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Written By Jenn
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After Babe has gotten JR off the hook by telling the cops that she mowed Amanda down, instead of JR, he tells them that that is true.  He gloats to Derek, telling him he made a fool of himself to falsely accuse him, and he laughs about Amanda’s injury and accuses Babe of trying to kill her.  Hearing that, Babe is not amused and tells him he’s a jackass.  Derek tells JR he believes that part but does not buy her story that she was driving instead of JR.

When talking to Erin about her brothers, Aiden notices legal papers on the table that confirm that Jonathan is alive.  At that point, he’s ready to go after him to get him charged for his crimes, but Erin tells him he cannot do that.  She tells him he must know that Jonathan was not well and not responsible for his actions but is better now.  She knows she must find him before the cops and Aiden do.

Jonathan goes to pay a surprise visit on Lily.  When she sees him she is shocked, not knowing what to say or do.  She asks him if he is a ghost, but he tells her he is not.  Knowing he is alive and remembering what kind of a person he was, she panics. 

Erica reveals to Jack that Kendall is carrying Ryan and Greenlee’s baby.  He is shocked.  She explains that Greenlee just wanted to have a part of Ryan to love forever.  He tells her that her daughter (not his) is crazy to do something like this.

When Ryan goes to rescue Kendall and Greenlee out of the burning attic of the bar, he notices that Greenlee is trapped underneath a big heavy table that fell on top of her.  He struggles to lift it off of her, but she yells to him that he may not have time to do that.  He needs to prioritize saving Kendall and getting her out first.  She knows she must tell him why he must save Kendall, so she reveals that Kendall is pregnant with their baby.  Hearing that, Ryan is shocked, but he tells them both he will get them all out of there. 

After Zach and Di kiss, they realize that although it may be hopeless and futile, he wants only Kendall and she wants only Tad. 

Greenlee urges Ryan to save his baby by saving Kendall first.  She asks him if he cares, assuming that he doesn’t want a baby and it would not matter to him if both Kendall and the baby die.  He tells her again that he will save them all.  He will not abandon her or Kendall or the baby.  That’s not what he came back to Pine Valley for, he tells her.

After finding out for the first time that Kendall is carrying Ryan and Greenlee’s baby, Jack tells Erica that he believes that it was Kendall’s idea.  Her daughter got herself pregnant in order to take Ryan away from his daughter.  Erica tells him that is absurd.  Why would Kendall do that for any reason other than out of love for Greenlee?   She tells him that his daughter is selfishly taking advantage of Kendall and ready to break her heart by taking both Ryan and the baby away from her after all Kendall has done for her.  She notices that not long ago, Jack referred to them both as “our daughters”.  Now he is pitting them against one another because he knows that Greenlee has exploited and used Kendall and he cannot admit that his daughter is wrong.

Erin attempts to explain to Aiden that Jonathan had a brain tumor, and his previous doctor just pumped him full of anti-psychotics that made it worse.  She tells him that Jonathan is not the person everybody has been accusing him of being.  Hearing that, Aiden asks her if that means that none of Jonathan’s crimes ever happened.  He asks her if he goes back to Wildwind, will he see his old friend, Edmund and discover him alive and well.  Did Jonathan never light the horse stable on fire with the space heater for Edmund to burn to death?  Did he never stab Aiden’s other friend who was Lily’s body guard?  Did he not kill Braden and shoot Ryan?  Did he never beat his girlfriend Maggie?  Did he never drug and try to kill Greenlee?  Did he never hold Kendall, Greenlee and Lily hostage and terrorize them in the cave for days?  He asks her if Jonathan never did these things then who did.  She tells him she is sorry but Aiden must realize that that was not who Jonathan really was.  He asks her just who should be held responsible for all these deaths.  Who should pay?  She tells him that Jonathan just wants to come back to Pine Valley and make things right, and she tells him that Ryan is out to find Jonathan.  Hearing that, Aiden concludes that once again, it was Ryan’s idea to bring Jonathan back to Pine Valley, and also his idea to let Jonathan get away with what he’s done.  He tells her he’s not going to let there be any more body bags because of Jonathan.  She pleads with him not to call the police on her brother.

Jonathan tries to apologize to Lily for what he did in the past and assure her he is no longer bad, but she freaks out remembering what he was once capable of.  She tells him he’s bad and she sees red and she starts counting backwards.  He tells her they took the bad out, but she is traumatized and she demands he go away and leave her alone.

Babe tries to convince Derek that she gave JR a ride home from the bar and accidentally hit Amanda.  She tells him she was going the speed limit and sober, but the cops don’t buy that.  They know that there are skid tracks from the tires and Derek tells JR he is trash and if Amanda dies, he’s in big trouble.  Babe tells them that Amanda can’t die.  She tells him the EMTs said she’d be ok.  Alone with babe, JR taunts her, telling her he can drive drunk whenever he feels like it and he wants her to shut up.  She tells him that they have to stop feuding and he must go along with her story.  And she reminds him that Amanda is badly hurt.  He must realize how serious this is and sober up.  He asks her if this is for real.  Did Amanda really “go down”?  Or was this just another one of her stunts?  Did Babe plan this with her?  Babe tells Derek that she will agree to a breathalyzer test at PVH.  She promises to cooperate.  He does not appreciate her lying for JR and knows that he was driving drunk and hit Amanda.

When they get to the hospital, Anita and Jamie rush to treat Amanda.  They call for the doctor, but they know Amanda is in bad shape and they cannot wait.

Jack asks Erica how long she knew about the pregnancy.  He asks if she knew about it in time to stop it.  She tells him he mustn’t be ridiculous in thinking that she’d actually want Kendall to go through with it.  He tells her she seems to approve of it now.  He asks her why she has supported their idea now.  He tells her that it just doesn’t look like any good will come with Ryan, Greenlee, the baby and Kendall making four.  He implies that she and Kendall might have had some “trick up their sleeve” in planning this.  He asks her why, when they live together, sleep in the same bed, wake up together every morning, she never told him about it.  He tells her that he wished he could have had a chance to “do something” about this before it was too late.  She asks him if by “doing something” about it he means he’d have beaten Ryan harder.  Jack admits that it’s true that if he could erase that man from Greenlee’s life, he would do it in a heartbeat.  Erica reminds her husband that his daughter loves Ryan and he loves her and they are going to have a baby.  He tells her that Greenlee wants Ryan out of her life.  She tells him he must know better than to believe that.  He tells her that Ryan is going to ruin his daughter’s life.  She tells him that it is not their call to make and maybe, for all he knows, they will have a wonderful life together with their baby.

Ryan rescues both woman from the fire and assures them they will be ok.

Derek takes JR and babe to the hospital and asks Anita to draw Babe’s blood.  He also asks her to get JR’s blood, knowing he’s drunk.  Right then, Jamie enters.  JR gloats about how Babe made Amanda into a speed bump and how he doesn’t care if she ruined his car since it is getting old anyway.  Jamie does not find that funny and is very angry with JR.

Erica tells Jack that he must realize that Greenlee has feelings for Ryan.  He tells her the only feelings his daughter has for that man is anger, resentment and hurt.  She tells him that he is not handling the situation well by wanting to beat up Ryan, but he reminds her that Ryan’s brother Braden raped his sister.  Ryan almost beat his daughter and broke her heart by scamming his death.  Jonathan terrorized all of their daughters and killed people.  He tells her he wants all the Lavery’s dead and gone and out of their lives.

Jonathan is unsuccessfully trying to “calm” Lily down.  She is very afraid of him.  He explains to her that they “fixed” him.  She asks how they did that.  He tells her they took out the “bad” part of him.  And he tells her they also shaved his head.  And his hair is all fuzzy now, and asks her if she wants to feel it.  She freaks out and tells him he mustn’t touch her.  Knowing that he’s scared her and cannot make her trust him, he apologizes and leaves.  Lily is all alone, huddled in a corner, covering her ears and counting backward from 100.

Aiden calls Derek and tells him he must beware because there is a murderer on the loose.  Erin urges him not to do that.

Zach is ready to take Di home although she questions where she even has a home.  Right then, Zach gets a call from Anita.  She informs him that Kendall was in a burning building and is on her way to the ER.

At the hospital, Greenlee tells them that she only wants Dr. Madden to examine her and Kendall.  Anita tells the doctor on staff that both women have had smoke inhalation and possible concussions.  Greenlee informs her that Kendall is pregnant and she must page Dr. Madden.  Anita tells her Dr. Madden cannot be reached and is doing a delivery.  The doctor agrees to take Kendall in first.  Alone with Ryan, Greenlee admits that she is amazed that he came and rescued them and knows that he might be burned himself running up the stairs to save them.  She admits to him that were it not for this emergency situation, she would never have told him about the baby.  He asks her just what happened when he was away in regard to the arrangement she had with Kendall.  She tells him that she lost him.  While he can say he “could have” lost her, she already did lose him.  She had nothing except this new life growing inside her.  Then that was taken from her, but Kendall gave her a miracle.  She offered to carry a child because Greenlee could not.  She tells him that Kendall must love her more than he ever did.  He tells her he knows that Kendall loves her and she loves Kendall and he is ok with that.  She reminds him that they also love their baby, and they are going to have a life with this baby whether he likes it or not. She tells him that he had better run as far away as he can and stay gone, because this baby's on the way, and she knows she cannot expect him to welcome its arrival.  She asks him why he is still there.  He tells her he cannot pretend to understand all of this.  It’s a lot to process; the fire, the smoke, and the baby, but he tells her he wants to understand it and be able to welcome the baby.  When Dr. Madden arrives, the first thing Greenlee asks him is how Kendall and the baby are.  Kendall tells him she cannot relax until she knows the baby is ok.  She tells him he must know how to save this baby.  He worked a miracle before and he must do it again.  He tells her that hopefully everything will be ok.  He will run some tests and see what happens.  She tells the baby that everything will be fine.  Ryan is stunned and ready to talk to Kendall when he gets a call from Erin.  She informs him that Aiden Devane now knows that Jonathan is alive.  She tells him she slowed him down but they must find Jonathan before the cops do.  He informs her that there has been a big fire and he cannot leave the hospital right now. 

Sam comes to rescue Lily.  She informs him that the bad brother who killed his father and terrorized Pine Valley came back.  She affirms that it was not a ghost, but the real Jonathan Lavery.  He asks her where Jonathan is now, but Jonathan is gone.

Right when Jack is in his discussion with Erica, he gets a call.  He hopes it is Greenlee, but it’s Sam telling him he must get home and take care of Lily because something has happened.  Erica tells him he must go and she will wait for Greenlee and he must be there for all his daughters by not doing anything that he will regret.

JR tells Derek that Babe had motives to kill Amanda because Amanda was doing her ex.  He makes comments about Babe and Amanda fighting like trash TV at it’s finest.  Babe tells JR he needs to go get some coffee and sober up.  Jamie tells her no matter what JR does, he’s still a jerk.  Derek tells JR that he needs to hear his “story” to see if there’s any consistency with what Babe is telling him. 

Zach rushes to the hospital to see if Kendall is ok.  Anita tells him that Dr. Madden is running some tests, but he doesn’t want to wait and reveals that he may have feelings for Kendall beyond what he wants everybody to believe.  He realizes that she has the mistaken idea that Kendall is pregnant by him.  Erin goes to find Ryan and is glad he’s ok, but both are concerned about finding Jonathan.

Del assumes that Di wants to get out of Pine Valley after the way all these people have treated her.  He tells her there are many other opportunities out there for them, but she tells them she cannot leave this place and these people behind. 

Jamie tells Babe that he knows she lied to Derek about driving.  He knows she was not driving the car that hit Amanda, but that JR was.

Greenlee finds out that Jonathan is on the loose and tells Ryan and Erin that he could kill somebody and must be found.  Zach hears that and tells Ryan he cannot believe that Jonathan is alive, and Ryan must be crazy to have brought him back here. 

Lily tells Jack and Erica that “the bad brother” came back.  They don’t know what she is talking about until she reveals that it’s Jonathan.  There is a knock at the door and Erica rushes to answer it hoping to find Greenlee or Ryan, instead, she opens the door to find Jonathan standing there.

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