AMC Update Tuesday 11/29/05

All My Children Update Tuesday 11/29/05 


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Fran

Erica tells Dr. Madden that he has manipulated Kendall into getting implanted with Ryan’s sperm cell.  He tells her it was Kendall’s own decision and Greenlee was desperate for a baby.  She tells him that he exploited Greenlee also.  He did not treat either of them like patients.  He treated them both like lab rats.  She asks him how many other women’s lives he’s ruined.  He tells her he’s an ethical man and not like she thinks.  She tells him it’s no secret that he so conveniently came to Pine Valley and preyed upon her family, and she asks him why.  What does he have against her?  What has she ever done to him?

Jack tells David that Dr. Madden did something disgraceful to Greenlee and to Kendall.  David tells Jack he does not buy Jack’s concern for his daughter and stepdaughter.  He believes that Dr. Madden benefited them both with the surrogacy.

Greenlee is ready to pack up her bags and leave, but Ryan tells her she cannot leave.

Kendall returns home with Zach.  He tells her after the grief she’s taken from her friends and family, he’s surprised by how well she has recovered.  She tells him she feels like the scum of the earth.

Adam tells Krystal that he cannot move his arms.  He is suffering from paralysis.  She is concerned, but Palmer believes it’s just an act and is not worried.  He tells everybody that if Adam has had another stroke, they must propose a toast.  He informs Krystal she has a reason to celebrate because she might be a wealthy widow by the end of the night.

Right outside, Babe is having an attack and is unable to breath.  JR believes she’s faking it, but she doesn’t seem to be.

Josh tells Amanda he has to help her.  They go to the hospital but she tells him it’s completely unnecessary.  He informs Anita that he found Amanda on the middle of the street, wandering, disoriented and not knowing where she was.  Amanda tells Anita there’s no reason to worry, but Anita reminds her that she has suffered a skull fracture and needs medical care.

JR enters the living room and discovers that his father has had a stroke.  Krystal then has a panic attack.  Palmer doesn’t seem to take either of their attacks seriously, but JR calls 911.  Outside, Babe is gasping and falls over.  Palmer thinks it’s all a joke.  He leaves and tells them all that they must be happy that Adam might be a goner.  JR then remembers that maybe Babe is not faking anything after all and he runs to help her.

Kendall asks Zach what the catch is in his being nice to her.  She tells him that when she told him that she was Ryan and Greenlee’s surrogate, he freaked out.  Now, he’s discovered that she’s used her own egg.  He tells her he’d like to go home with her and talk about it, but she tells him she wants to know what he is hiding and why he is being so nice.

Erica asks Dr. Madden what she has done that is so terrible that he would want to hurt her like this.  He tells her he knows she is incapable or unwilling to understand that the world does not revolve around her.  She tells him she knows that he has some “agenda” with her.  She says she remembers him telling her that they met long ago but she forgot him and they ran into each other at some party some other time.  She asks what she could have done.  She must have monumentally affected his life in some way, and now they must have some sort of unfinished business.  She has no clue what that is, and she tells him she knows he has some sort of secret.

David tells Jack that he does not believe Jack really has concern for his daughter.  It’s a little too late.  Jack tells David that he’s very worried about how Ryan has cornered Greenlee.  David tells Jack he does not believe that he even knows his daughter, f he thinks that anyone could corner without a weapon. 

Ryan urges Greenlee not to run away, but she tells him that the world blew up in her face once again.  Any bit of hope or trust she ever had is gone.  He tells her she must know that when his world blew up, she urged him to trust her, but he could not.  He now knows what he did wrong, and he begs her not to give up and to let him give her what he could not when he left town and played dead.  He urges her not to make the same mistakes he made.  She tells him he is really confusing her knowing he rode a bike over a cliff.  She let him rip her heart out, she tells him.  Now Kendall Hart has done the same thing.  He tells her she must know that he is not the same man who abandoned her.  He has grown and changed.  He knows what his heart wants, and he tells her if she is afraid or unsure, then she can lean on him.  He urges her to know that he loves her more than she can imagine.  He tells her she must know that he will never leave her again.  She cries and tells him that she thought that Kendall loved her and that was all a lie.

Kendall tells Zach that everybody else wants to slam her and tell her what a terrible person she is.  So he must join in and take a shot at her also.  Right then, Erica enters, finds her daughter, is ready to help her and asks Zach to go away and let them talk.  He reminds Erica that Kendall is his wife.  Kendall tells Zach if Erica “hurts” her, she will yell for him to rescue her.  She asks her mother also to take her best shot and slam her, but Erica assures her daughter that she is not there to do any such thing.  She loves her unconditionally.  She puts her arms around Kendall.  Kendall cries and asks her mother of she really does not believe Kendall is a monster.  Erica tells her daughter she knows she acted from her heart.  She may have gone to the extreme, but she tells Kendall she knows that’s who she is.  She smiles at her.  Kendall protests that she was so worried that Greenlee could not get her own eggs fertilized.  Erica tells Kendall that she knows that they both wanted to keep a spark of Ryan alive in this world.

Ryan tells Greenlee that he will do anything in order to prove that he can be trusted.  She tells him she used to believe that they were magic.  She tells him that she needs that magic again, and she asks him if he has any tricks up his sleeves.  He tells her they can bring the magic back.  She asks him if he can bring that baby back; the one that they lost?  Can he do that?  He admits he cannot, but he tells her he can and will get his vasectomy reversed.

JR, Krystal and Palmer rush Adam and Babe to the hospital.  They are both given breathing tubes.  JR asks the doctor if he believes they were poisoned.  JR asks Joe what he believes.  Joe asks JR if Adam has been taking his blood pressure medication.  JR asks how he’d know.  Krystal confirms that he takes it every day.  JR and Krystal are able to identify that both Adam and Babe got sick immediately after eating.  Joe confirms that there might be some sort of food poisoning.  JR tells Joe that he wants the best doctors they have, and looks really upset.  Joe tells Krystal she needs to get checked out too.  She tells him she will be fine as soon as she finds out what is wrong with Babe and Adam.  Right then Amanda appears.  JR confronts her and tells her he knows she poisoned his family.

Babe tells her mother and Anita that she’s worried that her baby might have been poisoned by eating the tainted food.  She needs to make sure he’s ok.

JR tells Amanda that he knows she threatened to crack Babe’s skull with a lethal weapon the other night.  And she attempted to poison her and poison his father.  She tells him that he’s still standing.  If she wanted to poison anybody, she’d make sure he’d die.  Josh comes to her defense and asks Amanda if she needs a ride home.  She asks him if he’s not afraid to be in a car with a psycho poisoning freak.  He tells her only if she does not wear a seat belt.

JR tells Dr. Joe that he knows that Amanda Dillon tried to kill them.  Joe tells JR he cannot prove that.  JR tells him it’s obvious what happened.  Joe tells Krystal that she must get a blood test while waiting for Babe and Adam.  David comes into Babe’s room and tells Anita that he must have a few minutes alone with his daughter.  He asks Babe if she is ok and if JR did this to her, he will be sorry.  She tells her father that he needs to get it through his head that she wants nothing more to do with him.  He tells her she better get used to his being there.  He’s not going anywhere until he knows that she is ok.  She tells him she is sick and tired of his brand of “daddy love.”  No matter what happens, he keeps doing anything he wants.  She tells him it is not his fault that he missed out on being her father when she was a little girl.  His act of guilt means nothing to her now.  She tells him she is now a grown woman and all she wants form him is to leave her alone.

Jack tells Dr. Madden that he violated both Kendall’s and Greenlee’s rights, and that what he did to Jack’s daughter was callous and brutal.  Dr. Madden reminds him that when he met Greenlee, she was ready to die from being unable to carry Ryan’s baby.  He gave her hope with the help of Kendall, and he tells Jack he has nothing to apologize for.

Myrtle meets Zach at the restaurant; informing him that she knows he’s affected by his breakup with Kendall.  He tells her that he is very concerned about Kendall being surrounded by a bunch of self-righteous vultures.  Hearing that, Myrtle concludes that he has answered her question and she knows what he is feeling about Kendall.

Kendall protests to her mother that for once in her life, she was being unselfish.  Erica tells her she knows, and tells her daughter that she also believes that there might be just a part of her that subconsciously wanted Ryan’s baby.  She urges Kendall not to believe she is judging her.  Kendall does not want to talk.  Jack goes to confront Kendall, but she goes off and tells them both she wants them to leave her alone and she has to get out of there.

After hearing Ryan offering to have his vasectomy reversed, Greenlee asks him if he’s making this “grand gesture” because she has failed to live up to her end of the bargain.  He tells her that he wants to have a child with her.  He will do this.  He wants her to see it as his faith in her.  Greenlee asks him if he is really ready to trust some strange woman to carry their baby for them.  He tells her that he wants to try and it’s something they should think about for their future.

Erica asks Jack if he has any consideration for Kendall.  Doesn’t he realize that she is pregnant and incredibly vulnerable and lashing out at her in front of everybody was not ok?  Jack reminds Erica that her daughter lied and betrayed his daughter.  She reminds him that Kendall is devastated and the last thing she needed was him in her face.  He tells her that his daughter is devastated.  She replies that she sympathizes with Greenlee, but she will not let him or anybody attack her daughter, and she walks off.

Myrtle tells Zach that she knows that he has feelings for Kendall, and he needs to be honest to her about that.  She tells him that Kendall has every right to know what he thinks of her.  She knows Kendall and knows that she’s a lot like Erica was at her age.  She tells him that if he hides his feelings for that girl, he is a fool.

David tells Babe that he knows it is a privilege to be part of her life, not a right.  He knows that he came into her life, stomping on her rights and treating her like a child.  He now realizes she is an adult and he must change his form of parenting.  Right then, Krystal enters and demands to know what David is doing in her daughter’s room.  She tells him she will call security if he does not leave Babe alone.  She does not need this stress after what she’s been through.  Babe tells her mother that she’d like to continue this conversation with David.  He tells her that he promises to no longer interfere in her life.  He will do nothing but offer her unconditional love, and when her “strategy” with JR blows up in her beautiful face, he will be there to help her pick up the pieces.  Right then, JR enters and asks David what he is doing there.  David tells him he just wanted to be there and make sure for himself that Babe is all right.  She tells him she is all right, and she tells both her parents if they do not mind, she’d like to talk to JR alone.  David and Krystal both leave.  JR assures her that Little Adam will be just fine.  She asks him if he will give their son a kiss when he gets home.  He tells her he has a feeling that she will be able to do that herself before too long.  He then tells her that she gave them all a big scare.  He apologizes and sounds sincere.

Krystal tells Adam he better not even think about dying.

Zach is alone in the bar, and he remembers hearing Myrtle telling him if he does not admit to how he feels about Kendall, he is a fool.

Greenlee tells Ryan that they can leave tonight; just the two of them.  He tells her that’s what he wants to do.  She asks him if he wants to cut out on Erin and Jonathan.  He tells her he can always keep in touch with them.  She asks him if he really wants to bail on Kendall’s baby.  He tells her that he does not want to lose another second with her.  He wants to make up to her what he has done and spend every second of every day proving to her how much she means to him and how much he loves her.  She needs only say yes to him.  Right then, Kendall walks through their door.  They turn to look at her with stunned expressions on their faces.

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