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Adam comes home assuming he will no longer have Krystal bothering him, but little does he know that JR invited Babe to stay at the house.  He gets into bed and discovers Babe is in his bed and she screams.

Jack returns home and Erica is concerned.  She knows that he has some secrets and asks him to please tell her he was not the one who shot Jonathan Lavery at the courthouse.

Jonathan wants to have a public Thanksgiving dinner, but Ryan and Erin tell him that they should have a private celebration, just the three of them together, knowing obviously the reason why.  Right then, Aidan enters and Jonathan asks Aidan if he wants to kill him.

Greenlee and Josh are standing outside the maternity ward and she tells him she demands to know what he knows about his daddy’s secret.

Ryan comes to see Kendall.  He tells her he is in awe of what she has done for Greenlee, and he tells her that if somebody told him that Kendall Hart would redefine friendship, he probably wouldn’t believe that.  She admits that many people are probably very surprised that she’d go to the drastic measures she has gone for Greenlee.

Josh tells Greenlee that she cannot seriously think he’d narc on his own father.  She tells him that he need not talk.  All he needs to do is act.  He can give her the keys to his father’s office so that she can find out the secret for herself.  She tells him she knows that the reason he is standing outside the maternity ward right now is because he knows the secret that happened the night when Kendall was inseminated, and she wants some answers.

Jack tells Erica that he believes that the justice system has failed.  She tells him she knows it’s more than that.  He’s worried about what will happen with their families during Thanksgiving.  He tells her that if their Thanksgiving dinner is ruined, it’s because Jonathan Lavery has gone free and gotten away with his crimes.  Right then, Lily appears and informs them that she does not believe that is entirely true.  She admits to them that she went to see Jonathan in jail and noticed a change in him.

Jonathan asks Aidan if he can get him a soda, and he makes it clear that he is afraid that Aidan wants to kill him.  Erin tells Aidan that he’s already made his point at the courthouse.  He tells them that he’s not there to yell at anybody or kill Jonathan.  He’s just there to “observe.”  Erin asks Aidan to just go.  Aidan tells them that Ryan was once a good friend of his, and he wants to find out of Ryan’s theory about Jonathan being better is really true.  Jonathan tells Aidan he is invited to spend Thanksgiving with them.  They can play gin rummy, and Aidan can see whether he is better or not.

JR informs Adam and Krystal that he believes that Amanda Dillon pushed babe down a flight of stairs and he does not believe she is safe.  Krystal asks JR how he’s so sure it was Amanda who pushed her.  Babe admits she is not certain of that either.  JR tells them it’s obvious that Amanda hates Babe and she was right there.  Adam tells them he does not buy that.  He believes that “momma and baby doll” are up to something in order to get control of the Chandler estate.

Ryan tells Kendall that he knows she saved Greenlee’s life, and Greenlee told him that she hit her lowest point when she lost the baby.  She lost her will to live.  Kendall saved the woman he loves and he can never repay her for that.  She tells him that the truth is they both wound up loving Greenlee.  It’s something they would never expect would happen to them.  He makes a joke about it being a common “sickness” for them both to love Greenlee.  She tells him that her “sickness” will go away in a few months, but he’s stuck with it for life.  He has to face the risk that she might not love him back.

Greenlee and Josh go back to his father’s clinic after hours.  She tells him that she needs his help.

Adam asks JR to tell him about his little “scheme.”  He says he knows JR has some sort of trick up his sleeve in having Babe stay at his house.  He says he knows that JR could care less if Amanda pushed Babe down a flight of stairs.  He cannot believe for a minute that JR is concerned about her well-being.  He tells Adam that he, too, did something very foolish in marrying Krystal.  He’s ready to explain to his father about “him and Babe,” but he’s saved by a phone call and has to leave so he doesn’t talk about it.

Lily explains to Jack and Erica that she observed Jonathan attempting to open a ketchup packet but he did not remember how.  She could see that his brain did not work the way it used to.  Hearing that, Erica asks Lily if the sight of red ketchup did not upset her.  Lily replies, on that note, that Jonathon realized it right away and didn’t want to open the ketchup in front of her.  She tells them that when the guard was ready to escort her out of the jail, Jonathan asked him not to touch her because he knew that she had a problem being touched.  She tells them she believes that was very polite of Jonathan.  Erica agrees, but Jack does not trust anything about Jonathan.  Lily admits that she is not completely convinced of Jonathan’s good will, but she did see some changes.

Jonathan tells Aidan that he no longer hears voices in his head and can concentrate better.  Aidan asks Jonathan what the voices said to him.  Erin asks Aidan not to talk about that, but Jonathan tells Erin that it’s ok; he can talk to Aidan about that.  She explains that Jonathan had terrible headaches.  Jonathan and Aidan play cards, but Jonathan has trouble doing simple addition of numbers.

Ryan tells Kendall that he would do anything to regain Greenlee’s trust and make her love him again.  She tells him that that might just happen when she sees him with his son for the first time.  Hearing that she knows it’s a boy, he asks her when they found out.  She tells him just the previous day they found out he and Greenlee will have a healthy baby boy.  He tells her he’s amazed at how she’s appearing so calm with the baby and the whole surrogacy situation and her own divorce.  She tells him not to worry.  Her primary goal is this healthy little boy, but he tells her that something tells him that she needs a little help.  He asks her what he can do.  She tells him what he can do is fight to get Greenlee back.

Josh tells Greenlee that he knows how to track down her embryos.  He gets on the computer and finds out that his father never makes “unintended mistakes” in inventory.  She discovers that the night before the blackout, she had tons of embryos, but right after that, they were all gone.  She then concludes that there is no way that Kendall could have had her (Greenlee’s) embryos implanted.  Josh does not tell her anything more but lets her stay in the office in order to look at Kendall’s files.

Kendall tells Ryan that her mom got the idea that she and Greenlee were in love with each other.  Ryan is surprised and laughs when Kendall tells him that Erica thought that she was going in the “Binks” direction.  So she went and put her mother in her place by going to the office and planting a big old kiss on Greenlee right in front of her mother.  She tells Ryan that this “gift” she is giving Greenlee is a gift for her, also.  It’s a perfect reminder of a friendship that was written in the stars.  She tells him that she wants him and Greenlee back together in the worst way.  She wants to be able to see that love can conquer all.  She then has a flashback of Greenlee’s elation at first finding out she was pregnant, then the loss of Ryan, then finding out that Greenlee can never carry a pregnancy.  Then seeing Greenlee saved by Kendall having the baby for them.  The two of them confirmed that they loved each other.  Then, she remembers telling Greenlee that she secretly went to the clinic after the blackout when she was concerned that Greenlee’s frozen eggs might no longer be viable, but she told her that everything went as planned.  However, Kendall and Dr. Madden had a “secret” that night that they agreed that Greenlee must never know.

Meanwhile, Greenlee is in Madden’s office and discovers the big secret.

Adam is utterly baffled to find out that Krystal, Babe and JR are all ok about spending Thanksgiving together.  He promises to God that he will never touch moonshine again.

Right then, JR is doing some shady “exchange” with some dude outside of the Pine Cone.  He then notices Jonathan Lavery coming out of his motel room.  Jonathan appears “friendly” to JR.  JR seems to returns the “friendliness,” but JR reminds Jonathan that after getting away with murder and removing the tumor, he has a lot to be thankful for.  Jonathan tries to explain to JR that he is better now, but JR tells him he is a nutcase.  He tells Jonathan he knows what he did to his friend Kendall.  He then pushes Jonathan up against the wall and tells him he will not get away with his crimes.  Right then, Jonathan comes back into the motel and angrily tells Aidan that he does not have to take that type of garbage from anybody.

Erica tells Jack that maybe Ryan sees something in Jonathan that maybe nobody else sees.  He tells her he still does not intend to take any chances.  She tells him that nothing was written in their marriage vows that said they must agree on everything.  She tells him as long as they love each other they will be fine, and they kiss.  She asks him what will happen for Thanksgiving, and he tells her the show must go on.  She tells him it will be just family and they all love each other enough that they can get through one day without any major drama.  It will be only them and Kendall and Reggie and Lily and Greenlee and Myrtle, and they will be one big happy, peaceful family.

Greenlee is in Madden’s office, stunned that Kendall lied to her about whose eggs were implanted in Kendall.

Ryan acts friendly to Kendall and tells her he will be there for whatever she needs.  Right then, he gets a call on his cell phone.  It’s Greenlee.  She tells him that she was thinking about Thanksgiving.  She invites him to be her “date” at Jack and Erica’s party at the Valley Inn.  They agree to meet, but she is not happy.

Adam tells Babe that she must realize she will never get back together with his son.  Krystal asks him who is asking that they get back together.  It’s just Thanksgiving.  He tells her he will never forget what she has done to his son.  Krystal then tells Adam that this is one situation that he cannot control.  Right then, JR enters happily carrying his envelope.  Krystal asks him what is in that thing.  He tells her it’s “entertainment” for tomorrow.  Nobody has a clue what is going on with him.

Jonathan tells Erin and Aidan that they must not ever let “that guy” put him in a cage.  Erin asks him what he was talking about.  He tells her that JR Chandler was right outside threatening him.  She tells him he mustn’t worry.  He was just being a jerk, and it was just a bad joke, but Aidan seems to know something.

Kendall tells Ryan that she promises when the baby is born, that she will turn him over to mommy and daddy, and that is written in stone, but she makes a comment about a “secret.”  He goes outside wondering what the “secret” is about.

Right then, Greenlee leaves Dr. Madden’s office.

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