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Written By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

JR is giddy as the clan at the Chandler mansion for Thanksgiving watch a video of Di doing a pole dance. He says this is what he calls entertainment. Tad tries to take the remote from JR to turn it off but JR resists, saying the big finish is near. Di sits and watches unamused. Meanwhile, in the Chandler kitchen, someone unseen is pouring a substance into a pot of soup. Tad tells JR he made his point and this is overkill. JR stands up and refers to Di as the prima donna of the pole dance. He hands her some cash and says he can’t wait to see what she’ll do for an encore.

At the Valley Inn, the crowd is stunned by Greenlee’s declaration that the baby Kendall is carrying is indeed Kendall’s and Ryan’s baby. Erica asks Greenlee what kind of a sick joke is this. Greenlee says Kendall was supposed to be inseminated with her egg but Kendall’s egg was used instead. Raising a glass of champagne, she sarcastically proposes a toast to Kendall, the one and only mother of Ryan’s baby. Ryan says it isn’t true. Kendall insists that the baby is Greenlee’s. Greenlee tells Kendall no more lies. Greg tells Greenlee that perhaps he released her from the hospital too soon. David informs the group he got Greenlee’s test results. Greg is aghast that David stole his results and asks how dare he. David says Greenlee had every right to see those test results. David says the child is RH positive and Greenlee and Ryan are RH negative. Lily states that two RH negative people cannot produce an RH positive child. Kendall tells Greg to say the test results were in error. Greenlee then admits she broke into Madden’s files and saw Kendall’s confidential patient file. Greenlee says the baby is not her’s and she challenges Kendall to lie her way out of this one.

Adam claps and says one more hidden talent of Di’s has been exposed. Palmer asks who knew the family name could be sullied even more. Krystal says that people do what they need to do when their bank account is empty. Di tells Krystal she doesn’t need to defend her. JR says he had a detective look into Di’s background. Di says he wasted his money. All he needed to do was ask her and she would have told him anything he wanted to know. She tells everyone to make themselves comfortable while she tells them the life and times of Di Henry.

Simone urges a tearful Kendall to say something. Kendall admits that what Greenlee is saying is true. She was inseminated by Ryan’s sperm sample. Greenlee accuses her of stealing her baby. Kendall says she didn’t steal anything. This baby is still her’s. Lily tells Jack that she can’t take this and she has to go. Reggie offers to go with her but Lily leaves alone. Kendall says Greenlee has to know everything and she’ll understand why she did what she did after she explains. Greenlee sits down and tells Kendall to go for it. Make her understand. Jack and Erica sit down to listen. Kendall explains that the night after the blackout she went to the clinic to see if Greenlee’s embryos were affected. She learned that they were not viable. And what was left of Ryan’s sample was at risk and there was no time to waste. If she didn’t hurry there would be no baby from Ryan’s sperm. She says she knew that if she didn’t give Greenlee Ryan’s baby Greenlee would not survive. So she had Dr. Madden inseminate her to give Greenlee her desperately needed baby. Crying, Kendall says when this child is born he’ll be her gift to Greenlee because she loves her and doesn’t want to lose her.

Di says when she was 19 Garret handed her over to his colleague, Kevin. She had no college degree, so she answered an ad for a model. She says it landed her the pole dancing gig. It wasn’t her dream job but it paid her way. She says when her bosses wanted her to give something extra to the patrons she refused and quit. Krystal tells her that her past is her own business. Babe says at least it should be her business. Di says she did what she had to do. She says there’s only one thing she’s ashamed of. She looks at Tad.

Josh, who left the Valley Inn dinner, is driving down the highway with music blaring loud. He yells out for someone to get out of the road. He pulls over and finds Amanda standing there. He tells her she was walking down the middle of the road. Amanda yells at him to get away from her and calls out for help. She accuses him of trying to run her over just like Babe.

Adam informs his company that the soup is on. Di tells JR he will hear her out. He asks who she thinks she is, his mother? Di says she took advantage of his hope that his mother was still alive and she will regret that forever. She tells JR she loves him.

Lily is in the woods by the tree where she hides when she is startled by someone and pushes him down. It is Jonathan. Lily asks why he jumped out at her. Jonathan says he thought she was one of the people who was trying to shoot him. Lily asks him why he was in her hiding place. He says he didn’t know it was her hiding place. He says he had to get out of the motel.

Greenlee tells Kendall that she saw a chance to make a baby with Ryan because she never got over him. She accuses her of pretending to be close to her because that was her way of being close to Ryan. She asks if she planned to rip the baby from her arms. Kendall tells her she has it all wrong. She didn’t do this to get back at her. She was with her when she lost her baby and didn’t want to see her lose her only chance to have Ryan’s baby. She says it had nothing to do with holding onto Ryan’s memory. She says it’s Greenlee’s and Ryan’s child. Greenlee says she wants nothing to do with it. Kendall tells Greenlee she loves her. Greenlee says that is the biggest lie of all. Greenlee says she believed and trusted Kendall. Now she has taken that trust and betrayed her in the most hateful way. She’ll always hate Kendall for that. Greenlee walks out. Jack and Ryan go after her and almost get into a shoving match over which one should go to her. Jack tells Ryan this whole mess started with him. Ryan goes to Greenlee while Jack turns on Kendall. He asks her how she could do this to her own family. He says he wouldn’t wish her on his worst enemy. Kendall stands silently, crying.

Di mentions eating but JR tells her she was the opening act and isn’t staying. Adam tells her not to let the door hit her. Palmer tells Di she’s an insult to Dixie’s memory. Di walks out and Tad follows. JR stops Tad and says he’s supposed to be keeping an eye on Babe to see if she’s playing him. Tad says after what he has pulled, he’s capable of doing that himself.

Janet is shown alone in a room somewhere, thinking she’s talking to Trevor. She says this year she has a wish to make.

Josh asks Amanda how she got here and if she knows where she’s at. She’s a half mile from the Chandler mansion. Amanda asks where does JR get off, kicking her out. Josh asks to help Amanda but she refuses his help. After he tells her to stay here and help herself, she says she needs help. She doesn’t know what’s wrong with her. Josh says he wants to take her to the hospital but she says she won’t go to the hospital. Her mother would come back. Her mother would kill her. When Josh insists, Amanda quietly gets into his car.

Janet is shown with a large turkey wishbone. She breaks it and is gleeful, saying her wish is coming true.

JR is on the patio by himself when Babe walks out. She says Di’s performance was nothing compared to the show he staged. She says it makes her scared to love him again. She says she’s sorry he was hurt by Di but there are other ways to deal with the hurt. He doesn’t have to deal with it alone. She asks him to come in and get some soup. She says it was so good she had seconds. JR doesn’t want any. Babe asks to stay out here with him. He tells her to do what she wants.

Lily tells Jonathan about Ryan’s baby. Jonathan says he didn’t know Ryan was going to have a baby. She talks about her life skills class. Jonathan says he wishes he had a life skills class to figure out what to do about the people who hate him. He asks if she thinks people should shoot him. She says two wrongs don’t make a right. He asks her what she thinks should happen to him.

David lights into Kendall, telling her she stole Greenlee’s baby for herself. Erica tells David that’s enough. David leaves and Erica hugs her daughter. Kendall says she’s not sick, selfish or evil. Erica says of course she’s not.. Erica tells her she warned her about Greenlee. Kendall says she can’t do this and walks out. Zach follows. Erica sees Greg and tells him not so fast. She is not finished with him.

Ryan finds Greenlee packing. He asks how long will she be gone. Greenlee says she’s never coming back.

Di is sitting alone in the park. Tad finds her and says he wanted to see if she is OK. Di says she made a fool out of JR and tonight he gave it back. Tad says he went too far. Di says she went too far and he had every right to punish her. She says she can take it. The one good thing she learned from this is that she can’t be broken. She tells Tad happy Thanksgiving and leaves.

Krystal and Palmer are chatting about business, specifically Chandler Enterprise business. Palmer offers his assistance to her in the business. Krystal mentions an upcoming board meeting. Palmer says he’ll prep her and warns her not to sign off on any documents without consulting him. Adam overhears and tells Krystal to beware of Palmer, calling him a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Suddenly Adam is stricken. He says he can’t move his arm. Krystal says something is wrong and runs to assist him.

On the patio, Babe hands JR some apple pie but he doesn’t want it. Babe starts coughing. She tells JR she can’t breath.

Lily sits in her tree to try to figure out what’s happened to Jonathan. Jonathan says Ryan and Erin told him his tumor was cut out and now he deserves a second chance. He says everyone else wants him dead or gone. He asks Lily if she can help him figure out who’s right and who’s wrong. Lily says her dad told her that he’s a liar. She has to get away from him. She runs off.

Erica accuses Greg of trying to destroy Kendall. She wants to know why.

Ryan tells Greenlee she doesn’t have to run away. Greenlee says she can’t be near Kendall as she progresses through her pregnancy and has this baby. She has to leave now. Ryan says he’s not letting her go.

Kendall is by a sink looking ill. Zach approaches her from behind and offers her a towel.

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