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All My Children Update Wednesday 11/9/05 


Written By Jenn
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Jamie tells Babe that he knows that she did not drive JR’s car, because he does not let anybody drive his car.  She tells him that she was playing designated driver for him because he was drunk and she accidentally mowed Amanda down.  He tells her she is crazy.

Jonathan enters Ryan and Greenlee’s house and surprises Erica.  She is shocked to see him, having believed all this while that he’s dead and tells him that Ryan is not there.  He tells her he’s not there to see Ryan.  He’s there to see her.

Jack returns home to see Lily.  He asks her what happened.  She tells him she saw Jonathan.  But he assumes that she’s having delusions and assures his daughter that Jonathan is dead and cannot hurt anybody.  He tells her he will call the police, but she tells him he cannot call the police.

Sam goes to the gun rack in his parents’ old house.  Julia comes by and asks him what he is doing.

After Zach finds out that Jonathan is alive, he tells Ryan and Erin that every time that psycho shows up people get killed.  He looks at Ryan and asks if Jonathan tried to shoot him again.  He tells him if Kendall does not wake up, he will find somebody with better aim.

Babe asks Jamie what his problem is.  He tells her he does not have the problem, but he knows that she has problems with lying.  She asks him why she would lie about driving the car.  It would only get her in trouble.  He tells her that maybe she would cover JR’s butt so that he will be grateful and let her have more time with little A.  She asks him why he would care, since she may have prevented Amanda from harassing him again.  He tells her he knows that she never would have run Amanda down.

JR tells Babe and Jamie that Amanda was nothing but a skid mark to Babe and jokes about how Babe does not know the brake from the accelerator

Julia tells Sam she wants him to come back home to Wildwind.  She tells him that he is family to her.  He tells her he will think about that.  He tells her he misses his dad so much, and his other family with Tad and Brooke and Joe help, but he will never forget what that maniac Jonathan Lavery did to his dad, leaving him to burn to death.  She tells him she wishes she could have been there to help him through it.  She tells him she knows he must do what he thinks is right, but she wants him to think of this place as his home and that she loves him.  Right then, Di enters and asks Julia not to shoot her for what she is about to ask.

Lily asks her dad if calling the police is the right thing to do.  He tells her of course because Jonathan is a dangerous man.  She informs him that Jonathan told her that he’s changed.  He reminds her that he knows that Jonathan killed people and held her and Greenlee and Kendall hostage.  She tells him that Jonathan told her that doctors operated on his brain, and he even showed her his scar.  He told her that they took out the bad part of his brain and made it good.  Hearing that, Jack does not know what to say.  Lily asks her dad if doctors could operate on her brain to make her normal.

Jonathan tells Erica that he remembers meeting her once, last Thanksgiving, and he’s seen her show and is very impressed.  He tells her that he thinks she’s very pretty.  She does not know what to do, noticing Jonathan stuttering and behaving like a child and having believed that he’s been dead for a long time.  He tells her that he needs a new beginning.

Ryan tells Zach that Jonathan needs another chance.  Zach asks what he needs a chance for; to kill more people.  Erin protests that her brother is better now.  Greenlee says she does not buy that.  Ryan asks Greenlee if she can just give his brother another chance to find his way back.

Erica tells Jonathan that she is late for a meeting.  He asks her if she can help him.  Hearing that, she tells him that she sympathizes with him but does not know if she can help him.  He tells her that he is no longer bad.  The doctors performed surgery on him and took out the bad part, and he shows her his scar.  She tells him she knows that must have been very frightening for him.  She seems to be much nicer to him than Jack could ever be.  He tells her that she is a great mom and her daughters are very lucky to have her.  Hearing that, she must realize that he has not been as fortunate with whom he had for parents.

Zach tells Ryan and Erin that their brother is a danger.  He needs to leave and they need to go with him.  Greenlee seems to agree with Zach, but Ryan informs her that Zach knew all about the pregnancy for a long time and wants to dominate her and Kendall.  Hearing that, Greenlee tells Zach that she will not let him hurt Kendall.

JR tells Jamie that he need not worry if Amanda dies, he won’t ever have to deal with her again.  Jamie tells him to shut up and he gets back to his work as a junior doctor.  Alone with Babe, JR wishes her “good luck” with the charges for spilling Amanda over the pavement.  At that point, she is angry enough to sound like she will no longer cover for him, and she reminds him that she was not driving the car that hit Amanda.  He was.

JR indicates to Babe that he may have been too drunk to even remember hitting Amanda.  She tells him she covered to save his sorry butt.  He tells her he knows that if he had really mowed Amanda down, she’d be happy to have her dead, and have him in jail and be able to get full custody of little A.  He finds everything funny, but she tells him he must remember the tragic accident.

Jack tells Lily that he has no idea what Jonathan told her or if it’s true, but he knows that there is no cure for a disability like hers.  She tells him that maybe there is a cure for autism spectrum disorder that they don’t know about yet.  He tells her he knows she wishes she did not have this disability, but she is special and amazing, and if she lost who she is, he would miss her.  She tells him he would not have to miss her because she’d still be there.  He tells her that she has taught him so many things.  He tells her that he loves her so very much, and if doctors could do something for her, it might make her more normal, but it wouldn’t make him love her any more.  He thinks she is just perfect the way she is.  She asks him just what he thinks is the deal with Jonathan Lavery.  He tells her he does not know, but no matter what the doctors did or did not do for him, Jonathan will still be facing charges.  Right then, Reggie and Aiden come to see if Lily is ok and inform Jack that they know that Jonathan is on the loose.  Aiden goes off to find Jonathan.  Jack asks Reggie if he’s heard from Greenlee.  Reggie says he has not.  Jack tells his son that he must let Greenlee know that Jonathan is on the loose and they must protect her from him.

Julia tells Sam that Di saved her life and she is welcome to stay in some room somewhere in the house.  She also tells her Del can stay.  Right then, Sam disappears.  Di tells Julia she owes her big.  Julia tells Di she is surprised to see her.  She is glad, but she thought that after what happened with Tad that Di would have left.  She still seems to want to be supportive to Di.  Di informs Julia that she threw herself at Zach Slater.  Julia informs Di that she did, too.

Zach tells Ryan that dead men don’t get second chances.  Ryan tells Zach that his son hates him.  And his “wife”, if you can call her that, hates him more.  He tells Zach whether he is Alexander Cambias or Zach Slater, he is still a disaster.  Zach tells Ryan he has his own problems and leaves.  Anita comes in to check on Greenlee.  Ryan tells Greenlee that he does not want to make this any more difficult than it already is, so whatever decision she makes in regard to their baby, he will accept it.

Zach goes to see Kendall, and while she is unconscious he tells her that there is something he needs to tell her.  He tells her that “this” was not supposed to happen.  He tells her whenever he goes into a room, he always looks to see where the exits are.  But now he realizes there are no “exits” this time.  He tells her that he’s fallen in love with her.  She’s unconscious and cannot process that.  (I wonder if he’d tell her that when she is awake.)

JR and Babe return home.  She asks him if he really wants to know why she took the rap for him.  She tells him that she did not want her son’s father rot away in prison.  She reminds him that since she was sober, it would only be and “accident” for her.  For him it would be drunk driving and if Amanda dies, he can get charged for vehicular homicide.  He still doesn’t want to listen.  She tells him that this might be the very last time they see each other for a long time.  She tells him that while he’s traveling through Europe, seeing the sights, he will have to send her pictures.  She then tells him that she will see her son every day because he is a worthless jerk and there is no way he’s taking her baby away from her.  Right then, Krystal comes through the door to hear their conversation.

Jonathan lays down on the couch and Erica covers him with a blanket.  He tells her that his sister tucks him in bed some times.  Right then, she gets on the phone and tells him that she is calling his brother to tell him that Jonathan is ok.  She gets Ryan at the hospital and tells him that she’s with Jonathan.  She assures him that they are both fine.  Jonathan is resting and maybe Ryan would like to come home soon.  Ryan tells her he’s on his way.  She informs Jonathan that his brother is very happy to know that he is ok.  She’s ready to go out the door, but Jonathan asks her if she will please stay until Ryan comes.  Suddenly, there is a pounding on the door, and Jonathan knows it’s not anybody “friendly”.  It’s Aiden.

Ryan tells Greenlee that he has to go for a while.  She tells him she understands that he must find his brother.  He tells her that he still loves her and he’s going to fight for them.

Di tells Julia she knows something is wrong.  Julia admits that she knows there is something going on with Sam, and Di agrees that she is right.  She also tells her that whenever she closes her eyes she sees Garrett’s face.  Di asks her if she wishes she had not killed him.  She tells Di that with all those years that were lost, the weight is always with her, inside her, and she relives shooting Garrett.  Right then, Del comes in and informs them both that that he heard on the radio that the guy that killed Edmund Gray is alive and on the loose.  Julia then concludes that he’s talking about Jonathan Lavery and that was the reason Sam took the gun.

Aiden puts Jonathan is a stranglehold.  But Erica protests to him that he doesn’t need to be that hard on Jonathan because Jonathan did not hurt her and is not dangerous.

Anita wheels Greenlee in her wheelchair into Kendall’s room.  Kendall is still unconscious.  Greenlee asks Anita if she is all right.  Greenlee gets up out of her wheelchair to go over to Kendall.  She holds her hand, and Kendall awakens.

Krystal comes to see her daughter and knowing that she lied for JR, she tells her “baby doll” they must not worry.  They will think of something.  Babe tells her mother that she may have made the biggest mistake of her life.

Kendall tells Greenlee that she knows that Zach stood right there and must have had something very important to tell her.

Ryan and Erin rush home and ask Erica what Aiden thought he was doing to Jonathan.  She tells them that she tried to stop him and is “on their side” about not wanting to hurt Jonathan.  Right then, Julia rushes in and tells Ryan that they had a long talk and spent time together the other night, but he didn’t even have the decency to tell her that his psycho-brother who killed Edmund is still alive.  She tells him that her nephew, Sam is going to kill Jonathan and she’s not going to stop him.

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