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Babe comes down the stairs looking formal, and JR is wearing a suit.  He invites her to have a “drink” before Thanksgiving dinner, but he surprises her by informing her he will only drink club soda and is staying sober.  Tad enters and announces to Adam that he is there to keep his friends close and his enemies closer.

Greenlee tells Kendall that nobody has ever done for her what she has done.  She tells Kendall she has saved her life, but she does not appear happy.

Tad tells Adam that Thanksgiving is no longer just for corporate takeovers.  Right then, Palmer enters.  Adam tells him he has something to be thankful for and he slams the door in Palmer’s face.  Krystal comes down the stairs and tells Adam he must let Palmer in.  Palmer tells her she looks fabulous.  She comes down and sees Tad.  Babe is holding Little Adam and she tells them they need to “play nice” because it’s Thanksgiving.  Palmer tells Adam that he believes they should have strung Di Henry up.  But JR tells them they should not talk about this negativity on Thanksgiving.  Krystal asks if they can make it a point not to talk about Di.  Then, the doorbell rings and Di appears at the door.  JR makes it clear that he has invited her and welcomes her to a Chandler Thanksgiving.  Babe and Krystal know that this cannot be good.

Jack enters the Pine Valley dining room with the others behind him and is not happy to see Ryan.  Erica however, greets Ryan, hugs him and tells him she is very happy to have him there today.  Zach appears and asks her if that goes for him also.

Kendall and Greenlee are back at Kendall’s.  Greenlee tells Kendall that she wants to take Kendall with her.  She tells her that they need to be there with their respective families.  She tells Kendall with all that Kendall has “done for her,” it should be her turn to give back to Kendall, but she is not smiling.  Kendall knows that something is wrong.

Zach informs Erica that Greenlee has invited him.  She asks why Greenlee would do such a thing.  Jack is ready to confront Ryan, but Ryan asks if they can get through one day without arguing and informs him that Greenlee wanted him to be there and he wants to make her happy.  Erica reminds Zach that Kendall plans to divorce him and suggests he take a flight somewhere far away because nobody wants him there.

Kendall and Greenlee both get dressed in their formalwear.  Kendall informs Greenlee that Ryan came to see her.  Greenlee asks what Ryan had to say and if he was ok with that.  Assuming that Greenlee knows nothing about her secret, Kendall assures Greenlee that Ryan is “totally on board” with this.  She then opens a gift box and reveals a bracelet that symbolizes “them”…herself, Greenlee and the baby.  She tells Greenlee she should wear it and Ryan would want that.  When she approaches Greenlee, she notices that Greenlee is crying.

JR tells the other family members that Di is his mother’s sister and she should be welcome to spend Thanksgiving with them.  Adam, Tad and Palmer make it clear they do not see it that way.  Krystal comes and tells Di that she has a lot to “make up” for.  Babe is holding her son and talking to JR.  She tells him she is so grateful that he invited her to spend Thanksgiving with her son.  Adam tells Krystal that she better make her daughter keep her distance.  She tells him she’d be glad to if he could make JR stop sniffing around Babe.  She then asks Palmer if he could help her with her business interests in Chandler Enterprises.  Adam tells her that Palmer better watch the booze, but Krystal reminds him that she believes that Palmer can handle his liquor better than Adam can.  Palmer reminds Adam that Krystal is his wife.  Adam tells Palmer that Krystal is just a headache that he cannot get rid of.  Tad asks JR what he has in mind for “Di.”  JR tells Tad that he need only keep an eye on babe and JR will handle the rest.

At the Valley Inn, Josh comes to join them.  He makes a comment about Erica thinking she controls the world.  She happily greets him.  Dr. Madden appears right behind his son.  Jack tells him that he’s not happy with what he’s done with his daughter and stepdaughter.

Greenlee does not know how to react to the “love bracelet.”  She asks Kendall to tell her if there is anything she needs to know.  She urges Kendall not to keep it to herself.

Dr. Madden asks Jack if he’s ever wanted to have a child more than anything with the person he loved, but then found out that he could not have that child.  Jack tells him that he loves all of his children and does not trust what Dr.  Madden is doing with his daughter.  Dr. Madden informs Jack that his wife was suicidal when she was told she could not have children, and having Joshua saved her life.  He saw Greenlee as very much the same when she was able to have a child after being told she could not.  David then enters and tells all the people who do not want him to be there that Greenlee has invited him and they better deal with it.

Greenlee puts the bracelet on Kendall.  Simone and Ethan enter and are ready to take them to the party.  Kendall tells them she still feels lousy and is not up to it, but Simone tells her tough.  This is the baby’s first Thanksgiving.  She pulls Kendall out the door.  Greenlee goes out the door behind them looking very secretive and isolated.

Tad comes out and asks Krystal if she’s learned any new tricks from being married to Adam.  She tells him she knows that Di certainly has a way of turning up.  He admits that that is true and he does not understand how JR could graciously ask her to come.  He also could not believe that JR and Babe are acting civilized with each other.  He asks her what her daughter is up to.  She tells him that she is staying out of Babe’s plans.  He asks her if she is not concerned about what is happening in regard to her daughter and his son.  She tells him that Babe got JR off the sauce, and she saved him.  Tad asks her why.  After all JR has done to her, why would Babe ride to the rescue?  Krystal replies that her baby is good and decent and puts her son first, but he has his doubts about what is going on between them. 

Babe tells Little Adam that next year he will be able to sit at the big table with the adults.  JR tells Babe that he’s still concerned about her taking the tumble down the hospital steps, but she assures him she is fine.  Amanda appears uninvited walking with a walker and a neck-brace.  She tells them they’ve forgotten to invite her.  She asks if they’d thought they’d gotten rid of her.  Did they think that she’d just die quietly and they could forget all about her?  JR makes sarcastic comments, but Babe tells Amanda she must realize that nobody wants her dead.  Amanda tells them that she will sue them for her hospital costs and for pain and suffering.  She will sue Babe for her reckless driving and JR for being the irresponsible owner of the car.  Tad asks her why she doesn’t just discuss this with a lawyer and contact them at another time.  JR tells Amanda he believes she tried to kill Babe and he can get her in big trouble.  Krystal is also concerned about Amanda’s threats toward her daughter.  Amanda tells Babe that she and Jamie were once her friends, and Babe tried to break up Amanda and Jamie.  JR reminds Amanda that nobody cares about her.  Amanda asks JR how he can take Babe’s side, and then she “passes out” and falls to the floor.

Erica asks David what he is doing at their party.  He tells her he is there for Greenlee.  He tells her she has two great daughters and it’s really too bad that she cannot respect their efforts as much as he does.  Jack comes to see Erica and they agree that this is another of many disastrous Thanksgivings.  Greenlee appears with Kendall, Simone and Ethan.  She is freaked to be greeted and welcomed by Ryan, Erica and Jack.  She notices Kendall hugging Ryan and looking like they get along great.  Jack tells his daughter that this is not easy for him.  Erica asks her why she would invite Zach and Ryan both as well as David.  Greenlee tells her stepmother that she believes she owes them all so much because of the baby.  David takes Greenlee aside, asking her if she is ok.  She tells him that she’s found out the secret that Kendall has and asks David if he can help her and if that is too much to ask.

Kendall tells Zach that Greenlee is acting very weird and wonders why she would invite Kendall’s ex husband.  She goes to ask Greenlee that.  Greenlee tells Kendall that this should be the perfect way to enable Kendall to get over Zach.

When Amanda falls over, most of the people go to help her.  JR tells her he knows she is just putting on an act to get attention.  He tells her she is a worthless loser and she physically attacks him.  She tells him he will pay.  They will all pay.  Tad tells her perhaps she could just go home.  Amanda walks out looking like she does not need a cane or walker.  JR tells them all that it’s so obvious that Amanda is faking.  Babe and JR both inform Tad that they realize that he knew Amanda when she was an innocent little kid, but she is grown up now and anything but innocent.

Lily goes to sit with Zach and asks him why he is divorcing her sister, Kendall.  He tells her that that is complicated.  She then asks him why Kendall is having Greenlee’s baby and also asks when he first saw Ryan; did he really think he was a ghost?  He answers the question about Ryan by admitting that he lied to her in telling her that Ryan had died.  He explains to Lily that he thought that by admitting that Ryan was alive, it would hurt many people’s feelings.  Hearing that, she asks him if he’s divorcing Kendall because he does not want to deal with the feeling he has for her.  Zach admits to Lily that she is a very smart young woman.  Ryan tells Greenlee he promises her that regardless of the circumstances of having the baby, he can love him.  She tells him that is good because this baby might have a lot more complicated circumstances than he realizes.  Ethan asks his father about his impending divorce.  Zach tells his son that he and Kendall formed a partnership and that’s all it is.  Simone asks Ethan if he is really concerned about his father and Kendall.  He tells her he cares about her and kisses her.  Zach sits with Ryan and remarks that this is the first Thanksgiving he’s ever spent with a dead guy who’s impregnated his (Zach’s) wife.

Tad asks Amanda what this is that he hears about her and drugs and the scam with getting Jamie to marry her.  She asks why he cares and reminds him that Jamie now has it made.  She tells him that she is not ok noticing Babe and JR all happy with their baby and they will not get away with what they have done to her.  JR then comes out and tells them they need to come inside and join them for Thanksgiving dinner.  Di tells JR that she is very grateful that he’s invited her and put his differences aside.  Adam them comes out and announces that dinner served if anybody still has an appetite.  But JR tells them before they eat that he wants to show everybody something.  He informs them that he remembers his mother showing videos.  He grabs the envelope with the video and tells everybody they need to observe what he’s about to show them.  Adam tells JR that he cannot let the dinner get cold, but JR tells him this is very important.  JR pulls out the video and shows everybody a “heartwarming” movie of Little Adam.  Everybody is ok with that.  Suddenly, it switches to something that is not so “wholesome.”  They see a stripper in a nightclub swirling around a pole.  When the face is finally revealed, it is that of Di.

Greenlee announces to everybody at the Valley Inn that Kendall has been her hero.  She tells them she’s found her one true friend.  She tells them how devoted Kendall was to her.  She tells them that when the time was right, Kendall went to Dr. Madden without her.    Greenlee announces that her supposedly devoted friend is not carrying Greenlee’s baby with Ryan.  She is carrying her own baby with Ryan.

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