AMC Update Wednesday 11/30/05

All My Children Update Wednesday 11/30/05 


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Fran

Erin Lavery is in the park running.  She stops and seems to know she’s alone.  She then sprains her ankle and falls down.

Erica goes to see Tad and tells him she wants to know everything he has on that “lying SOB.”  She tells him that Dr. Madden is not going to get away with what he’s done to her family.  She tells him that Dr. Greg Madden dropped the ticking test tube upon her family at their Thanksgiving dinner.

Greg goes to find his son in a bar.  Josh seems to be drinking and not really concerned about what has his father upset.  Greg tells his son that he has ruined this family.

Jack runs into Zach in a bar.  He tells Zach he needs to stay out of his family’s business.  Zach tells Jack that he cannot.

Right when Ryan and Greenlee are ready to get out of town, Kendall comes through the door and tells them they must stay and hear what she has to say. 

Zach tells Jack that until the day of his divorce he is still Kendall’s husband and he asks Jack what he plans to do.  Jack tells him that he doesn’t have too many options after the lies Kendall has told his daughter.  Zach tells Jack that he needs to realize what an extraordinary woman has stepdaughter is.  She did an unselfish heroic act for Greenlee.  He tells Jack that he may not know either one of them that well when he just wants to interfere in their lives.  Jack tells Zach that he may not know Kendall as well as he thinks he does.  She has an obsession about Ryan Lavery and probably wants to have his baby.  Zach tells Jack that they may have a lot more in common then they realize.  They both hate Ryan Lavery.  Jack tells Zach that his daughter was grieving over the loss of her supposedly dead husband and did not have the opportunity to know what Kendall was up to.  Zach asks Jack just who brought Greenlee hope after her loss.  Was he there for his daughter?  Was anybody there for her except for Kendall?  He tells Jack that all he can do is judge and tear down Kendall.  He asks why that is.

Kendall pleads with Greenlee to understand that she did this because she loves her.  Greenlee asks Ryan if he has heard that.  She tells Kendall that it would have been easier if she’d just locked her in another tower or tried to drown her in a pool.  Kendall tells her that she needs for her to understand.  Greenlee tells Kendall and Ryan that she is done with both of them.  She tells Ryan he should have let her die in that fire because he has killed her.

Josh tells his father that he is the hypocrite.  He has raised his son to live by the book, but he’s spent his entire life living in test tubes and Petri dishes.  He asks his father who appointed him God and gave him the power of life and death over people and new lives.  Greg protests that he started his fertility practice because of Josh’s mother.  He tells Josh that Kendall is carrying the baby for Greenlee.  Josh tells his father that he hates to admit it but Erica has a point.  Who made him God?

Tad tells Erica that he’s investigated Dr. Greg Madden and tracked him down throughout his medical practice.  He’s had a clean record since he was in med school.  She asks if he might not have had any malpractice suits or unhappy patients.  He tells her he has not found any.  She tells him he must find out what connection Greg Madden has  to her.

Zach tells Jack that Kendall sacrificed her heart and her body for Jack’s daughter.  All she wanted to do was take Greenlee’s pain away, something Jack would never understand because nobody in his family has ever done anything that wasn’t purely for selfish reasons.

Erica tells Tad that she knows that Greg Madden has a grudge against her and her family, and that might be the reason that he did what he did to Kendall.  Tad says maybe he did that because he wanted to help Kendall and Greenlee.  He asks her if she really believes that Dr. Madden moved to Pine Valley and set up his practice just so that he could manipulate her daughter.  Erica tells Tad that he must find some sort of dirt on Greg Madden because that Kendall may never recover from this.  So he must do something about it.

Kendall cries and tells Greenlee that this whole thing made her a better person.  She tells her when she lost her faith in love, she found it again in Greenlee.  She asks Greenlee if she was so selfish, wouldn’t she have just let Greenlee die in the fire and saved only herself?  Greenlee tells Kendall that she’s been knocked down so many times she no longer knows how to get up.  Kendall reminds Greenlee of the time when she was on the rooftop ready to end her life, and she asked for Kendall’s help.  Kendall admits that maybe she should have called Greenlee from the clinic before going through with the procedure, but she was just afraid that she had to do it then or never.  It was “do or die.”  She was so afraid of Greenlee losing her last chance to have Ryan’s baby.  She didn’t want Greenlee to suffer the loss.  She then gives Ryan a picture of a sonogram and tells them both that this child is not her own.  It is their baby.  She tells Greenlee that she can hate her, but she cannot walk out on Ryan.  She needs this little boy because he is her future now.

Aidan spots Erin and asks her why she is alone and tells her that it’s unsafe for a woman to be out alone this time of night.  She tells him that she knows he’s just there because he wants to get her brother in trouble.  She tells him she does not buy his sincerity with that little card game with Jonathan nor does he care about her.  He just wants to get her brother in trouble.  She tells him he better not think he’s going to get away with hurting her brother.

Greenlee tells Kendall and Ryan that they are the two people who have meant more to her than anybody else in her life.  Kendall tells Greenlee she wants them to go back to that again, but Greenlee tells Kendall that it can never be that way again.  She tells them they have both ruined her life.  She wants to get away form both of them, and hospitals and babies and the whole scene.  She grabs her suitcase and is ready to bolt.  Ryan grabs her and tells her she cannot leave, but she tells him she has to go.  Ryan turns to face Kendall.  She cries and tells him how sorry she is.  He tells her to just leave him and Greenlee alone.

Aidan tells Erin that his concern for her walking alone in the park was just him being a nice guy.  Next time he will think twice, he tells her.  She then tells him perhaps he is right.  He just startled her.  He asks her if she usually bites people’s heads off when they try to help her.  She tells him she does when they try to hurt her brother.  He tells her that he’s trying to keep an open mind about Jonathan.  She tells him that throughout her life, she has had a need to protect her brother, and she believes he needs her.

Josh asks his father how many times he’s reminded him of that special day when Josh’s mom gave birth to him.  He asks if he’s trying to “recreate” that magical day in the stunt he did with Kendall and Greenlee.  Josh tells Greg he is so tired of hearing about the miracle of his birth, and he tells his father that maybe what he’s done will force him to take a good look at how he conducts himself as a human being.

Erica tells Tad that she really fears for Kendall.  Greg has already taken Greenlee’s broken heart and stomped on it.  She dreads the thought of what he could do to Kendall.  She tells Tad that Greg must be stopped and punished.  Tad tells Erica he swears if there is any dirt to be found on Greg Madden, he will find it and bring him to justice.

Jack tells Zach that he does not care about Kendall.  He just needed her to be his business partner in his casino, and now he’s divorcing her and throwing her away.  Zach tells Jack that he watched him and the entire family jump all over Kendall.  He tells Jack that he himself stood there and did not get involved.  Kendall did not want him to defend her.  She wanted just somebody from her family to step up and stand by her side.  She just wanted the unconditional support that she gave to Greenlee when they believed Ryan died, and asked how they could all miss that?  He tells Jack that Greenlee is such a victim, isn’t she?  All she does is use and take and have no consideration for others.  He asks Jack how he could miss that.  He tells him that Greenlee will be just fine fending for herself.

Right then, Greenlee is ready to get into her car and leave, but Ryan stops her.  He pleads with her not to do this.  He tells her that they can go away together.  They can hit the open road and find each other again.  She cries and tells him it’s over, but he tells her he knows he’s been able to change everything in her life before.  She tells him that he’s come back and ruined everything, now there’s Jonathan and Kendall, and she wants a divorce.  She tells him if he tries to stop her or find her or prevent her from leaving, he will only make things worse.  She tells him she cannot do it and she gets in her car and drives away.  Right then, Kendall appears.  Ryan looks at her speechless.

Zach asks Jack what he and the family plan to do with the baby that Kendall is carrying.  Will they welcome him with open arms, he asks?  Jack tells Zach he will cross that bridge when they come to it.  Zach tells Jack that maybe he needs to cross that bridge now.  Will he love the baby like he did Miranda regardless of his father or how he was conceived or will he be tainted because he’s a Lavery?  Jack tells Zach to go to hell.

Greg tells Josh that he helped Greenlee find out the truth just to get back at his father.  He asks Josh if he hates him that much.  Greg tells Josh that he’s caused Erica Kane to be on the warpath for him and Josh has caused the lives of two young women to be ruined when they just had the best of intentions.  Josh tells his father that he was about to dump one huge lie on that baby.  Every kid has the right to know where he really comes from.  Greg tells his son that biology is not important.

Ryan asks Kendall why she came back again.  She tells him that she had to come back and tell Greenlee the reason why she had to do it.  He asks her why she thinks that this is between her and Greenlee.  She needs to back off and know that it’s between him and Greenlee.  Kendall reminds him that Greenlee and everybody thought that he’d died, and all she had was Kendall.  Ryan still does not understand and asks Kendall how she could do this.

Jack goes to Erica’s penthouse to find her looking out through the patio.  He tells her he thought he might find her there.  She tells him he knows her too well.  She just couldn’t stand another round of arguments.  He tells her that things were just spinning out of control, and the one thing that he counts on is her and them together.  She tells him she’s been thinking about their wedding day.  He tells her he wants for them to get back on track.  He tells her that the last thing he wanted to do was attack her daughter.  She tells him if he wants to attack somebody, he needs to take a shot at the good doctor and not Kendall.

Ryan asks Kendall how she could possibly think that what she did was for Greenlee’s own good.  She tells him that this whole thing started when he went away and made Greenlee believe that he died.  He stayed away and broke her heart.  Maybe Greenlee did not want the baby as much as she wanted love.  She asks Ryan how he could leave Greenlee the way he did.  He wasn’t there to hold her, dry her tears or see her through all that she went through, but she was.  She wanted to give Greenlee back everything that he took from her.  She did what she did for Greenlee because she loved her.  She tells Ryan if he does not understand that, then he can rot in hell.  Ryan says nothing.  He must know that she is right.

Erin tells Aidan that ever since she and Jonathan were very young and daddy abused Jonathan, she was all he had; her life has been about Jonathan.  He asks her if she does not have a life of her own.  She must have plans of her own, and she must think about herself and her own life especially if Jonathan is going to get better.  She tells him that she will never leave Jonathan and asks if Aidan can understand that.  Erin tells Aidan that she likes to run and be alone.  It gives her time to be alone with her thoughts and it’s very relaxing.  She asks him how he feels when he’s alone.  He tells her he also finds it relaxing.  She tells him she can run an 8-minute mile, and asks if he can.  He tells her he’s never timed himself.  She tells him she will race him.

Josh tells Greg that he’s had to tolerate him throughout his life because Greg is the “miracle man” who makes babies.  He tells his father that he knows he’s still “holding onto” something involving Erica.  He tells his father he must sit tight, because he’s going to unlock the combination to that one, too.  He tells his father that he loves the challenge.  Not far away, Tad is observing them.

Erica tells Jack that there are very difficult times ahead for Kendall and for all of them.  He tells her that they will figure this out together as husband and wife.  She tells him she’s so glad to hear that and she hugs him.

Meanwhile, Greenlee is in her car, and Greenlee and Ryan’s love song is playing.  She cries and relives all of the memories she’s had with Ryan.

Kendall then returns home alone.  She falls down and cries.  Zach comes by and wants to be with her, and she lets him hold her.

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