AMC Update Friday 12/2/05

All My Children Update Friday 12/2/05


Written By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

JR is watching Babe sleeping at Chandler mansion. Babe wakes up and he tenderly touches her face. His hand sweeps across her face and down her neck and shoulder. She touches his face. Suddenly JR backs away from her. Babe asks him what's wrong. He stands up and leaves without saying a word.

Di goes to Dr. Madden's office to apply for a receptionist job. She speaks to Hazel, who asks Greg about the interviews. Greg hurries off without showing any interest in interviewing anyone, saying he has an appointment with his attorney. Hazel gives Di an application and says they'll arrange an interview when the doctor is in a better mood. Di is filling out the application when Tad walks in. He asks her if she needs a reference.

Erin is at the Pine Cone Motel when Ryan enters. He tells her that Greenlee is gone and is not coming back. Jonathan enters the room and gleefully gives Ryan a stuffed animal for the baby. He congratulates Ryan for becoming a daddy. Ryan informs Jonathan that he's not going to be married to Greenlee anymore as she left Pine Valley. Jonathan says that wasn't supposed to happen. They were supposed to be a big happy family. He says this is Kendall's fault. Kendall ruined it for everyone.

Kendall is on the roof of Fusion staring at her wedding ring. She has flashbacks to times with Zach, including when he told her he loved her. She takes off the ring and tells herself she can do this. She will get over Zach. She says she will not love him. She throws the ring off the roof.

Zach is at Myrtle's house, where she asks if he told Kendall he loved her. He says he did, but Kendall told him she didn't want to see him again. Myrtle asks if he's going to take her word for it or fight for her. Myrtle tells Zach that Kendall doesn't receive love with open arms and he shouldn't give up. She may need to be told over and over again. Zach says Kendall is right to be worried and he doesn't blame her for not loving him. He says in the end he would only hurt her. Myrtle says he would not hurt Kendall. Zach says it's done. He grabs a muffin from a plate on her tabble and leaves. Myrtle tells herself it's not done. She picks up the phone and makes a call. She says hello to Bianca.

Di throws away the application, telling Tad he got her fired from her last job so she thought she would save him the bother. She accuses him of following her, but Tad denies it. He takes the application out of the waste basket and gives it back to her. He tells her he wants her to work here. Then she'll be in a position to do something for him.

Krystal and Adam arrive home. Adam is still a little shaky and Krystal tries to help him. He comments that he's not an invalid. Krystal tells him that Joe Martin told him to take it easy. Adam says Winefred and Lecretia are on their way out. Krystal says he is not going to fire anyone. The soup was her specialty. He suggests she might have been the one to poison the soup. She says she and Babe went to the hospital too. Adam says there's nothing she would like better than to be the widow Chandler.

Simone, Dani and other women are at Fusion talking about preparations for a party. Dani wonders where Greenlee is. Kendall walks in and tells them to forget about Greenlee since she left town. Simone and Dani are surprised, and Simone asks Kendall how she can be so calm as Greenlee is their best friend. Kendall says from now on she's in charge. Simone asks Kendall how she could do what she did to Greenlee. What will she do with the baby? Kendall only looks at a sign showing a picture of Greenlee and tells them to get rid of it.

Ryan tells his siblings he doesn't know what he's going to do about the baby. Jonathan says he'll help Ryan the way he has helped him. He wants to go for a walk. Erin is worried about Jonathan going out on his own but Ryan tells him he can go if he's careful. Jonathan leaves and Erin tells Ryan she's sorry about Greenlee.

Hazel asks Tad if he's there to apply for the receptionist job. He says no, he's there to make a sperm donation so he can give back to women all they have given to him. Di gives Hazel her application and Hazel comments that she's light on the job experience. Di says she has thrown herself into every job she's had. Hazel says the hours are long. Di says she can do it. She wants to help women make their dreams into babies. Hazel says she may be just the person their looking for. After Hazel leaves, Di tells Tad she'll help him whatever way she can.

JR goes to Wildwind to see Del. He offers Del cash to do something for him. Del asks what's the job. JR says he wants him to take his ex-wife to bed. JR says Babe has been a pain and needs a distraction. He offers Del $1,000 and Del takes the money. Di walks in and tells Del to give the money back. Del says he wasn't going to seduce Babe. He was just playing along for the money. Di tells JR not to set up Babe. The two of them have gotten close. She asks why he won't let himself trust Babe. JR reminds her that Babe stole his son. He says she wants him to forgive Babe because then he might forgive her.

Babe wakes up from another sleep and sees Amanda sitting in her room. Amanda tells her she's her worst nightmare. Babe tells her to get out. Amanda says she wants people to know that Babe is the dangerous one. She accuses Babe of lying about pushing her down the steps and poisoning the soup. Amanda tells Babe that she is making her out to be the bad guy to score sympathy points with JR. She says if she can't have Jamie she won't get JR.

Janet is shown by herself talking to Natalie. She is sewing something and says this is for a good cause. She says she taught Amanda so well that she'll never give up. Janet is shown to be sewing a bridal veil.

Erin asks Ryan why they let Jonathan leave. Ryan says the have to trust him. Erin says she's just as worried about him. Ryan says the last minute he saw Greenlee he know what it felt like to die. He knows how Greenlee felt when he went over the cliff. There is a knock on the door. It is Zach there to talk to Ryan alone. Erin wants to stay but Ryan tells her it's OK. She goes into the next room. Zach tells Ryan he's not going to destroy Kendall's life like he did to Greenlee.

Kendall is grouchy at work and bosses everyone around. She is going to leave to do something and goes to the elevator. The doors open and Jonathan is inside. Jonathan tells her she did bad to Ryan and Greenlee.

Ryan tells Zach that he's wanted to screw him over since his father gave him his legacy. He accuses him of manipulating Kendall to get between him and Greenlee. Zach tells him he screwed up his own marriage and Greenlee left him. Zach suggests Ryan and his family get out of Pine Valley. He offers them first-class tickets to leave or else he'll find another way for them to get out.

Jonathan tells Kendall that she stole Ryan and Greenlee's baby. He tells her she's bad. Simone and Dani come to Kendall's aid and threaten to call security and the police. Jonathan leaves.

Amanda tells Babe she's using him to pull tricks on JR. She tells her she's screwed up his life. Babe tells her to get some help and see a shrink. Amanda says she's not her mother, she's not crazy. She didn't push her or poison the soup.

Janet is shown again wearing the veil. She says Amanda is marrying Jamie Martin, but has a few loose ends to tie up first.

Adam and Krystal notice Amanda leave. Babe comes downstairs and tells them that she and JR are positive Amanda spiked the soup. Adam nearly falls over and Krystal rushes to his side. She tells him to get some rest. Babe approaches her mother and asks what that was about. She has been all over him not to fall for JR. She needs to take her own advice. Krystal tells Babe to bite her tongue. She despises and detests that old buzzard.

Tad is wearing a hat in an effort to disguise himself outside Greg's room at the Valley Inn. Greg leaves and Tad breaks into the room. He starts looking around and finds a brief case. He examines documents inside. "Oh my God," he says.

Simone tells Kendall that was scary and asks if she's all right. Kendall tells her not to pretend she cares about her. Simone says she doesn't understand what she has done. Kendall says she could talk and talk and Simone wouldn't understand it. She tells Simone to go to their meting and leave her alone. Simone leaves the room and Kendall is sitting alone at the desk. Suddenly she is hit on the head with an object and is knocked out.

Ryan asks Zach what he will do to force him to leave town. Will he spread lies or shoot at him the way he shot at his brother. Zach gives a sly smile, prompting Ryan to accuse him of trying to kill Jonatha. Zach says if he had tried to kill Jonathan he would be dead.

Babe is back at the Pine Cone and Del comes to her door. He asks her how she's doing.

JR tells Di to give up her self-righteous act and go back to pole dancing. He leaves. Di gets on her cell phone and identifies herself by saying "it's me." She asks to talk to "her." Whoever she is calling is not available. Di says she understands and asks the person to give her her love.

Ryan tells Zach he's not going to chase them away. Zach says if Kendall gets hurt because of him he'll find out how good a shot he is.

Kendall is shown lying unconscious on the roof of Fusion. A rope is thrown on her.

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