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Written By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Amanda is in her hospital bed talking to her mother on the phone. She asks Janet if she got home OK. Janet says she got home fine but she doesn’t feel good about leaving her there. Amanda says she’s fine. Janet asks if she’s sure she doesn’t want her there. Amanda says again she’s fine. Amanda tells Janet she has to go. Babe has just walked into the room. Babe tells her she’s sorry about what happened. Amanda yells out for help, then gives a sly smile to Babe.

JR is at home when Tad walks in. Tad asks JR what he’s drinking and when JR says it’s coffee, Tad asks what he added to the coffee. JR says hot water. He informs Tad he’s off the booze. Tad says he heard from Derek about his accident and that Babe claims to have been driving. Tad asks JR and Little Adam over for Thanksgiving dinner. JR says he’s having dinner here and asked Babe to come over. Tad asks if he’s sure he’s off the sauce.

Greenlee and Kendall are in their hospital room. Greenlee is flipping through TV channels and Kendall is reading a magazine. They are obviously upset with each other. Simone walks in all cheerful then notices the tension. She asks what’s wrong and why are they fighting. Kendall sarcastically asks who’s fighting and refers to Greenlee as the one who ruined her love life. Greenlee asks Simone to tell Kendall why she didn’t tell her that her husband came to see her. Simone asks Greenlee why she didn’t tell Kendall. Greenlee says it’s because Zach is bad for Kendall. Kendall asks Simone to tell Greenlee it’s none of her business. She also informs them that she’s getting divorced. Greg walks in with the test results on the baby.

Ryan and Livia are in court awaiting Jonathan’s hearing. Livia tells Ryan there should be no problem with the judge agreeing to the case being dropped. Ryan hopes out loud that his brother will soon be a free man. Jack walks in and informs Ryan that his brother will not walk out a free man. Ryan tells Jack he is not going to argue but it’s a done deal. Jack says it’s not a done deal until the judge says it is. DA Sommerhill and Livia inform Jack that he has tried all his options and failed. Livia tells Jack to let it go as it’s over.

Jonathan is in jail visiting with Julia. He tells her he remembers her from the cave when she stopped Sam from shooting him. He asks if she’s here to shoot him now. Julia says she’s there to find out more about him. She wants to know if he has truly changed or if he’s just acting like he’s changed and he’s still the same man who killed her brother-in-law and terrorized three women. She asks how a tumor could erase that. Jonathan says Ryan tells him that it did. Julia tells him he has let his family down. Jonathan says that’s what his dad always told him.

At the courtroom, Erin tells Aidan to leave as the freak show is over. Aidan says the freak show is about to begin. Zach has entered the courtroom and Jack tells him to go. Zach tells Jack he’s on his side. Jack asks if he’s so concerned about ridding the world of Laveries why did he let his wife get pregnant with Ryan’s child. Zach says he doesn’t control Kendall.

Greg informs Kendall and Greenlee that the baby is the picture of health. A relieved Kendall hugs Greenlee. Greenlee asks Kendall why she was so worried as she doesn’t have any health issues. Kendall says she’s just hormonal. Greenlee catches Kendall and Greg looking at each other and Greenlee asks what that look was about. Greg tells her only he also has news about the gender of the baby and wonders if they want to know. Kendall tells Greenlee it’s her call and Greenlee decides she wants to know. Greg tells them the baby is a boy. Kendall again hugs Greenlee. Greenlee says the baby will be a little Ryan with a little piece of her mixed in.

Tad is surprised JR has invited Babe to Thanksgiving dinner and comments they can’t even be in the same room without artillery. JR says Babe is on his side. Tad wonders if JR is trying to thank Babe for taking the blame for hitting Amanda with the car. JR tells Tad he can’t figure Babe out. He wonders if she’s playing him to get to their son. Tad asks how would he know. JR suggests Tad come to Thanksgiving dinner and watch Babe to figure her out.

Babe asks Amanda if she’s completely lost her mind. Amanda continues yelling for help and that Babe is trying to kill her. Anita and Jamie walk in and Amanda tells them Babe is trying to finish the job. Babe says she’s there to tell Amanda something in private. Jamie tells Anita they should leave so Babe can talk to Amanda. Amanda asks them if they’re going to leave her alone with this maniac. Anita and Jamie leave the room and Jamie tells her that Amanda is the dangerous one. Inside the room, Babe tells Amanda she had a visit from her mother and Janet seemed surprised that Jamie broke up with Amanda on his own. Amanda tells Babe that if she comes near her mother she’ll kill her.

Zach tells Ryan that he should get Jonathan out of town and start over. Ryan says he’ll take care of his brother and orders Zach to stay out of his way.

Jonathan asks Julia why he’s making him sad. Julia says she’s trying to understand him and whether he has changed. Jonathan says that he has changed. Julia says some people will be upset if he goes unpunished. She asks how he would feel if someone tries to hurt him. Jonathan says he would not do anything bad. Julia asks how can she be sure. Jonathan says he doesn’t know, but he doesn’t feel like hurting anyone anymore.

Greenlee asks Greg if she can have the test results for her scrapbook. Greg says they need to stay in the file. She asks then if she can just see them. Greg says they are very technical and she wouldn’t understand them. He tells Greenlee and Kendall that they are being released. Simone congratulates them and leaves. Greenlee excuses herself and goes into the rest room. She listens and hears Greg telling Kendall that everything is working out and she never needs to know.

Babe tells Amanda that her mother is nice. She’s not like Amanda or like all the mean stories Amanda has told about her. Amanda says she never told mean stories about her mother. Babe says Janet is so convinced she is normal that she had to humor her. Amanda tells Babe she’s insane. Babe comments that everyone is insane except Amanda. Babe says she could have told Janet the truth about her but she didn’t, so that should show she’s not out to hurt her. Derek walks in and Amanda tells him that Babe is trying to kill her. She demands Babe be arrested.

JR walks Tad to the door and Tad leaves. Outside the door he is approached by Di, who has been waiting outside for a chance to see JR. She tells Tad she is worried about JR. JR comes out and sarcastically greets his Aunt Di. He asks her in.

Jonathan is brought into the courtroom. Julia walks in and tells Jack that she went to see Jonathan. She says he may be the real deal. She saw genuine regret in him. The court session is started with Sommerhill asking the judge to accept Jonathan’s plea of not guilty by reason of mental disease or defect. Sam barges in and shouts that Jonathan can’t get away with killing his father.

David goes into Kendall and Greenlee’s room to see if they’re OK. He just heard about the fire. He asks if the baby is OK. Kendall tells him Greenlee’s son is fine. David looks at a sour-looking Greenlee and asks why the baby’s mother looks like she’s going to slaughter. He asks if it has something to do with Ryan. He says Ryan should drop kick his brother. Greenlee asks to talk about something else. Greenlee walks out of the room with David and tells him that Dr. Madden and Kendall are keeping something about the baby from her. She doesn’t have much to go on but she heard them say that she never has to know. David says Madden is a responsible doctor and she shouldn’t be worried. She says he implanted Kendall without her knowing. David tells her she’s a control freak who’s just upset that she wasn’t there when Kendall was implanted. Greenlee says he may be right, but she asks him to get the test results and tell her what they mean. David asks why Madden would like about her baby being health. Greenlee says she can’t stand that Kendall could be keeping something from her since she’s her best friend. David agrees to check it out.

A courtroom guard brings Sam to the front of the courtroom to talk to the judge. Sam says Jonathan showed no mercy with his father. The judge appreciates what Sam is saying but says this is a legal issue, not a moral one. Jack asks to address the court on behalf of Sam and the other victims. Jack says he has seen the medical evidence but it’s just the opinion of a handful of doctors. There’s no proof that Jonathan heard voices telling him to commit his crimes. He asks how do they know that Jonathan wasn’t coached to be a repentant little boy. He asks that the case be allowed to go to trial and let a jury decide as the victims deserve justice.

Derek tells Amanda he’s not here to arrest Babe. In fact he’s not filing charges as there’s no evidence of intent to harm. He reminds Amanda she was walking on a dark road in dark clothes. Amanda tells him if she winds up dead the blood will be on his back. Babe tells Amanda that it’s now established that she is not out to kill her, so she can drop dead. She and Derek leave the room and Derek says he’s not done with her. Derek says he believes she is covering for JR and he’d like to throw the book at her. He’s sure JR is guilty of driving drunk but he can’t base a case on his feelings. Babe doesn’t give him any new information and he leaves. She prepares to leave the hospital and Amanda gets in her wheelchair and leaves her room.

Di goes inside Chandler mansion and tells JR she came to see if he was OK. JR, continuing his sarcastic tone, says his Aunt Di has been on his mind too, for about two minutes. He says since she’s all about family she might like to join them and Tad over for Thanksgiving dinner. Di asks if he’s serious then says she’ll look forward to it.

Greenlee goes back into her room and Kendall is backing. Kendall tells her she was right about Zach. Kendall says she was right about something too. Ryan still is the best thing that’s happened to Greenlee. Greenlee says she’s not ready to concede that. Kendall tells her that her instincts are better than her’s.

The judge says he’s moved by the statements of Jack and Sam but the evidence forces him to agree with the DA. No jury would convict Jonathan, so he’s going to agree to the deal. Jack asks the judge if he would consider probation. The judge says that’s impossible since there is no conviction. He tells Jonathan he is free to go. Erin hugs Jonathan. The Laveries notice that Jack, Sam, Julia and Anita are glaring at them. Jonathan comments that they all hate him. Julia tells Sam that it’s over and he has to let it go. Sam sarcastically says he’ll flip the switch in his brain that says forget. Aidan tells Erin she should take her brother and leave the country. Erin says they’re not going anywhere. Ryan wants to stay near Greenlee and the family is staying together. Aidan says that’s a big mistake.

Amanda leaves her room and sees Babe standing at the elevator. Babe walks over to the stairs and takes them. Babe is seen falling down the stairs. She lands on the bottom and is unconscious.

JR tells Tad and Di he’ll see them on Thanksgiving and leaves. Tad tells Di he hopes she’s not getting a warm fuzzy feeling. Di says she knows JR is setting her up. But if he needs to do that to let off steam maybe then he’ll let this go.

David has the test results and tells Greenlee everything is fine. Greenlee takes the results and asks “what the hell is this.” Kendall walks in and asks what’s wrong.

Jonathan, Ryan and Erin leave the courtroom and are in an alley. Jonathan asks if the bad is really over. Suddenly gunshots are fired toward them and they duck.

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