AMC Update Monday 11/7/05

All My Children Update Monday 11/7/05


Written By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Erica, Jack and Lily are at home and Erica is asking what happened to Jack’s hand. Lily says the abrasions on his hand are consistent with him punching someone. Erica asks Lily to go into the next room so she can talk to his father. Jack gets on his phone and leaves another message for Greenlee, urging her to not go near Ryan. Erica asks Jack if he hurt Ryan. Jack asks if knocking him unconscious counts. A galled Erica asks if he just left him there and prepares to leave. Jack grabs Erica’s arm and tells her to stay the hell away from Lavery.

Simone goes over to Ryan and Greenlee’s and finds Ryan passed out on the floor. Ryan awakens and gets up. Simone comments that if Greenlee knocked him out she wouldn’t want her to help him. Simone mentions the baby and Ryan says he knows all about the baby. Simone asks who told him. He says Greenlee told him and he thinks it’s horrible. Simone is shocked, until Ryan says that Greenlee told him she lost the baby and is unable to carry a baby to term. Simone knows he doesn’t know about the baby Kendall is carrying. Simone tells him Greenlee was going to tell him about the other ... she stops speaking. Ryan asks her the other what. Simone covers, saying she is referring to the other shoe that’s about to drop.

Kendall urges Greenlee to leave the burning room in the Roadside Bar attic to get help, but Greenlee insists on trying to get the fire out with a blanket. As she tries to smother the flames, the blanket catches on fire and she stumbles back, falling onto a large piece of equipment. It falls on her and pins her to the ground. Kendall struggles to lift the equipment but cannot. Greenlee urges Kendall to get out of here. The camera pans to cans of paint thinner in the room.

Erin urges Aidan to help her find her brother. Aidan says he first needs information, like his name. He wants to know why is he staying at the Pine Cone and whether he’s in trouble. Erin says he’s asking too many questions and wasting time. Aidan asks her why she won’t answer his questions. Erin asks him to leave until he remembers her face. He realizes she is Erin Lavery and speculates she’s looking for her brother Ryan. He says he’ll find her brother and make sure he stays gone.

Zach finds Di alone at the beach. She asks him how to know when to give up and walk away. She says only a lunatic would stay where they’re not wanted. Zach asks who is the one who doesn’t want her. Di says she threw herself at Tad and thought he would want her, but he doesn’t want her. She says she has never felt like this about anyone before.

Babe is tending to Amanda, who was struck by JR’s car. JR remains in the car and continues drinking. Babe is relieved to see Amanda is still alive. Amanda opens her eyes long enough to see JR get out of the driver’s side of the car. She passes out again. Babe urges JR to call 911 but he just stands there and laughs and drinks.

Erica tells Jack to let go of her, noting that their wedding vows didn’t mention manhandling and orders. Jack lets go of her and apologizes. Erica says Ryan is her friend. Jack says Ryan tortured Greenlee and Kendall and he’s evil. He’s out of control. Erica points to Jack’s injured hand and says he is the one who is out of control. Erica tells him to stay out of the way and let Ryan and Greenlee work this out themselves. Jack accuses her of being more interested in defending her friend than helping him protect his daughter, who has filed for divorce. Lily comes out from the next room and says she heard yelling and the word divorce. She asks if everything is OK. Jack assures her everything is OK. Erica tells Jack that Ryan loves Greenlee. Jack wants to know why she wants them together. Erica says they have to be together for Kendall’s sake.

Greenlee and Kendall are coughing from the smoke. Kendall looks for a way to let the smoke escape from the room and pries a board off a window. There is an explosion.

Babe is on the phone to paramedics while JR squats down and mocks Amanda, telling her that her best work has always been on her back. Babe returns to Amanda and is horrified to find she is not breathing. She performs CPR and Amanda starts breathing again. JR says he needs to leave to catch his plane, but Babe says he’s not going anywhere. She urges him to look at Amanda as she could die.

Di can see that Zach has obvious feelings for someone and she speculates his feelings are for Kendall. Zach comments that Kendall proved all the awful things he thought about her until she proved them all wrong. He says she is loyal, courageous, passionate and giving. Di says she didn’t know he had these feelings. Zach says he didn’t know either. Di congratulates Zach for being in love with his wife. Zach says Kendall doesn’t love him. Di asks how he knows that. He asks her how she knew Tad didn’t love her. Di asks if he’s just going to walk away from her. He says Kendall is free to leave whenever she wants.

Kendall agrees to go to get help. As she nears the door to escape the fire reaches the paint thinner and there is an explosion. Kendall falls and cannot get back up.

Paramedics arrive to assist Amanda and tell Babe that she’s in bad shape but they’ll do all they can. A police officer asks JR who was driving. JR continues badmouthing Amanda and refuses to take a breath test. JR asks the officers if they know who he is. Derek arrives at the scene and informs the officers this is a Chandler. He asks if his driving ability was impaired. The officer tells Derek that he refused the breath test. JR is read his rights while Derek looks in JR’s jacket and finds his liquor bottle. JR insists he didn’t do anything wrong. Babe tells the officers to let him go as she was the driver.

Di tells Zach she’s tired of being alone. He adjusts her jacket and tries to comfort her. He kisses her forehead and then they kiss each other.

Aidan asks questions of Erin about Ryan but she won’t answer. Aidan picks up a piece of paper from the desk over Erin’s protest and sees it is the plea agreement for Jonathan.

Lily, who is home alone, calls Jack and leaves a message asking if he and Erica made up or if they’re filing for divorce. There is a knock on the door. It is Jonathan, who cheerfully greets Lily and asks if she remembers him.

Erica reminds Jack they agreed to stay out of their children’s lives. Jack continues pressing her about why she wants Ryan and Greenlee together. Erica tells him it’s because they’re going to have a baby. Jack says that’s impossible as Greenlee can’t carry a baby. Erica says Kendall is carrying their baby for them.

Ryan arrives at the Roadside looking for Greenlee and hears a commotion and screaming upstairs. He goes upstairs but can’t get through because of the flames. He goes to a window and climbs inside. Greenlee sees Ryan has entered the room. He comes to her and she tells him to rescue Kendall and save their baby. She tells him Kendall is carrying their baby.

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