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Written By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Babe is working at the Roadside Bar when she is startled by someone wearing a Halloween mask. It is Josh. They get into a conversation about Babe’s involvement with JR and Jamie.

Amanda is at Jamie’s apartment wearing a short white dress and a bridal veil. She looks at herself in the mirror and recites wedding vows, changing the words to say I Amanda, take Jamie Martin for richer and richer. She states that Jamie will take her for his wife even if he doesn’t want to. That’s why they’re going on this trip. She hears someone unlocking the door.

Julia is in Zach’s office telling him she wants him. She says he won’t hear that from his wife. She tells him he protected her and almost got killed for her. She asks him to be with her. Zach tells her that her car is waiting. Julia protests, saying that he promised her he would give her her life back. She wants her life back now. Zach tells her he doesn’t want her. She asks if there’s something wrong with her. He says as a matter of fact there is. She asks if she’s unattractive? Does he not like her perfume? Is it Maria? He says he hurt Maria and her children and doesn’t want to do any more damage. He says he doesn’t think her having sex with him or anyone else will make her feel better.

Kendall goes to the Valley Inn and finds JR sitting in a dark guest room drinking. She tells him she needs someone and asks if he’ll be that someone. He approaches her and they hug.

Greenlee is on the phone with Jonathan, asking what kind of a sick joke is this. Erin is locked in the back room and pounding on the door, telling Jonathan to let her out. Ryan takes the phone from Greenlee and addresses Jonathan by name. Greenlee is stunned that it really is Jonathan. Ryan asks Jonathan to let Erin out of the back room and put her on the phone. He does, and Erin gets on the phone and says Jonathan was just playing a game. Ryan says he can’t talk right now and hangs up. Ryan tells Greenlee he was just about to tell her about Jonathan. She asks how Jonathan could have survived, then accuses Ryan of going into the cave and saving him. Ryan says he didn’t even know Jonathan was alive. Greenlee tells him he chose his psycho brother over her. He let her grieve so he could protect his brother. She calls him a bastard. She grabs the phone to call the police so Jonathan can be arrested. Ryan stops her and says Jonathan is not evil. Jonathan saved him. He says Jonathan made him realize he had to come back to her. Greenlee says Jonathan killed Edmund and others. Ryan says he brought him back to life.

Jamie walks into his apartment and sees Amanda standing in front of him naked. She has stuffed her bridal outfit under the couch. Jamie is returning home from class and talks about all the studying he has to do. Amanda suggests they focus on anatomy, the hands-on kind. Jamie resists her and says he won’t be able to go on their trip. Amanda is insistent, telling him he needs a break. Jamie says it will have to wait as he has some bioethics to get to. She discretely takes his black medical bag and goes into the next room.

Babe is complaining to Josh about Amanda’s involvement with Jamie. She says she’s taking advantage of Jamie at a difficult time for him. Josh says if Jamie doesn’t see Amanda for what she is he deserves her. Let him run off with her and live miserably. He urges Amanda to forget about Jamie and think about herself.

Jamie is studying when Amanda approaches him wearing one of his shirts and a stethoscope. She plays doctor with him in an effort to seduce him. Jamie is going along with the act. She unbuttons his shirt and says she doesn’t feel a heartbeat. She’s going to have to start compressions and mouth-to-mouth. They kiss.

Josh takes Babe to the attic of the bar and tells her she needs to concentrate on herself. Her head is ready to explode. He asks when was the last time she had fun. He wants to help her. He says he likes her a lot. He kisses her.

Ryan tells Greenlee about Jonathan’s brain tumor. She says Jonathan with brain surgery is still the same man who killed. Ryan says Jonathan has changed and is genuinely sorry. He says he wants to bring Ryan back. Greenlee asks if he’s out of his mind. Ryan says Jonathan wants to turn himself in but he needs to help him. There is knock on the door. It is Jack with a large envelope.

Julia tells Zach she knows exactly what she wants in her life. She wants to hear her heart race. She wants to feel alive again. Zach asks if he took her to bed would she feel alive. Julia’s face falls. Zach says he didn’t think so. Julia says she doesn’t understand why she doesn’t feel different. She still feels caged up and dead inside.

Kendall tells JR that she knew Julia would be trouble for Zach yet he stuck with her like Velcro. JR says he’s sorry he couldn’t save Kendall for falling in love with Slater. Kendall asks what is she going to do. She loves her husband. JR says it’s not too late to fix it. He plants a kiss on her. Kendall stops him and says sex is not what she needs. She calls herself pathetic. She married a man so she wouldn’t fall in love and now she is in love. JR tries to kiss her again and says this will cure her Zach problem. She repeats she’s not going to have sex with him, especially now with the baby. JR asks what baby.

Jack asks Ryan what he’s doing here. Greenlee says she asked Ryan to come so they could talk. Jack tells Ryan Greenlee is filing for divorce.

A sweaty Amanda tells a sweaty Jamie that he’s 100 percent cured. She lies on the couch and he kisses her back, then notices something stuck under the couch. He asks Amanda what it is and senses her nervousness. She tells him she decided to bring her laundry over to do it here and he drops the subject. She tries to convince him again that they need to go on this trip. She says she will make sure he studies while there. Jamie agrees.

Babe apologizes to Josh and says she’s not ready for anything like this. Josh tells her not to apologize. Babe says she’s just in a weird place. Josh says they can hang out until she’s ready. He says she’s one of a kind and he won’t let her slip away. Josh offers her a ride home but she declines. She keeps thinking about the stranger that Amanda met at the mall.

Amanda reveals having something old, new, borrowed and not blue. She looks at a small plastic bag with pills.

JR is stunned to learn Kendall is pregnant with Ryan’s kid. Kendall says it’s Ryan and Greenlee’s kid. JR says he could never give up his own kid. Kendall says she’s carrying the baby for them. Now that Ryan is back God knows what will happen. She says this thing with Zach is not good. She hates him then she loves him but he doesn’t love her back.

Greenlee looks through the divorce papers and Jack asks her to sign them. Ryan tells Greenlee he won’t stop her if that’s what she wants, but he loves her and wants a future with her.

Jonathan says he’s ready to go to Pine Valley but Erin says they’ll have to wait until Ryan calls back. Jonathan says they’ll be one big happy family.

Greenlee asks for a pen and signs the papers. Jack tells Ryan to find a divorce lawyer. Ryan walks out and Greenlee starts crying. Jack comforts her, telling her she did the right thing.

Julia tells Zach that he doesn’t know what he wants. She insults Kendall. He tells her to leaves or he’ll call security. She accuses him of not liking him insulting his wife. She asks him not to tell her he has feelings for her.

Kendall and JR are sitting on the bed at the Valley Inn. She says she married Zach to save herself this pain. She doesn’t want to feel this way. Suddenly she says she’s got it. She knows how to save herself.

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