explore his options. She tells him to at least talk to Kendall before he makes any moves.

Kendall tells Ethan she put him through such hell. He tells her not to worry as he and Simone are really happy. Kendall says someone tried to kill her then a miracle happened. She asks Ethan to get Zach’s envelope for her. She opens it and finds divorce papers. She glumly says Zach didn’t come to save her, he came to end them. She says she’s such an idiot.

Zach goes to the hospital life group and tells Julia he is looking for Jonathan. He asks Jonathan to talk to him outside. They go into the parking garage, where Zach tells Jonathan he’s angry. He asks if he wants to know how angry he is. He promptly punches Jonathan in the face.

Kendall tells Ethan that his father is a constant source of annoyance. He says he has put up walls. Ryan walks into Fusion to see Kendall.

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