AMC Update Thursday 11/10/05

All My Children Update Thursday 11/10/05


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Fran

Amanda awakens in the hospital and sees Jamie.  She asks him where they are and how much they drank.  He tells her that she is not on her honeymoon and she is not hung over.  She is in the hospital.

Krystal tells Tad that JR drove drunk and ran Amanda Dillon down, and now Babe is taking the rap for him.  She asks her daughter why she doesn’t just have him behind bars.  Babe tells her mother she would if she could.

Josh walks into his father’s clinic after hours and Hazel catches him.  She knows that he is spying for Erica Kane.

When Julia goes to Ryan’s looking for Sam, she tells Ryan, Erin and Erica she does not care what happens to Jonathan, but she wants to prevent her nephew from doing something that could get him into trouble. 

Jonathan is alone assuring Braden’s ghost that he is ok and so are Ryan and Erin.  He tells him that he fixed the bad thing in his brain, but he cannot fix Braden.  He acknowledges that he killed his brother and he tells him he is sorry.

Dr. Madden comes into Kendall’s room to see if she is ok, and he tells her that she and Greenlee failed to inform him that the man who rescued both of them was Greenlee’s supposedly deceased husband and Kendall’s sperm donor.  He tells them that the fact that Ryan’s alive might affect Kendall’s decision to carry the baby.  Greenlee asks him why that would affect her decision.  She informs Dr. Madden that Kendall is on board and still plans to have the baby.  He tells them both that he knows that there were complications before they discovered Ryan was still alive, and he also knows that Ryan is a complication all unto himself.  Greenlee informs Dr.  Madden that this “complication” saved both of their lives.  He tells Kendall that he needs to run some tests.  Greenlee asks him what kinds of tests need to be done when he’s already run tests after the fire.

Alone with Ryan, Erica notices that he has a burn on his arm and asks him what happened.  He informs her for the first time that Kendall and Greenlee were in a fire and he rescued them.  She then rushes to be with her daughter and stepdaughter.

Josh tells Hazel that he wants to find out how Erica might be able to get his dad in trouble.  He tells her that he knows the secrets that his dad is keeping from Erica.  She tells him good for him and why not let her in on that.

While JR is passed out on the couch, from drinking, Babe tells her mother that JR has too much power over her and can prevent her from having custody of her son if she makes trouble for him.  Krystal reminds her daughter that he couldn’t do very much after being locked up for drunk driving.  But Babe reminds her mother that with JR’s “power,” he’d be out of jail before lunch.  Krystal tells her she still wishes she’d have pressed charges against JR.  Babe tells her mother that she’s worried that JR was so wasted that he really believed that she was the one who was driving.

Jamie asks Amanda if she remembers anything before the accident.  He asks if she got a look at the driver.   She tells him that she did not “stage” this.  He tells her he knows, and she must get some rest and he will call her mother.  She tells him he cannot call her mother because it will make her even crazier.

Jonathan tells Braden’s ghost that he tries to be better but is afraid that maybe he is not getting better.  Maybe he needs to go to jail in order to be better, and he needs to stay away for a long time.  Right then he hears Sam telling him maybe he could save him the trouble.  Jonathan turns around to see Sam is holding a gun on him.  Jonathan asks him who he is.  Sam replies that he is Sam Gray and Edmund Gray was his father and the man that Jonathan killed.  Jonathan explains that he knows he did, but he heard voices in his head and could not control them.  He tells Sam he is sorry.  Sam angrily tells him that sorry doesn’t cut it.  He tells Sam that he wishes he could prevent all those bad things from happening.  He wishes he could bring his dad back and take back hurting Greenlee and Kendall and Lily.  Sam tells Jonathan that he cannot bring his dad back.  He is dead.  Sam tells Jonathan that he is going to be dead, also.

Dr. Madden tells Greenlee that sometimes when artificial inseminations happen, it can be incomplete.  So he needs to examine Kendall and the baby to make certain that everything is ok.  Greenlee asks him what the risks are in these types of pregnancies.  Dr.  Madden tells her that there are no risks.  Kendall then tells her that she must just let Dr. Madden do the damn test.  Greenlee reminds Kendall that she hates being poked and probed and asks her why she is now ok with it.  Greenlee wants to know, “What is up?”

Babe tells Krystal that two seconds were all she had to make up her mind in the situation.  She just wanted to get on JR’s good side.  Krystal tells her daughter that “JR’s good side” cannot be found.  She tells her they must find a way to get JR to remember that he was driving drunk and hit Amanda. 

Jamie tells Amanda that her mother must be notified about what happened to her.  He tells her that they need someone to sign off on any medical decisions if they come up.  She tells him he must not let her die.  He tells her that he never said that that would happen.

Krystal pulls Adam out of bed, telling him he better get downstairs.  She informs him that her baby doll saved his sorry excuse of a son after he drove drunk and almost killed somebody.

Josh tells Hazel that he needs to get the details straight to prevent Erica from hurting his dad.  Hazel asks him why he didn’t just tell her that from the start.  She asks him if he wants the down and dirty, why he doesn’t just ask his father.   She tells him if he’s not out of there in a few seconds, she will call security on him.  He tells her she is an angel and walks into the private room.

Kendall tells Greenlee that she is sure that everything is ok, but she should run the test just be absolutely certain.  Dr. Madden then concludes that he will order the tests and have them done first thing in the morning.  Right then Erica enters.  She tells Kendall thank God she is ok and asks if the baby is ok.  Then she knows that something is up with Kendall and Greenlee.

Jonathan tells Sam that he realizes that Sam has a reason to hate him.  Sam asks Jonathan why he is implying that Sam needs his frickin permission.  Jonathan tells Sam that he wishes that Sam’s dad was still alive, but his “wishes” are not coming true.  He tells Sam he did not know he had a tumor, but now he knows and it’s gone.  Sam tells Jonathan he better not ask him to understand or to forgive him.  Jonathan tells Sam that he is not asking for that.  He wants to make it up to everybody, but when he tries, it all comes out wrong.  So maybe it would be best if he died if it would make everybody feel better.  Sam asks Jonathan if he is really not going to run.  Jonathan asks Sam to just tell him what to do.  Sam tells Jonathan to get down on his knees.  Jonathan gets down on his knees.  Sam tells him to close his eyes.  Jonathan closes his eyes.  Sam is ready to shoot him, but Julia, Ryan and Erin arrive and find him holding the gun on Jonathan.  Julia yells at her nephew not to do it.

Erica tells Kendall and Greenlee that she is happy that they are both ok, but she won’t put up with their behavior and their deception.  She tells them that she has told them her misgivings about Kendall having Ryan’s baby, but she kept the secret they had from her own husband.  Kendall tells Erica that there is something that she needs to know, and she reveals to Erica that when Ryan saved the two of them, Greenlee told him about the baby.

Sam holds the gun on Jonathan.  Ryan asks him to just let the law deal with Jonathan and not get himself in big trouble for what his brother did.  He tells Sam if he shoots Jonathan he will go to prison.  He does not want to go there and it will not bring his dad back, but Sam tells them all that even if that is true, if he does this then he can face his father and make him proud.  Hearing that, Jonathan realizes that it was impossible for him to make his father proud.  Julia tells Sam that he is wrong if he thinks he can just end this with a bullet.  It will only end him.  He will see that man’s face every time he closes his eyes.  Sam asks Julia how she would know.  She admits to her nephew that she knows because she killed Garrett Williams when she did not have to, and she sees his eyes every night when she goes to sleep.

Krystal tells Adam that her daughter is lying for his son so he does not have to take the fall.  Hearing that, he asks them which one of them made up this lie to get his son in trouble.  Babe tells Adam that she took a breathalyzer test that proved she was stone cold sober, and tells Adam to smell his sleeping son.  Adam admits he can smell the booze.  Krystal tells him he better not light a match.  Babe tells Adam of JR’s plans to take little Adam out of the country but Adam doesn’t want to believe her story.  Adam makes a call about a “flight plan,” and he reveals to Krystal and Babe that JR was making secret plans to take his son out of the country without him even being aware of those plans.  Krystal then tells Adam that now that he’s gotten proof that his son was also yanking his chain, he better do something before it’s too late for his grandson.

Amanda tells Jamie that she did some nasty things when she was a child, and she’s worried about dying.  He tells her he does not think she will burn for those things.  She admits that she worked with JR to attempt to break up him and Babe.  She drugged herself to get his attention and get taken to the ER.  She admitted that she was going to drug him to get him to marry her.  He tells her she mustn’t beat herself up over what has happened in the past, but that she should get some sleep.  He tells her he’s sure she’s not going to die.

Babe tells Krystal that she cannot exercise blackmail, even if it’s good vs. evil with the two of them against JR and Adam.  Krystal tells her daughter and her “husband” that it does not matter to her.  She tells Adam his son should get nailed for extreme DUI and she’s not going to let her daughter cover for him any more.

Erica tells Greenlee that if she’s going to bring another member into the family, then her father who loves her has the right to know about that.  She tells Greenlee that she has made an adult decision.  She is no longer a little girl keeping a secret, and it’s time to grow up.  She needs to sit down and discuss this with Ryan without throwing blame around.  She tells Kendall that blaming her mother for everything isn’t going to help anybody either.  She then walks out and encourages them both to get some sleep.  Alone with Kendall, Greenlee asks her to be honest.  She asks her if it’s hard for her to carry Ryan’s baby now that she knows he’s alive.

Ryan asks Sam to look at Julia because he must know that she is on his side.  Julia tells Sam that blowing Jonathan away will not take away his hurt or anger nor bring his dad back.  She tells him that he will just relive it throughout his life and it will eat away at him.  Sam tells Julia she must know that Jonathan is a criminal, a killer.  She tells him that Jonathan will not get away with what he did, but neither will Sam.  So Sam needs to make a decision right now; he needs to make the right decision.  He tells her that he thinks he is making the right decision.  She gets emotional and ready to cry and tells him that his father was proud of him.  He wouldn’t want him to do that.  He needs to make Edmund proud.  She tells Sam that he cannot do this, and she asks him to put down the gun.  Sam finally puts down the gun and Erin rushes to hug her brother.  Julia hugs her nephew, and as she looks at Ryan, he mouths the words “thank you.” 

Krystal tells Babe and Adam that they need to get some cheese and crackers and let Babe see her son.  Adam reminds her that it is not her visiting day.  They both tell Adam that if somebody tries to take her son away from her he will be sorry.  At that point, Adam does not argue or try to fight them.

Alone in his father’s office, Josh attempts to unlock a file cabinet.  He finally gets it open and discovers a file.  He looks at it and is surprised to find out something that he cannot believe.

As Erica is walking through the hospital, she bumps into Dr. Madden.  She seems surprised to see him and looks as if she knows something or as if he knows something she does not.

When Kendall and Greenlee are drifting off, Greenlee asks Kendall why Dr. Madden is in the hospital right now with the opportunity to do the test, but he’s planning to wait until the next morning.  She tells her that Dr. Madden looks like he has some sort of secret.  Kendall tells Greenlee that there is nothing to worry about as long as she comes to her sense about Ryan.  She and Ryan and the baby are going to live happily ever after.  Greenlee reminds Kendall that they both almost turned into crispy critters, so she doesn’t want any more lectures.  She just wants to go to sleep.  They turn of the lights.

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