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All My Children Update Wednesday 11/16/05 


Written By Jenn
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Babe and JR are kissing when she pulls away knowing that it should not have happened.  He tells her that she played him.  He tells her she must admit that she is not falling in love with him and this is just a scam.  They continue kissing.

Amanda’s mom comes to her hospital room disguised as a nurse with flowers.  Amanda asks her how she knew that she was in the hospital.  Janet tells Amanda that Anita Santos told her she was there.  She hugs Amanda and tells her how precious she is to her.

Ryan comes to see Jonathan and asks what happened and where he was the night when Kendall and Greenlee almost burned to death in the fire.  He asks Jonathan if he set that fire.  Jonathan does not answer.  Ryan tells him it is very important and he must tell the truth.  Greenlee and Kendall could have died.  Zach enters and stays hidden so that they won’t see him but he can listen to their conversation.

Greenlee is in her hospital room happily talking about how great it’s going to be to have the baby.  Kendall is in her bed with her back turned and won’t speak.  Greenlee then asks Kendall to say something.  Kendall admits that she lied to Greenlee.  Greenlee asks her if the one person she trusted implicitly dishonest to her.  She asks Kendall what she lied about.  Kendall tells Greenlee it’s no big deal.  She tells her that it’s Zach.  She realizes that he does not care about her and doesn’t even like her.  She says that she should divorce him but that she really loves him.  She could have died at the Roadside but he did not even bother to visit her.  Greenlee then remembers that she did see Zach coming to visit Kendall, and she knows Kendall’s secret probably has nothing to do with that.

Ryan explains to Jonathan that this fire was started with a space heater just like the fire at Wildwind where he killed Edmund.  Jonathan tells Ryan that he believed, at the time, that it was Braden who started the fire at Wildwind.  He tells Ryan that the doctors cut the tumor out and got rid of the bad.  He looks at Ryan’s doubting expression and asks him why Ryan let them do it if it did not make him better.  Right then, Zach enters and is ready to physically attack Jonathan until Ryan pulls him away form his brother.

Janet (Amanda’s mom) tells her daughter that she dressed as a nurse to “blend in” and Trevor owed her a favor.  She asks Amanda if the people of Pine Valley have been treating her ok.  She tells Amanda that she is beautiful, and Trevor and Tim send their love.  She admits that they have both abandoned her.  Amanda tells Janet she knows that things are tough.  Janet tells Amanda that she had to come and offer her support and love in person.  Amanda tells her mother that it’s very nice that she came but she should have called first.  Right then, Janet gives Amanda a doll dressed like a surgeon to put on her bed.  Amanda asks her mother how she got out.  Janet tells her she found a way.  Amanda asks where her dad is.  Janet says he went away somewhere and she does not know and she believes she must be both a mother and a father to Amanda.  Right then, Jamie enters surprised (not happily) to see her.  She hugs him and tells him she knows that he is the reason why there is color in her little girl’s cheeks.  She tells them both that bad things happen but they happen for a reason and sometimes bad things have their own season.

Babe tells JR that she knows that what he does best is attack and launch put-downs.  He asks her what she wants for an “encore”.  She tells him he’s already taken everything from her.  He’s taken her son and her man from her.  He got away with drunk driving and let her take the rap for it.  He tells her that she betrayed him.  He loved her and she betrayed him.

Janet has the mistaken idea that the Martin family is going to join the Dillon family.  Jamie tells Amanda that he thought she “took care” of this.  Amanda tells her mother that there is not going to be any wedding.  She goes on about all of the places where they can have the reception.  They both try to get her to realize that they will not be getting married.  She tells them that she knows that parental interference is a drag.  She has learned many things from counseling.  She tells them that this is going to work out and they mustn’t worry.  Jamie then leaves.  Janet privately asks her daughter if she really wants Jamie Martin.  Amanda replies that it does not matter what she wants.  Janet tells her she better not ever think that.  Amanda tells her that nobody can make someone else love them.  Janet tells her that she managed that with Trevor.  Amanda tells Janet that she knows how to “take care of” Babe by herself.  She tells her that she learned from “the best” meaning she knows what her mother did before she got into therapy and on the right medications.  Now Janet knows how to help her daughter get her man back.  She then asks Amanda what terrible thing Babe did to her that she can “return the favor” to her.

JR tells Babe that he was scared many times also, afraid that things were too good to last.  He then pours another drink.  She asks him to stop always reaching for booze.  He tells her she can go to hell and  asks her why she cares.  She tells him she’s not going to let him drown himself in booze.  She tells him that they both owe their son better than that.  She tells him their little boy deserves to have him sober so he needs to stop drinking for Little Adam.  She says that she cannot let their son be taken from his family.

Janet tells her daughter if Babe had not interfered, she (Amanda) would now be Mrs. James Martin.  Amanda admits that it is not that simple.  Janet asks Amanda just what Babe did.  Amanda says it wasn’t that big of a deal.  Babe just talked trash about her to Jamie.  Janet then gets her mirror out to refresh her makeup and change her clothes.  Amanda asks her just where she is going.  Janet says she’s going to Babe’s and asks her just where the “rock” is that she’s hiding under.  It sounds like Amanda is a lot closer to sane and sensible than her mother is.

JR tells Babe that Little Adam got taken to live with the Buchanans of Llanview.  Then she and Jamie dragged him all over the country, and now is the time for their son to stay put.  Hearing that, Babe thanks him.  He goes out the door.  Krystal asks her daughter what is going on.  Babe tells her mother that her “plan” is working She believes that JR is falling for her.

Kendall tells Greenlee that she has a big problem to have feelings for Zach that he does not return.  Greenlee tells Kendall she can help her get over that.  She knows that Zach and his entire family know how to crush anybody that gets in their way.  She tells Kendall that this is just like the flu or a temporary ailment that can pass.  Right then, Anita comes in and knows that Kendall is upset about something.  Anita tells Kendall that she knows that Zach has been by to see her.  Greenlee acts like she is having terrible pain in her ribs.

Ryan tells Jonathan that he remembers the night of the fire; Jonathan escaped from his motel room.  Jonathan says he just drove around and wasn’t up to any mischief.  Ryan tells his brother he should not have left and asks him what he did.  Jonathan tells Ryan that he just went to see Lily Montgomery and sounds like he doesn’t want to tell Ryan what he really did or where he really went.

Kendall asks Anita to leave her and Greenlee alone and that Greenlee is faking the attack.  Kendall then privately asks Greenlee if she really saw Zach but did not tell her.  She asks Greenlee why she lied to her.  Greenlee protests that she only did that to protect Kendall.  She loves her.  Kendall is her best friend.  She knows that Zach is incapable of love.  Kendall then pretends that she “mistakenly” thought Zach told her that he loved her.  She seems to have scammed Greenlee into believing that she has delusions about Zach and guilt-trips Greenlee for lying to her.

Jonathan gets agitated and asks Ryan if he doubts that he is better.  Ryan tells Jonathan he needs to know what really happened that night.  Jonathan tells his brother that he did not start a fire in that bar or anywhere else.  Ryan asks Jonathan where he was that night.  Jonathan tells Ryan he swears on his love for him that he did not start the fire, and he needs Ryan to believe him.  He tells Ryan that he’s sorry that Greenlee and Kendall were trapped and they must have been scared.

Janet tells Amanda that she needs to come home.  Her room is exactly the way she left it.  Amanda tells her mother she does not want to come back.  She wants to move forward.  She wants to be independent and live like an adult.  Janet tells Amanda that she’s tried and failed to get jobs and it would be a joy to have her there.  She tells Amanda that for a long time she made extra food and set a place for her.  She says that she did it in the hopes that one day she would come back.  She tells Amanda that not even her father knows this, but every night before she went to bed, she went into Amanda’s old room and kissed her goodnight.  She also reveals that she has tapes of all of their conversations.  She tells her when she has trouble falling asleep, she puts the tape in the machine and it sometimes helps.

Babe informs her mom that she told JR that she was falling in love with him.  Krystal asks if he bought it.  Babe tells her mother that she believes that JR is rekindling the feelings he developed for her when they first met in San Diego.  She tells her that JR is staying and not taking Little Adam away.  Krystal tells her that what she needs is for JR to go away and stay away and leave Little Adam with her.  She then concludes that she is afraid that her daughter is falling for JR.

Babe asks Krystal why she would even suggest that she would fall in love with JR.  As she says it, she has that smile on her face.  Krystal replies that she knows that regardless of what a slime ball JR is, he is still a hotty.  She knows Babe is still attracted to that bad-boy image.  Babe tells her mother that she really does not have a choice.  She has to protect her son from his father, and she is in the process of getting JR to squash out his feelings for her.

JR goes to see Jamie.  He tells him he knows that when he found Babe in the sack with Josh, it was just a set up.  He knows that she is still in love with only Jamie.  He asks Jamie if when she was coming on to him (JR), was it real or just a set up.

Amanda tells her mother that she believes she’s overreacted about this Babe-and-Jamie business and should not have worried her mother.  Janet tells her daughter that she needs to take her home and cut her sandwiches just like she did when Amanda was a little girl.  Amanda tells her mother that she has to go.  She cannot stay in Pine Valley.  It’s what’s best for both of them.  Janet then agrees to go.  She tells her daughter that there’s no way anybody could not love her.  She is the brightest star in the universe.  Amanda promises to call her mother every day.

Ryan goes to see Zach and tells him he better never attack his brother again.  Zach reminds Ryan that Jonathan is a murderer and probably set the fire to the bar and almost killed Kendall and Greenlee.  Ryan protests that Jonathan was once mentally ill and could not control his actions, but since he is better now, he could not have done it.  He tells Zach that he needs to go back to Vegas because nobody here will miss him…least of all Kendall.

Greenlee tells Kendall if she’s going to get herself all messed up over Zach; she cannot sit and watch that.  She leaves and Kendall gets on the phone to call Zach.

JR asks Jamie to tell him what he thinks about Babe.  Jamie tells JR that he really doesn’t care what Babe thinks or feels or does any more.  JR urges Jamie to be the good brother that he’s always known and tell him if he believes that Babe is scamming him.  Jamie knows her better than anybody, and he knows that Jamie would not lie about that.

Janet goes to see Babe just like she’s told her daughter she wouldn’t do.  She acts all sweet, telling her how pretty and sweet she is and that she must be Babe.

Right then, Greenlee is walking in the hospital hallway and she doubles over in pain and Ryan offers her a hand up.

Zach then comes into Kendall’s room and asks her if she is serious about loving him.  Kendall tells him that she is serious.  She really does love him.

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