AMC Update Tuesday 11/1/05

All My Children Update Tuesday 11/1/05 


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Fran

Ryan sits alone in the empty bar eating his morning cereal.  The bartender tells him milk is on the way, but Ryan asks him not to bother, pours his beer in the cereal and eats it.  Right then, Julia walks in and remarks about what a way to start off the day that is.  He tells her that it’s magically delicious and she need not save him again because he does not see any more tree-branch-wielding maniacs ready to attack him from beneath a bar stool.  She tells him not to worry because it looks like he is beyond saving. 

David comes to see Di.  He tells her that he’s been up all night practicing to say the word.  She tells him unless the word is “lobotomy” and he’s scheduled for one, she doesn’t want to hear any words from him because she knows they will all be hostile.  He tells her that the word he wants to say to her is sorry.

On Erica’s show, she is ready to do a makeover on a woman. 

Josh goes to find Babe and she tells him she needs his help.  She has to save Jamie from that nasty Amanda.

Right then Jamie and Amanda are in bed together.  Amanda is having a dream that her mom is pulling one of her arms and Jamie is pulling the other one.  She tells her mother that she must let go since she promised Amanda if she married Jamie, she could leave.  She promises to come and visit her mother but tells her she must cut her loose now.

Josh asks Babe why she is concerned about Amanda’s supposed scheme to scam Jamie.  She tells him that she cannot turn her back on Jamie.  She then spots a guy that she had seen with Amanda and asks Josh what is up with that guy.  Right away, Josh knows that that guy must have sold Amanda drugs.

Kendall comes to give Zach a single ticket to Haiti.  Assuming that she’s planning a romantic getaway for the two of them, he asks her why there is only one ticket.  She replies that it only takes one of them to get a quickie divorce.  He asks her what happened to cause this.  She reminds him that this was part of their original deal where she has the option to divorce him any time she wants.  He then tells her she may take half and he will take half.  He looks at the date of the flight and tells her that this day will not work for him.  She tells him he must make it work.  She then asks him if he has some business at the casino and asks if he cannot reschedule whatever it is.  He tells her that he has to reschedule the divorce.  She tells him that she can divorce him whenever she wants without a reason.  He asks her if the real reason is that she wants to be single so that she can have Mr. Lavery.

Julia sits with Ryan and orders some coffee.  She tells him that she is on a mission now that she’s finally gotten her life back.  She remembers how she’s lost the last nine years.  He informs her that while she was underground, he lived a wild one.  He married Dimitri’s cousin Gillian and noticed photos of her all over the place.  He tells her that it’s as if she never left.  She tells him that many things have changed since then, and she’d give anything for her life to be like it was.  He tells her that it never works out the way one wants it to.

Dixie laughs when she hears David saying he wants to apologize to her.  He tells her that she thinks she has him all figured out.  He tells her he knows that today is the anniversary date of the day she stole her half sister’s identity.  He also reminds her that JR, Krystal and Adam all have known that he had something on her and would stop at nothing to find out.  He tells her he could have easily blown her cover long ago, and that would have enabled him to reconcile with his daughter.  He asks her why she thinks he would not have done this long ago.  She tells him that it’s very obvious that he wanted to make everybody believe in a lie long enough and then hurt them.  He tells her that the reason he did not rat her out long ago is because he cares about her.

Amanda is yelling at her mother demanding she lets go of her while Jamie is pulling her other arm.  She tells him she was having a nightmare about her mother dragging her away from reality, and she asks him what if her mother gets her way and she has to go back in order to save her.  He reminds her that she is an adult, and he knows she loves her mom but she cannot spend her whole life worrying about what will happen if her mother goes off the deep end.  He goes to get her some French toast, and when she is alone, she pulls out a tiny bag of the “secret drug”.

Meanwhile Babe and Josh are observing the drug dealer.  Josh tells her he knows that guy.  He saw him at a concert drugging girls to get them to do whatever he wanted.  She tells him that drug pushers should be force fed to take their own drugs.  She informs him that her husband slipped drugs in her drinks in order to make her look like a slut so he could use it against her in family court.  Hearing that, Josh asks her why she would even consider reconciling with JR.  She tells him she does not care about JR but does care about Jamie.

Kendall tells Zach that she and Ryan are history.  Ryan and Greenlee are now a real couple.  And she asks him where his little “Senorita” Santos is, indicating that she is very jealous of his possible romantic interest in Julia.  He tells her that Julia was simply having a bad day and they had a discussion.  She then counts and divides up all the money and tells him he may take his share and she will take hers.  With his share, he can take his trip to Haiti and spend whatever he wants of his money.  But he tells her he’s not about to go to Haiti or go through with the divorce.

Josh approaches the drug dealer and tells him he’s a narcotics investigator.  He tells him he can put him away OR he can let him go and forget he saw him dealing drugs, under the condition that he tell Josh whatever he knows about that hot little brunette named Amanda Dillon.  Babe sits nearby watching Josh at work.

Zach tells Kendall that she needs him to be her best friend and he’s going to spend the next 9 months taking care of her whether she likes it or not.  Right then, JR walks into Zach’s office and kisses Kendall right where Zach can see it.

While at the mall, Erica notices Josh talking to Babe.  She approaches him and tells him she hopes that she’s losing her mind and seeing things.  She tells him that she almost thought she saw him talking to that worthless piece of trash, Babe Carey, and she knows he would never stoop so low.  He tells her that whether or not he was talking to Babe has nothing to do with his job and is none of her business.  She tells him that she has had it with his arrogance.

Di tells David that she’s heard all about what a slime ball he is and how he cannot be trusted.  He admits that he may have deserved that but reminds her that at least he never tried to impersonate somebody he was not.  He tells her he has the reputation he has because he’s earned it, but right now he’s telling the God’s honest truth.  He tells her that she must believe him when he says that he does not care that she is not Dixie.  She is closer to it than anybody he’s ever going to meet, and he’d rather have a half Dixie or her half sister than not have her.  He tells her that he realizes a major reason she is in this mess in the first place is because of him, and he promises to be there for her to keep her safe.  She listens to him and is shocked that he sounds like he is really serious.

Ryan tells Julia that there is nothing she can say to him that has not already been said.  She admits that she hates what he has done, but he might be the only person who can understand her situation.  He might know what it’s like to come back and try to reclaim your life only to find out that it’s all been erased, but she tells him she cannot accept the fact that she did not choose this.  She did not want this to happen to her.  She asks him how one blocks out all they know and have seen and have done.  She gets very emotional and walks out the door.  He walks after her.

Amanda tells Jamie that she wants to leave Pine Valley and leave all the people and bad memories and mistakes behind.  She wants to go away with him.  He sounds like he is considering that and ready to pack a suitcase, but then there is a knock on the door.  It’s Babe.  She has a big smirk on her face.

JR tells Zach that Kendall does not need him any more.  His days of being “sole protector” are over.  He informs Zach that he now knows all about Kendall’s pregnancy with Greenlee’s baby, and he will be there for her.  Kendall asks Zach why he now seems to have a problem letting her go.  Zach asks Kendall if she knows what her problem is.  She asks if it’s that she married a hypocrite.  He tells her she never listens to anything.  She tells him he’s a hypocrite and a liar.  He asks her what will happen when Ryan and Jackson find out what she’s done.  Ryan will obviously go berserk.  Jackson, he tells her, is a no-brainer.  He will disown her and send her away to keep her away from his precious daughter, and it’s obvious that the media will have a field day with the news about what she’s done.  He asks her if she really wants to go it alone without him.  JR tells her she does not need him.  She reminds Zach she can get the divorce by herself if he refuses.  He tells her he knows she will not.  Hearing that, she tells him he has such an enormous ego and must realize he does not know her.  She goes out the door to leave Zach and JR alone in the room.  They stare coldly at each other.

Ryan tells Julia that the difference between their situations is that his pain is self-inflicted.  She tells him that it’s refreshing to talk to somebody who doesn’t just tell her she must get on with her life.  She asks him if “death” was meaningful to him.  She seems to bond well with him.  She asks him what she’s going to do and puts her head on his shoulder.

Josh tells Erica that he thought he was very successful in helping her show to be a hit.  He tells her that it should not matter to her if he chooses to socialize with Babe because of all he’s done for her show.  She tells him if he thinks that she needs him to make her show a success, he overestimates how great he is.  He asks her if she plans to fire him.  She asks him if he plans to totally distrust her judgment and not listen to what she’s told him about Babe.  She tells him she has some business to do and leaves.  Josh then gets a call from somebody who’s going to set up a meeting for Erica to have the governor on her show.

Babe acts like she is a friend to Jamie and Amanda.  She offers to carry Amanda’s suitcase for her.  They both ask her what is going on.  She tells them that she does not want to fight with them anymore.  Since they all live in the same town, they should get along.  She tells them that she knows they are going off on their honeymoon.  Hearing that, Jamie is startled and puzzled as to where she would have heard such a thing.  He “clarifies” that they are just going off to get some sun.  Amanda is very alarmed that she’s heard about it.  Babe then she pulls Amanda’s wedding veil out from under the chair to reveal to Jamie what Amanda has been doing behind his back.

Di tells David that they have never had any type of exchange that is not hateful and nasty.  Now, all of a sudden, he is pouring out his heart and soul and sounding like he cares about her.  He tells her that ever since he noticed that she’s willing to take on Pine Valley’s hatred, he was able to see her courage and strength.  He tells her when he looks in her eyes, all he can see is Dixie, and that is the very reason why everybody in this town has bought her story.  It’s also the reason they are all now kicking themselves.  He knows that he helped her cause this mess.  He knows she is down and out with no job and no friends and nowhere to go, and if she will let him, he can be her safety net.  Right then, there is a knock on the door.  It’s Dell.  He tells Di he got some great news.  He got a book deal that he can write about her life.  He tells her that now they can make millions together.  David tells him he is a punk for wanting to use his other sister just like he used Dixie.  Dell asks him if he is jealous.  She tells them they must both calm down and she gets the door.  It’s Palmer who demands to know why she is still in town.  David tells Palmer he must leave Di alone.  Palmer protests that with all the pain this woman has caused all these people, she must not be able to get away with it.

At Jamie’s, Babe invites a cop with a dog to sniff out Amanda’s drugs.  As soon as she lets go of the dog’s leash, he runs and jumps on Amanda ready to tear the drugs out of her pockets.  Amanda yells that this dog is slobbering all over her and demands Babe gets the dog out of there.  Then, Babe discovers drugs in Amanda’s pockets, and Jamie demands to know what she is doing with the drugs.

Erica finishes the makeover with the woman, who leaves.  Josh tells her that the governor won’t be able to make it after all.  Is he manipulating her into believing that she really does need him after all?

Right behind Palmer, Derek comes to arrest Di Henry for forgery, falsifying her identity, and unsworn falsification to the authorities.

Alone in his office Zach angrily attempts to stuff his money into a bag but ends up throwing things and looking very upset.

JR and Kendall go to the bar and he tells her it’s a good thing he walked in when he did, because he knows if Kendall had told Zach how he felt, she’d feel like a total idiot right now.  Right then, Kendall notices Julia with Ryan, assuming they’ve had sex and she goes to start a brawl with Julia, calling her a total slut.

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