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All My Children Update Thursday 12/1/05


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Fran

Amanda is sitting alone in Myrtle’s boarding house with a bowl of soup.  JR shows up, and startles her.  He tells her she should not assume the soup is not laced with poisoning.  She asks him if he is finishing what Babe failed to do the night they mowed her down in the car.  He tells her he knows that she tried to poison his family.  Babe also shows up and tells Amanda that she is there to finish what they started.

Ryan is on the beach and hears a woman scream.  Immediately he takes off his shoes and shirt and is ready to jump in the lake.

Jack is with Erica when he gets a call from Greenlee.  He hears her tell him that she’s leaving town.  He urges his daughter not to leave.  Erica tells him she’s so sorry.  He tells her he’s afraid he’s lost his daughter.  Erica assures him he has not lost her and she just needs some time.  She will return to Pine Valley.  Jack tells Erica that Greenlee told him she could not stay in Pine valley because Kendall broke her heart.

Kendall is standing outside her door crying.  She falls to the ground.  Zach shows up and puts his arms around her and then he picks her up and carries her into her home and puts a blanket over her.  She cries.  He then builds a fire and gets her something to drink.  She tells him that he can leave.  She is fine.  He tells her he knows she is not ok.  She tells him she wishes he’d stop looking at her like somebody died.  He tells her that there is nothing that makes any sense about Greenlee feeling betrayed.  He tells Kendall that she gave Greenlee hope and made a big sacrifice for her.  And Greenlee is too selfish to see that, and so is Ryan.  He tells her that it’s their problem that they judge and blame her.  She tells him she knows he dislikes both Ryan and Greenlee.  He tells her he knows what has really happened.

Ryan finds a woman screaming, jumps in the ocean to save her, and discovers that it’s Julia Santos.  She tells him that he needs to leave her alone.  He asks her why she screamed.  She tells him it’s because she lost her necklace.  She screamed in frustration then dived in after it.  They are both freezing cold.  She gives him a towel and gets her clothes back on.  She asks him what has happened with him and knows that he has some issues in his own life.

Erica tells Jack that it’s just like Greenlee blaming everybody else for her problems.  She also reminds him that he was thrilled to find out that Ryan had a vasectomy and wasn’t very upset to find out that Greenlee could not have Ryan’s baby.  He got what he wanted; Ryan is out of Greenlee’s life.

Ryan tells Julia that Greenlee skipped town and is not coming back.  She tells him that no matter how bad things are, you can always have a new life.  He tells her that he’s been thinking about the time when he tried to end his life by riding his motorcycle off a cliff but did not die.  He must have been saved for a reason.  Maybe it was for Greenlee or for Jonathan.  He thought that if he really believed that he was saved for some reason, he could take back his life.

Zach tells Kendall that he knows she is not over Ryan.  Kendall tells Zach that what’s going on with her has nothing to do with Ryan.  She tells him that she doesn’t need to hear his opinion so he can get out.  He tells her not until he says what he has to say.

Babe tells Amanda that she almost fed her son the food that Amanda put poison in, and she’s not going to overlook any danger that could have come to her baby.  Amanda argues, but JR seems to join Babe in what she is there to tell Amanda.  Right then, Derek enters and JR tells him he wants Amanda arrested for food poisoning.  Derek tells JR that nobody saw Amanda poisoning the food in their house.  Babe protests that her son could have been poisoned.  Derek tells them that he had the crime lab examine the food and found that there was no intentional foul play.  He leaves.  Amanda tells them they better get out of there or she will have them both arrested.  JR shakes his finger at her and tells her he wishes that car had killed her.

Zach tells Kendall that he can see that she does not want him to take her side.  He tells her that she was there with all her family and friends at the Thanksgiving dinner and nobody was there to support her.  Erica claims to care about her but all she does is interfere in her life.  Greenlee has used her.  She got hung up on Ryan only to be dumped.  Ethan used her in a similar way.  None of them are capable of seeing the remarkable woman she really is.  She argues but he tells her he is not finished.

Julia asks Ryan what will happen with his baby given the present circumstances.

Amanda goes to Jamie’s to tell him he must help her because Babe and JR are after her.  She tells him that they are falsely accusing her of poisoning them.  He tells her he wouldn’t put it past her to do just that.  She tells him he must believe her.

JR takes Babe to his home and asks her if she is ok since she’s gotten out of the hospital.  She tells him that she’s glad she’s out so she can see with her own eyes that their son is ok and that she was able to confront Amanda.  Right then, she almost falls over, but JR catches her and tells her she’s not driving back to the Pine Cone by herself tonight.  He gets her to sit.  She notices that her hands aren’t working and she needs to take off her dress because it’s too tight.  He takes it off and sees her in her sexy underwear.  He behaves like a “gentleman” and puts her in the bed where she used to sleep when they were married and lets her rest.

Ryan tells Julia that he’s been questioning whether or not he is fit to be a father.  She tells him that she believes he’d be an ok dad as long as he does not pour beer over his cereal in front of his child.  He tells her that because of his behaviors, Greenlee is gone.  Julia tells Ryan that Greenlee is alive and she encourages him to go and fight to get her back.  He tells her he cannot do that, because he promised to respect any choice that Greenlee made, and he’s afraid that he cannot change her mind ever again.

Erica tells Jack that maybe they should not discuss this right now.  They just agreed to stay out of their children’s lives.  He asks her what he’s supposed to do when his daughter has split town and is all alone and crying her eyes out because Erica’s daughter has betrayed her.  She tells him that their other daughter, Kendall is alone and pregnant.  He tells her that she cannot see that what Kendall did has destroyed Greenlee.  Hearing that, Erica yells at Jack to knock it off.

Zach tells Kendall that he knows that they had a contract to have nothing more than a business marriage, but somewhere along the way, he found himself unable to take his eyes off of her.  He saw her when Ryan went off the cliff and when Greenlee lost her child.  He saw how she gave her life to them, and if they cannot see who she really is, it’s their problem.  He tells her that he sees who she is, and what she did for Greenlee did not make him angry because he understood it.  He knows she gave her heart completely.  He tells her that he’s never met anybody who would do anything like that before in his life.  He tells her he cannot pinpoint what day it was or what she was wearing when he suddenly discovered that he loved her.  He admits that he’s fallen in love with her.  Hearing that, she asks him to say what he just said again.  He tells her he’s fallen in love with her, and he will keep falling.  She asks him if he can let her get this straight; The man who married her only to stick it to his son, the man who despises her and the man she married because she never thought she’d get emotionally attached to is right there telling her he loves her.  He tells her he does not want to make her life more complicated.  He knows he cannot change who he is.  He cannot choose who he loves or why, but he knows he loves her and wants her in his life always.  He kisses her passionately and she does not stop him.

Jack asks Erica what they should do with Kendall and the baby after what she’s done.  Should they just pat her on the head and send her off with the baby carriage.  She tells him that they cannot spit in her face.  He tells her he’s had it with both Kendall and Ryan Lavery.  Erica tells Jack that she has learned from what happened with Bianca, and this is different.  There was no violence involved in this conception.  There was no rape.  This conception was an act of love.  He tells her that Greenlee stole Kendall’s man and now Kendall sees it as “pay back time” with what she did to Greenlee.  Erica tells him that they must love that baby and love their daughter and respect Ryan.

Julia tells Ryan that the necklace that she lost was one that Noah gave her.  She remembers when he gave it to her.  She’s kept it all this time and could not wear it when she was in the program, and to lose it now is a big slap in the face.  He tells her he’s sorry.  She tells him that maybe this is a sign to go forward and not live in the past.

Jamie and Amanda are interrupted by a woman who walks out of his bedroom and asks if he is coming back.  He tells her he is very sorry not to be able to see her today.  He then acts like he cares about Amanda.  He tells her that she needs help, and he will take her to the hospital and have his grandfather refer her to “somebody.”  She tells him she does not need a shrink.  She is not crazy.  She is not her mother.  He tells her she cannot go around endangering people.  He will not let her hurt his brother or his family.  She goes out the door and tells him she does not need his “help.”

While Babe is tucked in bed, JR asks her if she hates him for forcing her hand to break up with Jamie.  She tells him she does not hate him.  She made a decision and she is sticking with it.  He tells her he meant what he said.  He will not let anybody hurt her ever.

After the shocking revelation with Zach, Kendall asks him what he did when he left the Valley Inn.  He tells her that he just went and had a drink in the bar.  She asks if he was alone with his scotch.  He asks her what she’s getting at.  She asks him if he ran into Ryan possibly and had a confrontation with him.  There must be some sort of “ulterior motive” for him to make her important.  She knows that he does not care about anybody.  He must know that she is pregnant with Ryan’s baby.  She is carrying the son of the man whom he despises.  Does that motivate him to love her?    He tells her that he really does love her.  She tells him that he was right there when Greenlee ripped her heart out and threw it on the ground.  Does he expect her to hold his hand and walk off happily ever after?    Does she have to crank her heart out and give it to him?    He tells her that Greenlee failed her.  She tells him that she was a fool.  She’s not going to be a fool ever again.  So he can take his phony love and stick it.  She tells him after everything he’s done; nothing he could say would hurt her more.  She does not, never has and never will believe a word out of his lying mouth, and she will never give him the chance to hurt her.  He tells her he loves her.  She asks where she has heard that before.  She heard it from Ryan.  She heard it from Greenlee.  She heard it from Ethan.  She knows it was false from all of them.  She sure does not believe it from him.  She tells him it’s good night and she will see him in divorce court.  He tells her that she needs to know that somebody loves her.  He tells her that this is real.  It’s as real as it gets.  She tells him she is not his “good deed” or his trophy.  She does not need his pity or his twisted idea of love and he can go to hell.  She does not buy that he loves her.  He goes out the door and she cries.

Julia thanks Ryan for saving her although she did not need saving.  He tells her any time.  Right then, he looks down and finds her necklace.  She tells him he’s an angel and she hugs him.  She asks if he can put it on for her.  He puts it on her.  She asks him if he needs a ride.  He tells her he’s fine.  He has his bike.  He tells her he just wants to stay there and watch the sun rise.

Jack tells Erica that this has been a very trying day.  And maybe they should just go to bed.  She tells him that she thinks it would be better if he just goes home to Reggie and Lily.  He leaves.  She then looks at their wedding picture.

Julia gets up to leave.  Ryan looks to be meditating.

JR notices Babe sleeping and seems to love her again.

Zach leaves Kendall’s looking like he doesn’t want to leave her alone.  She sits alone in her home crying.

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