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All My Children Update Monday 11/14/05


Written By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

At the hospital, Kendall tells Greg that Greenlee cannot find out what happened the night her baby was conceived. Greg thinks about Josh learning the truth about Kendall’s baby. Greg tells Kendall that he’ll do everything in his power to make sure Greenlee doesn’t find out the truth.

Greenlee is in her hospital room with Josh, who says he wants to talk about her baby. Greenlee is wondering why Josh, someone she barely knows, would want to talk to her about her baby. Josh says the details behind her baby are remarkable and unbelievable. She asks what he means. Josh tells Greenlee that sperm samples were rendered useless in the blackout. Greenlee questions Josh about the embryos but Kendall and Greg come in. Josh shows the flowers he brought to Kendall. Greenlee tells Greg she has some questions about the baby and needs answers.

Jack and Ryan are at the police station arguing over Jonathan. Jack tells Ryan his brother terrorized all three of his daughters. He would love to see Ryan and Jonathan rot in prison, but he will at least make sure that Jonathan never sees freedom. Ryan says Jonathan is not responsible for his crimes and the medical experts say so. Jack says you can find an expert to agree to anything. He says the crimes end here and he won’t let Ryan harm Greenlee. Ryan says he would not hurt Greenlee. Jack asks how long would it be before something sets him off. He tells Ryan to get out of Greenlee’s life. Ryan says that’s for Greenlee to decide. They’re having a child. Jack tells him he wasn’t here to make that decision. Erica walks in to hear Jack tell Ryan that he will not be a part of his child’s life. Erica tells Jack that it’s not up to him to decide that.

Jonathan is in jail talking to Erin. He says Jack and Aidan hate him. Erin says they’re having a hard time now that he’s back but they’ll get over it. She says they’re mad because of what happened when he was sick. Jonathan asks how he can make people know he’s not sick anymore. Livia, who has just walked in with the district attorney, says it’s simple. She introduces the DA as Mr. Sommerhill and tells Jonathan to tell him the truth. Livia tells Sommerhill that Jonathan didn’t have the capacity to distinguish right from wrong when he committed his crimes.

At Chandler mansion, JR tells Derek that Babe is not going anywhere. Derek asks why he doesn’t want Babe to answer questions. What is he afraid of? JR tells Derek he doesn’t have a search warrant. Derek says he’s not here to arrest anyone. JR tells him then to leave. Adam tells Derek he’ll have one of his attorneys hive him a refresher on the Bill of Rights. Derek says innocent people aren’t afraid to answer questions. Babe says she’s not afraid. Derek asks why she won’t come to the station and wonders if she’s being intimidated by the Chandlers. He asks JR if he’s afraid Babe will reveal he was the one behind the wheel. JR says he was in the passenger seat. He says he was sober and he knows what happened. Babe says she has nothing left to saw. Derek leaves, telling Babe he’ll get back to her. Babe asks Krystal and Adam to go check on the baby and they leave the room. JR tells Babe a cocktail is in order. After he pours himself a drink, Babe hits it out of his hand. She says she’s not going to let him get away with this. No more drinking his way to a liver transplant. JR says she can’t tell him when and where he can drink. Babe says he’s not doing it on her watch. She says she knows he realizes that he was the one driving.

Erica asks Jack who he is to keep the baby from Ryan. Jack says he’s just putting Greenlee first. Erica asks what happens if the child is not happy by his actions keeping the father away. Jack says he doesn’t care if the child hates him. Erica says if it wasn’t for Ryan Kendall and Greenlee would be dead. She tells Jack they were trapped in the fire and Ryan saved them. This is news to Jack. Ryan says they’re still in the hospital. Jack says they’re fine and the baby is fine. Jack asks who started the fire. Erica says she doesn’t know. Jack asks Ryan where his brother was when this was going on.

Greenlee asks Greg about her and Ryan being RH negative. Greg says if Kendall was RH negative then there would be a problem. Greenlee asks if there are more than one baby but Greg says there’s just one. Kendall gives Greenlee a sonogram.

Greg goes into the hallway and asks Josh how long he was talking with Greenlee, who he barely knows. Josh says he was just chatting with Greenlee until Kendall got back. Greg says if Greenlee’s dreams are shattered he’ll know who is responsible.

Greenlee asks Kendall why she didn’t tell her the supply was ruined the night of the blackout. Kendall says she didn’t think she needed to. Greenlee says she has been lied to throughout her life and she wants to know if she can count on Kendall to give her the truth. Kendall says she didn’t even think about the blackout. Kendall says they had enough to worry about after Ryan came back. Greenlee hugs Kendall and thanks her for being someone she can trust.

Jack is on the phone to police and learns that the fire was started by a space heater. He says that’s the method of operation of Jonathan, who turned over a space heater to kill Edmund.

Jonathan tells the DA that he turned over the heater at Wildwind so it would look like an accident. He says he did what Braden said. Sommerhill says Braden was already dead when the fire at Wildwind was started. Jonathan admits he killed Braden and asks himself how he could do that. He says he got it in his mind to kill Braden to protect his family.

Adam and Krystal go into Little Adam’s room, where Winefred is holding the boy. Winefred goes to give him a bath. Adam starts to leave but Krystal won’t let him leave and go eavesdrop on JR and Babe. She tells Adam that he’s scared.

Babe tells JR he could at least show gratitude. She had a million chances to tell Derek the truth but didn’t. She says sending him to prison would be yummy revenge but, getting close to JR, she says she wants something else. He asks what she wants. She tells him to take a wild guess. JR thinks she’s talking about visitation. She says she wants Little Adam and him to stay in Pine Valley. She also wants JR to stop drinking. JR asks why she cares how he feels. Babe says he must know why.

Adam says he’s not afraid of Krystal, Babe or anyone else. Krystal asks what about JR as he’s a drunken mess. Krystal says he knows he’s thinking about all the mistakes he has made with JR. Adam says all parents make mistakes. Krystal tells him he’s coming close to her record for mistakes. Adam asks her what he should do. Krystal puts her arms around Adam and tells him he needs to reach out to JR and say he’s sorry. She says he needs to tell JR he loves him but can’t watch him destroy himself. Krystal hugs Adam and he hugs back, holding her tight. He says it’s a dark day when he has to go to the enemy for parenting advice.

Ryan says there’s no way Jonathan would hurt Greenlee and Kendall. He wants to make things right. Jack says he’ll make sure Jonathan spends the rest of his life behind bars. Ryan says Jonathan was misdiagnosed and received antipsychotic medication that had an adverse effect. Jack calls Jonathan criminally insane.

Jonathan says Braden gave him advice and he thought he was always right. He says he knows now that Braden wasn’t there but was in his head. He says he did what Braden said. Livia asks him if he still believes what Braden said was right. Jonathan says he killed people and that was not right. Sommmerhill asks Jonathan what he thinks should happen to him. Jonathan says he would never hurt anyone again, but people he hurt wants him punished. He tells Sommerhill he might have to get tough with him like his father did.

Greg tells Josh that his mother was suicidal until she became pregnant with him. Josh was her miracle baby and Greenlee deserves her own miracle.

Livia and Sommerhill go to the police station, where Sommerhill tells Ryan, Jack and Erica he has decided what will happen to Jonathan.

JR asks Babe if she wants to prove she’s a better person than he is. Babe says she thought they were growing together. She loved him and knows that the guy she fell in love with is still there. She says Little Adam deserves the best part of him. She tells him she doesn’t want to lose him.

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