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All My Children Update Friday 11/4/05


Written By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Tad tells Di that he is not going to make love with her. He’s not into hate sex. Di tells him he wants her as much as she wants him. They owe it to themselves to give into this, if it’s only for one night. Tad says the thought of that makes him sick and tells her she should be in jail. Di says he can deny it all he wants, but there’s no denying there’s something between them. Tad says there’s nothing between them. Di urges him to prove it to her and himself. Tad says she turned so many lives upside down and now she wants a roll in the sack. Does she know how sick that is? Di says she’s a survivor and she knows he likes that about her. She says she knows he wonders what it would be like for them. How she feels to touch and taste. He’s aching for it. She asks him to tell her she’s wrong. Tad says he wants her body – on the other side of his door. Di tells him to go ahead, throw her out. He touches her shoulders and she kisses him. He kisses her back.

Amanda is walking around outside with her suitcase fretting about how she should be in bed with a new husband. But now she has nothing thanks to Babe. She goes to a bus stop and says someone needs to rip Babe’s lips off.

At the Roadside Bar, Babe tells JR he can’t take Little Adam away with him. As a drunken JR prepares to leave the bar, Babe tells him he’s not sober enough to make a decision to move away. JR says he’s plenty sober. Babe suggests he rest and think about it. JR says he’ll sleep on the plane. Babe says she won’t let him go. She says she has court-ordered visitation. If he takes Little Adam away he needs to have him back in time for her visitation. JR says he talked to the judge and had her visitation revoked. Babe says he doesn’t have any grounds. JR says he doesn’t need grounds, he has money. He and little A plan to travel Europe in style. Babe says her son needs her. JR says he’ll forget her. He’ll have the best tutors and nanny. Babe says that’s not a substitute for love. JR says he loves him enough for both of them.

At the Pine Cone Motel, Ryan and Erin see Jonathan driving away. Ryan figures he’s going to look for Greenlee. Erin says they have to find Jonathan. She picks up the phone to call the police but Ryan takes it and says they can’t do that. Jonathan has his meeting tomorrow with the DA and if he takes off it looks like he’s running from the law. Ryan tells her he’ll find Jonathan and leaves.

Greenlee is speeding in her car with Kendall riding along and urging her to slow down. Kendall tells her to turn around and go back to the Pine Cone to talk to Ryan, but Greenlee dismisses the idea. Kendall mentions that Ryan didn’t take her advice. Greenlee asked what advice she gave him. Kendall confesses that she told Ryan not to tell her about Jonathan. Greenlee is upset that Kendall knew Jonathan was alive. She asks what else she didn’t tell her. Did she know Ryan was alive this whole time? Kendall says she grieved for Ryan also and would not have consented to becoming Greenlee’s surrogate if she thought Ryan was alive. Kendall says Ryan planned to tell Greenlee the truth because he didn’t want to lie to her again.

Ryan goes home to look for Greenlee but can’t find her. He tries calling. Greenlee is still driving when her phone rings. She looks at it and sees it’s Ryan, then tells Kendall to throw the phone out the window. Kendall urges her to talk to Ryan but Greenlee says he would just tell her more lies. Kendall says Ryan planned to tell her about Jonathan and he still loves her. Greenlee says she’s tired of being played for a fool. Kendall says maybe they should give Jonathan a chance. Greenlee says seeing Ryan with Jonathan made her want to vomit. She says Ryan only cares about his brother. Kendall says Ryan is a changed person. Greenlee says he would change back if she told him about the baby. Kendall says Ryan wants a family. Greenlee says she will not tell him. Kendall says Ryan took away her choices and now she’s taking away his. Greenlee asks whose side is she on. Kendall says she’s on the baby’s side.

Jack walks in as Ryan is trying to contact Greenlee. Jack threatens to get a restraining order if he doesn’t stop harassing his daughter. Ryan says he’s there to see if Greenlee is all right. Jack asks why she wouldn’t be all right. Ryan says Greenlee came to see him at the Pine Cone. Jack asks if he hurt Greenlee. Ryan says he would never hurt Greenlee. Jack tells her never to come near Greenlee again. Erin tries to call Ryan but Ryan doesn’t answer his phone. Ryan tells Jack that if Greenlee is done with him he’s gone, but he’ll stay until he’s sure she’s done with him. Jack tells him again to stay away but Ryan says it’s not his call. Ryan asks if this is the part where he tells him to stay dead. Jack punches Ryan and knocks him out. He tells him he doesn’t want him dead, he wants him gone. Jack tries calling Greenlee and leaves a message for her to call him.

Livia goes to the Pine Cone and Erin answers the door. Livia says she wants to go over the plea bargain with Jonathan. Erin says Jonathan is in bed. Livia says this won’t take long and asks that she wake him up. This could put his mind at ease and help him sleep. Erin says he’s totally out. She asks Livia to tell her what she wants him to know and she’ll tell him. Livia insists Erin wake Jonathan up. Erin says since his surgery Jonathan has been so fragile and he needs eight or nine hours sleep for him to be ready for tomorrow. Livia asks if something has happened but Erin says everything is fine. She says they’ll meet her at the DA’s office in the morning. Livia leaves, urging them not to be late.

Aidan knocks on the door at the Pine Cone. Erin asks if he’s the detective and he says he is. Erin says her brother is missing and he needs to be found tonight.

Babe tells a drunken JR that he’s had too much, but JR says the scotch is helping. She says he can’t make a life-changing decision in this condition. He insists he’s taking their son away. Babe says she’ll fight in court to prevent this. JR says she doesn’t have the resources, and before she finds a judge who will listen little A will be big A and won’t even know her. He taunts Babe, asking for a hug. Babe shoves him. He laughs and walks out. Babe follows him to his car and tells him he’s in no condition to drive. He insists he has everything under control. Babe says he’s not going anywhere and she gets in and tries to grab the keys. JR takes off at a high speed.

Tad stops kissing Di. Di tells him this is real. He says it was a cheap thrill but now it’s over. Di says he can’t face the fact that she loves him and deep down he loves her like he loved Dixie. Tad warns her not to say Dixie’s name. Di asks if he wants to punish her or himself. Tad says he wants her out of his life. Di says it’s too late. She’s already in his heart. Tad says she can think that to keep her heart warm on the bus out of town. Di says she’s not leaving Pine Valley. She’ll be in his face whenever she can.

JR is driving recklessly and Babe begs him to stop and pull over. She says their son could be an orphan unless he does. She asks if she wants little A raised his father. JR says he didn’t turn out so bad.

Kendall and Greenlee walk into the Roadside Bar, where the door is open but no one is in sight. Kendall makes Greenlee a cosmopolitan and they continue their debate about Ryan. Greenlee insists that Kendall stop referring to Ryan as the baby’s father. She says he’ll never know about the baby. Kendall asks if she ever thinks about what the baby’s face will look like. Will he or she have Ryan’s chin or his gorgeous eyes? Greenlee says she would rather the baby have Kendall’s eyes. Kendall reminds her they did this so they could have part of Ryan. Greenlee says he’ll love this baby because it’s her’s.

In the attic of the bar, a hammer is shown being lifted by an unknown person to flip the switch on a space heater on. Then the hammer is used to lay the heater down on some debris on the floor. Smoke soon rises then flames erupt.

Greenlee says she will keep her child away from anyone who could hurt him or her, and Jonathan tops that list. Kendall continues defending Ryan, prompting Greenlee to walk away and go to the attic. Kendall yells to her to come back down or she’ll leave without her. When Kendall hears a noise from Greenlee she goes upstairs. Greenlee is staring at the fire. She grabs a blanket and tries to smother the fire without success. Kendall enters the room.

JR continues to drive out of control and Babe begs him to slow down. Suddenly the car hits something. JR insists that it’s no big deal – there’s one less raccoon. Babe gets out of the car to see what they hit. She screams “Oh my God” and sees Amanda lying on the grown unconscious.

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