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After Babe brings the cop and the dog to sniff the drugs that Amanda was going to use on Jamie, Amanda bluffs that she is only carrying allergy medication. The cop clarifies that her dog is only trained to sniff and catch a certain kind of drug. And Jamie concludes that he knows that Amanda was going to slip the drugs into his drinks on their vacation in order to get him to marry her.

After the cops come for Dixie, she asks Tad if he really wants her arrested.

In the bar, while with JR, Kendall notices Ryan walking with Julia and looking like they are happy to be together. And she is ready to physically attack Julia until JR restrains her.

Tad says that if asked to testify, he will confirm on a stack of bibles that Di Henry lied to them all. But Tad tells Palmer that he and Adam need to back off and let JR make his own decision, realizing that maybe he’s not after blood like they are. David asks Tad what he plans to do in order to show any type of loyalty toward this woman. Dell defends his sister. David tells Di that he doesn’t want her talking until he gets a lawyer for her. Dell asks if she is under arrest. Derek confirms that she is. He places her under arrest, reads her her rights and puts her in handcuffs.

At Jamie’s, Amanda asks the cop of she plans to arrest her for possession of drugs. The cop admits that she is not authorized to make arrests. Amanda tells her, in that case, she better get out. Alone in the apartment, Babe tells JR that she was right that Amanda planned to drug him and is up to no good. He tells her that she should save her concern. She goes out the door and Jamie tells Amanda she needs to give him one good reason why he should not have her thrown out.

Kendall tells Ryan that he needs to realize that Greenlee may be angry. But at least she is not carrying a gun and doing the things that Julia is doing. He mustn’t give up on Greenlee. Ryan tells Kendall that he realizes she cares about Greenlee but she must hear him out. Kendall makes a comment about Julia ready to mess around with her husband also. Julia tells Kendall that she(Kendall) is just jealous that she cannot make any man love her.

Zach goes to see Greenlee at Fusion. She tells him that Kendall is not there. He tells her he wanted to talk to her, instead. He informs her that Kendall has served him with divorce papers. She tells him she is very happy with that and informs him that she’s about to divorce Ryan. He tells her she’s making a big mistake to do that and it’s not the right thing to do in regard to the baby. She reminds him that the last time she told Ryan she was pregnant, he tore out of town, tried to kill himself and had everybody believing he was dead. He tells her that Ryan at least says that he is a changed man and she needs to tell him that he’s going to be a father. She asks Zach if he is not a shining example of why some men are not fit to be fathers. He asks her what happens to Kendall if she decides to abandon her. She tells her she has no intention of abandoning the baby or Kendall. He tells her that she can never guarantee anything because life is full of surprises.

Kendall tells JR that she needs to talk to Ryan. But he asks her if she really feels safe around that guy. She tells him she is not afraid of Ryan. JR then notices that Babe is bartending and he goes to harass her but tells Kendall she must holler if she needs him for anything. Kendall goes to talk to Ryan. She tells him there is something serious that they need to talk about. He asks her to tell him if there is something going on with her. He sounds like he’s indicating something about her “condition”. In response to that, she tells him that she guesses she is just stressed. And she’s ready to divorce Zach. Hearing that, Ryan tells Kendall that he knows there is no love lost there.

Babe tells JR that she is worried about his drinking and how it puts their child in danger. She tells him she doesn’t want to take this to a judge and his not making any threats. But she tells him he needs to let her help him.

Jamie asks Amanda what her explanation is about the drugs. She tries to evade the issue and tells him that his ex was all wrong with her false accusations. But he asks her to tell him what kind of pills she is carrying. She tells him that they are just “happy pills” that she planned to take in order to lighten up and be less inhibited on their vacation. He tells her that inhibition is the last thing she needs any help with. He tells her he’d like to know what is up with the wedding dress stuffed underneath the chair and the letters from her mother that she plans to marry him. He asks her if she wants money and tells her if so, he can pull out some bills to give to her. But she tells him that it is not about the money.

David tells Tad and the cops that he plans to be there for Di and not let anybody hurt her. Tad asks David what has gotten into him. Right then, Julia enters and asks what is going on. She tells them they cannot do that to Di. Only she and David seem to care about Di. Julia sees Tad and tells him he better explain himself to her for what has just happened.

Zach asks Greenlee to please just sit down and listen to him. He tells her that his past could be her future and she must trust him in knowing that she does not want that. He tells her that he did not know about his son throughout his life. If he had known about his son when he was young, he might have really changed is life and been there for Ethan. It did not benefit either one of them to be kept form each other. He tells her that he mistakenly believed that he and Zach were both better off never knowing each other after they discovered for the first time that they were father and son. And she must know how much good that did. He admits that he wishes more than anything that he could start over with his son. But it’s too late. He reveals to her that it was not ok that he never knew he had a son and regrets his decision to prevent Ethan from knowing his father. Right then, Ethan and Simone enter and hear the conversation. Ethan is shocked to hear his father reveal that he may care about him after all. And he tells Greenlee that his father is right.

Ryan informs Kendall that he is having Livia represent Jonathan. But he realizes that Greenlee might want to divorce him and he accepts that. She tells him that he cannot give up on Greenlee. Hearing that, he asks her why it is so important to her that he and Greenlee get back together. She tells him that she knows that he and Greenlee have something so special that they cannot throw away. And what it means to her is that she hopes that some day she can find something remotely close. She tells him she does not want to sit around and listen to Greenlee whining about never being able to find another Ryan for the rest of her life. And Greenlee’s threats to get a divorce is just her pig-headed way of expressing her anger. And Ryan needs to know that. He tells her that he really appreciates her support of him and Greenlee. But it may not be as simple as that.

Ethan tells Greenlee that when he was little and abandoned from his real parents, he had fantasies about pirates coming and taking him to a place where he could have the real family that he was missing. He knew, throughout his life that something was lacking. He tells her that she must realize that no child should grow up without a father. And she must trust him that her child cannot have that taken from him or her.

Julia tells Tad that she can see that he just wanted to run Di out of town. She asks him why he could want to punish this woman just because she is not Dixie. Can’t he see how she came into their lives and did all these great things for them? He needs to give Di Henry a chance and realize who she really is. She reminds him that she’s lived so much of her life as a lie. Hearing that, Tad concludes that maybe jail is the perfect place for Di

David goes with Di to her jail cell and tells her that Dell is getting the third degree from Derek. He tells her not to worry. Her lawyer is coming. She tells him she does not need a lawyer. She is taking her punishment. He tells her she must not let guilt make her stupid. She tells David she is not like him. She is not out to save her own skin. She’d rather do time than pound more pain into the lives of the people who loved Dixie. He tells her she must realize that she cannot be stuck in jail. She tells him she’s survived it before, knows the rules and can do it again. He tells her he thinks he gets it now. She wants to go to prison so that she can hide.

Babe asks JR what he would do if she was intoxicated and transporting and caring for little A. She tells him that since he’s been drinking and Di has been gone, he’s been in total denial about his own life and preventing little A from having a life. He asks her if she is his AA sponsor. She tells him that since Di is gone and he is too upset to be there for their son, he should let her take little A to the playground and help them out. He tells her he now knows why she has this concern for him. It’s just to get more time with little A.

Amanda tells Jamie that he must realize what she is all about. He must know about the connection that they’ve had since they were children. And he still has feelings for her. She knows he does. She asks him if she has not been a good girlfriend for him. He tells her that he cannot trust her. She pleads with him that she loves him and he must realize that he’s very fortunate to have a sane family who gave him everything he wanted and needed. He has no idea what it’s like to be desperate. He asks her what she hoped to accomplish from giving him that drug. Did she think that he’d wake up and be happy to be married to her? She tells him that’s exactly what she believes could happen. Right then, the phone rings. Jamie tells Amanda’s mom that she needs to know that he never has and never will have any intention of marrying her daughter. They have never been engaged and are not even dated anymore. And he hangs up. Amanda pleads with him to give her another chance. H tells her she’s used up all her chances. He tells her he wants her gone and she must never come back. She looks at him and he makes it clear that he means that.

David tells Di that he knows she had some fantasy tucked in her brain that Tad and JR and the others would love her just as if she was the real Dixie. And he knows that she’s willing to stay in jail so that she can avoid having to deal with having those feelings. Tad comes to the jail. David tells Tad that he is despicable to have thrown her away and doesn’t have any consideration for his two sons to reveal to them that she is not the real Dixie. Right then, Derek comes and informs them that he cannot hold Di in jail and must cut her loose. That is, unless JR is willing to press charges.

Babe tells JR that she knows of a really cool park where kids hang out that she wants to take their son. And he is more than welcome to join them. She knows he wants to see their son happy and having fun. And she knows it will be much better for him than getting himself drunk and distraught. He then gets a call and tells her he’s not going to be a part of that and she can tell the courts whatever she wants. And he goes out the door.

Kendall tells Ryan that despite this whole divorce thing, he must promise to give Greenlee another chance. He tells her he will give Greenlee all the chances she asks for. She tells him good.

Right when Babe is cleaning up and ready to close the bar, Amanda tells her it’s just the two of them. And Babe better get ready to “eat it and die”.

JR, Palmer and Dell come to the jail cell where Di is. Tad tells him that it’s entirely his decision as to what to do with her and asks him what decision he’s going to make.

Kendall goes to Fusion right after Zach has made his moving speech to Greenlee, Simone and Ethan. She asks if she is interrupting anything. Zach tells her no. He’s done. And he walks out the door. She asks Greenlee and Simone if Zach got through to Greenlee. Simone says it was amazing what just happened there. Kendall then tells Greenlee that they must go and find Ryan and tell him that he’s going to have a baby.

Ryan goes to see Jonathan who is very happy to see his brother.

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