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All My Children Update Monday 11/21/05


Written By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Ryan, Erin and Jonathan hide behind Dumpsters outside the courthouse as shots are fired toward them. Ryan tells Jonathan someone is not happy about him being a free man. Jonathan wants to stand up and face the shooter because he was the bad one, but Ryan won’t let him. Ryan says if he stands up he’s dead. Soon Derek and two other officers arrive with their guns. Derek tells Ryan that it’s a bad idea to flip off his brother’s enemies by keeping Jonathan in town.

Julia and Sam hear the shots and run into the courtroom. Jack and Aidan walk in and tell them that it was gunshots. Zach walks in and asks if justice hit its mark. Ryan, Erin and Jonathan then walk in and Zach says he guesses it didn’t. Ryan accuses the gathered crowd of wanting his brother to pay with his life. Derek asks those gathered where they were when the bullets were flying. Aidan says if he asks who wanted Jonathan dead there would be a show of hands. Zach says he was at the vending machine and Aidan says he was with Zach helping him decide what kind of candy to get. Julia says she was in the ladies’ room and Sam says he was waiting for her. Jack says he was upstairs looking for the judge. Everyone starts arguing and Jonathan slips away and goes to the judge’s desk. He pounds the gavel on the table and gets their attention.

Jonathan asks them to take their turns saying what they want from him. He doesn’t know what to do, as he knows they all hate him. He asks what he should do. Should he stay or leave? Derek tells Ryan to get Jonathan down or he will. Jonathan says the judge made his decision but it’s not over. Ryan gets Jonathan and they leave with Erin. Sam says his dad is gone forever and that murderer gets to walk. Before he leaves the room, Jonathan says he knows they’re disappointed he’s not dead and he’s sorry.

At the hospital, Kendall tells Greenlee there’s nothing wrong with the baby, so why is she worried? Greenlee shows her the test results, telling her that David found them. Kendall looks at them but says she can’t understand them. She asks Greenlee what’s wrong. Greenlee asks Kendall to tell her – what’s wrong with this picture? David asks Greenlee what she is seeing that they don’t see. Greenlee says one of the numbers is bigger than the others, but that probably means nothing. Erica walks into their hospital room followed by a woman carrying a handful of clothes. Erica tells Greenlee and Kendall she will not allow them to go home in those smocks.

Greenlee comes out of the bathroom in a strapless dress and Erica compliments her. Erica leaves with Kendall and David comes back in. He asks Greenlee what’s going on with those test results. Greenlee asks if a mother and father are RH negative could the baby be something other than RH negative. David says the baby would definitely be RH negative as well. He asks her what’s wrong. She says nothing – there has to be another explanation.

JR is at the hospital looking for Babe. He runs into a wheelchair-bound Amanda and they trade insults. Amanda says she hasn’t seen Babe and tells him to kiss her wheelchair. Meanwhile, Babe is lying unconscious at the bottom of a stairwell at the hospital. Her head is bleeding. JR asks Anita if she has seen Babe. Anita tells him to ask Amanda as she was with Babe when Babe was leaving. Amanda approaches JR again and he calls her a liar. They again trade insults. JR then finds Babe at the bottom of the stairs. Jamie approaches Amanda, who tells him that Babe got what she asked for. Jamie asks what did Babe do. JR is telling Babe she’s going to be all right. He calls out for help and Jamie hears. Jamie announces that there’s an injury in the stairwell and he and Amanda go down the stairs and find JR with Babe, who is still unconscious. Anita tells JR not to move her. Amanda watches from the top of the stairs.

Babe wakes up and sees JR. She asks what happened. Jamie tells her she took a nasty fall and JR found her. Anita asks Babe to follow her finger and asks if it hurts anywhere. Babe starts getting up and says everything is working, except her bleeding head. JR asks what happened. Babe says she was pushed. JR looks up toward Amanda. JR tells her to saw a name and he’ll do the rest. Babe says she can’t. She doesn’t have eyes in the back of her head. Anita takes Babe for a checkup. Upstairs, Jamie stops Amanda and asks if she pushed Babe but Amanda tells him to go away. JR sees Amanda and tells her she’s lucky he doesn’t call Derek and have her and her wheelchair put in lockup. Babe is brought into the lobby in a wheel chair. Amanda tells her that she gets a boo-boo and everyone is falling all over themselves to make it better. Babe tells JR she’ll be going back to the Pine Cone. JR tells her she’s coming home with him.

The Laveries arrive at the Pine Cone and Ryan tells Jonathan to pack his bags, as he wants him safe. Jonathan says he’s not going anywhere. He says he doesn’t need Ryan’s help. He is a man and he can’t run and hide. Ryan says not wanting to be killed doesn’t mean he’s a child or a coward. Jonathan says he wants to be a good man. If he dies he would at least die a good man.

Greenlee asks David if the lab tech is known for typos. David says he’s very accurate. Greenlee begins thinking that this may not be Ryan’s baby. What if a stranger’s sperm sample was used? David says Madden is a pro. She wants Ryan’s child and that’s exactly what she’s going to get. Madden walks in and Greenlee asks if Kendall is carrying Ryan and her baby or is she in love with someone else’s child. Madden assures her that this is Ryan’s baby. He asks her who filled her head with these ridiculous fears. Greenlee says she had a dream that the blackout caused everything to go wrong. Madden says Ryan will be a father in a couple months.

At the courthouse, Derek informs those gathered that they would chat until there’s nothing to chat about. He suggests everyone there has experience with a gun, except Sam, but there’s a first-time for everyone. He tells them to stay away from Jonathan because he won’t be killed on his watch. Derek leaves. Julia is alone with Zach and tells him she thinks he fired the shots. Zach says if he shoots he doesn’t miss. He tells her to get some target practice.

Kendall is with Erica at her home. Kendall informs Erica that she’s divorcing Jack. Erica asks why she’s doing it now. Kendall says divorce was inevitable. Erica says this business arrangement is killing Kendall. Erica says Kendall wants to divorce Zach because she’s fallen in love with him. Erica says she’s so sorry she’s in love with him. Kendall says it’s not fair. Why does she always fall in love with the wrong man? Erica says she wants her to be happy and whole. Kendall says she will be. She says Zach is just a blip and she will get over him.

Amanda asks to talk to Anita. She asks her if head injuries could cause memory loss or blackouts. Anita says head injuries can cause problems but Amanda is in the clear.

JR and Babe leave the hospital. JR tells her she has to go to Chandler mansion as the person out to hurt her is still out there. Babe agrees to go. They get into the elevator, and when JR isn’t looking, Babe smiles.

Greenlee tells Greg that Ryan being a father is all she needs to know. Madden leaves and David asks if she seriously thought the samples were switched. Greenlee tells him to go away. She wants to be alone. David leaves. Greenlee, talking to herself with her mind cranking, says if it is Ryan’s baby … “Oh my God,” she says.

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