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Ryan notices Greenlee out of bed walking around.  He asks her what she’s doing.  Anita tells them that Greenlee needs to get inside her room and get some sleep.  Ryan wants her to get some fresh air and tells Anita he will take care of Greenlee.  He covers her with a blanket and carries her out.

Jamie tells JR that he knows JR drove drunk and ran Amanda down, and Babe covered for his sorry butt.  He should be grateful, but all he can do is judge her and assume she is playing him.  JR tells Jamie it’s not that simple.  Babe is coming on to him.

Amanda tells Myrtle that she knows her mother loves her.  Others see her as toxic waste, but she knows she is a good person anyway.

Right then, Janet enters and introduces herself to Babe and Krystal as Amanda’s mother.  They invite her in.  She tells them that she went to visit her daughter in the hospital.  She knows that her baby is in a lot of pain.  She seems friendly, but right away, Krystal knows that she is indirectly accusing Babe of running Amanda down.  She’s ready to tell her that Babe did not run Amanda down, but Babe still sticks to her story that it was an “accident.”  Hearing that, Janet asks Babe if she ran her little girl down.

Kendall is in her room having difficulty making a decision.  Zach comes and asks her what he can do to help.  She tells him he may tell her the answer to that.  He tells her he can go back to the office or to her condo and pick up anything she needs to have right now.  She tells him that she knows he’s up to something.  He tells her he knows she is testing him for something and asks her to tell him what she is testing him for.

Babe “explains” to Janet that she doesn’t know how it happened.  It was dark.  Amanda came out of nowhere.  Hearing that, Janet tells Babe she better not blame her daughter for the accident.  Babe politely tells her that she is not.  She also explains that she and Amanda used to be really close.  Janet right away concludes that she knows that Babe had a reason to hurt Amanda.  She knows that they had a confrontation and are fighting over the same man.

JR asks Jamie to tell him the answer to a simple question.  Does Babe have real feelings for him or is she the same lying piece of trash he’s always known her to be?  Jamie tells JR that his answer is neither of the above.  He no longer spends time worrying about Babe’s personal life.  And he asks JR that since he hates Babe, and treats her like trash, why does he care what she thinks or feels in the first place?  Jamie also tells JR that he was with Amanda when Derek questioned her about the accident.  He knows that Amanda is falsely accusing Babe of running her down.  She wants to hurt Babe, and he knows what really happened.

Myrtle tells Amanda that she is not toxic waste, but she is very wasteful.  Amanda asks Myrtle if she means that Amanda runs up too much electricity and hot water in the rooming house.  Myrtle tells her that Amanda is wasting her potential.  She is beautiful and energetic and could do a lot with her life if she wanted to.  She tells her that she should have a happy life with many friends, but she is alone, and there is a reason for it.  She tries too hard to make enemies, and she tells her that is a waste.  Amanda protests that she tries not to make enemies with anybody.  She tells Amanda that since she almost died, she should now make the best of what is given to her.  She needs to reach out to people, and that way she will be on the track to happiness, that is, if that’s what she really wants.  Amanda says it is.

Greenlee is with Ryan at the boathouse.  She admits that she is reliving the night when they were outside watching the northern lights.  She admits that she has come to realize that she has lost a lot by losing faith in him.  She admits that she is afraid of falling because of him.  She does not want to open up her heart to have it shattered to bits.  He then tells her that he wants to give her ten years of happiness for every second of pain he’s given her.  He says that he wishes she’d give him the chance to try.  She turns to face him and does not look very receptive.  She tells him he’s fried her heart once, and it sounds like he’s going to “try” not to fry it again.  He tells her that in a few more days, today will be yesterday.  He makes light of “frying” her heart.  She does not appreciate him making jokes.  He tells her that change is inevitable, but he is having difficulty being serious.  He tells her that one day they will look back on all of this and laugh.

JR comes to see Amanda and makes a crude comment about how her situation is “not bad” for somebody who almost became road kill.  He remarks about how she has a lovely room in a hospital and all the attention and amenities she could ever want.  She tells him he better get out and asks him what he wants.  He makes threats to her.  He tells her he can get her in real trouble, charged with “jaywalking” and make her life miserable, that is, if she does not stop making trouble for Babe.  Does he really care about Babe after all?

Janet tells Krystal that her daughter is in a hospital room because Krystal’s daughter still has “issues” with Amanda’s man.  Krystal asks Janet just when Jamie and Amanda were engaged.  Babe tells Janet that she and Jamie are through and she stays out of his business.  However, Janet goes on about how they must realize that her daughter and Jamie are meant to be.

Kendall tells Zach that she has a lot of dilemmas about the baby and Greenlee and Ryan and him.  He asks her if she wants flowers in her hospital room.  She tells him she is not concerned about that.  If he were to give her flowers, it should be spontaneous.  She should not have to ask him and plan it out.  She tells him she knows that he was there and made no effort to see her or bring her flowers once before.  He tells her he’s going to the florist to get her flowers, because he knows it’s what she wants in order to “stay in this game.”  She tells him this is not a game to her.  He then asks her what she wants from him besides a divorce, and she cannot answer that.  She then tells him to never mind.  He can go back to his casino or wherever he wants to go and count his money or do whatever he wants.  Just leave her alone.  He protests that he is trying to do something for her.  She tells him he must stop.  She’s never seen him “try” to do anything before.  She reminds him that she is pregnant, hormonal and just barely survived a fire.  Even in the best of conditions, it’s all about her.  She also tells him that there is all kinds of stress in her life involving her family and Greenlee and Ryan.

JR tells Amanda that he knows all about her little “performance” where she falsely implicated Babe to Derek.  She tells him that she has been very successful in her “performance” in scamming him into believing that she enjoyed sex with him.  She asks him why he treats her like the lowest form of life and has such concerns about Babe.  He admits that he does think she is the lowest form of life.

Janet tells Babe and Krystal that it’s very common for any person to have difficulty realizing that a relationship is over.  Krystal tells her that her baby doll knows when it is over.  Babe protests to Janet that it was Jamie’s decision not to marry Amanda and if Janet does not believe it, she may ask him.  Again, Janet keeps going on about how Babe has misguided “issues” in regard to Jamie.

Greenlee asks Ryan about Jonathan.  He tells her his brother is afraid and confused, and his trial will be soon.  She tells him she knows that he wants Jonathan to get away with what he did and have the excuse of the tumor.  He tells her it is a viable excuse.  She then tells him he must realize that IF, they get back together (and it’s a very big IF), he must realize that there will be real problems at family gatherings involving her father and his brother.  She tells him that she knows that he and Erin both have delusions about taking care of Jonathan.  He then tells her he’s not going to fight with her.  She asks him what he would do if she asked him to be honest with her about his own issues.  Would he “sign up” for that or would he bail?  He tells her whatever the terms, he’s there.  She tells him that he must know how long she can hold a grudge.  How long will he wait for her to get over it?  He tells her he does not believe she could keep the grudge going for that long.  She asks what if she did.  He tells her in that case, he’d know that he’s failed.

Zach rubs Kendall’s feet.  She admits that she appreciates it, and she admits that she did kind of manipulate him into doing that.  She asks why he is being so nice to her.  He replies that she deserves it.  She’s carrying another woman’s baby out of love.  She got caught in a fire.  She admits that there was a time when she thought she heard him coming to see her and talking to her, but maybe it was just a dream.

Janet tells Babe and Krystal that she is very protective of her daughter.  She tells them that she’s glad that they were able to “talk things out.”  Babe tells Janet that she must realize that she is over Jamie, and the person she is more devoted to than anybody is her little boy.  Krystal affirms that.  Right then, JR walks in and demands to know what this “whack job” is doing in his house.  Janet then acts all “friendly” to JR and tells him that she was hoping they could put this all behind them.  He tells her he knows that her daughter is falsely accusing Babe of intentionally mowing her down.  Babe asks JR to calm down.  Krystal tells them that JR knows Amanda better than her mother knows her.  He tells her he will never forgive her for killing his uncle and he wants her out of his house.  He then asks Babe and Krystal why they would be serving coffee to Janet from another planet.  He then asks them who they are inviting for dinner...Jack the ripper.

Greenlee reminds Ryan that he did not trust her with their future.  He admits that that was a big mistake, and he’s contacted a therapist.  He tells her that he does not want to make more mistakes and ruin people’s lives.  He tells her that he is doing that for her, and he realizes that their child might want to know him.  He won’t deprive their child from that the way Ethan was deprived of knowing Zach and the way Kendall was deprived of knowing Erica.

Kendall tells Zach that she does not know whether he was really there or just a dream she had.  He tells her he’s watched her sleep, and he felt a real connection to her.  She wants to end the marriage, but he thinks she’s wrong to believe it cannot work.  H tells her that he knows there is a light and a spirit in her eyes, and he tells her that he has good news for her.  He’s not going to stand in the way of her happiness.  He will give her the divorce.  Hearing that, she does not look as happy as she wants him to believe she would be.  He tells her he knows she has enough on her plate with this pregnancy and knows that they have irreconcilable differences.  She protests that he might need her to sort his socks for him.  He tells her that there are more important issues than that.  She asks if it’s because she’s pregnant.  He tells her it’s about Ryan.  She concludes that he has a problem with her carrying the baby of a man he hates.  He implies that there is a different kind of issue involving Ryan.  He indirectly implies that he might be jealous of her feelings for Ryan.  He tells her that she deserves better than a loveless marriage, and it sounds as if both of them have feelings for the other that they do not want the other to know about.

Amanda remembers hearing JR threatening her and telling her she better not mess with Babe, and from that, she determines that she is going to make Babe’s life miserable.

JR explains to Babe and Krystal that Amanda may be messed up, but she is practically harmless compared to Janet from another planet.  Hearing that, Krystal tells him she won’t let Janet in his house again and leaves.  Alone with JR, Babe kisses him on the cheek, acts nice and tells him she “accepts.”

Greenlee looks happy to be with Ryan and returns to her hospital room.  Kendall, on the other hand, does not appear happy.

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