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Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

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Jack tells the DA that he cannot let Jonathan get away with killing people, and Ryan argues with him.  Erica asks them both to just listen to what the DA is saying and not assume what they have not heard.  The DA tells them that the situation about Jonathan’s legal consequences, in regard to the brain surgery and illness and everything, will not be factored in regard to Ryan being his brother, or in regard to Jack’s personal vendetta toward him.  He tells them all that it is a very complex situation.

Amanda is in her hospital room.  Derek comes to see her, brings her a teddy bear and tells her that it reminded him of Trevor.  He asks how she is doing.  He tells her that the doctors are ready to take her off the critical list and she will be ok.  He asks her if she can tell him more about the accident.  He asks her if she was able to see who was behind the wheel of the car.  Jamie is outside the door to witness their conversation.

The DA tells Ryan that he knows that he is not entirely impartial nor is Jack.  Jack tells him it is unacceptable if he does not go after Jonathan Lavery after kidnapping all of his daughters and murdering Edmund Gray.  He faces Ryan to tell him that his brother is not going to get away with this, and Julia walks in to hear their conversation.

Meanwhile, Lily comes to Jonathan’s jail cell.  He tells her that he’s happy to see her and he’s sorry to have scared her and it will not happen again.  She says that she will tell him why she is there.  She asks if she can touch his bars.  He tells her yes but they are not really his.  He explains to her that there are lots of stones and irons and wires so that he cannot escape.  She tells him that she knows of many ways to escape that she’s seen in movies.  He tells her he knows he’s done a lot of bad things.  He again tells her that they cut the bad things out of him, but he must stay there until they decide what to do with him because he does not have any say.  She tells him that her life skills coach tells her she must confront her fears.  He asks her what he must do to make her no longer afraid of him.

Erin runs into Aidan.  She asks him why he is so obsessed with going after her brother, and why can’t he just let the law do their job?  She explains that her brother was sick.  He tells her that he wants to make certain that her brother does not use that as an excuse to make people feel sorry for him so that he can avoid the consequences.

Jack tells Ryan that Jonathan has him, their sister and his ex law partner speaking for him, and he asks who will be there to speak for the dead.  Erica asks if Jonathan could get committed to an institution instead of prison.  Ryan tells her that Jonathan is not insane.  The DA agrees.  Livia explains that Jonathan owns responsibility for his actions.  Ryan explains that he shot the dangerous Jonathan in order to save Greenlee, Kendall and Lily, and ‘that’ Jonathan is not there any more.  Livia tells Jack that the doctors removed the tumor so that Jonathan is no longer a threat to society.  Ryan tells Jack that if the charges against Jonathan before he got “fixed” should be reopened, then maybe charges against him and Erica should be reopened for the attempted murder of Michael Cambias.

Jamie comes into Amanda’s room to hear Derek ask her if she knows the make or model of the car that hit her and if it might belong to somebody she knows.  She tells him perhaps it was gray.  He asks her about a confrontation she had with Babe Carey before the accident.  Hearing that, she asks him what that bitch told him.

Babe tells JR that when she makes one tiny little slip of the tongue about how she does not want to lose him, he jumps all over her.  She tells him she knows that he’s trying to back her into saying that she loves him, and asks him what that is all about.

Derek asks Amanda what her fight with Babe was all about.  Amanda tells him that Babe hates her probably because she broke up her and Jamie.  She tells him that Babe came after her with a hammer and made all kinds of threats to her.  She then relives her threatening Babe and Babe’s defending herself with a hammer, but she tells Derek that she wanted to be friends with Babe.  She also tells him that she and Babe and Jamie were close like family.  Hearing that, Jamie tells Derek he must realize that that is a load and Amanda is lying.  Derek asks him not to talk and asks Amanda what she would tell him if he told her that Babe Carey confessed to being behind the wheel of that car.  Hearing that, she tells him that she could see the anger and hatred in Babe’s eyes that night, and it sounds like she might actually believe, or want Derek to believe that Babe ran her down.

Babe tells JR that she saved his sorry butt from going to prison for almost murdering Amanda, so he better not get into it with her.  He tells her that she is manipulating him.  She tells him that he better leave her alone, and asks why he cares about it in the first place.  He hates her and she hates him and the only reason they are even in contact is because of their child.  He asks her why she is concerned about his issues.  She tells him that it’s because anybody who cares about him ends up getting slammed.  Hearing that, he tells her she’s said it all.  She still has feelings for him.

Jack tells Ryan he must not throw Cambias in his face.  There is no comparison or relevance.  Ryan tells Jack that he and Erica were ready to kill Michael Cambias and would have if Bianca had not.  Jack tells Ryan that Michael Cambias was a rapist who deserved to die.  Julia agrees and asks what Edmund did in order to deserve to die.  Erica then tells them all that they need to stop this and realize that none of this will bring back the dead people or undo anything that has happened in the past.

Jonathan gets a bag with warm food in it.  He tells Lily that he knows it’s rude to eat in front of somebody, but she tells him it’s all right.  He must eat it if it’s warm.  He then grabs a ketchup container and forgets how to tear it open.  He remembers that the catsup is red and might upset her.  She tells him that she knows you cannot eat a burger without ketchup, so she puts on her glasses and opens the ketchup container for him.  He thanks her and acknowledges that there are a lot of things he cannot do and many things that he still gets wrong.  She then tells him she thought that the surgery made him better.

Erin tells Aidan that he may not get that her entire life from the time she was little until now has been about protecting Jonathan from getting hurt and saving his life.  She tells him she knows that that is no excuse for what Jonathan did to his friends, but that her father used to abuse and torture him.  She tells him that Jonathan would have never done what he did without the meds that the doctors forced him to take.  She tells Aidan that he is free to judge him or do or think whatever he wants.

Amanda tells Jamie that her ex best friend tried to kill her.  He tells her that that is bull, and he knows that that whole night was all a blur to her until Derek informed her that Babe confessed.  She asks him why he is mad at her.  He tells her he knows she is lying and she never came to Babe asking to be friends and Babe did not threaten her life.  He asks her why she hates Babe so much that she would accuse her of doing something she did not do.

JR tells Babe that if she is so tough, why she doesn’t show him what she’s got.  He asks her what she is afraid of.  Is she afraid of saying something she cannot take back?  He tells her he knows it and she knows he knows it.  She then tells him that he is a son of a b but she is in love with him.

Babe tells JR that she is totally humiliated and asks him if that is what he wanted.  She then asks him how she could be in love with somebody who has done what he’s done and believed that he was the same one she met in San Diego.  She says she remembers how great he was to her when they first met, and how stupid could she be to fall in love with the slime he turned into, especially after he drove drunk, ran down Amanda and let her take the rap for it.  He then tells her he knows what she is doing.

Jamie tells Amanda that he knows there are no rules for her.  She thinks she can get away with anything.  She tells him she liked him a lot better before he was mean to her.  He tells her that this is all a joke to her.  She has no clue what happened when she got run down, but she wants to stick it to Babe.  Hearing that, she asks him why he is still so hung up on Babe.  He tells her he’s completely over Babe, but he knows she did not go after Amanda with a hammer, nor threaten her nor run her down.  He asks her just what she was doing running away from the roadside bar.  He asks her if she was running away form the smoke and the fire the night somebody burned the bar down.

Erica asks Jack if it’s justice or if it’s payback.  Jack asks Ryan if he still wants a future with Jack’s daughter.  Ryan says yes but he realizes that that has not been decided yet.  Jack asks him what that future will be about if they spend Thanksgiving with Jonathan, remembering what he did to Greenlee and her family and their friends.  Ryan tells Jack that he wishes he would just talk to Jonathan’s doctors.  Jack tells Ryan that he bets that Jonathan is responsible for burning the bar.

Jonathan tells Lily that many times he will say the wrong words.  She tells him that it’s like calling butterflies flutter-bys because they flutter by.  He is really impressed that she understands so well.  She tells him that she used to repeat what she heard and her mom got her into a speech program.  He thanks her for the ketchup.  She tells him she has to go.  She tells him that her life skills coach told her that she should not lie, and she knows she cannot lie.  So she tells him she came by to find out if he was lying about not wanting to scare anybody any more.  He asks her if she thinks he was telling the truth.

JR tells Babe that she must never play a gamer.  She tells him that he’s right.  She knows she never had a chance.  He then asks her to give him his “props”.  She tells him he rocks.  He tells her that if she’s not mad at him, then his job is not done.  She goes away realizing that he put her in her place and she must know never to play a gamer.

Erin tells Aidan that the doctor who finally got it right about Jonathan was outraged that he’d been prescribed anti-psychotics all that while.  It ruined him.  She then notices that Aidan does not appear angry, but he tells her he does not trust her and believes she just wants to play on his sympathy for her brother.  She tells him that she does intend to protect her brother from jerks like him.  She can tell that she is wasting her time.  He tells her she is right that she is wasting her time, and she is also wasting his time.  He then walks away.

Jack tells Ryan that when his brother goes after his wife, he takes Jonathan’s side.  He knows that that is what Ryan does.  He is certain that he is right about everything that he thinks and feels and does…until it blows up in his face.  He walks away.  Erica goes with him.  Ryan is then alone in the room with Julia.  He tells her if she wants to take a shot at him, she may go ahead.

Lily admits to Jonathan that she has yet to make up her mind about him, but she’s glad she came to see him.  She then gets ready to leave.  He seems to be interested in her life skills coach and asks her if they could help him.  Right then a guard comes to escort Lily out of the place, but Jonathan remembers that she does not like to be touched and asks the guard not to touch her.

Julia tells Ryan that she just wishes she could be certain that Jonathan was not responsible for the fire at the bar.

Amanda asks Jamie how she would know about the bar fire.  He asks her why he would believe her telling him that she had nothing to do with it.  He asks her if she set the fire and tried to kill Babe.  She demands that he get out.

Meanwhile, the other suspect for starting the fire is sitting in his jail cell looking lost in thought.  Ryan comes to see his brother.  Jonathan hugs him and tells him he’s so happy he is there.  He informs Ryan that he had a good conversation with Lily.  Ryan then tells his brother that he needs to ask him something and Jonathan needs to be honest with him.  He asks him if he followed Greenlee the night of the fire and set fire to the bar.

Babe admits to JR that she made a fool of herself, and he helped.  She admits that maybe she did herself in.  She let her true feelings out for two seconds, and they got away from her.  They kiss.

At the hospital, Amanda’s mom, Janet, comes into her hospital room dressed as a nurse and brings her flowers.

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