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Derek tells JR that it’s entirely up to him if charges are pressed against Di Henry.  He replies that he wants her free.  Palmer tells him he cannot let her get away with what she did.  He does not look happy and tells her she better leave town.  When she gets out, she hugs him and thanks him.

Jonathan tells Ryan and Erin, stuttering and sounding childlike, that he’s heard that Greenlee forgives him and is ok about seeing him again.  Ryan knows it’s not as simple as that and Erin asks Ryan if they have made a mistake coming to Pine Valley

Kendall and Simone tell Greenlee that she must tell Ryan about the baby.  Zach and Ethan have proven that it does not benefit a father or his child to never know each other.  She argues that Ethan had his problems because he did not have the quality upbringing that she can give her child, and she does not believe that Zach knows what he is talking about.

Ethan then comes to talk to his father.  He sets him straight that he does not intend to bond with him.

Amanda comes to see Babe after she’s done with work at the bar.  She tells her after what she’s done; she may prepare to become injured with a lethal weapon.  Babe picks up her own lethal weapon and challenges Amanda.

Jamie is shooting baskets, failing to make them and is very upset.  Right then, Aiden comes and asks him if he’s interested in a little game of one-on-one.  They play a game, and Aiden tells Jamie he knows that Amanda has messed with him.  Jamie tells Aiden that he did not expect to have “love” as part of the deal with Amanda.  Aiden tells him he’s a lucky man and will be able to get over this.  He tells him he knows Amanda is a smooth con artist and he was almost fooled by her himself.

Amanda takes what looks like a pistol and points it at Babe.  She asks her why she could not just butt out of hers’ and Jamie’s lives.  She dumped Jamie and set up the “mattress mambo” thing with Josh in order to hurt him.  Babe protests that she did that for Jamie’s own good and she knows that Amanda saw the drug dealer in order to hurt Jamie.  Amanda asks Babe why she can’t just hook up with Josh and be happy leaving Jamie alone.  Babe tells Amanda she does not want a relationship with Jamie.  She just wants to use him and then she calls her insane.  Hearing the word: “insane”, Amanda asks Babe what she just called her.

Di hugs JR and acts emotional and like she loves him.  He tells her that he will not get sucked into having any feelings about her.  He tells the others that he doesn’t have the time or interest to go to trial.  He no longer cares what happens to her.  He tells her she can go to hell but he will not be the one to put her there.  Palmer protests that JR must put her away.  But Tad tells Palmer that JR is right in that they must back off and not prosecute her.

Ethan tells his father that it’s too late for him to want or need any type of father-son bonding.  Zach tells him that they should build a tree house together.  Ethan goes out the door, but Zach asks him to wait.

Ryan tells Jonathan that he needs to wait and understand some things.  Jonathan asks Ryan if he’s going to talk about Greenlee.  Ryan tells Jonathan that tomorrow he’s going to introduce him to Livia.  She’s going to be his attorney.  Jonathan tells them that he wants to go back and make Pine Valley his home.  But Ryan tells Jonathan that it won’t be that simple.  The police will have to book him and put him in jail for a while.  Jonathan asks why he’s going to jail and says that jail is not home.  Erin assures Jonathan that Ryan is working on getting him out and helping him.  Ryan also tells Jonathan that he will find him some doctors who can help him.  Jonathan tells Ryan that he is scared.  He asks if they will arrest him.  Ryan replies that they will talk to the lawyers and convince them that Jonathan should go free and not suffer the consequences for killing those people.  He does admit that there is no guarantee that it will work in their favor.

Greenlee tells Kendall and Simone that Ryan made the choice to take off when he found out he would be a father, and she does not want him in her baby’s life.  Hearing that, they both conclude that the reason she refuses to let Ryan know about the baby is because of pride and the fear that she will look like a sucker to take him back.  Greenlee tells them that Ryan has betrayed her and broken her heart.  She tells them that she is not about to forgive him for what happened.  Kendall tells Greenlee to look her in the eyes and tell her she is not still in love with Ryan.

Erin tells Jonathan, sounding happy, that he has the option of going back with her.  He doesn’t have to stay in Pine Valley if he doesn’t want to face his fears of what could happen.  He asks them if Greenlee will come with them.  Ryan says she will not.  Ryan tells his brother that the doctors will examine and test him, and when they are done, hopefully he won’t get into trouble.  He explains that there is a chance they will hold him for trial, and that he will be convicted and found guilty.  Hearing that, Jonathan stutters and sounds scared, but he asks Ryan if they will work together to make them know what really happened.  He asks Ryan to bring Greenlee over.  He tells him he will apologize to Greenlee and she will love Ryan again.

Kendall tells Greenlee, once again, that Ryan loves her and is ready to fight for her.  She asks Greenlee if she is that same horrible girl who ripped Kendall’s dress off in court.  Greenlee asks her why she is bringing that up.  Kendall tells Greenlee that she already knows that Ryan is not the same guy who went in the river on this motorcycle after finding out that she is pregnant.  She urges Greenlee, once again, to go find Ryan and tell him about his baby.

Derek tells Di she may go to the front desk and they will return her belongings.  Palmer thanks him for nothing and walks off.  Tad thanks JR and tells him he did a heroic thing.  JR angrily tells Tad he doesn’t know what he is talking about.  He’s done nothing heroic.  He doesn’t care what Tad thinks.  Tad asks JR if he’d like to come downstairs and get something to eat.  JR tells Tad he’s not drunk.  Palmer tells JR he is obviously under the influence of something for dismissing the charges.  JR tells Palmer that it’s not worth the time or effort to go to trial to prosecute her.  JR tells Di that she is worthless and leaves, looking very upset.  Alone with Tad, Di tells him he may take his best shot.  He tells her that he does not care about her any more than JR does.  He could care less what happens to her.  He’s not going to prosecute her because it’s JR’s decision, and if she’s smart, she will get out of Pine Valley and get out of their lives.

After hearing Babe telling her she is crazy, Amanda tells her she must say it to her face once more time.  Babe tells Amanda she is crazy if she thinks she could ever have a future with Jamie; if she thinks that he would he even take her back after she drugged him.  Babe tells Amanda she knows nothing about her mother, but she knows that she’s looking at a crazy person right now.  Amanda tells Babe that her mother wasn’t just crazy like her.  She tortured and murdered people.  She tells Babe they can see how much she is like her mother, by hacking Babe to tiny bits, and she activates a rotating ice pick at the top of the weapon.

Zach tells Ethan that every time he tries to love somebody, he screws it up.

Kendall and Greenlee go to the place where they believe only Ryan is staying, but to their surprise, Jonathan answers the door, who happily greets Greenlee and picks her up.  She angrily fights him off, shakes her finger at him and tells him he better stay away from her.  Ryan pulls him away from Greenlee and assures her that Jonathan is not going to hurt her.  Kendall introduces herself to Erin.  Jonathan tells Greenlee he does not want her to be mad at him because he will not hurt her.  Erin restrains him.  He tells her that he is very sorry.  Kendall tells him he should be.  Jonathan tries to convince Greenlee that he doesn’t want to have bad feelings.  She looks at him coldly.  Kendall tells Ryan and Greenlee that they need to go somewhere and talk alone.

Zach tells his son that he becomes dangerous to people he cares about.  He tries to help them but only ends up hurting them.  Ethan tells his father that he realizes he cannot change that.  Zach tells his son he regrets hurting him and everything he’s done wrong.  Ethan walks out the door but with less anger than he’s had for his father in the past.

Tad tells Di that he must realize that Palmer is after blood.  JR may not have prosecuted her but she doesn’t want to find out what he’s capable of.  He tells her she must realize that she does not have a chance with JR.  JR hates her.  Palmer hates her.  He hates her.  JR is getting drunk every day and very upset.  She cannot help him.  They all want her gone, so she better stop being so selfish and just do leave.

Jamie asks Aiden if he ever saw that old show, “Twilight Zone.”  He tells him that he felt just like the last man on the ship who escaped before being fooled by the aliens.

JR goes to the bar to witness Babe and Amanda ready to kill each other.  He enjoys watching it but pulls them apart, and he indicates that he is concerned about whether Babe is ok.  Amanda asks him if he is defending Babe.  He tells her that Babe is tending bar.  He needs her to make him the drinks.  He tells Amanda that she is bad for business and she better get out.  Alone with Babe, JR tells her he needs a drink.  He asks her to grab a glass and pull up a chair.  She tells him she doesn’t want to.  He asks her if she does not want to hear some really good news and celebrate.

Jonathan asks Greenlee if she really believes he would hurt her.  Hearing that, she has a flashback of how, in the past, he was drugging her and plotting murder all over town, yet having the gall to look in her eyes and boldly ask her if she believes her brother in law would do such a thing.

Jamie tells Aiden that he’s probably right that he should not get upset about almost trusting Amanda.

Babe asks JR what his “big news” is.  He tells her he’s decided not to let Di ruin his life.  He must realize that Di Henry is in the past, and he must think about the future with his son.  She asks him if that is what he wanted to tell her.  He tells her that he knows that she loves him.  He tells her he knows that without a nanny, their son needs a woman’s influence, and he was thinking she might be the right person for the “job.”  Hearing that, she is very happy and grateful, until he “clarifies” to her that he just wondered and considered it.  HE then tells her that he’s realized that it would not be practical, and that he wants to take Little Adam away to Europe.  He must get away from Di Henry.  He must put an ocean between them, and the next time she sees little A, she better lay on the hugs and kisses because she will not see him again for a long time.  She tells him he cannot do that.

Tad arrives home and finds Di waiting for him.  She tells him that he needs to hear her offer before running her out of town.  She tells him that she will be out of town first thing tomorrow morning and will never contact him again.  He asks her how much it will cost him.  But she tells him all he needs to do is make love to her tonight.

Ethan kisses Simone passionately and appears happy.  She asks him what has happened to make him “happy”.  He tells her he is finally cutting his ties with his father.  She does not seem to think that this is as positive as he does.

Kendall and Greenlee leave Ryan, Erin and Jonathan and return home.  Erin and Ryan realize that maybe it’s too soon for their brother to see Greenlee, but they go back inside to discover he’s disappeared.

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