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All My Children Update Friday 11/11/05


Written By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Jack goes to the jail to see Jonathan, who has been arrested. Jonathan tells Jack that he’s better but Jack suggests he dreamed up an excuse. Jack says Braden raped his sister and avoided punishment and now Jonathan is trying to avoid punishment. He tells Jonathan he was lucky but now his luck has run out. Jack tells Jonathan he deserves the harshest punishment and he won’t rest until he’s on death row.

Ryan goes to the hospital to see Greenlee. Kendall is lying in the next bed sleeping. Ryan greets Greenlee with a kiss and sits down on her bed. Greenlee asks him what happened with Jonathan and Ryan tells her that he is in custody. He tells her Livia is working on a deal with the district attorney. Ryan asks Greenlee what will happen next with them and their baby. Kendall opens her eyes.

At Greg’s office, Josh tells his father that he knows his secret. Josh says he did some investigating and knows everything. He says it’s unbelievable. Greg says he never wanted him to know. Josh says Erica is the one he needs to protect. If she finds this out it may be a one-way ticket back to addiction.

Di is a waitress at BJ’s and Tad walks in with Erica. Erica wants Tad to investigate Greg Madden to find out what dirt he has in his past. Tad isn’t happy to see Di. Erica doesn’t know what has happened with Tad and Di but Di fills her in, explaining that she assumed her half-sister Dixie’s life because she wanted it for herself. Erica says that’s one of the most heinous things she’s ever heard. Tad asks Erica if Tad told her how much he hates her and that she won’t leave because she loves him. Tad tells Di he wants a real waitress, not a fake one.

Babe is holding Little Adam at Chandler mansion and talking to her mother about the situation with JR. Krystal thinks Babe claimed she was driving because she wants to get on JR’s good side so he’ll have a soft spot for her. Krystal says that won’t work because JR has no clue how far Babe went to save his hide. Babe says one way or the other she’ll get through to JR.

In another room, JR is now awake and sober and talking to his father. He tells Adam that he wasn’t driving and no one is dead, so what’s the harm. JR starts having flashbacks, first of Babe telling him she won’t let him take their son and go to Europe. Adam is questioning JR about the incident of hitting Amanda, asking him for details. JR says he doesn’t have the details. Adam fills him in, reminding JR that he called a private jet. Adam says he locked the plane down so he’s not going anywhere. JR says he doesn’t need Adam’s permission to take his son on a trip. Adam says this wasn’t just a trip. JR says there’s no reason for him to stay here and no one for him to stay for. Adam tells him before he lets him throw his life away he’ll throw him in prison first. Adam tells him Chandler Enterprises is his legacy. JR tells him to give it to his wife as she’ll get it anyway. JR says he wants to get away from here and maybe even change his son’s name so he won’t be a Chandler. Adam asks if this is all because his mother is still dead. JR tells Adam he’s dead to him too. JR says he doesn’t need anyone. Krystal, who has just entered the room with Babe, challenges that statement. Pointing to Babe, Krystal tells him he needs her very much.

Kendall listens to Ryan and Greenlee but doesn’t let them know she’s awake. She listens as Ryan tells Greenlee he is having trouble wrapping his mind around how Kendall is carrying their child. He asks for Greenlee to tell him how it happened. Greenlee says that baby is her miracle. She says she knows she wasn’t the maternal type, but that changed when she became pregnant and saw the sonogram. Then everything became about the baby. She says all was well but one thing was missing – him. Then she lost the baby and her world crumbled. She says Kendall offered to have the baby for her and in doing so offered her hope.

Greg tells Josh that Erica must never find this out. Josh says he won’t tell Erica. Josh starts to leave but Greg says he can’t just drop a bombshell like this then leave. Josh asks what more is there to talk about. Everything was in the file. Greg asks about the file and Josh says he saw Kendall’s file in his filing cabinet. It appears Greg realizes that Josh doesn’t know what he thought he knew. Nevertheless, he asks Josh to swear on his mother’s grave that Erica will not hear about Kendall from him.

Erica asks Tad to uncover whatever unethical behavior about Greg that he can find. She tells him she has a creepy feeling when she’s near him. She says she had a sense of deja vu when she first met him but doesn’t know where she has seen him before. She asks Tad if he can also find out how her path may have crossed Greg’s in the past. Erica prepares to leave, telling Tad not to waste his time with Di. Di approaches Tad and Tad asks her how she got this job. He says he would rather starve than be served by her. Di, who is holding a plate of food, tells him it’s on the house. She proceeds to dump the two eggs over easy on Tad.

Ryan tells Greenlee he should have been here but now he is. He says he can see this child lights up her face and he wants to experience that feeling. Ryan talks about his bad life with his father and says that is his memories of fatherhood. But he says he’ll do whatever he has to do to raise his child. He says that would mean more if he can do it with her.

Adam and Krystal bicker about JR and Babe. Babe approaches JR and tells him that she covered for him, but she thinks that was a big mistake. She says she’s going to call the cops and tell the real story. JR tells her to do whatever she wants. He has more flashbacks, remembering Babe telling him that he hit Amanda. Across the room Krystal tells Adam that his son is a drunk driving maniac who deserves to be locked up. JR grows silent as his memories come back about hitting Amanda with his car. Babe asks if there’s a problem. He drinks from his flask. Derek arrives to question Babe. Krystal tells Derek that her baby doll didn’t do anything wrong. Derek asks Babe if there’s something she wants to tell him that she didn’t tell him earlier.

Livia arrives at the jail and tells a jailer to get Jack out of the cell. Jack leaves the cell and asks Livia why she is representing Jonathan. Livia says medical records show he’s not responsible for his actions. Jack says Ryan has always been a con artist and all this nonsense about his brother proves he still is a con.

Greenlee tells Ryan she believes he wants to be a good parent. Ryan says he would never lay a hand on their child and Greenlee believes him. Ryan thanks her and leaves.

At the hospital, Erica runs into Greg and apologizes for coming down on him so hard. She explains she was worried about Kendall, but she was wrong to accuse him of using Kendall. Greg asks if she’s still trying to dig up dirt on him. He tells her that Josh informed him she was looking into his background. Erica says she did that when she was still angry, but she’s not angry anymore. Greg accepts her apology.

Kendall tells Greenlee that was the Ryan she fell in love with. She urges Greenlee to love Ryan back. Greenlee says it’s not that easy. Kendall urges her to forgive him. Greg walks into the room with a wheelchair to take Kendall to get her tests. Kendall tells Greenlee there’s nothing for her to worry about. She says taking Ryan back would be the smartest thing she’s ever done. Erica sees Kendall and is happy to see she is doing better. Josh is hiding around the corner. Erica tells Kendall she’s relieved that she’s doing better. Kendall says she owes it all to Ryan. Greg takes Kendall to her tests and Kendall leaves. Josh goes into Greenlee’s room with flowers. He asks where Kendall is and Greenlee says she went to have some tests. Josh says he’ll wait. Greenlee asks if he wants to turn the TV on. Josh says no, he’d rather talk about her baby.&# 9;

BJ’s manager fires Di for dumping food on a customer. Di tells Tad she hopes he feels better. Tad says not yet. He grabs a bowl of oatmeal and dumps it on her head. Di starts laughing. Tad tries not to laugh but Di tells him he thinks it’s funny too. Tad tells her she’s crazy, she’s nuts. Di says he’s right. She is crazy – crazy in love with him. She walks away to get her tips so she can leave to find a new job.

Babe tells Derek the same story as before and says nothing has changed. Derek says that’s not why he’s here. He wanted to question Babe about the fire at the Roadside bar. He says a space heater was left on. Babe says it was off when she was in the attic. She tells Derek that Amanda was waiting for her in the room but she didn’t notice then if the heater was on. She tells Derek that she and Amanda had a fight and really got into it. Derek finds it interesting that she had a knockdown-drag out fight with the woman she ran down with a car.

Jonathan sits in jail hugging his pillow. He tells Jack if he wants him dead do it now rather than put him on death row. Ryan walks in and says Jack will have to kill him first.

Babe tells Derek she would not run over Amanda on purpose. Derek asks Babe to come down to the station for questioning. JR steps up and tells Derek that he can’t take Babe anywhere. Derek asks him why not.

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